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Canadian International Air Show

F22 Raptor, F16 Viper, P51 Mustang

C17 Globemaster

Canadian Forces Snowbirds

Just got in from the show, and all I can say is "Woooo Hooo!" I say that every year...:p

For some really cool pics check out the official CIAS website.


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BYB Sunday - Home

Despite all of her difficulties in finding a new home for herself, and my niece my sister found an apartment. It is clean, cozy, in a nice family oriented neighbourhood, and most importantly affordable. This past week the kid, and I helped her to pack up for her move to their new home.

There was much to be done, packing, sorting, and recycling items that were no longer of use to them, or were unable to be taken as she is moving to a much smaller place. We were exhausted by the end of it, but feeling good as only a hard day's worth of work can make you feel. :) I'm certain you know that feeling - accomplishment.

My sister is blessed in finding this place, and we too are blessed in knowing that she, and our niece have a safe, comfortable place of shelter - soon to be their home.



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Family Vacations

Summer is coming to a close, and with it people are starting to think about winter getaways. Family vacations in my own experience take much more planning than single or couple travel. When my children were younger for instance I would have loved to have a good resource for travel with toddlers to conduct some research through, and for pre holiday planning.

I recently had the opportunity to check out, which promises to be a great online, family vacation, planning tool. The site lists family friendly accommodations, along with nearby attractions for various cities that you can pull up by using a search function on the website. It also allows for both accommodations, and activities to be rated, and reviewed by the site's users, which I feel will be an attractive, and more importantly useful feature for travellers particularly as this site grows. After all who better to get tips from then people who have actually visited these places. ;)

One of the things that I would like to see incorporate into their listings is whether or not certain places are pet friendly or not as well as kid friendly. For us, as is the case with many families, our "fur babies" must be included in the travel planning stages. :D


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Dirty

Dirty yes....but also very disturbing on many levels as well.....

Disease, Decay, and Death are other words I associate with this sad place, but perhaps I am allowing my own imagination to run away with me....what do you see?

Next Week's Theme: Music

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Thursday Thirteen #18 - The Canadian National Exhibition

Thirteen Cool Things About The C.N.E

This Thursday we are going to The Ex! Here are some of the cool things to see, and do there ... :D

1. The food!

2. The Air Show

3. The rides

4. The vendors

5. The music

6. The games

7. The Military Museum

8. Canada's Sport Hall of Fame

9. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

10. CNE Daily Parade

11. IAMS SuperDogs Show

12. The Human Cannonball

13. It is a Canadian tradition!

Happy Thursday Thirteen, and thanks for stopping by!

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Wordless Wednesday - Observing

....From A Safe Distance.....


Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Can Bad Experiences Have Silver Linings

Has anything bad ever happened to you that turned out to be for the best?

Yes. I have had my share of bad experiences, and some absolutely turned out for the best. My "failed" first marriage for instance. I am better friends with my ex-husband now, then I was when we were married! Plus it allowed me to figure out the type of person I would really want to spend my life with ... and I found him! :D

Over all bad/good can all be a state of mind or how you perceive individual experiences. I don't think anyone is strong enough to say "hey, this could be a good thing in the long run" when something bad is occurring, but if afterwards we at least try to learn from the bad, even if we cannot make sense of it, then some good will come of it in my opinion.

A few years ago a lady in my city by the name of Louise Russo was standing in a sandwich shop buying dinner for her teenage daughter when she was hit by a stray bullet. The bullet shattered her spine, and left her paralysed forever. She was just an innocent bystander.

This in my opinion was so bad that it crosses into the realm of horrific. Yet somehow this woman has gained the strength not only to go on with her life the best she can, but become a strong voice for anti-violence. What happened to her never should have occurred. She never should have had to have gone through what she did ... but she did, and perhaps because of how she has chosen to deal with it other lives will be spared.

Read more about how this very brave woman made the conscious decision to take a senseless horrible act and turn it into something good here.

Sometimes when bad things happen we have zero control over them such as my example above with Louise Russo, other times such as my personal example we do. In either scenario though we do have choices in how we deal with the aftermath, and hopefully at the very least we will have learned something that we can utilise for the good.



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BYB Sunday - Good Friends And Good Times

I wrote this entry a day ahead of time, and time stamped it because this Sunday we will be spending the day with some good friends, eating good food, and having a good time!

Our friend Lynn is throwing an end of the summer BBQ bash, and we have been looking forward to it! Several of our PSICAN members will be in attendance, many that we usually only correspond with for the most part via email. It's going to be great to see them all!

The ability to share a meal with good friends, and make a fun memory is a blessing indeed!

I hope each of you are spending an equally blessed Sunday! And I will visit your own BYB Sunday entries soonly! :D



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Online Remembrance

I've been feeling rather morbid I guess would be the right word of late. In fact yesterday's entry on my other Nuttin' But blog discussed what happens to blogs when bloggers pass on. I really don't know why I'm feeling this way, actually scratch that, I do know why, but I'm not ready to blog about it at this point. I will soonly, and no worries it does not effect us directly at the Zoo.

What I would like to write about today is online remembrance, and the type of online memorial services that are offered through Registry of Life.

Registry of Life gives people the ability to create forever tributes to their loved ones online. These can be very personalised, and include photos of happy memories, custom layouts, and include music, perhaps with a special connection to the one who has passed over.

The creation of such an online remembrance can give people living all over the world the ability to pay tribute, and respect, and above all remember their loved ones. In fact I believe that it would be quite beneficial for those who are in the grieving process. I am no expert, but I do know creating a memorial page for my Dad was very helpful for me personally.

You can have a look at Registry of Life by clicking on the links provided in this entry, and see if this service is something you might benefit from.


Thank you to my sponsor.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Happy

That is "Little Sue" looking mighty happy. I was too after we spent the better part of an hour looking for the perfect hat. She finally settled on this jaunty number. :D

Happy Photo Hunting! And thank you for stopping by!

Next Week's Theme: Dirty

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The Face Behind This Blog

Mousey tagged me in this meme of sorts, and being the good sporting type I thought hey why not! To be honest I'm always curious as to the "face behind a blog" so I guess it has got to work both ways. :D

Now here are the rules:

1st step

Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog. If you already show a photo somewhere on your site (such as in your about page), then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.

2nd step

Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference.

Mousey my tagger!

3rd step

Tag as many others as you like to spread the meme.

4th step

If you link back to David here and drop a comment; he’ll be sure to include links back to you. Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

In the spirit of fair play I think I'll tag:

Nicola, Nancy, and Trish



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Adding A Touch Of Class To The Kitchen With Wine Racks

My parents were wine lovers, and it was the norm when we were growing up to have wine with our dinner. Yes, even us kids would each have a small glass of wine as our parents were of Eastern European origin, and this was considered to be quite natural, and normal within our cultural background for even the children to have a sip of wine with meals.

My mother and father kept wooden wine racks within the kitchen of their house, and as an adult I came to think of how functional, yet classy looking they looked. The racks themselves added to the overall décor of the room itself.

I was thinking about these fond childhood memories today while surfing around The Vine Store website.

If you have not visited their website before or purchased through them, and you are an appreciator of wine then you will definitely been in for a treat by clicking on the link I have provided for you within this entry.

Not only is The Vine Store a leading online supplier of high quality wooden, and metal wine racks to suit any home décor, but they also supply a number of other quality wine accessories, such as labels.

I find that their prices are highly competitive, and will be suited to most budgets. They also offer gift certificates for those of us who have wine loving friends, and family. :D


Thank you to my sponsor!


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Thursday Thirteen #17 - Back To School

Thirteen Things The Zookeeper Purchased Today For My Kids Who Are Going Back To School

1. Pencils/pens

2. Pocket dictionary/thesaurus

3. Lock for lockers

4. Locker mirror

5. Lots of paper

6. Binders

7. Math set (including cool bendy ruler)

8. Antibacterial hand gel

9. Socks

10. New backpack

11. Erasers/correction tape

12. Markers/pencil crayons/highlighters

13. Mints in Stuey from "Family Guy" shaped tin - ok those were for me :oops:

And I'm still not finished back to school shopping!

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Wordless Wednesday - Summer Day

Just enjoying a warm summer day at the park with the kid, and the dog. :D

It is a shame that before too long in Canada at least, these types of days are numbered as the summer is quickly coming to a close.


Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Going Back In Time

This week's question: What historical time period would you most like to visit? Why?

I LOVE this question, but cannot help wondering if it would not be more appropriately answered on our history blog. :D

When I was a kid I was fascinated by the idea of time travel! However, as an adult I recognise the inherent problems with it, and acknowledge the difference between real history, and romanticized versions of different historical eras. For a humourous look at these please do visit my bus man's entry for this week's Blog Talkers: The Curse Of Being A Historian.

If there had to be one time period that I must visit, or one historical figure that I would want to meet it would be the late 14th century, and that person would be Leonardo da Vinci.

Self-portrait in red chalk, circa 1512 to 1515

Leonardo was the "Renaissance Man," and an absolute genius! He, and he alone would not be freaked out by my visit, in fact I bet he would be completely intrigued, and accepting of my status as a time traveller.

Meeting with Leonardo would be very cool, plus I may also be able to get answers to a few modern day mysteries from him! B)


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Lap-Band Surgery

I had the opportunity of visiting, and reviewing earlier today. This site is an online resource for lap-band surgery within the United States, which is JourneyLite's expertise.

The site provides helpful articles in order to determine if lap-band surgery may be right for you, what to expect, the costs involved, detailed information on upcoming free seminars, and an e-store.

If you are considering lap-band surgery it is worth checking out in my opinion. Just click on the link above to be taken directly to their website. :)


My thanks to my sponsors!


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BYB Sunday - Little Sweet

Next week will mark my niece's 7th birthday. She was born very premature when my sister was 27 weeks pregnant. Little Sweet's struggle for life was not always an easy one, and she faced many of the complications associated with preemies.

As you can see from the above photo you could never tell by looking at her now that at one time she was a mere 2lbs in an incubator with tubes seemingly running out of every portion of her tiny body including her head, at Women's College, and later Toronto's Hospital For Sick Children.

Little Sweet is as much a blessing to us now as she was back then. And I wish that her upcoming special day be as magical, and full of happiness as her very existence is to us! :D


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Two

Two, as in a pair of dragons.......

These "two" are theatre props. I have no idea when or if they were used though.

Here is a closer view of their heads. I'd love to have them guarding the entrance to my living room! B)

Happy Photo Hunting! And thank you for stopping by!

Next Week's Theme: Happy

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Thursday Thirteen #16 - Happy Stuff

Thirteen Things That Make The Zookeeper Happy

1. My Bus Man

2. My kids

3. My fur babies, and the feathered ones too!

4. Good friends

5. Blogging, and reading my fave blogs

6. My hobby

7. A good book

8. Yoga

9. Researching the family tree

10. Listening to Frank Sinatra

11. Old movies

12. Chocolate ice cream

13. Receiving comments from you dear readers :D

Happy Thursday Thirteen! Thank you for stopping by, and hope you all have a great rest of the week! I'm thinking next week I may do an opposite TT to this one, and list 13 things the Zookeeper hates.


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Wordless Wednesday - Graffiti

I have mixed feelings on graffiti. Some of it is just horrible .... but then....

...some of it is not....

Art I guess is in the eye of the beholder. What are your thoughts on graffiti?


Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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My Thoughts On Immigration

This week's questions is: How important are the issues of race/ethnicity towards building a stable country/government? And what are your views on immigrants & immigration laws?

Firstly I am a proud Canadian, and Canada itself is proudly multicultural. I was raised to value, and embrace all cultures, and ethnicity. In fact my own extended family is a cultural mosaic spanning every continent on this globe. Pretty cool eh! B)

My answer to this question may anger the "haters," but you know what, if you are a "hater" I hate you back for your bigotry, and intolerance.

Canada was built by immigrants, and will continue to thrive because of them. My own parents were immigrants, my father was born in Hungary, and my mother was born in Ukraine. In fact if you are living in North America, and you cannot claim a North American Aboriginal ancestry guess came from immigrants too! ;)

As far as immigration law goes in Canada there are some horror stories of people waiting years or being turned away on the flimsiest of reasons. I would like to see the process more streamlined, and those with certain skill sets the ability to get back into their chosen professions much quicker. My daughter has a friend whose father was a dental surgeon in Albania he is currently stocking shelves in Wal-Mart.

Three cheers for immigration, and immigrants!! Without them there would be no Canada!


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Memoirs of a Sojourner

We are all just temporary residents of this planet we call home, in essence a sojourner, and where we go afterwards if anywhere is a matter of one's own belief system. Therefore I have personally always believed that what we do while we are here, and how our deeds impact others including the world surrounding us is far more important then perhaps most of us even begin to realise.

Memoirs of a Sojourner is a blog that I had the opportunity of visiting a bit earlier today. I want to introduce it to you because it's very purpose is to inspire my own thoughts above - the importance of how we live our lives, and how we can perhaps leave this temporary existence with the knowledge that no matter how small we believe our own contributions we will in fact leave this world a better place.

You will find that the articles contained throughout this blog provide food for thought, and are well written. The author of the blog has set out to provide the inspiration, and within my own humble opinion I do believe he has succeeded in that main purpose by chronicling his own beliefs, thoughts, and experiences.

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you please do go, and have a look at Memoirs of a Sojourner, and please do let David know that I have sent you over.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Sex Discrimination & Housing Rentals In Toronto

My younger sister is a single parent of my six year old niece. Her marriage of 8 years ended last Fall, and the split was fairly amicable. Unfortunately, as some of you are probably very well aware, no matter how amicable, a major life change such as this is never easy, and in turn usually results in other changes as well.

In my sister's case one of these spin-off changes will be a change in residence. While she has maintained a house on her own for almost a year, she does find the burden of upkeep an expense she can do without, and is currently apartment hunting in the city.

Before I go on or someone asks, no her ex cannot make up the difference. In fact my sister has a much higher income than her former spouse.

As part of her apartment hunting tool kit my sister has included a letter from her company where she has been gainfully employed for over 8 years, and a statement of earnings to show prospective landlords.

The sister has been apartment hunting over the last few months, and has found it to be increasingly difficult to find something that will meet her, and my niece's requirements in her desired location.

Therefore it was with much excitement that this past week she called me to say she found what appeared to be the perfect apartment! She had set an appointment to meet with the landlord after work, and would call me after she had gotten home to tell me how it went.

And call me she did.....with a shaky voice, and I could tell that she was holding back tears.

Apparently after showing her the apartment (which she was thrilled with) the landlord, an older male began to grill her about her ability to afford the asked for rent. He asked her how she thought she would be able to afford the rent three times despite being shown a current statement of earnings. He then remarked on her car, and asked her how she affords to maintain it. He also quite boldly asked if she had been thrown out of her current accommodations. And the answer to that is NO!

The landlord then went on to explain to her they work hard to maintain the "quality" of tenants they allow in ... my sister is a professional, and showed up to the appointment still in her business suit!

He then went on to tell her that he felt it best if he continued running the ad......

I am left to wonder if it was the fact that she was a single mother that did not make her a prospective "quality" tenant in this landlord's eyes......



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BYB Sunday - Our Message Board Denziens

I've always found it to be a bit funny that entries on Sundays on this blog are reserved for remembering, and relating my blessings while over at the Paranormal Blog we have a feature called Sunday Smackdown, which quite literally are rants.

For obvious reasons the subjects of these two very different types of blog entries never coincide ... but oddly enough this week they do.

Our smackdown this week involves a user that attacked another ... something we do not tolerate...period. We pride ourselves on running a forum that is inclusive, open, and welcoming. :D

And as much as this one user pissed me off (if you want the gory details click on the linky above) this incident is the exception, and not the norm. In fact out of 910 users in the past two years we have only had a problem with 3 of them this one included. As a moderator, this to me is a huge blessing and a testament to the fact that the vast majority of people out there are good peeps .. :D

Have a wonderful Sunday, and a terrific week ahead!



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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Row

In a row...the cast of Guys & Dolls as presented by middle daughter's (known on the blog as "The Lawyer") drama class last November.

In case your wondering she is pictured below on the left. The one with the grubby suit, and hat.

Although she wishes to pursue a career in law, I sometimes get this feeling she may just wind up in theatre. She loves the stage, and taking part in local plays. We were also very proud of her solo in this one, she has a pretty good singing voice.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

Next Week's Theme: Two

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Guess What Was Found In The Window Well

This past Monday when my sister returned from vacation she was greeted by a surprise in her window well.

Four wee kittens, and their mama who had apparently given birth there.

The kittens appear to be no more than a week old. Their eyes are newly opened, and despite the impression you may get from the photos are about the size of a large hamster at this point.

Mama appears to be very young herself, and was quite skinny, and filthy when found. There is no collar, and no microchip to try to identify her.

So far attempts to find an owner have proven futile. My sister has decided since she appears to be a stray she will spay, and keep mama. As you can see mommy cat is gorgeous, and has come around to my sis nicely even allowing her to groom her to which she purrs ... :D

My sis initially called our local animal control, and was told they were over crowded. With that statement the lady on the phone reminded her that they are a "kill" shelter. Our local humane society is not a "kill" shelter, and will only perform euthanasias under extreme circumstances, however they too are very over crowded at this time, and the odds of the kittens picking up an illness would be too high in our opinion to take them there.

So currently my sister has seven cats, this lovely family, and two that she adopted from a shelter a few years back.

If you know some good peeps in the Greater Toronto Area who in about 6-7 weeks may wish an adorable wee furbaby please let me know. My sis is determined that each is cuddled, and loved and well taken care of until they are ready to go to their forever home.



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Thursday Thirteen #15 - Honest Ed's

Thirteen Crazy Slogans From Honest Ed's

Most people outside of Toronto would probably not recognize the name Honest Ed's. However, I assure you it is legendary around these parts. Ed Mirvish was a businessman, and theatre impresario who opened Canada's first discount department store in 1948. Part of its success is its kooky character including in-house signs with Ed's silly slogans. Here is a sample.

1. Well! What Took You So Long Getting Here?

2. Well! What Did You Expect - It's Still The Same Old Dump!

3. Honest Ed Has A Kind Face - The Kind You Want To Throw Rocks At!

4. Honest Ed's An Old Goat - But His Prices Don't Kid You!

5. Honest Ed's Going Bald - But His Prices Are Hair Raising!

6. I'd Like To Help You Out - Which Way Did You Come In?

7. Don't Annoy Our Help - They Have Their Own Problems!

8. Honest Ed's For The Birds! His Prices Are Cheep Cheep Cheep!

9. Our Floor May Be Crooked - But Our Prices Are Straight!

10. Honest Ed Won't Spank His Kid - But His Prices Sure Hit Bottom!

11. Don't Faint At These Prices Folks - There's No Room To Be Down!

12. Honest Ed's An Honest Man - People Look At Him And Say "Honest, Is This A Man?"

13. No Sour Faced Clerks Here - Just A Little On The Homey Side

Ed Mirvish passed away this July 11th - And I will always have fond memories of shopping at his kooky store with my Grandmother when I was a kid, and later as an adult with my own kids. Ed devoted his life to helping Torontonians. His prices were and still are always reasonable so that everyone could shop there. He hosted a turkey giveaway every year, and a big block party amongst supporting numerous other charities.

RIP Honest Ed - Toronto misses ya!

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StarCraft: Brood War

I'm looking for some thoughts on the PC game, starcraft. I like adventure games, and while I haven't played this one before I have heard some good things about it.

The game has a fansite over at where I found out that StarCraft 2 is soon to be released. The site itself is informative, but I'm still hoping some of you regular readers may have already played it, and would like to hear your thoughts.

You know what to do, leave me a comment! :D And if you are into PC games or would like to find out more about this game check out the link above.


Thank you to the sponsor.


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Wordless Wednesday - One Old Green Truck

Not to be confused with One Old Green Bus, this interesting vehicle is parked in an alleyway somewhere in Toronto, and I had to grab a pic. I'll call it....One Old Green Truck....


Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Saving Money With Retail Me Not

I LOVE saving money! Well...naturally I do...I mean who doesn't like to save a few bucks whenever they can. Duh!

Retail Me is still a fairly new site, (they have been online for 6 months) but it is a hot go to place for online promos, and coupon codes. Just check out these target coupons, and you'll see what I mean. I mention Target because they are a very popular online retailer, but this site literally has over 6000 merchants to choose from.

What sets apart Retail Me from other sites is that it offers more than just codes alone. It is more like a shopper's social networking site, that allows users to write about each coupon, if it worked well for them etc. And it gets over 1 million visitors per month! B)

Another thing that impressed me is that Firefox users like myself can be alerted of any special coupons or discounts before they buy with this very cool Firefox Shopping Extension. Now how cool is that!

You can also sign-up for their Hot Coupons Newsletter, and join in on the discussions at the Shopping Forums!

Yep, saving money is a good thing! Fun too! :D


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Separating The Wee Beasties

Well the day has finally come where separating Spirit, and Shadow (our dwarf hammies) is no longer simply an option, but a must do priority.

For months they had seemed to get along in the large cage without issue. However, over the past few weeks they have started fighting, with this weekend being the worse, and spirit actually drawing blood.

