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My Thoughts On Immigration

This week's questions is: How important are the issues of race/ethnicity towards building a stable country/government? And what are your views on immigrants & immigration laws?

Firstly I am a proud Canadian, and Canada itself is proudly multicultural. I was raised to value, and embrace all cultures, and ethnicity. In fact my own extended family is a cultural mosaic spanning every continent on this globe. Pretty cool eh! B)

My answer to this question may anger the "haters," but you know what, if you are a "hater" I hate you back for your bigotry, and intolerance.

Canada was built by immigrants, and will continue to thrive because of them. My own parents were immigrants, my father was born in Hungary, and my mother was born in Ukraine. In fact if you are living in North America, and you cannot claim a North American Aboriginal ancestry guess came from immigrants too! ;)

As far as immigration law goes in Canada there are some horror stories of people waiting years or being turned away on the flimsiest of reasons. I would like to see the process more streamlined, and those with certain skill sets the ability to get back into their chosen professions much quicker. My daughter has a friend whose father was a dental surgeon in Albania he is currently stocking shelves in Wal-Mart.

Three cheers for immigration, and immigrants!! Without them there would be no Canada!


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Memoirs of a Sojourner

We are all just temporary residents of this planet we call home, in essence a sojourner, and where we go afterwards if anywhere is a matter of one's own belief system. Therefore I have personally always believed that what we do while we are here, and how our deeds impact others including the world surrounding us is far more important then perhaps most of us even begin to realise.

Memoirs of a Sojourner is a blog that I had the opportunity of visiting a bit earlier today. I want to introduce it to you because it's very purpose is to inspire my own thoughts above - the importance of how we live our lives, and how we can perhaps leave this temporary existence with the knowledge that no matter how small we believe our own contributions we will in fact leave this world a better place.

You will find that the articles contained throughout this blog provide food for thought, and are well written. The author of the blog has set out to provide the inspiration, and within my own humble opinion I do believe he has succeeded in that main purpose by chronicling his own beliefs, thoughts, and experiences.

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you please do go, and have a look at Memoirs of a Sojourner, and please do let David know that I have sent you over.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Sex Discrimination & Housing Rentals In Toronto

My younger sister is a single parent of my six year old niece. Her marriage of 8 years ended last Fall, and the split was fairly amicable. Unfortunately, as some of you are probably very well aware, no matter how amicable, a major life change such as this is never easy, and in turn usually results in other changes as well.

In my sister's case one of these spin-off changes will be a change in residence. While she has maintained a house on her own for almost a year, she does find the burden of upkeep an expense she can do without, and is currently apartment hunting in the city.

Before I go on or someone asks, no her ex cannot make up the difference. In fact my sister has a much higher income than her former spouse.

As part of her apartment hunting tool kit my sister has included a letter from her company where she has been gainfully employed for over 8 years, and a statement of earnings to show prospective landlords.

The sister has been apartment hunting over the last few months, and has found it to be increasingly difficult to find something that will meet her, and my niece's requirements in her desired location.

Therefore it was with much excitement that this past week she called me to say she found what appeared to be the perfect apartment! She had set an appointment to meet with the landlord after work, and would call me after she had gotten home to tell me how it went.

And call me she did.....with a shaky voice, and I could tell that she was holding back tears.

Apparently after showing her the apartment (which she was thrilled with) the landlord, an older male began to grill her about her ability to afford the asked for rent. He asked her how she thought she would be able to afford the rent three times despite being shown a current statement of earnings. He then remarked on her car, and asked her how she affords to maintain it. He also quite boldly asked if she had been thrown out of her current accommodations. And the answer to that is NO!

The landlord then went on to explain to her they work hard to maintain the "quality" of tenants they allow in ... my sister is a professional, and showed up to the appointment still in her business suit!

He then went on to tell her that he felt it best if he continued running the ad......

I am left to wonder if it was the fact that she was a single mother that did not make her a prospective "quality" tenant in this landlord's eyes......



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