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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Water

This lovely, and tranquil pond is a favourite spot of ours to walk along with our dogs. Water is the giver and sustainer of life. Clean water is sadly often taken for granted by most of us. I am very happy with the conservation efforts by our city to keep this pond clean, and a natural habitat for water fowl, fish, turtles, and frogs.

Next Week's Theme:

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Much More Than A Mom

This week we are hosting Much More Than A Mom, which is much more than your average blog! It's fun, and bright, and I enjoyed reading through quite a few of her entries earlier today.

Plus our roomie is also an animal lover, so she'll fit right in with our two dogs, three cats, rabbit, hammies, budgies, and assorted dust bunnies! At least I hope she does, because after this campaign is over I'll be giving her a permanent link on our sidebar.

Show some clicky love to Much More Than A Mom and don't forget to leave a comment or two! You might even want to participate in the fun meme she has posted. See my entry below.

Happy Friday!

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Everything You Wanted To Know And Were Unafraid To Ask

Here is a fun MeMe custom made for yours truly, by our new roomie Much More Than A Mom. And she really is! Go show her some clicky love, and then come back for my answers .... :)

1. What's your most memorable "paranormal moment?" Or freakiest?
Whatever works.

Readers of our Paranormal Blog, already know the answer to this one. My most freakiest moment was during an investigation of an old mansion turned radio station in St Catharines, Ontario. While unknowingly alone in the upper half of the ancient house, I had a woman's voice quite audibly, and externally whisper in my ear. I thought it was my partner at first, until I realised I was completely alone. Still get the shivers when I replay it in my mind.

2. I notice you're into history. If you could bring three people from the great beyond back to life and have them to your home for a dinner party, who would they be?

Queen Elizabeth I - HRH was highly intelligent, spirited, and I have many questions for her. I am slightly obsessed with Bess.

William Lyon Mackenzie -> My rebellious hero, so I can fill him in on the current state of the colony, and perhaps we could rebel together!

Marilyn Monroe -> So I could get the juicy dirt on the Kennedy's that I believe she died for.

3. What's your greatest accomplishment in life?

Easy! My children!

4. Who's your favourite author of all time, and why? Favourite book?

This is tough! I love books! If I have to pick one though it would be "The Essence of Wisdom" by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It is the most enlightening, and wisest books I have ever read. He changed my life for the better, and I love, admire, and respect him.

5. What tree, flower or other natural entity really speaks to you? What about it do you love most?

All trees speak to me. I enjoy hugging them literally, and believe in tree spirits. I also love all house plants, and have an interesting hobby in regards. I like to take dying, and sick ones and restore their health when possible.

Anything else? .... ;)

My thanks to Much More Than A Mom for this fun writing exercise! Go check her out, and get your own questions! Then let me know when they are up, so I can visit your blog, and leave a comment or two :)



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Speaking Of Global Warming....

...if it is something that concerns you, and it really should concern all sane human beings, you'll definitely want to check out my friend Eileen's blog Earth's Friendly Freebies. It is a relatively new, but really cool blog!

If you're interested in crafting, and inexpensive, ecologically safe cleaning solutions that you already have stocked in your own home, than this blog is definitely for you!

I know that I have already learned quite a bit in the short time I have been visiting Earth's Friendly Freebies, and I'm certain you will as well.

Go ahead and click on one of the links provided above, and don't forget to leave a comment or two for Eileen, she is a super nice lady, and let her know Sue's been pimpin' her site again. ... :)

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Should Cars Be Banned In Toronto's Downtown Core?

Do you think cars should be banned from Toronto's down-town core or from all major city centres?

Personally with the threat of global warming I would like to see all cars banned from my city's (Toronto) core with the exception of emergency vehicles, public transportation, transports of goods, and perhaps a special permit for those who are elderly and disabled. I really do not see why anyone living in the heart of the city needs a car for daily living.

What do you think? Would you support a ban on cars in large urban centres like Toronto, or do you think that is going too far?

I have to admit the people driving large SUV type vehicle's into the core, never walk anywhere, take the elevator up or down one floor, and then proceed to discuss how concerned they are with our environment with similar types at the gym, tick me off. Maybe they wouldn't need the gym IF they put their cars away for a change, car-pooled, rode the rocket, (our TTC or public transport nickname) walked, biked, roller bladed, heck skateboarded at least part of the time!

