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TTC Employee Killed

Early this morning a Toronto transit employee was killed after the worker train he was on crashed. Police say the workers were at the end of their shift just before 5 a.m. when their work train made contact with the wall of the tunnel. As a citizen of Toronto, and as a transit user this news saddened me. However, I was mortified whilst listening to the radio to hear commuters saying how put out they were by having to take shuttle buses that were crammed to capacity during the morning rush. The Yonge subway line was naturally shut down over several stops. To be honest listening to some of these people whine, made me want to give them a shake. I've been stuck on shuttle buses for numerous reasons over the years, and yes they are inconvenient, but a helluva a lot better than getting a probable 6am phone call saying your husband, partner, lover, father, brother, and/or son is DEAD.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?


Comment from: Kim Jamieson [Visitor]
Unfortunately, compassion takes second stage to selfishness these days with too many people. "The world is all about me" folks that whine in the face of such a sad accident had better hope that someday, the phone doesn't ring for them.
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Comment from: sue [Member] Email ·
Kim -> Exactly, and thank you!
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Comment from: Heather [Visitor] ·
Self-centeredness, along with thoughtlessness.

If there were people who witnessed this tragedy, I know some would be affected in a most DIFFERENT way...
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Comment from: sue [Member] Email ·
Hez -> Yep, I mean I'm no saint, but it was all over the news that a man had died in the tunnel, and my only thought as someone who has gotten that dreaded 5am phone call, was my heart goes out to his loved ones. Young man too, very tragic!
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Comment from: Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat [Visitor] ·
I feel the same way. It makes me so sad the peole have become so self involved that they've lost sight of their humanity. How awful to be the one to get that call. And then to turn on the TV and hear everyone complaining about the inconvenience. How sad indeed.
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Comment from: sue [Member] Email ·
Kim -> Yeah, it is pretty grim .. :(
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Comment from: Sue [Visitor] Email
Unfortunately,there are quite a few
people out there like that.In February,
I was walking across the street at a
traffic light.The walk sign was on and
I was hit by a truck.When,I was at the
hospital getting stitched up,the nurse
told me that she felt sorry for the
driver.My son overheard the techicians
saying that I probably walked against
the light,then they looked at my file.
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