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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Hot

Taken at the Canadian National Exhibition on a hot summer day back in August of this year. It is now cold, and dreary here in Toronto, and this is a nice reminder of the warm summer weather for me. :D

Happy photo hunting, and thank you for stopping by!


Next Week's Theme: Red


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Drive Hard - Die Hard!

I am still feeling rather poorly today, and yesterday's early winter snow storm here in Toronto certainly did not help my over all yucky mood. I enjoyed reading through all the great Thursday Thirteen comments though, and I promise to try to get out, and about, and leave some comments in return today. :)

In the mean time I did come across something really cool that I thought at least some of you will be really interested in - so think of this as me making up for not really participating as much as I normally would like to in the Thurday Thirteen yesterday.

You all know AAMCO right? You know the people who look after our cars. Well right now they have a super cool contest going on that is a cross promotion with the latest instalment of the Die Hard series of movies with Bruce Willis. The newest film is called Live Free Or Die Hard, and it lives up to its reputation for the best in action, and adventure, just like its predecessors did. But I digress.....

AAMCO is offering up a chance to win a trip for four days to Hollywood, California, and one of those days will be spent with the stuntman from the Live Free Or Die Hard movie! Now that would be too cool, and I would love to win. Visit the AAMCO website, and fill in a very short form for a chance to win this contest! B)



Life in the Urban Zoo

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