Yesterday Matthew, and I set up a "Space-Age" cage, which is now Spirit's new home. Spirit seems delighted, but Shadow appears to be constantly looking for his brother. Maybe Shadow is just a naturally born bully? 88|

Pics of Spirit's "spacey" new habitat will be posted soonly!


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Interracial Dating

The subject of interracial dating was, and continues to be a hot button topic for some. I have personally come across several blogs, and sites that offer supportive advice to interracial couples.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to a website that hosts interracial personal profiles, information, chat, and more. The site is specially designed for those who are interested in interracial friendship, dating, and romance. It is safe, and secure to use, and the service provided is absolutely free!

Many of you that are regular readers of this blog know that I met my hubby online, so I do believe that a site like is a great way to meet new people that share your interests, and goals in life.

Just click on the image above or the link text to check it out!


My thanks to my sponsor!


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What I Miss About Being Single

What do you most enjoy, or miss, about being single?

What I miss about being single is nothing. Seriously, I am one of those that is very happy being in a healthy, committed relationship. So my answer is zero, nada, nothing......

Granted, I would rather be single than stuck with someone I knew to be unworthy of me. I wish that mind set were true of everyone I know that is in a bad relationship ... but I digress.....



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BYB Sunday - The Unexpected Part Two

Last week I blogged about how I normally do not like surprises, but occasionally will make an exception. Guess what, I'm doing it again this week ... lol!

That beautiful bouquet above was a surprise from my Matthew on Monday, and they certainly served to set a tone for the week. :D

Sometimes the unexpected can be very good indeed! And now I'm sharing them with you! :D

I wish you a wonderful week ahead, and thank you for stopping by!



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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Funky

This is "Little Sue" (my eldest daughter) wearing the "Kid's," (her younger sister) "Big Phat Funky Hat!"

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend! If you are a fellow photo hunter please do leave me your link in the comment section so that I can check out your "funky" entry!


Next Week's Theme: Row (in a row)

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It's Not My Kid

My friend Andy wrote a brilliant piece entitled Problem Parents, Not Problem Children, which provides much food for thought as his articles usually will.

Basically the write-up describes a society where parents either prefer to have their heads in the sand concerning their children's own bad behaviour or will blame everything under the sun as opposed to accepting any responsibility when their kids screw up.

The article in part was inspired by the United Kingdom's Professional Association of Teachers or PAT 's call to have social networking sites such as YouTube shut down as part of their efforts to stop students, and staff from being bullied online.

I agree with my friend's sentiments throughout, and thought that some of you may appreciate it as well. Just click on the link above to access the article.



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Thursday Thirteen #14 - Random Stuff About Me

Thirteen Random Things About Me

1. The above pic was taken about 7 years ago now. I haven't changed all that much other than the hair was cut really short and is now the same length again.

2. I've always liked this photo as the sword was a gift at a very low point in my life. It became symbolic of my own strengths and hangs today in our living room amongst several other swords of various eras and types. Most photos of myself are horrid and therefore not going to be making an appearance on the blog.

3. We currently reside in the Didier-Darroch Compound (sounds ominous doesn't it?) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our home is over 80 + years of age and we love some of the original features such as our ice box and old fashioned tub! We're both sentimentalists that adore history.

4. I did not complete my post-secondary education, but perhaps I still will. I am always telling Matthew that I would have made a fine physician. .. ;)

5. I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1967. I was baptised a Roman Catholic, raised an Atheist (by two very Liberal parents that I love dearly), became Agnostic with age ... and now consider myself to be Spiritual.

6. My Father's family were from Hungary/Romania, mostly Transylvanian (explains my love of Eastern European vampire folklore.

7. My Mother's family were Ukrainian.

8. I have co-authored a guidebook, which is dedicated to the memory of my Dad, and have two books in various states of completion.

9. I have just gotten into photography as a serious hobby, and am loving it!

10. I collect in no particular order Angels, Wee Folk, Skeletons (no not real ones or the one's in your closet!), Dia de Los Muertos Artwork .. along with the Art of other South American, Indonesian and African cultures, swords, axes, rocks, stones, and any other piece of bric-a-brac I may fancy at a given moment.

11. I have appeared in numerous radio, television and print interviews, consulted on a couple of TV productions, and given presentations on paranormal topics ... but prefer radio to all various forms of media. I would LOVE to have my own radio show.

12. I read a lot ... between Matthew and myself we own close to 1,000 UFO books and about 500 Ghosts and Hauntings books, not to mention books on every other topic under the sun. We hope to one day donate the lot of paranormal books as a special collection to the public library.

13. And finally for good measure ... my favourite colours are blue and silver.

Happy TT, and thank you for stopping by!

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Wordless Wednesday - Crashing

I have sooooo had days like this! Ok not literally or I would not be typing to you today .... but you know what I mean right?! ;)

Too funny in a tragic funny sort of way!


Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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What's In A Name?

This week Blog Talkers asks: "Do you buy brand name or generic “no name” items when you grocery shop? Are there any brands that you are completely loyal to, no ifs and/or buts?"

I am a bargain hunter! I usually will buy what is on sale. I have also found that no-name or generic products in most areas are identical to the brand name counter part, and manufactured by the same company, using the exact same ingredients! Just check the ingredients list of both next time you are shopping, and compare! The Menu Foods pet food disaster of last winter should have woken up the world to this. Think about all the different brands that were affected.....some very high end dog, and cat foods, along with their lower end equivalents.

The only product I am absolutely loyal too is my coffee, other than that I go with the best prices ... :D


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Back To School

I cannot believe how quickly the summer break is going. This past weekend I was out shopping with "the kid," and displays for Back-To-School items are already being set up in our local shops.

Since I really prefer to do my own shopping online I spent some time checking out Identity Direct, which offers all sorts of personalised school related items in a convenient, and secure online shop.

There are several really cute themes to choose from like Disney Characters to Sesame Street, and the personalization of each insures it is easy to identify your child's item. Have you ever tried sorting through a school's "lost and found box" only to find 10 identical lunch boxes? I have ... lol! Too many times to count!

You can check them out by clicking on the link. Identity Direct has really good prices to boot, and the wee ones do get a really big kick out of seeing their names on the items. :D


Thank you to my sponsor!


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Hug your kid a little harder today...

Matthew has been able to put into words what I have been thinking lately in regards to the murder of an 11 year old boy in our city last weekend, but just could not manage to say....

Hug your kid a little harder today. And thank you Matthew for saying it.

My thoughts, and prayers go out to the family, and friends of Ephraim Brown.


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BYB Sunday - The Unexpected

Normally I hate surprises, but this past week I can make a good exception to that rule .....

I received a small windfall. It is nothing major, but it is enough that I can treat each of my kids to something a little special, and unexpected.

It is a blessing when we can give to our loved ones even if it is something small, but you know will make them happy ... :D Why I actually do enjoy Christmas!

Happy BYB Sunday, and I wish all of you a great week ahead!



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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Creative

I have always thought spiders were rather creative creatures.

They spin webs that can be very intricate and beautiful if you stop to look at them.

I had a chance to play around with my macro setting on these photos so I guess they represent my being a little more creative with the camera too. :D

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

Next Week's Theme: Funky

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Canadian Idol

Any of my fellow Canadian bloggers following this show? I admit I started watching it two seasons back with the "kid." She enjoys it, and over time I've gotten hooked.

This season has been a bit of a snore though. I have even started to think that the show may have been more aptly named "Canadian I Dull" :p

For instance when it came down to the final fourteen the four most seemingly interesting (personality-wise) people were voted off. Liam Styles Chang, Tyler Mullendore, Montana, and Annika Odegard were at least fun to watch!

Then Canada voted ... and Mila Miller with the GREAT hair was gone. And that I found to be depressing.

Now Khalila Glanville is gone too....

At this rate Jaydee Bixby & Carly Rae Jepsen will be booted off next, and Martha Joy will win. :roll:

Oh don't get me wrong Martha is a beautiful young lady with an equally beautiful voice, but she is dull as dish water... even my 75 year old mother thinks so! We all thought it was Martha that should be going.

Will I keep watching? You bet! If only because I like to watch the tube with the "kid," and she'll watch it through to the end.


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Kick Out Stress

Earlier this past week I blogged a little bit about my worries over my teenage niece. Particularly I wrote about my belief that she is out-of-control due to life choices she appears to be making.

I've been lucky for the most part with my own three, but I am well aware that youth today are suffering through far more stressors than ever before. I know that every generation says that about the next, but if you look at the stats on teen depression they seem to bear out that kids today are coping with a lot more than we ever did. And I don't know about you, but my own teen years were far from easy, and I would definitely have benefited from learning stress management skills.

Kick Out Stress is a program that was developed by a psychologist whose expertise is in treating teenage depression. It has been designed to be used by both professionals, and parents in order to assist teenagers in coping with stress, and anxiety.

I looked into the program earlier this afternoon, and it comes with computer software suitable for both Mac, and PC, a workbook, and an audio cd.

It is rather timely that I had the opportunity to look over this program. As I have stated above my niece could probably really benefit from Kick Out Stress, and I will be emailing a link to the program's website to my brother-in-law to have a look at. You can have a look at the program by just clicking the link above.

I have to admit that after reading through the website (have a look at some of the articles when you visit) if this program had been around when I was a kid, and had my parents utilised it, this would have probably saved me a lot of unnecessary anguish ... and visits to the psychologist I was seeing for severe anxiety in my early twenties.


My thanks to my sponsor


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Thursday Thirteen #13 - Dumb Things Celebs Have Said

Thirteen Dumb Things Celebs Have Said

What is that you say, only 13?! Trust me, I could go on endlessly with dumb celeb quotes, but here are thirteen that I thought were particularly...well idiotic! Enjoy!

1. When you say I committed adultery do you mean before my marriage of 1996 or prior to? - Dallas Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders

2. In an action film you act in the action, and in a dramatic film you act in the drama. - Jean-Claude Van Damme

3. I should think that being my old lady would be all the satisfaction or career any woman needs. - Mick Jagger

4. I'm not a schmuck. Even if the world goes to hell in a hand basket, I won't lose a penny! - Donald Trump

5. Good looking people turn me off. Myself included. - Patrick Swayze

6. If I was just normally intelligent I could probably get away with it, but I am fiercely intelligent, and that's threatening. - Sharon Stone

7. I like the women's movement - from behind. - Rush Limbaugh

8. I've got 10 pairs of trainers. That's one for every day of the week. - Samantha Fox

9. Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life. - Brooke Shields

10. I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada. - Britney Spears

11. I think that the film Clueless was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it's true lightness. - Alicia Silverstone

12. So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year? - Christina Aguilera

13. Some men send me condoms and underpants. I'm not sure what they want. - Martine McCutcheon

Happy TT, and thank you for stopping by! :D

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Celeb Look-alikes

I tried out a celeb look-alike program, and these are the results... :roll:

Yes, I was very bored ... :p was fun!

If you've got some time to waste, you can check it out by clicking on the image above.


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Playing Dress Up

I have fond memories of being a kid, and loving to play dress-up. Any excuse I had to wear a costume I would...and still do haha! I have to admit it is one of the primary reasons I got interested in historical re-enactments, as Matthew likes to say it provides a very good reason to dress up in funny, fancy clothes.

If you love fancy costumes, and dressing up like I do - hey it's not just about Halloween - you might want to visit an online shop that I have been checking out. They have a good assortment of fancy dresses to buy or for you to hire. They also carry some cool accessories like pirate hats, and funny looking animal masks.

Right now Escapade is having a summer sale so it is a good time to surf through some of their pages. Just click on any one of the links above to visit their website. They also have a fancy dress shop in London if you are able to visit, further info on that can also be obtained from the site. B)


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Wordless Wednesday - The Garden

I snapped this pic while peeking out of a window at the University of Toronto last weekend. Trinity College to be exact. Something about it really appeals to me, and stirs my imagination. I told you the campus was gorgeous! :D

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Private Education Loans

The subject of student financial assistance is a hot button topic in our household of late. This past weekend in part was spent with the kids touring Trinity College because it is my middle daughter's hope to attend there next year, and begin her pursuit towards a law degree.

It was an enjoyable afternoon, and yes the campus itself is gorgeous, but I couldn't help myself from thinking about the high costs of obtaining a college education these days. A good education certainly does not come on the cheap, and that is understandable.

If you are a parent or student in the United States, and are in the same position we are in regarding the need of good student financial information you might wish to have a look at this online resource for Private Education Loans. Act Education Loans provides information on student borrowing for both parents, and students in well written, and easy to understand articles located on their site. All the info you need to help make an informed borrowing decision is put together in a user-friendly format.

I had a look through their site this very afternoon, and do recommend it to anyone seeking the advice of student financial consultants. You can have a look at the services they are offering online or call toll free at this number: +18773281565


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Chillin' With The Kid

It was a happily chaotic weekend just past at the dreaded compound! And certainly put new emphasis on the word "zoo" ... :D

All three girls were home, which is rare. And both my Sis, and my niece Sam were over as well.

Now do not get me wrong, it was great seeing everyone all at once, and especially having all three girls together, which as they have gotten older is less, and less the norm .... but in many ways it is so nice to be able to chill with just the kid.....

While the kid, and "the lawyer" are on top of their game, "Little Sue" is nursing a broken heart, as is the Sis to a much lessor degree. Saying my teenage niece is troubled at the moment is an understatement of giant in ways I felt in part the social worker as much as social hostess over the last few days. And that can be so emotionally draining ...

Like I said, don't get me wrong .... I do actually LOVE the hurly burly, and wearing the mother hen hat so to speak, but at the moment I am caught between feeling relief over a quiet day with the 11 year old, and guilt for enjoying it ... :roll:


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BBW Online Dating

The dating scene has really changed for many people over the past couple of decades, and with the mass popularity of the internet. Now people can meet online through speciality sites that cater to certain segments of the public. For instance bbw singles can now hook-up through a website like and safely meet others who share their interests in a secured online environment.

If you are interested in bbw dating, making new friends, or looking for a more long lasting relationship you can utilise their website to set up profiles, search for others in your area, and chat with both men, and women. There is no charges for their service it is absolutely free to join.

Have a look at what they are offering by giving some clicky love to the links provided in this entry.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Sweet Dreams

What do you think your recurring dreams mean?

I do not place too much stock in my recurring dreams, nor even nightmares as I can usually pinpoint either the anxiety, events, interests, or experiences within my waking life that has produced them.

Nor do I put too much emphasis on dream interpretations, as what is symbolic for me, may not be so for someone else, and vice versa.

Years ago I wrote an article entitled, "Communicating With The Deceased - Part Two Dreams," which some of you may find of interest. It goes into how many cultures both primitive and sophisticated do believe that communicating with the souls of the deceased in the dream state in fact does occur, and reports of this type of phenomena are not as rare as one may expect. Within the article I include a couple of personal dream experiences of my own.



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BYB Sunday - Family

A short, and sweet blessing this week. All three girls are home this weekend, and toss into the mix one sister, and two nieces to add to the chaos currently ensuing at the Didier-Darroch dreaded compound, and you have one heck of a family get-together. It is a happy chaos, and the liveliness makes me realise how blessed I am to have my family home! :D

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope your week ahead is a blessed one!



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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Got It!

Above is the middle daughter at 12.03am with our copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! All three of the kiddos and myself attended our local launch party, which featured costumes, prizes, and much merriment!

Still sorting through other photos of the event, and awaiting the kid to wake up. She started reading almost immediately, and I have no clue as to when she finally nodded off.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Tiny

I collect a lot of weird things. This wee guy is my tiny Mummy.

To give you an idea how tiny the Mummy is, here he is pictured with his wee vampire friend, and casket lid. They are beside a standard size 500 ml water bottle. These two are not likely to inspire much terror! ;)

Thanks for stopping by! And have a great weekend!

Next Week's Theme: Creative

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What Is In A Year?

This week's question is: Looking back in life, what did you do 3, 6 and 12 months ago? Have these actions played a major role in your life or has it been like any other day?

I am a little late in answering this week's question. It has been a hectic sort of week on this end, but you know what they say about better late than never ... ;)

Here goes....

On a personal level this has been quite an eventful year as far as my career, or professional life goes. Last year around this time I was put on stress leave by my physician, out of respect for my former employees I will not go into details beyond that my doctor felt I was becoming very ill, and it was work related. I decided at that point to switch career paths.

So at 40 I have found myself at the point of not knowing what it is I want to do when I grow up...:roll:

Six months ago I discovered Pay Per Post, and sponsored blog ad opportunities. These types of written reviews have caused a backlash with some fellow bloggers in the blog-sphere, and some of the arguments presented against are valid, and should be considered. However, this is something that I do, and it has helped to keep my family fed therefore I am naturally in favour of it. B)

Three months ago I realised that the PPP stuff had paid off enough that I could remain at home with the kid for the time being at least without effecting our lifestyle overly much aside from the fact that the kid, and I are much closer, and even the pets appear genuinely happier to have me about. :D

Today, I am seriously considering going back to school or retraining for a field that my skill sets could be maximised whilst at the same time be personally rewarding. Grief counselling is something I have given serious thought to. We will see what my future holds....


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Fitness Dating Online

It has been a very long time since I was single, but I've got to admit that if I was I would certainly be checking out, and the profiles of all the hot buff guys listed there! B) Go have a peek ... now can you blame me! Ha!

This site is the #1 fitness community on the net with good reason. Aside from the obvious, it is really easy to use to meet both men, and women in your own local area that are also into healthy lifestyles. The big bonus is that it is absolutely free to use this super cool service!

If you are single, and into fitness dating go check them out!



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Thursday Thirteen #12 - Things I've Learned From Horror Movies

Thirteen Things I've Learned From Horror Movies

I LOVE horror movies, and with the kiddo up at the cottage for the last week I was able to indulge this viewing pleasure without worry that I would be inspiring nightmares in her. Now I'm certain I've come across a similar TT before, but unfortunately I cannot recall where, and credit them with the idea. If you happen to know who then please do let me know in the comments. So here you go "13 Things I've Learned From Horror Movies:"

1. Do not live on Elm Street!

2. Do not purchase property built on an ancient Native burial ground

3. Stay away from guys named Freddy, Jason or Michael

4. Do not steal from the dead -> this never turns out good

5. Do not walk into or drive through the fog

6. When running away from a ghost, monster etc expect to trip, and fall.

7. If you start hearing voices in your house telling you to "get out" you had better listen!

8. If you assume all windows, and doors are locked they are not

9. Do not summon demons or open portals to hell

10. Do not go into the basement alone -> ever!

11. If you are a good looking brunette you'll probably be the last victim of the monster, ghost, vampire

12. Creepy old ghost towns are deserted for good reasons

13. The aliens will insure they are never seen kidnapping you, therefore no one will ever believe you if you tell your story.

And as a bonus:

14. If you are a teenager DO NOT have sex or take drugs if there is a monster, killer, ghost etc in the vicinity.

Can you think of any others? Happy TT, and thank you for stopping by!

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A Resource For Loan Information

Have you heard about secured loans before? These types of loans are great for people who have a poor to no credit history, and either want to repair or establish their credit ratings. Personally, I think they are a good idea. :D

My view is biased though because I admit I have had a bad credit history in my past. In fact the last time I even considered a Personal Loan was when I needed one to consolidate debt into a more manageable single payment at a better rate. This also works towards strengthening your credit history. It was a good thing for me, and might be something you'll want to consider as well.

If you are in need of information on various types of Loans the UK Personal Loan provides a wealth of info to its users in a user friendly format. You can also apply for loans through their site in less than two minutes through their online form. The site is completely secure, and a good authority on the subject in my opinion.


My thanks to my sponsor.


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Wordless Wednesday - Tall & Short

I saw this image late last week while surfing around the BBC site. I was struck by the absolute contrast between the two gentlemen. One has been named the tallest man in the world. The other fellow is attempting to have the Guinness Book Of World Records declare him the shortest.

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Disposable Contact Lens

Disposable Contact Lens have made life so much easier for most people ... and I can picture all of my 40+ year old readers like myself who are contact lens wearers soooo nodding in agreement .. :p

If you are currently purchasing 1-2 week disposable lens you might want to check out the deals on PureVision, Versaflex, Proflex, and others at the link above. Not only does Sanders Contacts already provide great prices in my opinion all of the products on the page I've listed for you come with $20-$40 bux in rebates. How cool is that!

Safe, and secure online shopping, (I love the convenience of online shopping) plus they offer free shipping too! :D

Definitely worth checking them out!


Thank you to my sponsor!

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Fry's Dog

Tonight on tv they replayed an episode of Futurama called "Jurassic Bark" that I cannot imagine any dog lover being able to watch without tears springing to their eyes. Take a moment, and check out this clip. You'll see what I mean. It's a powerful reminder of the enduring love of a dog.


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Juice Fasting

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about maintaining health, and a quick boost of energy today. One of the things that I like to do is blend fresh fruit, and vegetables into juices, and incorporate them into our diet. It's pretty easy for us as we are in very close proximity to various fruit stands. I also like to add a bit of yogurt to my own blends, and it is yummy! :D

Juice Fasting is a means for those who want to detoxify their bodies safely while using fruit, and vegetable juices. There are some medical considerations to take into account, but I do endorse it particularly when trying to quit smoking (something I am working on right now). If you want further info on Juice Fasting please do check out the page I have linked to in this entry.