I am considering writing an open letter to Toronto's current (and supposedly green) Mayor David Miller proposing that Toronto join other European cities, and lead the way with this progressive course of action in tackling the issue of global warming.

To read the hubby's thoughts on this issue click here.

Calculate your own household's carbon footprint here.

I was surprised to find out the we as a family create, on average, 3.8 tons of carbon pollution a year. You could release about the same amount of carbon pollution by cutting and burning all the trees in a section of the Amazon rain forest the size of 0.456 football fields.

However, I was shocked to find out that in comparison the average equivalent American household creates 25.3 tons of CO2!!!

That is a whole lot of C02!!!

Far from getting me down this data is actually spurring me to do more to lessen our own carbon footprint, hopefully it will do the same for you!


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Wordless Wednesday: Sam

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Ontario Lottery Crooked


"Unscrupulous retailers".

"Rude and inept".

"Hanky panky".

"Turning a blind eye".

"Retailers have been stealing for one good reason - because they can."

Those are just some of the phrases featured prominently in an Ontario ombudsman's scathing report about the flaws in the province's lottery system.

Andre Marin's long awaited conclusions follow allegations that some lottery kiosk clerks have been winning much bigger jackpots more often than the odds would suggest is reasonable.

He maintains many retailers, or so-called lottery "insiders", are guilty of making bogus claims over the past eight years, and contends the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was "hopelessly conflicted" and so "fixated on profit rather than public service,'" they couldn't or wouldn't fix it.

Full article here

Am I surprised, well no, most likely due to the fact I am a cynic. I do admit that Matthew, and I like to play the tax on the poor ... er... I mean lottery once in awhile, but I seriously reconsidering it in light of the highly damning report from the Ontario ombudsman.

Yes, the retailers are at fault for cheating, but my own anger is more directed at the OLG that knew, and did nothing....


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A Happier Ending.....

....Leafs build, and keep 4-1 lead this time, so states the headline of today's Toronto Sun.

This week Blog Talkers asks the question: "What story is on the front page of your local newspaper? Do you think the event is worthy of front page coverage?"

Well now you know, as my thoughts turn to Spring, the lead story was on a Toronto Maple Leafs game.

Hockey is Canada's national sport, and while I am a very proud Canadian, I'm just not interested. I haven't been in a long time.

Perhaps it's because I can still remember the glory days of the game, and when you could actually know all the teams and various players. The whole thing has gotten too huge, and Americanised in my opinion.

No middle class family can reasonably afford to go to the game any more, as ticket prices are way too expensive. It's a shame how many kids must miss out on the thrill of "the good ol' hockey game" because of over inflated player salaries...never mind the fact that road hockey a right of passage when I was growing up is all, but completely outlawed in the fair city of Toronto.

And finally I've got to admit I'm 40 years old, and that is how long ago my once loved Leafs won Lord Stanley's Cup. I'm tired of saying every year...this will be it...only for the season to end in yet more disappointment.

So in answer to this week's question, "Do you think the event is worthy of front page coverage?" My answer is no. I concede that it might be to some people, but for me...I hung up my own skates, and hockey dreams long ago...surely there was something more important to feature....


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BYB Sunday - Entertainers

Pictured above, the middle kid as Nicely-Nicely Johnson in Guys & Dolls.

I often feel the need to escape the drudgery of day-to-day living, and this past week was no exception. I LOVE a good book, or a poem. I LOVE to dance, and to sing, though neither of those I have a natural talent or ability for. I still enjoy them anyway!

A good film, or play can take you to places, people, and emotions you might never have encountered otherwise.

Music can score a life's episode, and a song can carry with it memories both happy or sad.

How dreary, and dull life would be without the occasional flights of fantasy that those talented individuals who entertain us provide.




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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Empty

An empty patient's room in the former Mimico Asylum. The buildings stood for years abandoned and desolate. However, our research suggests that maybe they weren't completely empty after all?

