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The Stone Angel

The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence was originally published in 1964, and is still as relevant today, as it was back then. A true Canadian classic in literature, and I am happily reading it. :D

My middle daughter highly recommended this book after reading it for her Grade 12 English class, and I just had to discover what got this 17 year old so fired up. And so far (I am about 1/2 way through) am not disappointed.

Here is a snippet of a review from Amazon:

The Stone Angel is a compelling journey seen through the eyes of a woman nearing the end of her life. At ninety, Hagar Shipley speaks movingly of the perils of growing old and reflects with bitterness, humor, and a painful awareness of her own frailties on the life she has led. From her childhood as the daughter of a respected merchant, to her rebellious marriage, Hagar has fought a long and sometimes misguided battle for independence and respect. In the course of examining and trying to understand the shape her life has taken, her divided feelings about her husband, her passionate attachment to one son and her neglect of another, she is sometimes regretful, but rarely penitent. Asking forgiveness from neither God nor those around her, she must still wrestle with her own nature: "Pride was my wilderness, and the demon that led me there was fear." She has been afraid of being unrespectable, afraid of needing too much, afraid of giving too much, and her pride is both disturbing and inspiring. The Stone Angel is an excellent example of the realism and compassion present in all of Margaret Laurence's writing.

Definitely a wonderful read thus far, and in my opinion should be mandatory reading for all young women.


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Comparing Loan Options

Loans have become a hot button topic around chez Didier-Darroch of late. With the middle kiddo finishing off her last year of high school, and looking at various Universities to apply to, unsecured loans, in particular student loans are being looked at by us to help finance her educational goals.

With all the various types of loans out there like homeowner loans, car loans, secured loans etc, it really pays off in my opinion to do a bit of research on the type of loan needed, and obtain a few different quotes.

If you are looking at borrowing money in the near future I have a tip for you. Compare loans at the Nations Finance website to make certain you get the best possible terms, and rates for your own personal needs.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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We Are In Need Of An Old Banjo or Mandolin

If anyone has or knows of anyone who has an old banjo or Mandolin that they don't use and can donate, it would be going to a great place. There is a music program started in Webequie, Ontario. A reserve that is above the trap line.

This a little information on Webequie:

Webequie First Nation is located on the northern peninsula of Eastwood Island on Winisk Lake, 540 km (336 mi) north of the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Webequie is a fly in community with no summer road access. The primary way into the community is by air or winter road, which connects to the Northern Ontario Resource Trail. The First Nation have the 34,279 ha Webequie Indian Reserve. The Webequie or Webiqui Indian Settlement also have reserve status. Webequie First Nation is a member of the Matawa First Nations Management, Inc., a regional tribal council and a member of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation.

The registered population of Webequie was 714 persons in September of 2007, of which the on-reserve population was 253.

Again, this is going to be used for a very good cause! They are starting up a music program and are in desperate need of one of each of these instruments. If you can help or know someone who can, please do let us know!


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Ethical Liposuction

I have gained a wee bit of weight since I have quit smoking, and hope to lose it after the new year. My philosophy is why put the extra stress of going on a diet just before the holidays also known as the season of yummy foods!

Liposuction is not exactly something that I would ever consider simply because I am only slightly overweight, and not a good candidate for it from what I understand. I am also to be frank with you frightened by the fact that a woman in Toronto in her late 30's died in the middle of a procedure, which is now being investigated. It happened only a few weeks ago, and made big news here.

The Times Online has given a thumbs up to MYA for their ethical approach to liposuction, which is a huge endorsement, but I would still want to know a lot more in order to make an informed decision before ever considering any type of cosmetic surgery.


Thank you to the sponsor.


Life in the Urban Zoo

Coming to you live from the dreaded Didier-Darroch compound somewhere in the heart of the city of Toronto, Canada our blog about life in the Urban Zoo our "pet name" if you will for the compound. This blog will relate far too much information on life in the city in general, raising kids, frightful teenagers, and even more frightful adult children, aging parents, our numerous pets, dogs, cats, birds, and other assorted critters.

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