My thanks to my sponsor.


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Giving Props To My Cousin

My Cousin Pat Gunner

With all the negative press in regards to the world of sports entertainment, and wrestling lately (and completely understandable) I thought I'd give some props to my cousin Pete aka Pat Gunner. As half of the sensational tag team Dredded Guns he recently won yet another cool belt. And while I would be lying if I said that I did not occasionally worry about him being in a business that seems to chew up, and spit out it's own, with not much regard to the well being of its talent, I am proud of his accomplishments. B)

Here is an article on a wrestling clinic that he was recently part of. The writer states he is "one of those tall, dark, handsome types that audiences love." Apparently that sort of thing just runs in the family ... ;)


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Buying A Home Can Be Scary

Matthew, and I often discuss home ownership, and how expensive the city we live in really is in regards. Here in Toronto the average resale home is going for $350,000 currently, despite the area it is in, good or bad. How are people supposed to come up with a decent down payment? How are they supposed to carry over the long haul these often huge mortgages that accompany making such a purchase? That is why I state that buying a home, especially for the first time can be very scary. And these are the questions I consider when thinking about purchasing a house.

Lately in the news I've read how interest rates are rising, not to mention that today city council is voting on yet another property tax increase. Is it any wonder that so many people are faced with nightmarish debt, and therefore need to look into things such as debt consolidation in order to cope, and effectively manage their financial situations?

I think it might be in part due to financial institutions being to quick to lend, and in other ways people living above their means or not being very savvy when it come to borrowing in the first place.

There are resources on the net to help people especially if they are already in financial trouble. Here is page on bad credit remortgages that gives information on how you can save money over all, which I thought seemed pretty useful.

I hope that when Matthew, and I are ready (in approx. two years) we will be well read enough via resources such as the ones I've linked to above that we will be able to make an informed decision as to how, and with who we will borrow from, and hopefully avoid some of the mass debt others have unfortunately found themselves in.


My thanks to my sponsor.

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Walking The Dog

We are sooo lucky to live in a dog friendly neighbourhood within our city. We are next to several dog friendly parks, and off lead areas where the boys can, well... be boys .. :D

Most of the restaurants in our neighbourhood will also allow well mannered dogs to sit with their owners on the outdoor patios, and pretty much all of our local shops that do not sell food items are dog friendly as well. B)

While this is great for us, and Max, and Kipling I do realise that many areas of the city in fact throughout the province are not so canine accommodating. Therefore when I came across a list of all the dog friendly parks located in Ontario I thought I'd post the link for others who might need it.

I'm going to keep the list handy by bookmarking it in case of travel.


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Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

Unique handmade jewelry featured on the Night Fox Jewelry website are just gorgeous! I had the opportunity to spend some time on the company's site earlier this afternoon, and I just fell in love with these handmade bracelets.

I personally like to wear pieces that are unique, and I feel the same way about gift giving. When I checked out this really cool goulash bracelet made of recycled sea glass, scrimshaw bone and sterling silver I immediately thought how much "Little Sue" would just love it! You can go have a peek via the link. Stunning eh!

If you love jewelry, and are looking for something unique while at the same time supporting artisans have a look through the Night Fox Jewelry website, their prices are good, and they have items that will suit different tastes.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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BYB Sunday - Sisters

My sis D.

This past week I spent some time with my younger sister. D and I are both fairly active within our own lives, and therefore do not get to spend as much time with each other as we'd like to. Basically we just hung out, and went photo hunting. She taught me some new tricks with the camera, which is always cool. I would like to become a much better photographer.

My sister has always been one of my biggest supporters through good, and bad, and she is a cherished friend. I consider time spent with her my blessing. :D

Happy Sunday everyone, and three cheers to sisters!



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I Need Reading Glasses

Yep, I've been noticing a decline in my ability to read comfortably over the past couple of years, but since turning forty last January I've decided it's time to visit the optometry office, and do something about it. I'm not very keen on getting bifocals though, despite the fact that most people seem to be ok with them. My mother had a pair, and stopped using them because they made her dizzy. No matter how she tried she just could not get used to them. I really don't wish to end up with the same issue.

I have been reading up on Lasik monovision, which has been officially approved by the FDA in the United States despite being available for years, and I think it is something I would definitely be interested in.

The procedure (which results can be tested using contact lenses first, and is recommended by the FDA) has been shown to greatly reduce the need for reading glasses in people. And this in my opinion is a very good thing!

I will be doing my own further research on this, and I do think I would like to try out the contact lenses. If I do, and they work I will definitely give serious consideration to this procedure.

For further reading please do have a look at this press release on monovision Lasik. The website also contains a directory of qualified doctors, and some really good articles. I have bookmarked it myself for further reading.


My thanks to my sponsor.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Shadow

Meet our dwarf hammy, his name is Shadow. Shadow lives in a large airy cage by my desk with his brother Spirit who is an albino. Dwarfs, (unlike other hamsters) can co-habitate.

Come to think of it, Shadow would have made a good subject for next week's theme as well since he is actually little bigger than my thumb!

Next Week's Theme: Tiny

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The Dumbing Down Of America

My work in Canadian paranormal research often brings along with it conspiracy theories, most of which I write-off as nonsense, including the "Dumbing Down Of America" that is until I came across this.....

"They've been campaigning for a century to make the spelling of the English language easier and recently picketed a spelling bee in the US to make their point. Welcome to the Simplified Spelling Society.

Masha Bell, a member of the society and author of Understanding English Spelling, believes that reform of the spelling of the English language could help children learn to read and make life easier for some adults too."

Full BBC Article Here

Here is a sample of what the SSS would like to see done with traditional spelling:

Learn - lern
Slow - slo
Beautiful - butiful
Poor - por
Single - singl
Simple - simpl

They actually believe this is a good idea?! How about concentrating on teaching our children to actually spell correctly in the first place!

My grandmother came to Canada at age 50 as a refugee. English was her fourth or fifth language. She arrived here, and had to learn English from scratch, and you know what....she did! And that included spelling properly.

I think this plan of the SSS is silly at best, and will actually harm youth not to mention be very costly to implement at the worst. Can you imagine if the USA actually adopted this? How would it's citizens be able to communicate with the rest of the English speaking world using the written or typed word? If I received correspondence with words spelled thusly or worse a resume (!) I would assume the person writing lacked a formal education. Yeeesh!



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Thursday Thirteen #11 - Thirteen Phobias

Thirteen Phobias In Honour Of Friday The 13th

Since this week we will be having a Friday The 13th, and statistically speaking at least a few of you may be unsettled by it - this is called Triskadekaphobia - I thought it might be fun to list some common, and maybe not so common phobiaa, and their proper names. Here we go then....The Fear Of:

1. Nudity - Gymnophobia or Nudophobia.

2. Money - Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia. (Does some actually suffer this?!)

3. Outer space - Spacephobia. (This would be very bad for an astronaut)

4. Wet dreams - Oneirogmophobia.

5. Bees - Apiphobia or Melissophobia.

6. Eyes, opening one's - Optophobia.

7. Flying - Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia.

8. Dawn or daylight - Eosophobia. (This is very common in vampires)

9. Crosses or the crucifix - Staurophobia. (Another big issue in the vampire community, and the demoniacally possessed)

10. Places, crowded public - Agoraphobia.

11. Lawsuits - Liticaphobia.

12. Odors or smells - Olfactophobia.

13. Everything- Panophobia, Panphobia, Pamphobia, or Pantophobia.

I can only imagine that #13 would be devastating, and I would advise anyone suffering with it to seek help immediately! For the most part I think everyone suffers from at least one phobia to a certain extent. Mine is #5, although I do admit that it is not honey bees that I am afraid of, but wasps. They are nasty! However, I couldn't find a name for that one.

So what is yours? And if you tell me you are absolutely fearless, and have never had a single fear ever I will assume that A. You are lying or B. you are stupid. Fear in my opinion, held in check is a good thing, and in part what keeps most of us from getting nominated for a Darwin Award.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

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Why Can't I Own a Canadian?

Huh?! As a Canadian I have to admit that the article entitled Why Can't I Own a Canadian? really grabbed my attention, and drove me to give it a clicky, and read more! What is up with that?! What does it mean by "own" a Canadian?

I found this article on the personalized news website,, and like I said it caught my eye with its headline that is just screaming to be checked out. :>

Turns out the article is a spoof letter written to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a radio host who is known, well, for her intolerance. And not only is the article hysterically funny, it provides much food for thought. The letter clearly demonstrates how silly it is to use religion to put forward hate. If you want to find out how "owning Canadians" is worked into the write up you'll just have to go check it out for yourself .. ;) makes it really easy to find interesting articles, and news items like this one. I found it to be a lot of fun while surfing around this afternoon. The articles are all reader submitted, and the site keeps a history of the articles you've read. Thoof also has a blog, and allows you to send articles you have enjoyed or found to be thought provoking to your friends.

I think it's pretty cool, and you might too! Go check it out! B)


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Wordless Wednesday - Take A Guess

So can you guess what this is a photo of? When it was first sent to me I thought what a crazy looking Hubble image...I was wrong. Perhaps you will be able to recognize what it is right away. If not, here is the answer: It's a very close-up view of Hubby's left eyeball.

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

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ELearning The Way Of The Future

When I was still working full-time the company that I was employed with sent me on several training courses. These often involved much time away from the office, and some travel. To be honest these were fun, and were valuable, but in a few cases I wondered if I could have received the same benefit by learning online. I think the answer to that is yes.

I believe that computer based training tools such as those offered through ResourceBridge are the way of the future.

The benefits of web based learning are too numerous to adequately explore within the scope of a blog entry, but I can see the main advantages to any company that is training or upgrading their employees or need to teach certain applications to clients particularly those out of town. The ability to upgrade skills outside of the classroom would not only be highly convenient, but highly cost effective as well.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on ELearning Solutions from ResourceBridge please do click on the links provided within this entry.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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How To Catch A Leprechaun

How to catch a leprechaun, Simpson's style! This is one of my all-time favourite Treehouse Of Horrors, Simpson Halloween Specials, but no matter how many times I've tried tossing Lucky Charms into a hole, no angry, drunken leprechauns. Sigh......Cursedy!

Enjoy the clip! It's a classic! B)


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Fun Way To Decorate!

Regular readers of this blog, and our friends already know about my wall o' family photos that makes up my at home work space.

A lot of people love to decorate with fun, family photos, but have you checked out the really cool stuff you can do with fave pics over at yet?!

This site is the hottest for creating your very own personalised home decor, and their prices are quite reasonable to boot! The photo I have posted above is just one example of how you can create works of art out of your photos, and it is very easy to do. is getting some very good press from the media, including being added to the Oprah Olist, and it is not hard to see why. Not only can you create stunning images for your own home, but these make for terrific gift ideas as well. B)

Go check them out!


Thank you to my sponsor!

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A Cherished Gift

This week Blog Talkers asks: What is one item that you own that has minimal monetary value, but has such sentimental value that you wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money?

The above image is of a clock that sits by my desk at home. This clock, which I did feature in one of my Photo Hunters entries is inscribed, "Susan, Love Dad 1998" and was the very last Christmas gift I received from my father who passed away July 6th 1999. For what I hope is very obvious reasons to the reader I would never part with it for any sum of money ever offered. This clock has a place of honour on my desk, and deep within my heart.


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Image Editing & Resizing

One of my biggest pet peeves so to speak, especially when it comes to my paranormal interests (see paranormal blog on the sidebar) is when people attempt to send me gigantic file size photos. I hate having to go away, and fix a tea for instance when I am waiting for an email with photos attached to download. And we are on high speed internet service yet! :roll:

Now over the years I have become really adept at using my own preferred photo, and graphics editor, and can even do some really fancy schmancy things with it, but I do realise that the average end user either doesn't have the time to learn how to use image editing software or does not wish to go into the expense of purchasing it or a combination of both. This is where an online image resizer can really come in handy!

I was checking out this site today at, and it is super easy to use. It pretty much is a two step process from which you can upload an image, and then crop or resize it. You can choose from low to high quality, actual size in pixels, rotate to different angles etc. Just click on the link above, and choose demo to check it out. They even have a special feature for MySpace users that want to add comments.

So you may be wonder what the cost of this online service is? Nothing!

This is a free service, and you can use it with no limits.

I think I'll be sending this link off to a few people who I know could use, and would appreciate it. B)


My thanks to my sponsor!


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BYB Sunday - Quiet

It was a very hectic week at the compound, and my nerves to be honest were a little frayed by Thursday. So it was in fact a minor blessing when the kid's Dad (my-ex) came to pick her up a day early for what will be a week and a half in the Muskokas.

Ever since things have been quiet around here. Well as quiet as they can be with two dogs, and three cats 88| And while I do very much miss the kid, I know she is having an awesome time with her father, and cousin splashing in the lake, roasting marshmallows on the campfire, and probably getting into more mischief than I care to know about. ;D

The quiet for while it lasts is good, and it is giving us some much needed time to recharge our batteries!

A wee blessing indeed.....


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Fake

Bet you didn't think anyone had pink flamingoes on their lawns any more did ya! I went in search of several different subjects for this week's theme, but finally settled on this lawn ornament. I am more of a drunken garden gnome type myself ... ;)

Have a terrific weekend, and thank you for stopping by!

Next Week's Theme: Shadow(s)

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Just A Thought

Ever since Blog Explosion began having it's problems with the "Rent My Blog" campaign I have missed the ability to showcase other blogs on this site. Therefore I was quite happy to learn earlier today that I had an opportunity to review a blog that I had not heard of before. The following is a review of this blog, and my thoughts about it.

Just a Thought is not a new blog, in fact it has been around since November 2004, however as I said above this was my first visit.

The site appears to be a collection of articles of varying length in which the writer attempts to provoke thought, and discussion amongst the readers on differing topics with the purpose of perhaps better discovering who we are, and the world around us.

Some of the subjects that have been blogged about include: Breaking Bad Habits, Touched by a Little Angel, and The Supreme Goodness of Good.

A few of these articles are definitely uplifting, most however of the handful I have read thus far are challenging. And that in my opinion is a good thing!

I would recommend a change of template to David who is the blog owner. It is ok, but I think the site would garner more attention with a more attractive overall look. Granted aesthetics aside, Just a Thought did hold some personal appeal through it's writing, and ultimately that is what a separates a good blog from a great one - content!

If you are in the mood to be inspired to show this blog some clicky love, and spend some time reading through the entries. I have bookmarked the site, and intend to do just that over the weekend.


Thank you to my sponsor.

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I Said I'd Never Do It

I said I would never join Facebook, but that is exactly what I did yesterday. I guess I just finally caved to all the emails from friends, and family saying join. I'm a victim of cyber peer pressure .. ;)

It has only been a few hours since I signed up, and I've already come to the realisation that there is a very good reason why it has been nicknamed "Crackbook." It really is THAT addicting!

Personally I prefer my blogs, and will try to limit my time spent over there. However, I can see why it has become so popular, and it does appear to be a good medium for social networking.


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Staying Healthy

I cannot think of anything, and I mean anything that is more important to an individual or to a family than being healthy. Maybe it is an age thing, I turned forty this past year. Or perhaps it is because I have over the years developed health related issues such as asthma, and suffered with vicious migraine headaches. Perhaps it's a combination of many factors, but if asked what is most important to me personally, my answer is good health.

In part besides taking good care of one's self, health insurance, and the type of coverage you receive is very important in maintaining health in my opinion. Here in Canada our coverage is universal, but I know for my American readership it is highly important to seek out affordable health insurance for you, and your family.

By doing some comparison shopping through a site such as the one I've linked to above you can easily obtain quotes online for low cost health coverage. is a good resource for this, and gives you the ability to get quotes in all of the fifty US states.

If you are in need of health insurance coverage or are looking for a better plan then the one you already have just click on the link provided, and have a look at this service. I found it very easy to navigate, and well designed.


Thank you to my sponsor!


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Thursday Thirteen #10 - Thirteen Really Cool Thursday Thirteens

Thirteen Really Cool Thursday Thirteens

Happy 100th edition Thursday Thirteen!!! This is my tenth edition, and I have had a lot of fun participating so far. Today, I'm quite happy to list some of the Thursday Thirteen posts I read last week as a tribute to this great community. So without further ado here are thirteen really cool Thursday Thirteens!

1. 13 Things To Do Before You Walk Out the Door For Vacation

2. 13 Oscar Wilde Quotes & Action Figure!

3. 13 Goals to Accomplish This Summer

4. 13 Things about Mark Caldwell's Flight In A 1944 Dakota

5. 13 Words Certain Individuals Think You're Too Stupid To Hear

6. 13 Tomato Facts

7. 13 Shades Of Blue

8. 13 Most Popular Movies Of All Time

9. 13 Things To Do Before I Die

10. 13 Things I Finally Got To Do ( while the computer was being repaired)

11. 13 Movies I Look Forward To Seeing

12. 13 Little Things About The Hubs That I Miss

13. 13 Things I Have Used As A Charm

Thank you to all the bloggers who wrote the entries above! It was fun reading your entries .. :) And thank YOU for stopping by, if you are playing please do leave a comment with your link so that I can surf on over, and read through your entries. Happy TT!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Shhhh....I Love Celeb Gossip

Ok just admit it already, we ALL love hearing juicy celebrity gossip, if we didn't then the celeb gossip sites would not be amongst the most popular on the world wide web. :D

I had the opportunity to review a celeb gossip site with the absolutely apt domain of, and I found it to be a lot of fun!

The site dishes up all the dirt in an aggregated format, and allows its members to vote on all the hot scoops while giving us the ability to give our own two cents worth. It's a yummy blend of interactivity, and good old fashioned gossip!

You can check out the site by giving some clicky love to the links above, and sign-up is absolutely free so you've got nothing to lose other then time. I got really caught up on the site, and some items on a vampirish looking Courtney Love, a very sad Kate Moss, and more Paris rubbish ... ahhh... but you'll have to click the link to find out more on these ones .. ;)

My thanks to my sponsor!


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Wordless Wednesday - Happy Fourth Of July

Just want to wish my American readers a very happy, and safe Fourth of July! Hope you all have a great day filled with family, friends, BBQs, warm sunshine, and of course AWESOME firework displays! B)

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

Image Credit

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Registry Of Life

This coming Friday July 6th will be the anniversary of my father's passing. He passed away in 1999, and while the pain of his loss has greatly lessened over the years as daily life and other joys have taken hold in the forefront of my mind, the missing of my Dad I can assure you has never gone away, despite the years that have now gone by.

At the time of his death I felt like an orphan, an adult orphan. My Dad, and I were close, and it was him that was the strong one. My Mother was thankfully with us, but I have always felt her protector, and without my Dad I felt that I was now responsible for the family, and its well-being.

One of the things that saw me through my pain was my genealogy research, and creating a website of family history, photos, and a special memorial page to my father. The entire site is dedicated to his memory.

Registry of Life offers something very similar as it gives people the opportunity to create a loving, and permanent online tribute to a deceased loved one. You can view some examples on their website. This can assist in the grief process in my opinion, and give others a chance to remember the one who has passed on as well.

The Registry of Life website also has helpful information on grief in general, is a resource for different organisations that provide grief counselling, and offers people the chance to have questions answered by a clinical psychologist through a monthly newsletter.

If this is something that might interest you, then please do have a look at the site by clicking on the link provided within this entry.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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I Won!

Yayyyy!!!! Tink honoured me by presenting me with this really cool blog award! You made my week! And now I get to pass along the fun to five of my faves! :D

Here they are in no particular order:






Congratulations! I LOVE each of your blogs, and am happy to be able to award you ... B) I'm telling ya it was hard to pick just five, I could have listed at least a dozen more!


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Tales of the Laundromat

This week's Blog Talkers asks for your most unusual laundromat experience. Have you ever, or would you ever leave your laundry unattended at a laundromat? What would you do if it wasn’t there when you came back?

Hmmmm I've tried racking my brain for a good laundromat story, but I haven't been able to come up with anything even remotely unusual about this dullest of household chores. Well ok. second dullest, with dishes coming in tops for me every time! :-/

Perhaps unusual to some is that we have an unofficial book exchange going on at our local laundromat! People bring in books for the other patrons to read, which I think is cool! B)

I have used laundromats on, and off over my adult years, and to date have had nothing taken, even when I have on occasion left my clothes unattended. Granted I would not do so in a place or neighbourhood that was unfamiliar to me.

The laundromat can also be a way to meet your neighbours, which too is a good thing as you can commiserate over coffee about this otherwise boring chore.



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BYB Sunday - Canada

Today is Canada's 140th birthday, and I am feeling very patriotic towards the nation I call home!

I am blessed to be Canadian. I have travelled, and admired the beauty, culture, and strengths of other countries, but in my heart I will always be proud, and thankful to be a Canadian.

We do have our problems too, and I am usually one of the first within my own circle to start screaming about them, but over all we are culturally diverse, peaceful, tolerant, and have a decent track record of taking care of our poor, and sick. And that makes me proud, and yes feeling blessed to be a Canadian. :D

Happy 140th Birthday Canada!