Next Week's Theme: Water

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Toronto To Lose Another Historical Home In The Beach

The 100-year-old Cowling House at 66 Wheeler Ave in "The Beach" is being threatened by the wrecking ball. What is it with some Torontonians, that older historically significant buildings, must be lost forever to steel, and glass, soul less condos, and lofts....Ew!!!

It is a disturbing trend, that strikes at the hearts of those who wish to preserve at least some of our older homes, and buildings for future generations. The Beach is a lovely older neighbourhood, rich in history, and architecture. One wonders what it will look like in the decades to come, and if it will be able to retain it's charm.

Read the full Toronto Star article in regards to this tragedy.


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Please Help Me .......

.....welcome the Wannabe TV Chef to our Urban Zoo! Celebrity stories-Great recipes-Mouthwatering photos-Humorous stories about the restaurant business-Ask the Chef-Advice on ingredients and equipment. Written by chef & food writer Kevin Ashton.

It's fun!!!! Go check it out ... :)

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Ontario Budget 2007

Finally, a good news budget that will see the minimum wage raised in this province to $10.25 per hour over the three years. My only complaint is why wait three years? The working poor in Ontario need help NOW!!!

For highlights of today's Ontario 2007 budget click on the link.

Overall it appears to be good news for the people of Toronto, in my humble opinion.

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Bridal Showers

We've all been to wedding showers, and inevitably at some point we all have to throw them. The last time I had to personally plan a bridal shower was two years ago for my dear friend Lisa's wedding!

The planning was a lot of fun, and since I am very details oriented took care in picking out the wedding shower invitations. I wanted the shower invitations to be beautiful, and a reflection on my friend's own tastes.

If you are planning a shower or suspect you might be in the near future you might just want to check out this website site that specialises in bridal shower invitations. They have a large selection of really beautiful bridal shower invites at competitive prices.

Shower planning can be a lot of fun, and thankfully there are a lot of online resources like the site mentioned above to make it easier.


This is a sponsored post. My thanks to our sponsors!

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The Outlaws Are P-ing Me Off

The former in-laws forever to be known on this blog as the "Outlaws" are the grandparents to the kiddos. While they no longer affect me directly (thank goodness) in any way, shape or form, they do affect my kids therefore myself as well.

The reason they've gotten me so angry is that they are giving the middle kid a very hard time. Not because she's strung out on drugs somewhere, or taking off for days at a time, because she doesn't. Oh no, they disapprove of her plans to go to law school. Yep, the kid has the gall to want to become a lawyer!!!!

You would think as grandparents they would be proud of her high marks, the fact that she was class valedictorian, that her high school guidance teachers have encouraged her, and told her that her marks are good enough to pursue a law degree, but their wisdom ALL lawyers are shysters and therefore she must be one too! Sadly, I'm not kidding...that is how they apparently feel.


Thankfully their opinion does not matter enough in her eyes to change the path that she wishes to follow, but of course it bothers her, these are her grandparents after all .... :(

I just wish these people would have one kind word for her, instead of constantly attacking the profession she has decided would suit her best every time she must see them.



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Meet Baby - Our Woodland Creature

Talk about killer rabbits, don't let Baby's name deceive you! She is fearless, and definitely boss over the other furry family members. To Baby's credit though, she is the most gentle rabbit I have ever met with people, including well behaved children. She actually does not mind being held, or pet by gentle hands.

Baby is supposed to be a dwarf bunny, but in reality she is more the size of a jack rabbit. So far we have been lucky in that we have never had to file her teeth, but she does have to have her nails clipped regularly, which is far easier than clipping the dogs, and occasionally I do bathe her.

When we are out, she stays in her cage for her own safety as rabbits are notorious for chewing anything including electrical cords. And yes, she does poop in one area. Rabbits are very smart creatures, and can be litter trained.

Baby is a joy to have as part of our family ... despite her killer instincts ... ;)

Get the feeling I'm a huge Python fan ... :)


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Happy Birthday Stephanie!

It is sometimes difficult to believe that 20 years ago today I was blessed with such, a beautiful, kind-hearted, and gentle soul such as you. And the irony was not lost on me all those years ago on that first Day of Spring, that I, a Demeter, gave birth to a little girl ... :)

You have brought me countless joy since that day, and on this your day I wish you all the best that life has to offer for now, and always!




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What do you feel most guilty about?

Guilt is not a word for Princes.

I've spent more than two-thirds of my life perpetually saying, "I'm sorry." I'm sorry for a bad marriage. I'm sorry the children aren't perfect. I'm sorry it is raining outside, and your plans are ruined. I'm sorry the traffic is terrible. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Until one day, a dear friend pointed this out to me.....and changed the way I think forever......

I was always in a perpetual state of guilt, mostly for things I had absolutely no control over. I refuse to imprison myself in this way of thinking any longer, and I haven't in a few years. Instead, I now take responsibility for deeds or actions that I should feel guilt for. I am not perfect, but I will move on, making amends as best I can as I go.

Guilt is like a disease of the mind, it psychologically traps people until at the very worst case scenario you become like the "old Sue" feeling guilty for everything. I refuse to buy into that mentality.

Does this make me a bad person?

What do you feel most guilty about? My answer is nothing .... Yes, I am flawed, but take responsibility for that, and try to correct my own failings to the best of my abilities. I think that course of action is far better than living in either guilt or with it's cousin shame....and it is usually the most lovely people who self burden themselves with those.

"Bad" people never feel guilt nor shame, but will also not acknowledge or admit their own mistakes and work towards correcting them either.

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And Pax Makes Six

Over this past weekend I was reading how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have adopted their fourth child, a three year old boy from Vietnam they have named Pax. I also came across more then one site in which the family were being criticized rather harshly in my opinion and definitely snarky in tone.

I admit to being a little disturbed at the news items, which stated that this little boy was not told about the adoption until the very day he was set to leave everything he has known during his short life with strangers, and very soon a foreign country.

I can only imagine the fear and bewilderment he must have felt in those moments when he realised, if he realised, exactly what was going on.

However, I do wholeheartedly support international adoptions, and I do think it is terrific that both Jolie and Pitt have brought attention to it. I do not think it is fair for anyone to second guess their intentions towards their family, unless they know them personally and closely.

Like them or hate them, there is no denying that this couple, primarily Angelina through her work with UNICEF has done a tremendous amount of good towards child welfare globally, and as the daughter of someone who would not be alive today if it were not for humanitarian aid organizations (please see yesterday's BYB Sunday post) I do applaud them, and wish their family the best.


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BYB Sunday - Fresh Nutritious Food

Our friends "S" and "T" love to entertain. They are wonderful hosts who genuinely enjoy gourmet cooking for their friends, and last week they treated us to a feast. I cannot adequately express how terrific both the food, and the company were.

As we made our way home stuffed from various yummy dishes, it got me to thinking about this week's blessing.

I have never known the horror of starvation first-hand, I grew up in an upper middle income household in Canada, and through my life have had the benefit of choosing what I wish to eat. The same cannot be said for my Mother.

My Mother was born in Ukraine just prior to WWII. She survived the great famine that saw millions of Ukrainians die, including her own grandmother of starvation.

As a child my mother was forced to endure eating grass, and dirt sometimes in order to survive, and try to abate the gnawing pain in her belly.

But that was many years ago .... as I type this I know that millions on this planet are facing hunger, and starvation....and I feel helpless beyond donating my time to the local food bank, something Matthew has spent several of his own Christmases doing.

My blessing today is fresh nutritious food, something most of us particularly from Canada, the USA, and Europe unfortunately take for granted.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Drink

Queen Anne caught in "drinkus interuptus." While she would far rather prefer a bowl of milk, a drink of water will have to do.

Next Week's Theme: Empty

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Pot Hole City

It's been a really weird winter here in Toronto (yeah, I blame global warming) freezing, then thawing, then freezing again. This has left our normally pock-marked roads with big gaping potholes, in some cases enough to make you wonder about those old myths of bottomless pits! Needless to say this is wreaking havoc for area drivers, particularly on Victoria Park Avenue.

It was with much dismay that I listened to our Mayor David Miller this past week state that there was no money in city coffers to repair these pot hole hazards. Normally I tend to support Mayor Miller with his green initiatives like cleaning up the waterfront, but this announcement makes me wonder exactly what city hall has been up to with my tax dollars. Isn't road maintenance a necessity taken into consideration within the budget?