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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Sweet

The kid, and her dog. Taken on a warm, sunny afternoon by the banks of a river, with a cool, gentle breeze blowing in from the north. School is officially out, and it's a perfect day for a picnic.

Lazy day. Sweet! :D

Thank you to everyone who stops by, and please do take a moment to leave a comment, I LOVE to hear from you guys .. :)

Next Week's Theme: Fake

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I Love My Digital Camera

Lately over the past couple of months I've been taking my digital camera everywhere with me. It has a permanent home in my purse .. :D

Ever since joining the Saturday Photo Hunt community (we are given themes to take photos based around, and upload to our blogs, and sites) I've been have way too much fun with my camera.

Right now I'm using my handy, and reliable Samsung Digimax 201, but I would really like to upgrade in the very near future. And I am quite open to suggestions, if you'd like to leave me a comment on your digital cameras of choice I'd really appreciate it. B)

Right now I'm looking at the Canon Rebel listed on the site that the link posted above goes to. It's a little pricey for my own budget, but it looks like a really good camera to invest in.

Any thoughts?


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Beach Blanket Bonanza - I'm In

The purpose of this reading challenge is to pick at least three books that you would like to read between July 1st - September 1st.

Here are the titles I'm hoping to read:

The Bedside Book Of Death (Macabre Tales Of Our Final Passage)

From Police Headquarters By Jocko Thomas

Vampires, Burial, and Death By Paul Barber

The World's Most Mysterious Castles By Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpe

My friend Andy's collection of poetry

I also hope to reread The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail for fun.

Each of these are currently by my desk, and each has been pushed aside by other books that I had to for various reasons read first. I'm really looking forward to this challenge, and I'll let you all know how I'm doing with it .. :D


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The Story Of How Matthew & I Met

Our good friends already know the story of how Matthew, and I met, but this post is more for the newer readers of this blog, and those of you who are just curious.

Matthew, and I initially met online. We both were running different websites at the time that related to our hobby of paranormal research, and studies.

At first we chatted solely about the topics that interested us, and over time we became friends. Finally we met in person at a former insane asylum, (I'm not kidding!) which is going to make a really fun story for the grand kids one day! And the rest as they say is history ... :D

Some people think you cannot meet nice, worthwhile people online. Matthew's and my story prove that they are absolutely wrong, and yes you can meet wonderful people on the net.

FriendFinder provides a safe, and secure online site where you can meet new people for friendship, dating or perhaps something more serious. It's really easy to use, and you can meet people from around the globe or just locally. And you can set up, and post your own ad for free! B)

I personally thought the search function was a great idea, and makes it really simple to meet the types of people you might be interested in getting to know.

If you are single, and looking to meet someone, FriendFinder would definitely be worth checking out in my opinion.


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Thursday Thirteen #9 - I Wish I Had Said That

Thirteen Things I Wish I Had Said

For this week's TT I decided to list some of my favourite quotes, and sayings. These have come from various sources, and in some cases very different kinds of people. Each one has had some relevance within my own life, and each have been used at some point within a blog entry or on the websites I contribute to. What more can I say beyond, "I Wish I Had Said That." :)

1. “The problem with the world, is that the stupid are cocksure, and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell.

2. "After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box." - Italian Proverb

3. "The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends, and the other begins?" Edgar Alan Poe

4. "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." - William Feather

5. "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain

6. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

7. "That which does not kill you makes you stronger." - Neitzsche

8. "Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them." - Leo Tolstoy

9. "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein

10. " Present fears are less than horrible imaginings." - William Shakespeare

11. "Never say die." - Proverb

12. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

13. "The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think." - James Beattie

If you would like to please feel free to add in your own favourite quote or saying in the comments section below. Have a great rest of the week, and weekend, and thank you as always for stopping by! Happy Thursday Thirteen!

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Coping With Fleas

Fleas suck! They are nasty wee beasties, and last year we ended up with an infestation, most likely due to the dogs. Still our girls (three cats) had the worst of it, and having to deal with the cat flea was nasty! I sympathise with anyone one who has to cope with them.

Summer seems to be a time when pets are most likely to suffer health related issues, at least this is what I have found with personal experience.

I had the opportunity to check out a website earlier today that deals with all sorts of pet health issues that affect dogs, and cats, including the dreaded flea.

I found it to be helpful, and if you have furry family members you might just want to check it out too, and bookmark for later reference. Just click on one of the links above. :)


Thank you to the sponsor!


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Wordless Wednesday - A Girl & Her Robot

When these first came out the kid was just itching to have one! With her birthday money last year she went out, and purchased the fella pictured above. The robot has now been living with us for well over 6 months, and despite the occasional chasing of the cats, and chewing up pencils that have been left lying on the floor he's fairly well-behaved!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

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Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

I know that for some of you reading about this topic will make you either uncomfortable or giggly. :roll: If you are one of those, get a grip because this is a viable medical procedure, and it is my hope that by bringing awareness to the availability of labia surgery, and vaginal cosmetic treatments, and online resources for these that I might just be helping someone out. provides internet users with a highly detailed, and comprehensive resource for labia surgery. This is a procedure often sought by women who are experiencing pain, and discomfort or poor body image, or both. If you might be one of these women or you are just interested in the topic please do have a look at their website. I have found it to be highly informative. Please note if you are the squeamish type there are photos of pre-op, and post-op posted within the deeper links of the site. Therefore should be considered of a mature subject matter.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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The Rain Keeps On Falling

Drivers struggling through the floods in Sheffield

Images of the devastation being caused by the rains throughout England, and Wales are being posted to the BBC website, and we are left to hope that our friends on the other side of the pond are ok. To be honest after reading this report on the flooding that is occurring because of the heavy rain fall I'm really starting to get concerned, especially for Nicola, and her family. Sending out positive vibes that the rains end soonly!


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Pearls Are A Girls Best Friend

When I was ten years old my father travelled on business to Japan. One of the gifts he brought back for me was a gorgeous pearl ring. I think it was at that point my love affair with pearls began.

On "little Sue's" tenth birthday I gave her that very same ring, which I had treasured for two decades. And she will tell you that to this day it was the most memorable birthday present she has ever received. She still wears it .. :D

If you adore pearl jewelry or are planning on surprising someone with a gift who does, you should check out the exquisite collection at National

Not only is National Pearl well known for their breathtaking pearls, but they have a terrific customer satisfaction guarantee, and offer free shipping on purchases totalling a certain amount.

If you are new to buying pearls you will also want to check out their informative articles located on their site, including various pearl types, a history of pearls, and pearl care guide.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Cool Shadow Photos

I came across the above photo whilst surfing around the web last night. The source is listed as unknown so hopefully it is ok to repost it here. I thought this was one of the coolest effects I've ever seen, and would love to try to reproduce it if possible. There are several more good examples of this type of photo posted here.

Some of the comments on the site from where the above photo came from question it's authenticity, and claim it must be a photo shop work. I don't think so, but I'm certainly no expert so they very well could be? However, I was really impressed with the shot, (if real) and thought it was a very cool artistic concept.


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Summer Home Improvement Projects

One of the home improvement projects that I would personally like to accomplish around the dreaded compound this summer is to replace some of the window treatments.

I had the opportunity to take a look at these pleated shades earlier today, and thought they might just be exactly what I'm looking for! Not only do they look good, but they filter natural light, which is important to migraine suffers like myself. is a well established online retailer, and their prices are very competitive. If you are thinking of replacing your own window treatments you might want to have a look at what they are offering. They have a fabulous selection of blinds, and shutters, have a look! B)


Thank you to my sponsor!


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Current Me Talks To Little Me

If you could go back in time, what one piece advice would you give yourself?

This one is just too easy ... I would advise "Little Me" to go out, and play all the different lotteries, and natch I'd give her the winning numbers!

On a more serious note, I'd tell her to stop sweating all the small stuff. It was something I tended to do a lot back then, that, and saying I'm sorry way too much for things I had zero control over.

Of course that would be easy for "Little Me" to accomplish since I won all those lotteries!


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For The Puppy Monster

In my BYB Sunday entry below I talk about going the extra mile, and today I would like to bring your attention to how you might be able to do just that for a family, and fellow blogger who lost their 5 year old boy "Puppy Monster" in a tragic accident at a swimming pool this past Thursday. Please click on the above graphic to learn how you might be able to help out if you are able to.

I cannot imagine what this fellow blogger is going through right now, and as I type this I look towards my own kids smiling faces, and tears for his "Puppy Monster" form in my eyes. I only wish that no parent should ever have to lose their child......

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BYB Sunday - The Extra Mile

My blessing could be viewed as a minor one this week, but its ripple effect usually has a more profound impact.

On Thursday the kid's after school play group had an end of the year BBQ for staff, kids, and parents. Matthew could not attend as he was working late, but the kid, and I had a great time! We left on a high note, but soon after returning home my daughter realised she had left her backpack in the public park where the party had been held. With all the excitement it had simply been forgotten.

We rushed back, but her school bag was nowhere to be found. We were both rather dejected, her more so than I. There was nothing of real value in her bag, but there were a couple of sentimental items, and she blamed herself for not remembering to grab it.

The next day we found out that someone in her play group had recognized her bag, and realising we had already gone, brought it home with them for safekeeping. My daughter was very happy at the news! :D

As I said above, it is a small thing, but a good example of a person that went that extra mile to help someone else out. In turn it taught my daughter who was convinced that her school bag was lost forever that there are kind people who will take it upon themselves to help out another even if it is something as simple as safekeeping a backpack.


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Party Supplies

Summer is here, and it definitely is the season to par-tay! :D

I had the opportunity to go have a look at earlier this morning, and they have got some great deals on party supplies including baby shower decorations and tableware! Definitely worth checking out if you are planning an event, and I thought I'd pass along the website for you gentle readers to check out!

I LOVE the Princess Baby Shower Decorations pictured above, they are just too cute! And while my own girls are a little too long in the tooth for these type of decorations, and supplies my little niece Emma would LOVE them!!! I'll be passing along the link to my Sis as her birthday is coming up in August. :D

They have tons of different types of supplies to choose from, and I have bookmarked the site for my own needs. Go check them out!


Thank you to my sponsor!


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Shiny


This photo of a jewellery display was taken earlier this past week at one of our local shops.

Another photo from the same display case.

This is my fave - hint, hint, nudge, nudge, bus man ;)

These pieces were just sparkling when I took the photos, which really do not do them justice.

Wishing everyone that stops by a very happy weekend! If you are so inclined please do leave a comment, and I will try to visit everyone's sites, and view all the entries .. :)

Next Week's Theme: Sweet

View The Photo Hunters Blogroll Of Participants

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Eight Ball -- Corner Pocket

The delightful MsDemmie tagged me for for eight random facts or habits about myself. Before I begin here are the rules: one, each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. Two, people who are tagged need to write their own blog entry about their eight things and post these rules. Three, at the end of your entry, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names/pseudonyms/blogs. Four, don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Despite the title of this entry, and the groovy image I do not play pool. Ok. I have not played pool in many years, and when I did I sucked. Or maybe I'm just hustling you in case I do play a game against you at some point in the future. You'll never really know for certain unless we do play. ;)

2. I believe in ALIENS! Well I believe in life existing outside of this planet. Whether or not these other life forms visit I'm not so certain.

3. In my 20's I was diagnosed with OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder. With much counselling I have been able to manage my rituals without the need of medication for fifteen years. It has not always been easy.

4. My maiden name is a Greek goddess. I always thought that was cool growing up! B)

5. My favourite food on earth is Maple Fudge! And I once went on a fudge tasting odyssey, and gained 30 pounds. It was worth it!!!!!

6. I LOVE Nintendo! My fave games are the Zelda series. I have actually played all of them!

7. Much like Matthew I have been involved with many media projects, but my preference is also radio.

8. I dislike rules, (although I do see the need for them) and will often rebel if dictated to. Probably has something to do with #3. ;)

And with that said, I will invite my readers that want to play to join in the fun, but I won't be tagging....:> If you do decide to play, please leave a comment and your link so I can check out your Number Eight entry too ... :D


Image Source

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Shopping Online

I admit that these days I'm doing more, and more of my shopping onlne. I hate going out to the malls if I do not absolutely have to. I find them stressful, and much prefer the convenience of making my purchases over the internet, and the pleasure of being able to surf through online shops from the comfort of my own desk, and chair.

I know I am not alone in this, I have read several articles that point to shopping online at least for certain types of items as becoming more, and more popular. I think it would be especially convenient for those that live in suburban or rural areas.

If you are like me, and prefer to make most of your purchase through the internet you might want to go have a look at the KeepCash website. They are providers of online coupons or coupon codes that you can use towards your online purchases to save money. It very much reminds me of the old coupon clipping from the newspapers or magazines that our mothers used to practise. I know my Mom did, as she is a very thrifty sort. The difference of course is that KeepCash is the modern equivalent.

Say for instance you would like to do some online shoe shopping, Payless Shoe Source is one of my own favourite destinations to do just that. You can check out the site for the latest Payless Shoe Source deals. Currently they have coupon codes that will save you $2.00 on ant $10.00 or more purchase. And another that will give you free shipping on any purchase of three items. How cool is that!

The site lists over 1,000 online shops, so there are coupon codes that would be useful to just about every online shopper. Just surf around a bit on the site, and look up your own favourites. It is updated on a daily basis as well, so I recommend checking it out frequently or sign up for their free deal and coupon newsletter!


Thank you to my sponsor!


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Thursday Thirteen #8 - Not In My Kitchen

Thirteen People Who Have Not Been In My Kitchen

My kitchen is a very highly trafficked place, and much like your own kitchen probably does as well, serves as the command post central or hub if you will of our dreaded compound. The kitchen sees some pretty interesting action, and people on occasion. The following thirteen people however, have NOT been in my kitchen.

1. Queen Elizabeth II - Her Majesty does not visit anyone's kitchen.

2. Paris Hilton - Would you want her in YOUR kitchen?

3. Brad Pitt - I cannot afford to feed his entourage.

4. Yoko Ono - My dogs are afraid of her ever since she ate a Corgi during a radio show. And they call it performance art!?

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger - I ran out of power sauce bars. ;)

6. Nicole Kidman - But I would like to wish her a happy 40th birthday today!

7. Frodo Baggins - What do hobbits eat anyway???

8. Nicole Ritchie - Does she eat????

9. Coldplay - They do have a standing invitation to play at my kitchen.

10. Justin Timberlake - My youngest daughter would plotz!

11. Marilyn Manson - Have no clue as to why? I even drew a pentangle on the kitchen floor, and I thought for sure he'd show up!

12. Princess Stephanie of Monaco - What can I say, she's a snob! It's a Princess thing .. :roll:

13. The Beatles - Not a single one of them...ok not all at the same time.

Now I'm curious as to how many of you may recognize where I came up with this idea for a TT list?????

It's from an old episode of Cheers where Cliff was a guest on Jeopardy. He aced all the answers with the exception of Final Jeopardy. The answer listed two famous people that did not have this in common. Cliff's answer: "They have not been in my kitchen" ... yep, he lost :p

Thanks for stopping by! And Happy TT!

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The Sounds Of Summer

I LOVE Wind Chimes! I love the pretty sounds they make as they move amongst a gentle summer breeze, and I love the look of them. I even have a few sets hanging indoors by my windows. :D

If you feel the same way I do or you just want to spruce up the look of a porch or window have a look at the beautiful assortment of Wind Chimes being offered through Online Discount Mart. They have just introduced some new products for the summer, and I must admit I'm quite partial to the Dragonfly Mini Wind Chime, which is just pretty! Go have a look!


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Wordless Wednesday - Mmmm Strawberries!

I was rummaging through my photos looking for a good entry for this week's WW. I came across this one, and for the life of me have no idea where it came from. I did not take the photo, but it was in my photo file? Hey, it looks good though, and at the time of this typing, I am starved!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

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A Review - IDrive-E Online Backup

I think by now that most computer users know the importance of backing up their data. However, did you know you can also do an Online Backup to insure that your most important stuff does not get lost especially if your system crashes?

IDrive-E is an online backup service provider that will provide up to 2GB of space that you can store your data to safely, and securely for absolutely free! If you want unlimited space no problem, they can provide you with that too for a fee of $4.95/month, which is a small price to pay to keep your data safe in my opinion.

You can check out the features they are offering by clicking on the link above.

My thanks to my sponsor!


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Stand By Your Man

Hahaha! I've been waiting for some excuse to use this photo!

Yesterday, I was sooo pissed. Not with Matthew, but with some nitwit that sent him a message through MySpace. Yes, I know...the quality of some MySpacers is certainly well...left to be desired, but still .. I digress...

He blogs about it here in an entry called Bogus, but I can still give you the gist.

As some of you know, both Matthew, and I have been researching, and studying ghosts for over a decade. We co-wrote a course book on the subject, and both maintain websites on the subject. We have also founded research groups that have spanned across Canada, and the US, and at one time Britain.

Anyway the MySpace message was from a fan of two women who have a flashy black, and hot pink website of their own (there is no accounting for taste - to each their own), and has only as far as I can tell been online for a few months. It has almost no content.

Anyway the "fan" of this ( the site reminds me of the now defunct Girly Ghost Busters with far less content, class, or even fun) accused Matthew of copying their content??!!! When in fact it is quite obvious that their measly offering is in fact a very bad hatchet job of Matthew's own words some from online, and the TGHRS site as early as 1999! Of course with zero credit. And this is not coming from two teens, nor young adults, nor even 30 year olds! Yeesh!!! :roll:

Yes, I was pissed, but the stupidity of the accusation just had me laughing as well.

My bottom line in this post is that we have been doing this a very long time, and the one thing I have absolutely come away with in regards to online ghost groups is if they do not list sources or some kind of resource I am very suspicious as to where they obtained their information from. Matthew, has ALWAYS given credit where it is due, and had these women wrote something of value in our opinion that we wished to share they would absolutely have been given credit with a link.


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Some Thoughts On Borrowing Money

Have you ever had to borrow money? Sure you have, we all do a some point right? Today I reviewed a website that provides information on various types of Loans, their benefits, and weaknesses, including Debt consolidation loans, which a lot of people including myself have benefited from in the past.

This online resource actually has a wealth of information on Personal Loans, and can assist you in making an informed decision before actually going out, and borrowing money. You can check it out via the links I've added to this entry.

The site is easy to use, and allows you the ability to compare different loan providers, and their terms in one location. If you are interested in one, you can also use this website to apply directly online. Quite handy!

It's always a good idea to arm yourself with as much knowledge, and information as possible, especially when it come to borrowing money!

My thanks to my sponsor!

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Canada Starts Using No-Fly List

It's a creepy little world we live in. Today I was reading how Canada has adopted the use of a no-fly list, and I really do not know if as a traveller it makes me feel safer or if as a Canadian citizen it just makes me sadder as to the state we are now in.

Yes, I do realise the potential benefits, but I also see how mistakes are going to be made. Edmonton Tory MP John Williams tried to board a domestic flight earlier this spring, and was prevented from flying because his name appeared on airline computers as a potential threat according to a 680News item. Apparently his name is on a US no-fly list, and despite the fact he is a member of our Parliament, and was not even going to fly over United States airspace it made no difference, he was not allowed to board.

Really makes you wonder what the world has come to eh!


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Air Ambulances & Emergency Health Care

Hands up! How many of you my regular readers through reading this blog knew that at one time I wanted to become a pilot like my Dad, or as a teenager seriously considered studing medicine in the hopes of becoming a doctor one day? Neither really panned out for me, but I do have a serious interest, perhaps better stated love of both medicine, and aviation. Therefore the topic of air ambulance services is a really fun one for me to write about! :D

Did you know for instance that you can actually arrange emergency medical flights via the internet? There is an online resource for air ambulances at, which is a a centralized hub of information regarding air ambulance services in the U.S.A, and around the world. Very cool!

The website contains information on the company's staff members, the types of aircraft they use as ambulances, what to expect, and costs of such services.

I was pleasantly surprised to realise just how interactive the site is as well. They have an air ambulance forum in place where people can pose questions, and generally discuss all aspects of emergency medical flights with other users. Several of the members include pilots. B)

The company is based in Florida, but can arrange flights from locations like Arizona, Texas, New York, even Hawaii, and other locations round the globe. Patients can be flown to hospital, and can also arrange to have their own doctor on board.

My thanks to my sponsor!

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Dad, West Park, & Skeletons

Where did your father go to work every day and what did he do? How did his job affect your family?

My father had several different jobs throughout his lifetime. During WWII he worked on Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) technology. For many years he owned his own electronics shop, and worked on a few projects through the University of Toronto.

My favourite was during the early 1980's when he worked out of West Park Hospital on a project for the University on the development of newer types of artificial limbs. My sister D and I LOVED to visit him at work!

West Park is an old historically significant hospital that at one time was home to TB patients in need of long term care. My sister, and I loved to run about the old hospital tunnels that connected the buildings, play in the old-style operating theatres, and especially the morgue.

The photo above is of me, and Charlie. Charlie is a teaching skeleton, and yes he is a real human skeleton.