On another note, have you all visited Scooter McGavin yet?



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Look Who's Visiting The Zoo!

No ..not THAT Scooter .... Scooter McGavin's 9th Green is this week's roomie at the dreaded Didier-Darroch Compound. Click on Scooter's link for music, TV, sports, politics, and other assorted thoughts from the mind of who else, Scooter McGavin! Updated regularly, there is something for just about everyone on this well written, and popular blog!

We have been a regular visitors over at the 9th Green for over a year now, so we are very pleased to showcase Scooter's blog here at the Urban Zoo. Go on and click on his link, and don't forget to tell him we sent you!


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It's That Time Again.....

....time to say goodbye to last week's roomie Tales from the Angel Retreat, who now has permanent linky love on our sidebar, and put out our rental sign.

Here are our traffic stats for the last week:

456 impressions
209 unique impressions
31 clicks (our renter)
20 unique clicks (our renter)

There is plenty of room at the Zoo, your thumbnail will be right at the top, I'll do at least one write-up for your blog, and work on driving traffic your way, and since I try to rent to blogs that my readers and myself would personally like, it's almost guaranteed you'll get a permanent link at the end of the rental period.

How's that sound? ... :)

Addendum: Wow! That was quick! Goes to show we are a "hot" property over here at the Zoo! Ha! ;)

Please help me welcome Scooter McGavin to the Urban Zoo!

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Women's Issues - Supportive Website

I'll never forget the day when I first met my ex-husband's new girlfriend. At first it was awkward, but then rapidly became quite interesting, and in many ways insightful. Insightful for her because she was able to see first-hand that my ex and I get along really well and in fact are friends. A good sign for any prospective boyfriend I would think. The ex is a good guy and father, and our friendship though viewed as weird by some is actually very beneficial for the kid's psyches I think.

I don't kid myself though, I know that most relationships and marriages don't end that way at all. And most women like my ex's girlfriend do not have the benefit of befriending or speaking with the ex-wife. I recently visited a website that offers the next best thing though. Woman offers insight into why men cheat, and detailed information on what to do about men's infidelity, how to cope after having been through an abusive relationship which many of us have if you just look at the stats, and much more.

Woman is not just about heavy topics though, it also provides women's dating tips, advice, comedy, and jokes too! They are also currently running a cool contest! This is a well designed website for women, and women's issues, in a safe and supportive online environment. Go have a look!



Thank you to our sponsors!

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Can Someone Please Tell Me........ do I pry an eleven year old girl off of the telephone? Yesterday was the first beautiful day we've had in Toronto in weeks, and the kids are all off on March Break. You'd think the kid would want to play outside, climb a tree, get into some adventures! No, she spent at least half of her day on the phone, with a group of other kids all her age, and attending the same school, and me pleading with her to hang up and enjoy the weather with me, if only for a few minutes. I gave up....

It's not just the phone either, the kid can multi-task, MSNing her sister, while talking on the phone, listening to Justin Timberlake, and playing an online game...all at the same time!

Things weren't always this way, in fact Matthew and I joked less than 6 months ago that before too long we would lose her to teenagehood ... well it's here in a big way .... I just wasn't expecting it so soon!


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Cat Love At The Cat Sky House

It's almost Spring again, and that means our city's animal shelters will be filling up with unwanted or otherwise homeless pets. This year in Toronto the beginning of winter was unseasonably mild, which means places like the Toronto Humane Society are brimming with cats, and kittens.

Our own three princesses Annie, Mary, and Elizabeth were all adopted through the Toronto Humane Society, and I cannot express adequately in words the happiness they have brought into our lives.

Shelters cats are awesome, and most already come either spayed or neutered, and all are up-to-date on their vaccinations. If the dreaded Didier-Darroch compound was just a wee bit bigger, I would definitely adopt one more! What's one more at the!

Click on the logo above or one of the links, and check out some of the really cool felines, canines, and other critters too that are up for adoption!

And no, I am not associated with this shelter in anyway other than being truly grateful to them for our own Princesses.


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If you had to spend a year on a deserted island......

If you had to spend a year on a deserted island with any five bloggers, who would you choose and why?

My obvious first choice would be the hubby, he's a big guy so if we ran out of food he'd be the first in the soup pot ... ;)

Then there would be Andy because he is a talented poet & storyteller, so we would never be bored or lack entertainment.

Neurotic Mom because she is a Canadian eh, and we know all about survival in harsh and often hostile climes. You don't mess with a Manitoban!

Nicola just cause I like her so much!

And finally, last but not least Nancy because she is a whiz a McGivering stuff and would also provide spiritual support! Don't believe me check out her blog! She in fact might be the most important member of the tribe.

So there you have it, five bloggers that I would want to spend a year on a deserted island with ... :)


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BYB Sunday - The Kids

The Kids

From the moment I first laid eyes on "Little Sue" almost 20 years ago I knew I had been blessed. I was then blessed twice more.

Being a Mom has forced me to become a better person, to strive each and every day even when it is the last thing I want to do. To educate myself, and to be understanding. To learn how to not judge, and be tolerant of all much like my own mother. To give a damn about what legacy I leave behind, both personally as to how these kids will remember me, and globally as to the world in which one day I will be leaving them.

My daughters have been the source of both my greatest joys and my greatest sorrows. Together we have grown and learned life's lessons, and will continue to do so.

To me these three strong, vibrant, individual young women are one of my greatest blessings.

Three Cheers To Our Children!


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Architecture

Scottish Baronial at it's finest! My favourite house and architectural-style in the neighbourhood.

Next Week's Theme: Drink

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You Know Your Kids Love You When.....

Last weekend was our friend's Mom's 65th birthday. And Jenny not only baked, but decorated this scrumptious cake for the occasion.

Here is another view with the display.

Are you paying attention year I want Jenny to make my birthday cake .... ;)

Wishing you ALL a terrific weekend, and if you haven't visited our roomie's blog Tales From The Angel Retreat yet, surf on over and check it out. You won't be disappointed!


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I'm Going To Strangle Little Sue!

The other day while in charge of the kid, "Little Sue" who is 20, decided it was ok to let the 11 yr.old watch some schmaltzy horror flick called Thirteen Ghosts. This despite the fact she knows her little sister does not cope well with horror movies.

Now "the kid" is afraid to take a shower ... sheeesh!!!!

I'd think it was a put on and an attempt to get out of an evening shower, but the kid has started taking extra special concern with her appearance lately including washing her hair, plus she doesn't do too well with the old Vincent Price films, (they made me laugh even as a kid) so I doubt she is faking her fears.

This "Thirteen Ghosts" flick looks pretty gory ... poor kid ... add that to the list of psychological trauma of youth ... double sheeesh!


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Tales from the Angel Retreat

When we hear of adoptive parents in the news, more often than it is the glamorous celebrity types like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Madonna, and of course the original celeb adopter, Mia Farrow. While I think that these people are doing noble things, and in the very least bringing the public's attention to adoption...their stories are a far cry from the reality of the average person.

That is why I find our new roomie's blog Tales from the Angel Retreat so fascinating I guess. This blog chronicles the history and the reality of the blog writer's experiences as both a foster, and an adoptive parent.

Please help us give PandasJr a big welcome to our Urban Zoo, and visit her terrific blog! It makes for some interesting reading, as I just lost an hour over there, and will be going back for more.

Looks like our Zoo will be a little crowded this week, but hey I'm always saying, "the more the merrier!"


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Wanted: One Blog Roomie!

It is with a fond farewell that we bis adieu to the Neurotic Mom. However, she is now snugly linked to our sidebar and we will be visiting her blog often.

Here are our traffic stats for the last week:
549 impressions
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Addendum: We have a roomie, and I'll be doing a write-up shortly! Special mentions go to An Island Life - Paradise Edition and Scooter McGavin's 9th Green. Thank you both for your bids, and please try again next week. Believe me, it is tough having to choose just one!


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Dogs and Clothing

It was brought to my attention on my BYB Sunday post by our friend Jan that certain blog readers like to give grief over photos of dogs that are wearing sweaters, coats etc.

While you won't be seeing our dogs dressed in rhinestones or tutu's on this blog or anywhere else for that matter, we do in cold weather make use of dog jackets, sweaters, and or boots.