How my father's various jobs affected my family I cannot say. However, on a personal level they inspired my fascination with life, death, medicine, gadgets, technology, aviation, and perhaps in the case of West Park, and Charlie my absolute love of skeletons. I have several of them (artwork) in my livingroom.


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Weight Loss Surgery

I have read several articles over the past few years in health magazines mostly that discuss what they call the growing epidemic of obesity in the western world, particularly in the United States of America.

Television talk shows like the Oprah Winfrey show, and Dr Phil seem to discuss it, obesity, and weight issues on a fairly frequent basis. When they do air these types of episodes my heart goes out to their guests, many of them struggling with weight problems since their own childhoods.

What does it say about a country or nation when it's population has such high statistics of people suffering problems with food to the point of either they are too skinny or obese? Do we all suffer poor body image in the first place?

I cannot pretend to be any sort of expert, nor do I have enough knowledge on these issues to even hazard a guess as to the whys, but I was able to review a website earlier this morning that puts forth at least one medical solution to the issue of obesity.

Apparently more, and more Americans are turning to Mexico Cosmetic Surgery as an option to receive what is known as Lap Band Surgery. This procedure is reportedly safer than gastric bypass surgery, and it is apparently reversible.

The website that I visited is, and they have a toll-free telephone line set up 1.866.309.0036 that you can also call for further information on Lap Band Surgery.

The site itself is set up to be easy for the end user to surf through. There are different pages on what is involved with the procedure, costs, financing, staff members, testimonials, videos to watch, and a system of online support.

If you are seriously thinking about having Lap Band Surgery particularly in Mexico than I do recommend you surf on over to this site, and become educated in the topic in order to make as informed a decision as possible. They also offer a free consultation service, so that you will be able to determine if this is right for you, and your own circumstances.

My thanks to my sponsor!


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Happy Father's Day

Wishing all of my readers that are Dads or Grandpas a very Happy Father's Day! If you are interested in reading a bit about the history of this day please do check out our entry on Pastyme with Good Companye, which gives some insights into this holiday's origins. If you are wondering why this particular image, it is because my Dad was an aviation nut, and it would have gotten a smile out of him.


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BYB Sunday - Dad

Alec A. Demeter Aug. 5th 1922 - July 6th 1999

Today is Father's Day, and while I do not need a special holiday to make me think of him, on days like this one (especially Father's Day) I do very much miss him. The pain does eventually go away...but I have learned that the missing never does.

My father was not perfect. Who is? He had his flaws, and failings like everybody else, but he was a good man, and I am blessed to have had him as a part of my life for over 32 years.

I hope to get out to the cemetery a little later today. I like to make certain the family marker is clean, and free of weeds, and to plant some flowers. It is a bitter sweet business looking after the family plot, but I do feel much better for it.



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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Hair

You may be wondering just what that is above. It is a portion of our dog Max's hair after he recently received a new summer do. I call it hair as opposed to fur because he is three quarters Lhasa Apso, and his normally very silky long fur is much more like human hair than most other dog coats. This is one reason he requires brushing a few times per day to prevent matting, and tangles.

This is Max with most of the haircut accomplished.

And another closer-up.

I didn't have to do anything to achieve this punk look. This is how he looks naturally after play, and before his lengthy hair is trimmed.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy Saturday!

Next Week's Theme: Shiny

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Happy Friday & Time For Some R & R

Yep, that is Matthew, and I out for a stroll with Max, and Kipling last weekend. This weekend I plan to do much of the same, rest & relaxation away from the PC for the most part is what is in order.

Perhaps feed the local swans....

Oh I know you are not supposed to, but a few bread crumbs never hurt anyone, and besides no one ever asked the swans their thoughts on this no feeding rule!

Yes, I'm looking forward to just kicking back, and enjoying our 'hood B)

I was a good blogger though, and did make sure I added some posts for Saturday, and Sunday, but otherwise if I'm not around, now you know why.

Have a great weekend, and see ya Monday!


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Protecting The Homestead

Earlier today my friend Jackie Sue emailed me some pics taken shortly after Hurricane Katrina had left disaster, and destruction along the Mississippi. They were at once awesome, and frightening! Her sending them was a bit ironic as well because today I am reviewing a website that provides Home Insurance Quotes to visitors.

Thankfully we do not live in a hurricane prone area, although we did have one once in living memory, but I digress.

The purpose of this entry is to introduce you to which is an online resource for those seeking home owner or property insurance coverage. I was impressed with my visit to the site for two main reasons. One, it is very easy to use, and easy on my eyes. I hate overly flashy sites, it's a personal preference thing. And two the site has some pretty good content, which includes articles on obtaining the cheapest home insurance quotes, and safety features that can save you big $$$$$.

Over all I found my visit to the site to be informative, and therefore worthwhile. Their service is free to use, and a good way to comparison shop for the best possible home insurance rates.

I've added a couple of links into this entry, so if you are interested in checking it out for yourself, and possibly getting a much better insurance deal than your existing one, just click away to be taken to the website.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Thursday Thirteen #7 - Fond Childhood Memories Of The Boob Tube

Thirteen Things I Loved To Watch On TV As A Kid

A couple of weeks ago I read about the death of Uncle Bobby, and thinking about his show brought back some fond memories. :D I was a kid of the seventies, and TV back then was...well...not like tv viewing today. Please do read on, and perhaps you'll remember some of these too.

1. The Flintstones Need I say more...this was essential race home from school at lunch time viewing!

2. Happy Days Ayyyyyy....Always wanted a leather jacket like the Fonz had. Bought one too!

3. Laverne & Shirley Followed Happy Days on Tuesday nights. My best girlfriend at the time, and I were going to grow up, and share an apartment just like they did. Never happened.

4. The Bug Bunny Roadrunner Hour Man I so wanted that coyote to win...just once...I know I was a twisted kid.

5. Fantasy Island De Plane Boss!! Sometimes I found this show disturbing as a kid. I'm not really certain why, because I really did want to vacation there!

6. Charlie's Angels Hehehe my friend's and I would play this, and pretend we were the Angels. We even made up ID badges for ourselves using Charlie's Angels bubblegum cards. I thought Jacklyn Smith was the coolest!

7. Three's Company Catching it now in reruns makes me think how utterly silly it was, and how I would not appreciate it at all today, but as a kid I liked it!

8. Little House on the Prairie This got really depressing in it's final seasons, but I loved tuning in for Laura's adventures in the beginning ones.

9. Soap My Mom watched this one, and it is still as hilarious today as it was back then.

10. Eight Is Enough Made me never want to have children...kidding!!! I liked this one a lot, and actually wanted more siblings because of it. Never happened.

11. WKRP in Cincinnati Another show that is just as funny today as it was back then.

12. That's Incredible Always had something interesting going on.

13. Mork & Mindy Nanu Nanu! I'd like to say this sparked my interest in UFO's ... it did not.

So there you have it! I watched wayyy too much TV as a kid, I could do a whole other list like this.

Happy Thursday Thirteen & Thank You for tripping down memory lane with me! B)

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The Parent Plus Loan

The other day I did a lengthy post on "the Lawyer," (our middle daughter) and her aspirations of pursuing a law degree. With only one year left of high school to complete, her post secondary education pursuits are very much on the horizon. I would like to say that we are fully financially prepared, but we are not, the end goal being law school does not come cheaply, but the end result will hopefully be very much worth it!

With that said, is it any wonder why student loans are such a hot button topic in our household of late? I never had to borrow money for college, but Matthew did for his marketing degree, and he had to wotk very hard towards paying off those loans.

I know from some of your past comments on this blog, that this is an issue of concern for some of our readers as well, so I'm happy to be able to pass along some info that I read about earlier this morning in the hopes that it will help some of you out.

Are you aware of the Parent plus loan? This is a type of educational loan that allows the borrower (parents of a student) to completely fund their child's education. By completely I mean that you can potentially borrow the entire costs of tuition, room, and board, books etc to cover off the costs your child will incur.

A PLUS loan is an attractive option for many parents because they are offered at very low interest rates, and come with easy repayment terms. They are definitely something I would want to pursue farther, and again if you are in the same boat as we are with a child about to go off to college you might want to explore this financial option further yourself.

If you click on the links provided above it will take you to a site that will explain in further detail this type of student loan, or you can call direct (866) 854-PLUS, and speak to a loan counsellor about it.

Thankfully these types of financial services are available, and at rates that are actually very good in terms of saving money over the long haul.


My thanks to my sponsor.


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Wordless Wednesday - Our Princess

Everyone needs one of these throne chairs! No this was not taken at the dreaded compound, but I would love to have one! This photo of "Little Sue" was taken at my fave gourmet food boutique. The throne is located on the second floor of the shop, and if a child sits in it, and pulls the rope attached to the bell, the shop keepers will send a basket on a pulley system up to the throne with some candies inside. :D And yes, I did make "Little Sue" pose for the pic, and no she would not pull the bell rope.

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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The Vine Store - A Review

Are you a lover of fine wines, and wine accessories? If so, please do read on for my review of a fine quality online shop.

I had the opportunity of visiting the The Vine Store website earlier today, and thought that some of my readers may find it of interest. Basically they are suppliers of stylish, yet fully functional wine racks, and some other wine related accessories like labels, bags corkscrews etc.

I have never purchased a wine rack before, but do admit I would like to have one at the dreaded chez Didier-Darroch compound (my home). I think that a wine rack in the kitchen would add a touch of class, and be a wonderful addition, as we do like to entertain.

The Vine Store has a terrific selection of wine racks in both metal, and wood for shoppers to choose from. I was eyeing the hanging wire rack not only for appearance, but for space saving purposes as well. I also noted that the prices seem to be pretty reasonable on their various merchandise.

This company is well established, and they offer a 100% customer satisfaction, which tells me that they are confident in the quality of the products that they are selling.

You can have a look at The Vine Store by following through on the links in this entry. Definitely worth bookmarking if you are a lover of wine.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Women In Canada Better Educated But Make Less Money

I was reading the following article on the CBC website earlier this morning, and to be honest was not really surprised by it's findings.

Here is a snippet:

While more Canadian women hold university degrees than men, they continue to earn less money.

Statistics Canada released figures Tuesday showing that between 1991 and 2001, the proportion women aged 25 to 29 holding a university degree rose by more than half from 21 per cent to 34 per cent. During the same period, the number of young men holding a degree increased at a considerably slower pace, to 21 per cent from 16 per cent.

Despite the fact that more women have a university education, which generally leads to higher earnings, the wage gap between genders shrank by just two per cent over the 10 years.

In 1991, women earned 20 per cent less than men; by 2001, the gap had narrowed only slightly, to 18 per cent. Statistics Canada attributes the decline to the growing number of female degree-holders.

Full CBC Article Here

It's depressing, and one of the reasons that I finally made a break from the rat race, and hopefully do ok striking out on my own. I can only hope that things will improve as my own daughters enter the working world.


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Pursuing The Dream Of Becoming A Lawyer

Regular readers of this blog already know "the lawyer" through my writing, but if you are new to my zoo I'll briefly explain. "The lawyer" is my blog nickname for our middle daughter who next year is off to pursue a degree in law. Since her freshman year in high school this is all she has talked about, and been planning for, and her guidance counsellors have been wonderful in helping her prepare. This is her dream, and while I would never push any of my kids into a specific path because they are all so very different, I do believe she has what it takes to excel in this pursuit, and have been very supportive.

"The lawyer's" grandparents are not so supportive...but that is a different issue.

Today I visited a blog called Petty Esquire, in which the writer paints a bleak picture of the legal profession via his thoughts on The Truth About The Lawyer Mill. I can tell you that his words are a bit of an eye-opener, and not in what I'd say is a "happy" way for a parent of a kid who wishes to spend the next several years (and a lot of money) in becoming a lawyer.

The writer talks about how there are too many law school graduates who end up deeply in debt, unable to practice law in a meaningful way as they understood that they would when they first started out in law school, and not making the kind of money that would be expected after dedicating so much time, and resources. Quite frankly it's depressing to read, never mind contemplate living through.

The blog, and writer are based in the United States. I have no idea if it is the same here in Canada, but by visiting his site I have been given some food for thought, and an incentive to delve more deeply into the legal world here in Canada that "the lawyer" is so determined to one day become a part of.


My thanks to my sponsor.


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Max Hates Haircuts

Max needs a haircut! It's summer, and with the hot temps I always feel so bad for him under that mop! Max is 3/4 Lhasa Apso, so he really does resemble a mop with his full coat.

The best quote I got from a professional grooming service was $80 bux! We purchased a professional kit at a yard sale, (thankfully $2.00) but he hates the buzzing sound of the shaver. Therefore I've resorted to clipping his coat with scissors. If anyone has some good ideas on giving him a haircut, I'd love to hear from you!


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The Dreaded A Word

What is the dreaded "A" word you are probably asking? Simple my dear readers, it something that affects A LOT of people, and particularly something I have some knowledge on being the parent of a teenager, young adult, and an up, and comer pre-teen girl. The dreaded "A" word is of course acne.

I remember being a teen, and just stressing at the very thought of acne, heck as a now over 40 year old I still get pimples on occasion! I know, maybe that's TMI, but it's true!

Unlike when I was a teenager we now have the internet to use to find good information on a topic that is literally still riddled with myths, and untruths. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an online resource for acne that dispels the silly myths, and gives a ton of really good information on the causes, preventions, and treatments available to people who suffer this often embarrassing condition.

Just click on one of the links provided within this entry, and they will take you to, which are the leading authorities on the subject. You can even find out more information on products such as Proactiv Solution. The site is very extensive, and I was very impressed while surfing through it.

If you have acne or know someone who is dealing with it, good info on obtaining clear skin is available through this site.


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Loose Lips Sink Ships

This week's question is: What are your opinions on the subject of giving personal information out in your blog entries? Do you use the real names of the people you blog about? Have you ever had a bad experience with someone getting ‘too much information’? I’d like to know: Do the people that you blog about ever complain that you are blogging about them?

This question made me kindly reflect back on one of my Oma's favourite sayings "Loose Lips Sink Ships." It comes from the WWII era, and was popularised in posters of that time. Here is another.

My Grandfather was murdered, and my Oma tortured by the NKVD in the late 1930's. They had, had plans to flee Ukraine with their children to Poland, but were ratted out by my Grandfather's "best friend." To say that these events shaped the way of our family's thinking even throughout future generations would be a huge understatement.

I am very aware of the power of words whether they are spoken or written. They can cause great happiness, and also create much pain.

For this reason I am very careful about who, and what I write of here on this blog, and the others I contribute to. I rarely name names, and then only if the person has fully put themselves out in the public eye, and up for scrutiny say a celeb, author, or other type of public figure. In those cases I think it's fair game, otherwise no, I do not publish names especially of people I do not care for. Why give them any publicity right?!

I am also very careful when blogging about what I consider other people's business, things that I may be aware of, but do not affect me directly. After all would you want to confide in someone that may just blog about it afterwards using pseudonyms or not?

So far the only grief I've taken is from sister over the nickname I've given her here, which is "Red." She hates it, and would actually rather me refer to her as Diane, which is her real name, go figure! :roll:

But hey, if she's cool with it, from now on Diane it is!

As for me personally, I'm a private sort despite the fact that I'm a blogger. Seems weird I know. However, you will never see anything here or anywhere else on the net that I am not willing to talk about openly. My secrets are my own, and because of my family's history I guard them very well.


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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Isn't this wee fairy just too cute! I love wee folk, and fairy images! And shhh...I also love to colour. :D

Oh, c'mon fellow parent readers admit it, you probably sneak into your own kid's crayon boxes, and colouring books too, and relive some of those gentler moments from childhood. I find colouring relaxing, and fun! Often the kid, and I colour together with her asking me to do her hard parts, and me gently reminding her that it's her picture, and therefore special, and that practising will just make it that much easier as you go along.

Well if you are like me or if you have kids that love to colour then you are going to have a blast with these online Coloring Pages! They are just too much fun, and really easy to do!

All you have to do is sign-up for a free registered account, and let the colouring begin! There are oodles of pre ready drawings to choose from that any kid or adult will be able to colour in. Or if you are artistically inclined you can upload your own pen-and-ink drawings to fill in, and you can even share these with friends to fill in for you! Cool eh!

Go have a peek, and if you sign-up be sure to share your own creations with us ... :D


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Meet Spirit & Shadow

This dynamic duo call home a two-storey cage beside my desk. Both Spirit & Shadow are supposed to be dwarf hamsters, but I tend to refer to them as tribbles. I grabbed the above pic while they were in temporary confinement due to a weekly cage cleaning. They are both males, and yes they do live together in the same cage. Dwarfies tend to be cool with that provided they are put together when very small.

Here is another shot of Shadow caught asleep at the wheel. ;)



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Teens And Credit Cards

The "Lawyer" will be off to University this coming year, and in turn has been asking us about the possibility of a credit card for unforeseen expenses while away from the nest for her first time ever.

While in principle I do not like the idea of her having a traditional credit card or any teen for the matter, I do believe a prepaid Teen Card like the PAYjr one may just be a very good alternative. :D

This card gives parents absolute control over the amount of money a teen may spend, and gives the ability to be able to check on all purchases being made through it. The card can be used as a safe way to teach a teen how to manage money without the risk of going into severe debt. And big bonus, can be cancelled by a parent at anytime!

There is also a feature that allows for a chores allowance to be set up, the teen completes said chore, or task or goal, and the parent can make payment. Cool eh!

If this might be of interest to you, just click on the image above or on the link provided.


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BYB Sunday - A Wise Partner

This past Thursday evening I got a phone call from the eldest "Little Sue," and she was sobbing hysterically. It took me approximately 5 full anxiety producing minutes to learn that no one had died, nobody was hurt, nor anything else I would consider to be catastrophic, and therefore worthy of such heart wrenching cries.

No "Little Sue" is suffering from a broken heart, induced in part by a lout that has been her semi-sorta-maybe boyfriend for the past two years. It seems he is finally shuffling off, much to my own relief.

I'm not going to go into the finer details of why I dislike this character so much because this is supposed to be my blessing, and I have been venting at anyone who will listen about this person since he first appeared on the scene, so i have no need to purge here. You'll just have to trust me that this guy is a creep.

As "little Sue" sobbed into the receiver, I on the cordless phone was doing my version of the happy dance. I then launched into the "he's not worthy of you, and good riddance to bad rubbish" speech. This did nothing, but illicit even louder cries, and what I found to be a rather icky sort of defence of the idiot.

By the end of the conversation I did manage to get "Little Sue" to laugh in-between sobbing, but I was still left rather confused, and rather disturbed by the whole episode. I felt as if I had done very little in the way of providing comfort to my child, and frankly a little helpless.

I guess it's because the only time I can honestly say my heart was broken was the day my Dad died, and I am the type of person that wants to protect, and defend her loved ones at all costs, and in this case there can be no vanquishing of the perceived enemy.

After I hung up I asked Matthew his advice, and specifically why my strategy of tearing this guy from limb to limb if only in angry words was not working on the kid?

Not only was he able to give me greater insight into how she must be feeling, but he in no-nonsense words explained how shredding this guy was only serving to belittle her choices in the types of people she chooses to surround herself with. Something that had not even dawned on me.

Instead he told me to concentrate on the positive, not her relationship with this guy, but in all other areas of her life. In essence he gave me a good strategy to help her through this difficult period, and work towards building her confidence, and self image as opposed to wasting valuable energy on hating the creep.

He is right. And for this I am blessed to have such a wise partner in life.

The end result we hope is that by working on her self esteem, "Little Sue" will come to the realisation that she is worth far more than anything this guy could ever possibly offer her, and that she deserves a healthy relationship.


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The Scoop on Skin Care

Now that I've joined the over forty set skin care, and skin care products have become of greater concern to me than they ever have in the past. There are a lot of products out there promising all sorts of differing results, and as a shopper this can be at times a little confusing.

The Dremu line of skin care products are getting some really rave reviews from some very big names such as Oprah who gave their Airbrush eye cream a rating of 5 stars, and Beyonce who has said that their Cashmere lotion is her favourite. They have also been written up in all my fave geared to women magazines. And armed with that information I was checking out the Dremu website, and specifically their products earlier today.

The site itself is fairly easy to navigate, and contains good information on their various anti aging skin care products, and ingredients that are used.

I am most interested in a product called "Deception" which utilises pure emu oil in order to make it appear as if wrinkles vanish! This too was featured on Soap Talk TV.

I was also surprised to learn that they carry an arthritis pain relief product that has high quality ratings. Something I will tell my Mom about.

The products are offered at a competitive price, and can be conveniently ordered online 24/7. Dremu will ship worldwide, and you can pay either by credit card or through my favourite online method PayPal.

If you'd like to check out the Dremu online shop, and their skin care products please do click on one of the links provided within this entry.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Shoes

Shoes all lined up in a row.

Teeny tiny shoes.

Yes, these were taken at the same delightful South American shop where the masks I featured last week for the Art theme were photographed.