Kipling (pictured above) is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, his mother being of the hairless variety. While he does have fur, there is only one layer (no undercoat) that is the consistency of fine human hair. His breed is primitive, and originated in Africa.

Today in Toronto, it is negative 35 C. with the wind. An extreme cold weather alert has been issued for our city. To take Kipling out au naturel even briefly to relieve himself on a day like today without his coat and boots would be the equivalent of you sending your kid to school in such extreme cold temperatures in shorts and a tee-shirt. In other words it would cruel, and inhumane.

So if it bothers you to see my dog in his parka, hopefully you are a little better educated on the matter now. Not all of us with wee dogs think we are Paris Hilton. Enough said.....

On a different matter if you haven't already checked out our renter this week go on over and visit with Neurotic Mom, she can tell ya a thing or two about cold weather.



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Any clothes fiends out there?

What three things in your clothes closet could you not live without?

Due to the current weather we've been experiencing in Toronto I must say the first item in my closet that I could not live without would have to be my snow suit! Sure it makes me look like the Michelin Man, but it is warm!!!!

Second, and along the same lines is my turquoise flannel pyjamas that "Little Sue" gave me as a gift this past Christmas. If I could get away with it I'd wear them all day long! Heck, I'm wearing them right now!

Third is my light blue fisherman's sweater, which I do wear more often than not. That too was a gift a few years ago from Matthew.

Can you tell from the above post it has been a long cold winter here in Southern Ontario? Thank goodness it's almost over!


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BYB Sunday - Our Dogs

Our "Boys" Max and Kipling out for an afternoon stroll. Kipling hates the cold, but looks rather warm & jaunty in his parka don't ya think?

Why do we love our dogs so much? Is it because they in turn love us so much?

Dogs are the great teachers of unconditional love. No matter how much we as humans can abuse, neglect or mistreat them, they are always ready to forgive and give us a second chance. The animal shelters are filled with dogs that will do just that, forgive, trust, and love a human companion again despite what they have been through in their lives.

I have read that both patients in hospital, and inmates in prison will generally do much better if brought into contact with dogs. It is also well documented that both the elderly and the very young benefit from the loving companionship that dogs provide.

If we as humans could only learn the lessons given to us by our dogs, to love freely and openly, and to share our joys and enthusiasm for life with each other, this world would definitely be a much better place.

I know that our home is a far more joyous place because we have chosen to share it with our furry canine family members. Max and Kipling have enriched all of our lives, and we are better people for having adopted them.

Three Cheers To Our Dogs! They truly are a great blessing!


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Salty

It is inevitable that Canadian winters are always salty. As you can see by our handy bag of ice salt, this winter was no exception...patiently awaiting Spring and an end to the "salty" season.

Next Week's Theme: Architecture

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The Life Of A Neurotic Mom

Please help us welcome the Neurotic Mom to our Urban Zoo! The Neurotic Mom is an ex-pat Canadian, now living in the USA with her family. Her blog is a means of rediscovering herself through creative writing. Often quite witty her recent articles include a review on a book that will feature some of her poetry, her affair with Ben Gay, and a project aimed at protecting children from pornography on the net. The latter is not a campaign against pornography as a whole,but a common sense solution to children accessing things they should not be.

And you have to admit the above graphic ripped from the Neurotic Mom's blog is just too cute!!!

Just click one of the links provided on this entry or the little box on the upper right hand, and see what you've been missing. Please do leave a comment and let her now the Urban Zooites sent ya!



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Another Old Building To Be Lost ....

How utterly depressing it was to learn that our favourite old theatre The Revue on Roncesvalles Avenue in west Toronto was closed down forever. The Revue holds some sentimental value to both Matthew and I as it was where we watched our first movie together. The theatre has been gone for months, and now to add insult to injury the old marquee has collapsed, reportedly due to the weight of a recent snowfall. You can view some rather sad photos here.

Nearby there used to be a lovely old church with a courtyard. The last time I was on the 504 streetcar I was horrified to see that it had vanished and in it's place stood an ugly glass monstrosity ....most likely condos. Ew!

Will this be the ultimate fate of The Revue too? Sigh....

Please stop by our renter this week: The Life Of A Neurotic Mom


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