If you think I've got a thing for this store, oh yes, I do! Trust me I could easily spend a few hundred dollars every time I visit...I say easily as if I had that kind of coin to be spending all the time, and unfortunately I do not ... but if I did....well you get the idea. They really have some beautiful and unique items in their shop .. :)

Next Week's Theme: Hair

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Man Bleeds Dark Green Blood

A team of Canadian surgeons got a shock when the patient they were operating on began shedding dark greenish-black blood, the Lancet reports. Creepy! Read on....

The man emulated Star Trek's Mr Spock - the Enterprise's science officer who supposedly had green Vulcan blood.

In this case, the unusual colour of the 42-year-old's blood was down to the migraine medication he was taking.

The man's leg surgery went ahead successfully and his blood returned to normal once he eased off the drug.

Full Article Here

Hmmmm I take migraine meds on occasion, but they've never done that! At least not that I'm aware of. I think that if I ever cut myself, and started to bleed green I'd be caught somewhere between horror, and absolute fascination! ;)

Have a happy, and safe weekend!


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Painted Stones

One year for Father's Day I helped the girls gather smooth stones, and paint them as a neat home-made gift idea. While checking out Family Fun Magazine I was happy to see this fun idea being featured, and thought I'd share it here in case any of you more crafty readers were looking for some things to do with the kids.

With some acrylic paints and a small paintbrush, your child can turn a pile of stones into a creative Father's Day keepsake. These ornamental artworks will spruce up any surface from a garden to a desk.

Start by scouting in the backyard for smooth stones in various shapes and sizes. Then discuss what each stone's shape lends itself to. For example, your child may find that a wide, rounded stone would make a good face. Or perhaps a group of stones inspires a family of animals. If a shape suggests a certain letter, try to select enough stones to spell out a name or D-A-D.

Source: Family Fun Magazine

The girls continued to make painted stones, and after awhile my garden had a definite rock rainbow happening! :D



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Thursday Thirteen #6 - Things I Want To Do In England

Thirteen Things I Want To Do In England

Matthew, and I are planing a trip to England for 2009. While he has been specifically to London several times it will be a first for me. And I'm quite excited about it! Here is a list of some of the things I'd like to do while there, without hopefully (for Matthew's sake) causing an international incident.

1. Pay homage to Queen Elizabeth I by visiting her tomb at Westminster Abbey, London.

2. Collect a feather from the ravens that guard the Tower of London.

3. Hop over GMT (get videotape while doing it).

4. Jump on a King's bed!

5. Moon Yeoman Warder perhaps the Ravenmaster. (see #2) :p

6. Picnic with Vampire Society at Highgate Cemetery. B)

7. Visit actual sites of Jack the Ripper murders.

8. See Glastonbury thorn tree, grab a thorn! For further info see legends of Glastonbury, and Joseph of Arimathea.

9. Capture the Beast Of Bodmin Moor. :crazy:

10. Photograph, and collect feather of black swan at Leeds Castle.

11. Have afternoon tea poured by a vicar.

12. Visit Dover, get chalk.

13. Visit with friends Nicola, and Andy. :D

I could go on, and on! Have you been, or better yet do you live there? Do you have any further suggestions on things to see, and do?

Happy Thursday Thirteen, and thank you for stopping by!

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Wordless Wednesday - Luminato

This was a sneak preview of the Luminato Festival that started earlier this week in Toronto, Canada, including this interactive installation of intense lights surrounding the Harbourfront Centre! The photo was taken by our friend Chris Laursen who writes a weekly column for our Paranormal blog, and lives in the heart of the city.

We have also added a wee peace globe to this entry!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Life Coaches & Life Coaching

Recently Little Sue attended a series of seminars here in Toronto, Canada, which included famed Life Coach Tony Robbins who she found to be quite inspirational. Her company paid for the tickets so that employees could attend, and hopefully benefit from them, which in turn would hopefully result in happier, and therefore more productive workers.

I too got very interested in the subject of life coaching, and was delighted to have the opportunity to visit this life coach training website, and learn a more about the subject in general, and what is involved in becoming one, and receiving life coaching certification.

I was immediately struck by the quote on the main page of the website:

"LIFE'S JOURNEY is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit, what a ride!"

- Mavis Leyrer age 83

These words ring so true, yet how many of us actually live our lives by these words.

Is it any wonder why life coaching has become so successful over the past few years, why tv shows like Dr. Phil are highly popular, and why so many companies like Little Sue's see the benefit of sending their executives to life coaching seminars.

If you want further information on this subject or if you feel you would like to pursue a possible career as a life coach then please do visit the website I mentioned above, Life Coaching Not only are there informative articles on this site, but there are video clips as well so that you can get a better idea of the coaching style involved.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Michael Moore on Oprah Today

Michael Moore will appear on the Oprah Winfrey show today, Tuesday, June 5, and will present, for the first time on television, scenes from his new film, "Sicko."

Oprah will interview Michael about the movie, and the attention it's receiving before its release (opening day everywhere is June 29). The theme of Oprah's show is the one film you must see this summer "Sicko" and the one book you must read (Cormac McCarthy's "The Road").

Oprah loved Michael's film and wants to make health care for all one of her main missions this year.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit he does make you think, and his films do provoke discussion on topics, and issues that really do concern us all no matter what your opinion is, or which side of the fence you might be on.

I'll try to make certain I watch this one, or tape it.

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Cruises And Other Vacation Ideas On The Cheap

Have you ever taken a cruise or really wanted to? I have not been on a cruise yet, but I have always dreamed of sailing around the Caribbean on a luxury liner, and stopping in different exotic ports of call. Quite frankly I think I would be rather jaunty at sea.

I've met a lot of people that think that a luxury cruise aboard one of those awesome cruise lines are just way too expensive for their pocketbooks. I used to think the exact same way, but that is not necessarily true at all!

Did you know that you can book fabulous discount cruises right online at a tremendous savings on the over all costs of this type of vacation? You can with, and they will save you a lot of cash. If you have not heard of them before, please do visit their website, and check out their bargain holiday packages! They can hook you up with your perfect dream vacation, whether you are into cruises or another worldwide destination. has super deals on Cheap Hotels, and Motels that will suit everybody's financial considerations. And when I say "cheap" I mean the highly competitive rates offered, and not the quality of the accommodations. They list some of the top names in hotels, villas etc around the world.

I loved looking through their Bed & Breakfast accommodations listings, which include some of the most romantic destinations available like Avon-By-The-Sea, and Cape Cod. Definitely worth looking into for a romantic getaway or perhaps even a honeymoon.

This company is very well established, and has many repeat customers because they provide excellent value for the services they offer. The can even hook you up with cheap flights, and vacation car rentals!

The site is very user-friendly, and I'm certain you'll enjoy the convenience of being able to book all of your travel needs in one handy online location. :D

My thanks to my sponsor!

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Men are just happier people

Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can never be pregnant.

You can wear a white T-Shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just to icky. You don't have to stop and think which way to turn a nut on a bolt.

Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental $100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. New shoes don't cut, blister or mangle your feet. One mood all the time.

Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. A five day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. If someone forgets to invite you, he/she can still be your friend.

Your underwear is $8.95 for a 3-pack. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. You almost never have strap problems in public. You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes. Everything on your face stays its original colour.

The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades. You only have to shave your face and neck. Your belly usually hides your big hips. One wallet and one pair of shoes---one colour for all seasons. You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.

You can "do" your nails with a pocket knife. You have freedom of choice concerning growing a moustache. You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.

No wonder men are happier!

Thanks to my friend Kelly for the smile .. :D I found these too funny, because they are too true!!! Granted, some of them like the gift shopping part I have to admit are not like my bus man at all! In fact if anything he puts more time, and effort into making sure his gifts are special, and thoughtful than even I do. What can I say, besides I'm a lucky gal!

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Getting Out Of Debt

I have yet to meet anyone who has never faced financial difficulties or were at least at one time in serious debt. It seems to be the nature of the society we live in.

Have you ever considered getting out of financial hot water through debt consolidation?

Loan consolidation can really help people get it together by combining their debts in one easier to manage payment at hopefully the best rate possible. I have read up quite a bit on this very topic on the website.

They have many helpful articles including these ones on Credit Card Debt, which is a hot button topic for many consumers. I particularly found helpful this one on Credit Card Debt Help as it goes into the American debt epidemic, and provides no nonsense info on impulsive spending.

If you are concerned about debt (and who isn't), I do recommend you visit the site via the links in this entry, and read some of these helpful articles. They also provide a lender directory for those in need of debt relief.

Thank you to my sponsor!


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Stuck In A Remote Cabin With No Internet

If you had to spend one year living alone in a remote cabin, what would you spend your time doing?

(And let’s assume there is no access to Internet)


I'm not certain I could do it?????

However, if I had to, I think that I would probably start writing that book I've been threatening to work on for a few years now, read a lot of novels, and explore my surroundings taking many photographs along the way.

Who knows if it is that remote I may even try to capture a Sasquatch! Granted if I managed to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat I have no idea what I'd do afterwards? Maybe that would be a good basis for that book I'd be writing ... ;)


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Hot Urban Fashions At Great Prices

If you are into the latest in hot urban fashion including clothing, shoes, and fashion accessory items then you will definitely want to check out this site that I visited earlier today. is definitely geared towards the young, fashion conscious urbanite, and carries a huge selection of merchandise, at bargain hunter prices. Currently they are having a "Crazy Summer Sale" with all of their kicks listed at just $79.95, and that price includes free shipping, and delivery world wide! You just can't beat that!

You can go and have a look at what they are offering by just clicking on their link within this entry. There are separate sections for men, women, and the kids too! offers secured online shopping via major credit cards, online tracking of your purchases, and provides live customer service, and support via the phone. You may also place orders with them through the postal mail. Further details on this are available on their website.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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BYB Sunday - Photo Hunter's Site Of The Day!

A big THANK YOU to TNChick for naming yesterday's blog entry here on the Urban Zoo site of the day! And to all those people who took the time to comment! I will try to visit all of your sites.

It has been so much fun to participate in Photo Hunters each week, and TNChick works very hard to make sure everyone is welcome, and enjoying themselves. It is people such as her that make the blogosphere a great place, and community!

Once again, thank you for this recognition, it certainly made my day!



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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Art

I am a huge collector of masks! I particularly love the African, and South American variety. The above series of shots were taken in a fab South American shop, and the mask pictured centre is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. I would have purchased it right then and there, but it was a bit out of my price range.

Next Week's Theme: Shoes

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Some Thoughts On Boarding Schools

There are many types of boarding schools world over that parents choose to enrol their children in for various reasons. Many kids do excel in these types of environments, whether the school is specialised in the arts, sports, or academic pursuits.

Carolina Springs Academy - Boarding School is a specialised facility that is specifically designed to assist troubled adolescents get their lives back on track, in a nurturing environment. This co-educational school was established in 1999, and is located in beautiful South Carolina. They have assisted many teens to achieve success within their lives, and are worth looking into as a viable option to help a struggling teen.

For further information you can click on the link provided within this entry or call the phone number listed below.

My thanks to my sponsor!

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"All of my possessions ......

....for a moment of time"

Elizabeth I

If you could, would you add or subtract the number of hours in a day, and how would your decision impact your daily life?

Hmmmmm this week I would definitely add a few hours per day, if only so I could sleep a little longer, that is when I finally do manage to fall asleep......

If I'm rambling already it is because over the past several days (nights) I've been suffering with insomnia. Thankfully it is not something I go through too often, but when I do, hell yes, I would love those extra hours of rest! My mood would certainly improve!

Normally though, if I did have the God-like powers of adding or subtracting time...I would not use them. Twenty-four hours is perfect ... any more of them would probably be spent blogging, and while I am quite addicted to it, enough is enough, and any less I would be cutting into that oh so precious sleep time that I prize so highly at the moment as mentioned above.


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Articles On Geeky Stuff

I recently came across some interesting articles on Computers & Internet topics on EncycloCentral. The website works much like an online encyclopaedia, and is fairly easy to use. To give you an idea of some of the articles I found of personal interest, there is an entry on Napster Deutschland (I thought Napster no longer existed, who knew!), and then this entry on Internet Services that was posted just yesterday, and gives a very detailed explanation on what this term encompasses.

The site is not just limited to computer stuff either, there are multitudes of topics, and an easy to use search function. You might want to check it out as a good online reference. I also noted that it appears to be updated very regularly, and frequently.


Thanks to my sponsor!


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Thursday Thirteen #5 - Thirteen Things I Love About Matthew

Thirteen Things I Love About Matthew

Today is my better half's 40th Birthday! Happy Birthday my Bus Man! Here are 13 things I love about Matthew. Although the list really could just keeping on going! What can I say, I am a lucky gal!

1. His smile is melting

2. He makes me laugh, and understands my absurd sense of humour

3. He is tall, and I have always liked tall men

4. He has beautiful, expressive brown eyes

5. He always puts my needs first to the point where I feel guilty about it at times

6. He is super smart, and an excellent conversationalist

7. He is deeply concerned with world issues, and is a humanitarian

8. Matthew is one of the kindest, least judgmental people you could possibly meet. He will go out of his way for a friend.

9. He loves my kids, and they love him back

10. Matthew supports all of my kooky dreams, as much as I do his.

11. He loves our furry family members dearly, and never complains when Max steals his side of the bed

12. He hops into fountains with me .. :)

13. No one can ever call him dull or boring, we have adventures every day even just siting on the couch watching a tv show together.

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!! May the next 40 years be fun, and filled with love!

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The Police Are Coming!

I am so fired up while typing this that my fingers are actually shaking! If you haven't already heard one of my favourite bands of all time The Police are on a reunion tour and in a few weeks they will be right here in Toronto playing the Air Canada Centre!!!!!

The Police have not toured since 1984 (can you believe I was a teenager back then, perhaps I'll dig up a pic of those years to post to the blog, in those days all the hot bands like The Police played the Gardens, which is long gone), and I had a huge girly crush on Sting hehehe .. :) Gosh, I haven't seen Sting perform live since he played the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto back in 2000! Oh my gawd, they were FABULOUS back then, and I am totally stoked about them now!!!!

And they have released a brand new police cd!!!! And I can't wait to get my hot little shaky hands on it!!! This music brings back so many fond memories, and if you ask me to pick a fave from the police cd I can't just pick one. Each song like Every Breath You Take, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Can’t Stand Losing You, holds an equal, but very different place within my own heart, as I am sure that if you also love these legends they do in yours as well, and you know exactly what I am talking about!!!

I can't wait until July ... but until then I wish The Police the very best for this tour, and always!!!! Thank you so much for the music, and for coming back!!!



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Wordless Wednesday - Reflection

Can you guess what all those white spots are floating in the evening sky?

My sister sent me this photo that she had taken in the Haliburton Highlands, and at first I thought "wow, that sure is a lot of pollen in the air!" And when I talked to her on the phone earlier this week I asked her about it...and she told me to flip the pic around...

Now can you guess???? Pretty cool eh! Well at least I thought so...

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Some Words On Mint Credit Cards

Today it was brought to my attention that Mint Credit Cards, which is based out of the United Kingdom have recently lowered their typical APR, and have included some highly attractive introductory offers for consumers to check out, and compare.

I had a look through their website today, and if you are interested in switching cards or applying for a new one you can have a look at their credit card application by clicking through on this link. It appears to be very straightforward.

With offers of 0% percent balance transfers, and 0% interest charged on purchases through to January 2008 it might be a good idea to go have a look at their products, and services, and see if they'd work for you.


Thanks to my sponsor!

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Arrests Made In Toronto Shooting of Student

This is a follow-up post to my BYB Sunday entry entitled Blessed Not To Know This Pain. I had written about the shooting death of a young boy in his school in the Toronto area.

It turns out that two 17 year olds have been arrested following tips that came in from the community.

What boggles my mind is that apparently they were friends of the victim, and they even attended a benefit that had been held in order to help raise funds for the victims family.

I just cannot come up with adequate words for this ... like I said it truly boggles the mind. ......

I guess further details will eventually come out, but I am not certain they could ever make sense of this tragedy.

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Tracing My Family's Roots Through Travel

I have been tracing my family's roots, which are Eastern European for quite some time now. Matthew, and I have often discussed how we would like to visit the countries of our ancestors origins. To that end I have been looking at Romanian, Hungarian, and Bulgaria holidays, and tour packages. We have also decided to make London, England our European hub so to speak, or jumping off point to visit our other European countries of interest.

With that said, if you are a fellow adventurer, and traveller you might want to check out Holiday Hypermarket, which is based out of the UK, and is a portal to the rest of Europe, and throughout the world.

They offer highly competitive rates on discounted flights, and vacation packages, including super savings on last minute deals. The best part is you can book everything you need online through them.

I strongly believe that best way to learn of one's own heritage is to visit the countries that their ancestors came from, and enjoy exploring their culture. I look forward to my future adventures!


My thanks to my sponsor!


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BBQ Season Is Upon Us & Here Are The BBQ Rules

We are about to enter the summer and BBQ season. Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity, as it's the only type of cooking a "real" man will do, probably because there is an element of danger involved.

When a man volunteers to do the BBQ, the following chain-of-events are put into motion:

First there are some routine events...

(1) The woman buys the food.

(2) The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes dessert.

(3) The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man who is lounging beside the grill--beer in hand.

Then here comes an Important event..


Then more routine events....

(5) The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutlery.

(6) The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning. He thanks her and asks if she will bring another beer while he deals with the situation.

Then another Important event...


Then more routine events....

(8) The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils, napkins, sauces, and brings them to the table.

(9) After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.

And then the most Important event of all:

(10) Everyone PRAISES and THANKS HIM for his cooking efforts.

Then a last routine event....

(11) The man asks the woman how she enjoyed "her night off." And, upon
seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes that there's just no pleasing some women...


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BYB Sunday - Blessed Not To Know This Pain

This past Wednesday May 23rd there was a shooting at a Toronto area high school that left a 14 year old student dead.

In all of my 40 years I have not known gun violence, nor the pain, and grief that accompanies it, and for that I feel blessed.

More, and more this particular horror seems to be affecting people in what was once called "Toronto The Good."

I cannot comprehend the emotions, and the feelings that would allow for the picking up of a gun, and the squeezing of a trigger...the taking of another human life this case a life barely begun...and in turn I am left to wonder does the shooter even comprehend what they have done?

Gun violence amongst youth is not new to Toronto. Two years ago the media dubbed what should have been the season of summertime fun, as the "Summer of the Gun." However, each time there is a shooting, each time there is the loss or injury of a young life I feel despair for the young people in this city...can anyone really become hardened or numbed to it, and would we really want to?

Today as I count my own blessings my heart goes out to the mother of this child who the media in it's own cold way showed on television at the moment she learned of her son's passing ... overcome with grief...I too cried as I saw it...a stranger on the other side of a television screen. Her child did not deserve this ... no one does. And no mother should ever have to go through this.

I do not pretend to understand this family's anguish, and I do not have an answer how to stop what has become the gun culture we now live in.

However my thoughts, and prayers do go out to the family, friends, and students of C.W. Jefferys Collegiate.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Colourful

This week's photo was taken at a rather colourful shop that is in a more interesting area of town. While the flowers themselves are colourful, and I liked this particular display, Matthew and I often use the word "colourful" to describe interesting, and unique people or things, which I can assure you that this particular shop boasts both!

I was going to add a photo of the shop's sign, and/or proprieters, but I have no idea how they'd feel about that, so chose to stay with this lovely arrangement instead ... :)

Next Week's Theme: Art

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The Uncle Bobby Show

TORONTO/AM 640 TORONTO - Uncle Bobby, a popular Canadian Children's entertainer during the 1960's and 70's, has died at the age of 82. Bobby Ash was originally from the U.K. and died a few days ago of a heart attack, in the town of Elliot Lake Ontario. Ash starred in 'The Uncle Bobby Show', which began it's run in 1964 and ended in '79.

It was with a bit of wistful sadness that I learned of Bob Ash's passing. I was a Canadian child of the 70's, and back then every kid knew of the Uncle Bobby Show.

I remember rushing home from school at lunchtime to eat usually a grilled cheese sandwich along with a glass of chocolate milk to wash it down, and catch the last 20 minutes of the Flintstones followed by Uncle Bobby on the "boob tube" as my Dad would call it.

Sure his puppets like "Bimbo The Birthday Clown" were a bit frightening, to me as a little kid anyway, and yes I remember thinking that he certainly seemed to be getting more, and more in the "grip of the grape" as the episodes progressed ... but hey it was a fun show, and a fond memory of a gentler time.

R.I.P Uncle Bobby - Bob Ash


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Blotting Out The Light With Blinds

As Matthew will tell you I am not a big fan of light in the bedroom, whether it's my Transylvanian roots, or the fact I suffer migraines I prefer zero natural light in our room. When we first moved into the compound about 3 1/2 years ago, I purchased and installed very dark Roller Blinds, and they have served me well.

These Black Out Roller Blinds are very similar to ours, and I highly recommend them if you are like me, and prefer to sleep in total darkness.

If you are in the market for window treatments may I suggest checking out Terry's Fabrics, which is an online shop with an excellent selection to choose from. Their prices are very good too, which makes them definitely worth checking out! And I like their "Quibble Free" return policy.

Go have a look!


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Thursday Thirteen #4 - Things We Should Have Learned By Now

Thirteen Things We Should Have Learned By Now

Red (the sister) sent me a funny email entitled 24 Things You Should Have Learned By Now ... and since it amused me I thought that I would share my 13 faves from the list. I think you'll agree, they are funny because they are soooo true!

1. If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall

2. Don't worry about what people think, they don't do
it very often.

3. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any
more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural

5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one
you've never tried before.

6. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a

7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that
life is serious.

8. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

9. For every action, there is an equal and opposite
government program.

10. If you look like your passport picture, you
probably need the trip.

11. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed
of checks.

12. A conscience is what hurts when all of your other
parts feel so good.

13. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.

And just for a bonus, here is a #14, Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it.

Thank you for stopping by, and allowing me to share these with you. I hope that they brought you a smile! Do you have any you might be able to add? Please do leave a comment, and have a terrific rest of the week! Happy Thursday!

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Thinking About Menopause or The Change

Why is it that for so many women, (at least some I've met in my mother's generation) the word menopause sounds well dirty? Or better yet, "the change," which to me sounds just creepy! Am I really going to "change," and what exactly is it I'm going to be changing into????

As I've now entered my 5th decade on this planet I do realise that menopause will soon be a factor in my life. Things like menopause symptoms are going to have to be dealt with, and yes I admit I'm a bit scared by the prospect of insomnia (Which I already suffer), and those dreaded hot flashes my mother used to complain about.

Since this "change" is something I will have to go through (kicking & screaming probably all the way) I have been educating myself through Menopause A to Z, which is a website, and companion book that is designed to give women such as myself good information on what to expect such as the early signs of menopause, help with perimenopause weight gain, and something that I already know will become a big issue for me personally, natural, and alternative remedies for menopause symptoms.

I really like the no-nonsense, for women by women approach to this topic that this website takes. And the ability to openly talk about it online with others through the menopause discussion forums, and community.

Perhaps with some more time spent on the Menopause A to Z educating myself I'll feel less scared about this "change" that is looming in the not too far off future.

My thanks to my sponsor.


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Wordless Wednesday - Ducks In The Pool!

My friend Jenny sent me these photos this past weekend. I thought they were too cute, and wanted to share them with you.

I remember growing up when my grandpa had his home in Southern Florida there was much more to worry about than ducks in the pool! I'd rather deal with ducks as opposed to gators in the pool any day! How about you guys? Have you ever found anything unusual hanging about your backyards?

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

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Parenting Teenagers

I was reading a United Nations report recently that gives some really troubling information on youth drug abuse within the richest countries in the world including the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. It is worrisome because it clearly demonstrates that teenagers in these countries are going through more stress, and problematic issues then ever before.

I recall my own teen years, and perhaps I'm looking back with my own rose coloured glasses on, but I think my own teenagers have it worse in many ways as to what is available out there, peer pressure, etc.

And as a parent of one just finishing up the teen years (Little Sue was 20 in March), a 17 year old, and an 11 year old (just getting started on that rocky road known as the teen years), it can be very scary from my perspective at times. I do know very nice people, who have good kids, but those same kids have made not very good choices in life.

If you or someone you know is in that position you might just want to check out this online parenting resource. It's a website that provides informative articles that are geared towards parenting a troubled young person. It is helpful, and supportive. And I think you will appreciate knowing you are definitely not along in working through the various problems so many teenagers face today.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Embarrassing Moments

This week's question from Blog Talkers is: What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever witnessed, live?

I found this one a tough question to answer. It is not asking for embarrassing moments we have lived through (of which I've had my share), but for those we have witnessed that caused embarrassment to others.

The ones that I came up with or I should say the ones that popped into my head first were not only just embarrassing for those that they occurred to, but painful in an emotional sense as well. Therefore I'm rather uncomfortable retelling them via the blog as they are not really my stories to share.

However, I will tell you of a time I was personally embarrassed for someone else...yet they in their ignorance were unaware that they should be embarrassed...

Matthew and I once were invited to a backyard BBQ by some old friends of his, that was attended by some of his old Goth acquaintances. Amongst the crowd was one token African Canadian lady who just happened to have been a very old childhood friend of one of the people throwing the BBQ, and I immediately gravitated towards her.

As we sat together we listened in on a "lily white" woman who was holding some sort of quasi court, and upon noticing us loudly started talking about the injustices of black people in the southern US.

When the African Canadian lady who was at the time a med student chimed in about her own experiences having lived in Georgia for a time she was rudely shluffed off, and treated as if she didn't know what she was talking about!!!!!

I'm not kidding, this lily white twit who has probably never looked outside the window beyond her favourite club, and clothing store had the nerve to state she knew more about the "black" experience then someone who is black!


And ignorance is the greatest embarrassment of all human kind in my opinion.



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Happy Queen Victoria Day!

Victoria Day 2005 firework display from Ontario Place, Toronto

Don't ya just LOVE a long weekend!

Click Here For:

A Victorian Era Ghost seen by our current Queen

The History of Victoria Day in Canada



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BYB Sunday - A Nice Warm Bath

I love to indulge myself in a nice warm bath, and I did just that this past week with some lovely scented bath salts that I received as a Mother's Day gift from the youngest kiddo, and a good book that I have been meaning to get to.

It was a small luxury afforded to myself, however as an amateur historian I could not help, but think that in years, and centuries gone by it was a huge luxury even in the Western world.

I also recalled a more recent incident that occurred only two years ago right here in the heart of Toronto.

My sister, and I had gone out to a late night coffee shop after taking an impromptu ghost tour in the downtown core. We both had to use the bathroom facilities in the worst way, and made a beeline to them when we first walked in.

In the bathroom was a homeless woman. She had her head tilted into one of the sinks, and she was scrubbing her hair with one of the cleansers left in the bathroom in order to scrub the toilets.

When we exited the bathroom my sister turned to me with tears in her eyes, and in that moment we both knew what the other was thinking.

This poor woman no matter what her story, and circumstances that life had tossed her way, was doing what she could to try, and be clean...and wash her hair.

For her a bath, with warm, clean water, proper shampoo, and scented salts or soaps (something many of us take for granted) would have been an enormous luxury....

A nice warm bath is a blessing....


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Cooked/ing

Told you guys that my bus man was the chef in the family! Now THAT'S a pizza!

Next Week's Theme: Colorful

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Pass on the Secret of Happiness

I first read about this sort of meme on Nicola's blog, and thought it was a terrific idea! Much like the BYB Sundays it is a great way to remind ourselves what is important in life. So here goes:

What makes me really happy?

1. My children

2. My Bus Man, Matthew

3. My dogs, cats, and other critters

4. The roof over my head - The dreaded compound

5. My friends

6. Visiting a historical site or museum

7. Reading a good book

8. A pretty garden

9. Swimming

10. Helping out others through my volunteer organizations

Your turn if you want. If you decide to pass on the secret of happiness please let me know so I can visit your listing.



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Thursday Thirteen #3 - My Favourite Monsters

My Thirteen Favourite Monsters

1. Baba Yaga in Slavic mythology, the wild old woman; the witch; and mistress of magic. She is also seen as a forest spirit, leading hosts of spirits. My mother would tell me stories of her when I was a child that chilled me to the bone. Disney could not make a movie out of her!

2. Bluebeard is the title character in a famous fairy tale about a violent nobleman and his over-curious wife. It was written by Charles Perrault and first published in 1697. The story of this fictitious mass murderer was also a childhood favourite!

3. Nosferatu the silent film, by F.W. Murnau is a classic, and Nosferatu the closest you will come to the vampires of Slavic lore. They are gruesome in appearance, and horrifying. Nothing like the romanticized version of vampires at all.

4. Jack The Ripper is an alias given to an unidentified serial killer (or killers) active in the largely impoverished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London, England in the latter half of 1888. The name is taken from a letter to the Central News Agency by someone claiming to be the murderer, published at the time of the killings. Whoever, he, she, they were, Jack the Ripper has always fascinated me, and provided a mystery for the ages. And yes, I do qualify certain humans as monsters.

5. Sasquatch is a figure prominent in North American Native folklore, and said to inhabit remote forests, mainly in the Pacific NorthWest region of the United States, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. Sasquatch is also reported in my home province Ontario.

6. Wendigo sometimes is confused with Sasquatch. They are nothing alike. Wendigo is a malevolent, cannibalistic, spirit into which humans could transform, or which could possess humans, appearing in Algonquian mythology. Humans who indulged in cannibalism were at particular risk, and the legend appears to reinforce this practice as taboo. Stories of Wendigo are particularly unnerving around a campfire.

7. Mothman My dear friend Robin grew up in Point Pleasant Virginia, and as a child believes she witnessed him/her/it. Robin now gives lectures on Mothman including the big Mothman fest in West Virginia. Mothman was the name given to a strange creature reported in the Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia between November 1966 and December 1967. The creature was sporadically reported to be seen before and after those dates, with some sightings as recent as 2006. You may have read the book or seen the film with actor Richard Gere.

8. Godzilla I LOVE HIM!!!! Godzilla is a fictional monster featured in Japanese films and has become one of the world's most recognized movie characters. I was not too happy with the remake though.

9. Nessie or The Loch Ness Monster is a cryptid, claimed to inhabit Scotland's Loch Ness, the most voluminous freshwater lake in Great Britain. She is the most famous of all the lake monsters! I would love to go on an expedition looking for her!

10. The Beast of Bodmin Moor is a black panther like creature that is believed to inhabit Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England. When we visit Nicola I will try to seek it out!

11. El Chupacabra the name translates literally from the Spanish as "goat sucker." It comes from the creature's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. It is mostly reported in Spanish speaking communities, and very creepy!

12. Spring Heeled Jack is a Satanic, Superman-like character from English folklore said to have existed during the Victorian era and able to jump extraordinarily high. The mystery of who or what was Spring Heeled Jack has never been resolved!

13. And last, but in no way least, Frankenstein's Monster who according to author Mary Shelley's book, was sensitive, intelligent, and wholly sympathetic...unlike the film adaptations of her story.

Thank you for stopping by, and allowing me to share my Thirteen Favourite Monsters with you. Please do leave a comment, and have a terrific rest of the week! Happy Thursday!

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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!


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Wordless Wednesday - Bed Head

Max sporting his "Bride of Frankenstein" look!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Guilt By Association

Last weekend the sister (Red) attended a baby shower that was thrown for a once mutual friend. This mutual "friend" and I had a falling out several years ago, and we no longer speak. However, my sis, and her have maintained a casual friendship over the years (mostly through email), and I have never had a problem with that. I have always believed that what happened between K, and myself should not affect their friendship.

Anyway according to Red she received an email from K several weeks prior to the shower asking for her mailing address, and that of yet another mutual friend in order to send out invitations. These invitations were supposedly sent by the person throwing the shower, and in a very odd coincidence neither Red nor this other good friend of ours received their invites. Everyone else apparently had, but not them.

I do not believe in coincidences.

Red then received an email two days prior to the party from K inquiring why she had never bothered to RSVP, and would she please come out.

While it was too short of notice for our other friend, my sister, and niece did go.

When she arrived she thought she heard whispers of "That's Sue's sister!" And was treated very rudely by K's "new" sister-in-law. This not being a surprise as this woman is very rude by nature. Still you would think that since a baby shower is a joyous occasion, and that it obviously meant a lot to the mother-to-be to have my sister in attendance that this person (the one in charge of the invites) would have put her own feelings aside.

And for the record my sister has never associated with the rude one, who has no reason at all to dislike Red other then perhaps because at one time we shared a womb?????

How very sad for that Red is a fun-loving, great person, who wasn't afforded even a "hello" or "thank you for coming out" simply because of guilt by association.

Red was amused ... and happy that she made K's day!

All I can add is that I truly feel sorry for people that cannot move on from ancient grudges, even for a baby shower....


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Stuff About Mom

In keeping with the "Mom" theme set by Mother's Day this weeks question is:

How did your mother spend her day? Did she have a job or do volunteer work outside the home? How did her outside commitments affect your family? How did they affect you?

When we were growing up my Mother stayed at home for the most part. She worked part-time as a bookkeeper, but was able to complete most tasks from her home office, which was in the basement area of our home.

It was the 1970's, and the bulk of her "free time" was taken up by causes she believed in, and all sorts of classes. She took classes on gardening, flower arranging, creative writing, haiku, Japanese, dress making, yoga, dancing...the list goes on....

The affect on our family was positive in that we had a well rounded, happy mother! She was definitely not just our cook, and maid!

On a more personal note, she taught me that knowledge is limitless, and gave me my own hunger to constantly want to learn about new things. She also gave me a sense of community involvement through her causes, and charitable work.

Three cheers to Mom!


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BYB Sunday - Mom

Antonia Demeter nee: Schmidtke and Kutasevich Age 16; taken in Germany. Antonia is my mother, and this has always been one of my favourite photos of her.

What greater blessing can there be then life itself, and those who give us life...our Moms.

I was blessed with having a very kind, loving, nurturing, liberal, funny, intelligent, strong lady that is my Mom ... and I only wish that I can live up to her own very fine example of all that a great Mom should be. She is my teacher, my mentor, and my friend, and I love her dearly. As the years pass I can only appreciate her more, and admire her, for her life especially as a very young child raised in a refugee camp was not an easy one.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day!

For our historical blog I added this entry on the History of Mother's Day, how it started out as a peace movement!


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Five

This clock was the last Christmas gift given to me by my Father. It is inscribed " Susan, Love Dad 1998. It has a place of honour on the shelf by my desk, and I will treasure it always.

Next Week's Theme: Cooked/ing

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Fun No-Bake Mother's Day Cake

This is a fun, and easy no-bake Mother's Day cake, which is perfect for people like me who have less than great baking skills...that would naturally include the very young.


1 (10 3/4-ounce) pound cake
1 (3 1/8-ounce) box of instant pudding
1 cup whipped topping
Fruit (we used 2 bananas and 4 large strawberries)
Mint sprigs (optional)
Chilled chocolate syrup

1. Slice the pound cake into several horizontal slices about an inch thick.

2. Prepare the pudding according to package directions. Mix the pudding with the whipped topping.

3. Chop up the fresh fruit you've chosen.

4. Layer the cake, fruit, and a little less than half of the pudding mixture in a loaf pan. Then top the cake with the remaining pudding.

5. Put the cake in the fridge for a couple of hours. When it's chilled, decorate it; we topped ours with trimmed strawberries and mint sprigs.

6. Squeeze on a greeting with chilled chocolate syrup. Then serve Mom a sweet treat on her special day.


Source: Family Fun Magazine


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Thursday Thirteen #2 - The Basics Part Two

Thirteen Things about The Zookeeper

Hi There! For those that are first time visitors my name is Sue aka "The Zookeeper." The Urban Zoo is my pet name for our home, family, and life. Last week I wrote my first Thursday Thirteen entry , and this second edition "The Basics Part Two is a continuation of it. As the weeks go by I will start writing out more specialised lists. Here goes edition #2.

1. I consider myself a bargain hunter, and I LOVE to go to garage sales, church bazaars, and flea markets. I will also participate in the online equivalent over at Ebay on occasion.

2. I am a plant fanatic! I like to rescue sickly, and dying ones, and try to bring them back to life.

3. I have a morbid fascination with death, I have several books on the subject, and documentaries. I once considered going into the funeral business.

4. I have many skeletons (not in my closet for the most part). I collect them, mostly South American art. There is a skull on my desk ( I call him Murray), and a 5ft skeleton named Skelly that stands beside it. I usually dress them up for the season. Right now they are wearing baseball caps, in December they will don Santa apparel!

5. I collect many things, rocks from haunted locations (bagged, and labelled), Angels, religious iconography, books, alien kitch items, teddy bears, tins, and other assorted bric-a-brac. These are my treasures.

6. I wear lots of hats (one at a time of course), I suppose I collect those too, along with handbags that I change constantly. I like vintage, and unusual stuff. This used to either frighten or delight the folks at my old office.

7. I LOVE maps ... ok so I guess I collect these too!!! I should have just started this meme out as things I collect and gone from there. I particularly like to compare older maps to newer ones. I also pin cushion yet others with places I must see at some point.

8. My fave movies are horror, and suspense. I love a good, scary mystery. These will be the focus of a future Thursday Thirteen.

9. My one absolute guilty pleasure that my Dad would be so disappointed in me with is ... every weekday at 3pm I watch General Hospital. My Dad hated the soaps, used to say they'd rot your brain!

10. I consider myself to be globally aware. I do keep up with all current events around the globe. Mostly via radio, as I work on the blogs, and other computer related stuff.

11. My biggest international concern at this time is global warming. I think it should be a concern of everyone's, and I do try to do my part.

12. Sometimes I greatly fear for the world I will eventually be leaving to my children, yet other times I see these fantastic rays of hope through the eyes of a younger generation.

13. I have been blessed throughout the years with some really good friends. I strive to be as equally a good friend, and I hope that I am.

Wow! This stuff just flows ... I think I'm going to start working on next weeks!

Thank you for stopping by, and allowing me to share a bit of myself with you. Please do leave a comment, and have a terrific rest of the week! Happy Thursday!

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Wordless Wednesday - An Intrepid Explorer

There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten. He makes perilous voyages into cellar and attic, he scales the roofs of neighboring houses, he thrusts his little inquiring nose into half-shut doors...he gets himself into every kind of trouble, and he's always sorry when it is too late.

~ Jules Champfleury

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Kipling's Tears

Over the past couple of months Kipling has started tearing a lot. His tears tend to cause stains under his eyes, and have gotten so bad that they look like he has very dark circles under them.

His vet has checked both of his eyes, and they are healthy, and uninjured. I figure Kip's breed, which is Chinese Crested must just be prone to tearing.

I've tried using Diamond Eye by Vitacoat, and it has helped a bit. However it does not completely remove the stain, and it is quite pricey to boot.

If anyone is going through something similar, or can offer any tips or suggestions of good products please do let me know. I'd appreciate it.


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Boy With Spiders In His Ears

Egads! When I first read the CNN headline for this story I thought to myself this sounds a lot like an Urban Legend or a story I would want to look up on before putting any stock into it. Aparrently it is true!

From CNN:

What began as a faint popping in a 9-year-old boy's ear -- "like Rice Krispies" -- ended up as an earache, and the doctor's diagnosis was that a pair of spiders made a home in the ear.

"They were walking on my eardrums," Jesse Courtney said.

One of the spiders was still alive after the doctor flushed the fourth-grader's left ear canal. His mother, Diane Courtney, said her son insisted he kept hearing a faint popping in his ear -- "like Rice Krispies."

Dr. David Irvine said it looked like the boy had something in his ear when he examined him.

When he irrigated the ear, the first spider came out, dead. The other spider took a second dousing before it emerged, still alive. Both were about the size of a pencil eraser.

Jesse was given the spiders -- now both dead -- as a souvenir. He has taken them to school and his mother has taken them to work.

CNN Article Here

Poor kid!!! The article does not say what kind of spiders they were, but man that's creepy!!!!


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A Typical Day In The Life Of The Zookeeper

This week from Blog Talkers: "From morning to night, walk us through a typical day for you."

Wake up about 6:15am and slowly get up and out of bed around 6:30am - 6:45. Boot computer, make coffee, have quick shower. Get breakfast started for the kid, dogs, cats, and bunny. Quickly drink coffee, and scan email messages while Matthew does the same from his desk beside my own.

By 7:15 kiddo gets up in either a very good mood or a very bad one (never in-between) setting a tone for the morning. Whilst kid and Matthew are getting themselves ready for work, and school I attempt to get myself together, brush teeth, comb hair etc.

By 8am Matthew is already gone to work, and I'm hustling the kid, and dogs out the door.

By 8:45am I'm back and start the second cup of coffee. From about then until noon I'm working on the computer either for my work at home business or the websites, or the blogs, or answering hobby related email.

Between noon and 3pm I tidy the house, get the laundry etc out of the way, run the household errands, play with the pets etc.

At 3pm my one guilty pleasure starts ... General Hospital...

By 4pm the soap opera ends, and I finish household chores, fix dinner, etc.

At 5pm I pick up the kid with dogs in tow from her after school program, and we work on homework, chit chat etc until Matthew is home, and dinner served about 6:30pm.

After dinner I tend to clean up, and then either go back on the computer or occasionally play a game or watch TV with the kid. Sometimes I use this time for escapism, and take a long bath, to which I always bring a book.

Kid is in bed between 9-9:15pm tuck her in, and do one last check of email on the computer, finish up blog entries etc.

By 10pm I chit chat with Matthew about the day, and by 10:30pm if not suffering insomnia am usually well on my way to snoozing.

Weekends are very different, and varied. Yesterday for instance I spent at a haunted theatre here in Toronto training would-be ghost investigators. Sometimes it may seem it, but life is never really dull .. ;)



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BYB Sunday - Poetry

Last month I entered a poetry contest that our friend Andy started as a means to bring a greater awareness to this form of writing that he loves so dearly, and as a way I believe to challenge people to get involved.

Much to my surprise earlier this past week I learned that my own humble entry had won! And it was a pleasant suprise!

I love to write, but very rarely get creative with it because it is the one area that I do lack some confidence in. People have showered me with praise in regards to reports, editorials, and articles I have written....but I do admit I can be dry, and sometimes read like a textbook.

Winning this contest, particularly because I really enjoyed all of the other entries, in fact think they are indeed superior to my own was a boost, and that boost is indeed a blessing!

Perhaps I will indulge in other forms of creative writing, or try my hand at another poem or two!

My thanks once again to Andy for having this contest, and seeing something in my poem that even I failed to see.


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Comments are fixed!

Thanks to the hubby, the comments section is fixed and you can once again show us the feedback love ... :)

We hope that this will be a permanent fix, as we have upgraded our blog software. All I can add is that the frustration caused by spammers seems to be never ending, and I really hope that consumers stop clicking on their links. If nobody ever clicked on spam there would be no viable market for it.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Childhood

These are amongst my fave photos from last summer at the cottage. I couldn't choose between them, so you're getting two this week. To me these are childhood ... :)

I hope you've enjoyed this Hunt's entry. Please do leave a comment .. :)

Next Week's Theme: Five

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Facebook - The Latest Myspace

My curiosity finally got the better of me, and I checked out Facebook, the seemingly latest Myspace-like craze to be sweeping the net. I won't be signing up.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think it's all that bad, but to be honest the last thing I want is to reconnect with people from my past, which seems to be it's main purpose. My thoughts run along the lines of this: If I am not currently in touch with someone it is probably for a very good reason!

I have maintained a few very lengthy relationships with people that span more than two decades. They are still a part of my life because I valued them so highly that I never allowed myself to lose touch with them. As for the others ... well I'm sorry to be blunt, but I'm not even curious as to what they are up to beyond hoping that they are leading happy lives. I live in the present, and dream of the fact it is very rare that I even drudge up the past in conversation with those I do have a lengthy history with.

Hey, that is just me, so don't take this as a put down if you're a "Facebooker" or "Facebookie" ... is that what they are called?

And no I have never had a Myspace account either.

Speaking of Facebook apparently the province of Ontario where I live has banned its employees from logging into it on the job. Considering I have heard at least one friend of mine refer to Facebook as their "crack" I'm not surprised by the government's position on this at all.



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Temporarily Cannot Leave Comments Here

Unfortunately dear readers someone has hacked and "defeated" our spam killer... sort of...

If you try to leave a comment, it will tell you that you messed up... even if you haven't!

So we decided to try removing the spam-bot killer and GUESS WHAT!?!

Within literally FIVE MINUTES, we had spam in the comments section!

Matthew is tracing IPs, trying to restore whatever the heck they messed up, and generally being VERY grumpy and reconsidering our stance on strict gun control when it comes to these creeps.

BEAR WITH US, we'll get the blogs back up and running PROPERLY as soon as possible...

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Thursday Thirteen - The Basics

Thirteen Things about The Zookeeper

Hi There! For those that are first time visitors my name is Sue aka "The Zookeeper." The Urban Zoo is my pet name for our home, family, and life. Earlier this week I stumbled upon a fab community called Thursday Thirteen where participants blog about 13 things relating to themselves in order for others to get to know them better. Since this is my very first entry I thought I would start out with the basics. Here goes! :)

1. My given name is Susan, but my friends all call me Sue. Susan is used for professional purposes only. And don't you dare call me Susie! That was only permissible for my grandparents no one, and I mean no one else is allowed to get away with it! My Dad named me after his favourite Aunt Zsusanna in Hungary which translates in English to Susan.

2. Still going on about names there were four other Susans in my grade four class. Must have been a popular girls name in 1967, the year I was born. And I hated it growing up. I wanted something different, and cool like Zelda!

3. I am an Aquarius, and if you are into astrology I pretty much am exactly as described.

4. I was born, and raised in Toronto. I am a very proud Canadian.

5. After many years I'm a happy to be stay at home Mom again. :) At least for the time being.

6. I have three daughters aged 20, 17, and 11 from a previous marriage.

7. I am in a very happy, and stable relationship with the love of my life Matthew.

8. Matthew, and I share some pretty unique, and interesting hobbies some of which I've already blogged about, and will be the focus of future Thursday Thirteens. Ooooh I know I'm being mysterious now!

9. We have two dogs Max, and Kipling.

10. We also have three cats Mary, Elizabeth, and Annie all named after Tudor Queens.

11. And then there is Baby Bunny, Shadow & Spirit (our dwarf hammies), and our two budgies Sam & Sunny ... doing a head count...yep that is all of them.

12. I am a blogging addict, and contribute to five in total, but this is my most personal. The other are:

Nuttin' But Pimp - Shopping, Commercial Stuff, My Money Maker

Pastyme with Good Companye - History

The Paranormal Blog - Mysteries, Spooky Stuff

One Old Green Bus - Hubby's blog and our family's project

13. Aside from the blogs I also maintain, and write for another four websites in total. Gee, I really do spend way too much time on the computer!

Will be back with more next week!

Happy Thursday 13, and if you participate please do let this newbie know if she has done it right. Thanks in advance! :D

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!


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I've Won.... I've Won!

I have won the poetry writing contest I told you about a few weeks ago!!!! Please have a look at My Vogon Poetry entry with snazzy graphic I may add! ;)

My big huge thanks to Andy for holding this contest, and I cannot wait to receive my signed book of poems!!! Yayyy!!!! Those I will be writing about in future entries!

*WARNING* This is the first poetry writing contest I have ever won in all of my 40 years, and it may just inspire me to write even more!!! And of course gentle readers I will share all of them with you! Muhahaha!!


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Wordless Wednesday - I Know These Are Supposed To Be Wordless...

...but I just found this to be too funny, and too true!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Meet Sunny

Sunny the Budgie

Our first two birds were Sam and Stella, the kid fell in love with them when she first saw them, and they were a surprise for her for having a good school year. Unfortunately after a short two years Sam's gender confused brother Stella suddenly passed away. Stella's passing naturally left a sore spot in all of our hearts, but no more so then in Sam's.

Sam stopped chirping became listless, and was just not himself. I never wanted to replace Stella as bird's can be very difficult to care for, and in fact I would not recommend them to anyone unless they really did their homework first, and were a definite bird fancier. However, I did consider that Sam might become lonely, and soon follow Stella.

About two weeks after Stella's death I walked into the local pet shop to pick up some endlessly needed supply, and saw Sunny. I am never one to make a snap decision, but admit I did with her. Even though she was an older bird, I just had a very god feeling about her.

Sunny was the prettiest little bird I had ever seen, and she has a lovely song, unlike Sam who tends to squawk mostly. In less then five minutes I finished my purchases, and was on my way home with Sunny.

We immediately introduced her into Sam's cage, and at first they stayed on opposite ends. However, after about two days I caught them on the same perch, and then kissing!

Sam pretty much returned to his old self after the introduction of Sunny. And they are genuinely attached to one another. We have had Sunny for about a year now, and because they are not provided with a nest have not laid any eggs, which is a good thing.

Sam is definitely the more friendly of the two as far as interacting with people, he also loves to fly, and will say hello. Sunny is far more aggressive, and although we can get her to perch on our fingers it really is not for her. She would rather just have the company of Sam, although she is the boss when it comes to their cage. Typical female .. ;)


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This week's question from Blog Talkers is:

Who generally does the housework in your family? Do you say “Thank You” to your significant other when he/she does housework? Why or why not? Are you thanked when you do housework?

Ok, so there are actually multiple questions, but they work ... :)

I hate housework, it's no secret...I am just not one of those Susie home-maker types that finds Zen in washing dishes, nor do I suffer panic attacks if the compound is less than spic and span.

Now while I've always identified more with Oscar Madison (bonus points if you know who I'm talking about) then Felix Unger I will do the housework and the compound never gets too out of hand.

Matthew helps a lot! In fact when he was off work, and I was working long hours at the "awful place" he did ALL the housework, and all of the cooking to boot.

We always say thank you to each other, every single day. We also say "I love you" everyday. Maybe it is because we both had rather icky long term relationships in the past where mutual love, and respect were not a part of the equation, that we do genuinely appreciate each others efforts. And yes, we do verbalise it on a continual basis. We know that each one thinks highly of the other, whether or not it is the big important stuff, or the daily menial things like household chores.

And I can tell you that it is a great place to be ... :) Makes some of the drudgery ... well less a drudge!



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BYB Sunday - Modern Medicine

There is something very goodly to say about ancient, and folk medicine, but today I'm going to blog a bit about the blessings of modern medicine, and those who pioneer in medical sciences.

As readers of my bus man's blog know he was very ill this past week with a nasty case of bronchitis. Coupled with having to start a brand new job this put a lot of stress on him. Granted it could have been far worse, before the discovery of antibiotics these germs that filled his lungs causing terrible coughing could have potentially been quite fatal.

This got me to thinking about the blessings of modern medicine, how you would be hard pressed to meet anyone that has not benefited from it in one way or another. My youngest daughter born at two pounds and very premature, is a healthy thriving 11 year old today because of modern medicine. And to me her very life is a blessing!

No, it is not perfect by any means, but today's advancing medical technologies have prolonged, and given a fighting chance to those whose lives would be over without it. They have also given a better quality of life to millions world over, AIDS therapies, dialysis, insulin, pacemakers, and others immediately spring to mind.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those men, and women who have dedicated their own lives to medical research, and I sincerely hope that you have seen what contributions you have made to the lives of others.



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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Rare

The above photo was actually taken by our friend Bob Martin, who did give me permission to use it here. RLH 3 is very special to our family, and you can read all about that on One Old Green Bus blog. This bus is rare because there were only 76 ever made, and only 37 are known to still exist. Why it is so important to try to rescue, restore, and preserve them.

Next Week's Theme:

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Fixing The Boys

Me & My "Boys"

This past Tuesday was stressful to say the least. It was D-Day for Max & Kipling at the vet's clinic where they both underwent neutering at the same time.

We chose to have them done together in the hope that it would be less stressful on both. To be honest I think the whole affair stressed me more then it did them!

It was a day procedure, and the boys were at the vet's from 7am -5:30pm during which time I naturally fretted. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to pick them up, and have them both run up into mine, and the kid's outstretched arms. A bit funny too cause they were both very woozy from the meds, and poor Kipling wiped out, tail a-wagging trying to reach us. And Max immediately had to show us what had been done to him! Poor guy, he is still a bit put out.

Both of our dogs are recuperating nicely, and by the end of next week will be able to partake in their beloved long walks through the park.

With the urge to mate gone they will both lead happier lives, and testosterone related issues will no longer be a concern.

A couple of people have asked if we feel bad that they will never have puppies, especially Kipling who is a pure-bred Chinese Crested Powder Puff (still rare in North America). And my answer is no!

I try not to judge, but I have visited too many shelters where my heart breaks for unwanted dogs, many pure-breeds amongst the lot, and I would never want to have to live with the thought that a puppy one of our dogs had created was without a happy loving home.



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Crafty Stuff - Plant Pals

I'm always looking for crafty stuff to do with the kiddo. Lately she's acquired my green thumb, and an interest in plants. I came across the following, and thought it might be fun to try out .. :)


One 9- or 12-ounce plastic cup

1 to 1 1/4 cups of potting soil

1 tablespoon of grass seeds (we bought rye grass at a garden centre)

Decorations, such as office dot stickers, markers, and ribbon (for safety, it should measure less than 6 inches long)

Step 1 - Fill the cup halfway with soil. Divide the remaining soil in two, then have your child measure the seeds and stir them into one of these halves. Tip: To speed germination, you can first soak the seeds in water overnight.

Step 2 - Plant Pals 2. Spoon the seed-filled soil into the cup, then top it with the remaining soil (this final layer should be about 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep). Water the soil well.

Step 3 - Plant Pals 3. Let your child decorate the cup with stickers and markers. Finally, leave the plant in a warm, sunny spot to sprout. Water as necessary to keep the soil about as wet as a damp sponge.

Source: Family Fun Magazine


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Wordless Wednesday - Dedication..... one's hobby.....

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Nothing Really Changes....

I was having a conversation with Little Sue the other day about how certain media, songs, art etc are as relevant today as they were when they were created sometimes several decades ago. As an example she offered up these lyrics from a rock anthem of my generation.

"Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning
As the war machine keeps burning
No more war pigs of the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees, the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings"

It's depressing to think that "War Pigs" can be translated into the state of certain areas of the world, and people over the last couple of years, but like daughter, mother has to agree. It is sad to think that as a whole we have not progressed very far at all.

On a far cooler, and happier note we both apparently enjoy Black Sabbath...nice to share similar tastes with the kids... ;)



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TTC Employee Killed

Early this morning a Toronto transit employee was killed after the worker train he was on crashed. Police say the workers were at the end of their shift just before 5 a.m. when their work train made contact with the wall of the tunnel. As a citizen of Toronto, and as a transit user this news saddened me. However, I was mortified whilst listening to the radio to hear commuters saying how put out they were by having to take shuttle buses that were crammed to capacity during the morning rush. The Yonge subway line was naturally shut down over several stops. To be honest listening to some of these people whine, made me want to give them a shake. I've been stuck on shuttle buses for numerous reasons over the years, and yes they are inconvenient, but a helluva a lot better than getting a probable 6am phone call saying your husband, partner, lover, father, brother, and/or son is DEAD.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

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Why are people obsessed with the weather?

I think people are obsessed with the weather because of the awesome power that Mother Nature represents. I follow the weather forecasts online in order to help plan out my family's day, what to wear etc. However, I tend to be glued to the radio during bad weather.

As a small child I lived through one hurricane in southern Florida, and while I was very young I think about four, and the memories are vague I do believe it had some sort of profound affect on my growing mind.

The weather appeals to my interest not just scientifically, but spiritually as well. And I think that may be true for many of us.

Weather can wreak absolute destruction through a tornado ... but it will also spawn life with a gentle Spring rain. It's power is something that we as humans have little control over yet...and therefore the fascination with it.


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BYB Sunday - Virginia Tech

Today's blessing is for the lives that were spared, and the bravery, strength, and courage displayed by all those directly affected by the horrific tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech almost a week ago....

I can't imagine.....I cannot even begin to understand or comprehend...

But our thoughts, and prayers are with you....

You are a blessing.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Steps

I wonder where they lead......

Next Week's Theme:

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Does Anyone Else.....

....find this to be highly inappropriate? And no, this is not the same shop where the crazed gunman bought his assault pistols causing horrific mayhem and carnage at Virginia Tech ... it's in the neighbourhood though....

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What is going on with the CLSC?

For those that do not know the CLSC are the agency in Quebec, Canada that are in charge of assisting the handicapped to lead normal lives.

A very dear friend of ours who is wheelchair bound is reliant on their services to help make meals, and with house cleaning/laundry. When he lived in Gatineau, the CLSC services were excellent, "not perfect," but what he expected from this agency. Naturally when he recently moved to Montreal he assumed the levels of services and respect from them would be comparable. However, he was sadly mistaken.

In Montreal our friend found that the CLSC workers were not showing up, were frequently late, rude, would forget their keys regularly, would not clean properly etc. He told us that when he attempted to explain his concerns to a supervisor she did not listen to him or did not care, repeating bureau-jargon that meant nothing to him. Perhaps she thought he was a young punk because of his appearance, or perhaps she was put off because he was speaking in English or she is not used to people challenging the status quo at this CLSC??? Either way I find this all highly disturbing, and have offered our encouragement to our friend to go above this woman's head if necessary, and even consider legal action.

Whatever is going on with the CLSC I sincerely hope it is properly investigated, and whatever issues it may have to be resolved swiftly to the satisfaction of our friend, not only for his sake, but for all handicapped individuals who have enough stress to deal with without this type of BS from an agency whose very existence is based on helping them.


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Sloppy Joe Wraps

The following recipe combines two of the kids favourites, wraps, and sloppy joes.

3/4 cup chili sauce
3 tbsp. tomato paste
1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp. red wine vinegar
2 tsp. dried oregano
1 tsp. ground cumin
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 cup diced onion
Salt and pepper
3/4 lb. lean ground beef
1/2 lb. spicy sausage, removed from casing and crumbled
2 cups cooked white rice, warm
1/2 cup thinly sliced scallion
1/2 cup sour cream
4 10- or 11-inch flour tortillas, flavored if you prefer

1. Combine the chili sauce, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar in a small bowl. Stir in the oregano and cumin and set aside.

2. Heat the olive oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the onion, salt and pepper and cook until the onions are tender, about 5 minutes. Transfer to the chili sauce mixture and stir to combine.

3. Return the skillet to the stove. Heat the skillet and add the ground beef and sausage. Season with salt and pepper, and cook until meat is browned, 6 to 8 minutes. Add the onion mixture, rice and scallions and mix well.

4. Divide the sour cream and spread evenly over each tortilla, leaving at least a 1-inch border. Divide the meat mixture over it and wrap, folding in the side, then the bottom and then rolling up. Makes 4 servings.


Recipe from Family Fun Magazine

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Apparently I'm Hardcore!

You scored as Hardcore (Most people that know me should not be surprise).

You helped wrestling grow in the early 90's but those days are over, Hardcore is now outdated!



Tag team








Old School Brawler


Super Heavyweight


80's WWF


Power wrestler






What kind of pro wrestler are you? Click here to find out.

Hehehe Yes, I do like these fun little time wasters sometimes .. :)



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Wordless Wednesday: No More Work! Pay Attention To Me!

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Face Morphing

My friend Penny posted the link to a Face Morphing site on our Paranormal Forums, and I've been having fun playing around with it.

Here's Botticelli Sue:

and Animé Sue:

You just upload a pic of yourself, and you can morph it into all sorts of cool things. It's a fun, online time waster. If you decide to try it out, and post the pics let me know. As you can see above the results are pretty funny .. :)



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Do you think it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of the people?

Do you think it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of the people? Why or why not?

This is a very broad question, but in a nutshell my answer is yes. We are Canadians, and if the question is taken at it's base form then yes, our government takes care of most of our basic human needs such as health care through the taxes we pay. Again, this question is very broad so I will focus in on one area. Health care.

Personally I would rather trust my health care to our elected representatives then large insurance companies. Why, because at election I do have the right to revoke my member of parliament if I am dissatisfied, not so with the insurance monopolies that all seem to be in bed with one another, and interested in high profit margins as opposed to the health of the citizens.

I do not mind the extra pennies per month I pay towards universal health care. Roughly for our family this totals $300.00 per year for entire coverage, far cheaper for a family of our size then any insurance plan premium. This also guarantees that neither we nor our neighbours would lose our homes if the worst happened.

Two examples:

My American uncle underwent a double by-pass recently. He has a "good" insurance plan via his company that manufactures helicopters for the US military. With the deductible he had to borrow $20,000 on his house (paid for until that time) to square off his medical expenses. He did receive excellent care, and recuperated nicely, but again he now has to pay off that extra 20 thousand dollars. Thankfully he can afford it. Not everybody can.

My Aunt who is Canadian also underwent open heart surgery this past year. She too claims she had excellent care, and is also recuperating nicely. Her total cost owing is nothing. It's a good thing too, because if she as a widow was facing the same bill might lose her house that she spent most of her working life trying to pay off.

I could also mention how my youngest was born premature, spent 6 weeks in a hospital world renowned for it's pioneering, and state of the art medical equipment, went through various procedures to insure she lived, and during the entire time I was allowed to focus on her without worrying if I was going bankrupt through the process.

Society needs healthy people to work, pay taxes, and generally be the economic engine of a country. By giving people this basic right government insures a healthier, happier citizenry. It is not only the right thing to do, but the decent thing to do.


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BYB Sunday - Compassion

I started out this entry with the intention of writing about how we renovated the bathroom this week, the hard work we put in, and the satisfaction we got from doing it. It sounded lame....

I then decided to write about how we came into a bit of a windfall this week, not much, but it did afford us the supplies to paint, and fix up said bathroom....and then I read Matthew's BYB Sunday entry....

Today, I know I am blessed for having a partner in life that can think outside of the box, who cares deeply about others, and has the one character trait that everyone should seek...empathy.

Compassion for one's fellow human being should come easily for all. Sadly it does not as illustrated by Matthew's experience with a homeless girl earlier this week. I won't spoil any more of it, you should read it for yourselves, but know that it inspired me enough to change my own entry, and remember how blessed I truly am.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Hobby

One of Matthew and my hobbies is historical re-enactment, in particular the War of 1812. Yes, I am known to dress, and masquerade as a man!

The purpose of these events is not to glorify war, but to educate the general public. And while the field of battle depicted above is a re-enactment, that is very real gun smoke in the air....and yes, it is the closest thing to an actual battlefield one can experience....every solider I have ever known active, retired, or re-enactor wishes for peace.....

Next Week's Theme: Steps

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Oxfam's used wedding dress charity appeal

I was sipping my morning coffee, and reading through the online news when I came across this gem in the BBC. Read on....

Oxfam is appealing for more second-hand wedding dress donations because demand at its bridal outlets is booming.

The charity runs nine dedicated bridal stores in England, with an average wedding dress price of about £250.

It said more brides-to-be were seeking a cut-price option in order to give their big day a more "ethical slant".

The charity's need for more stock was highlighted by the month-long waiting list for appointments at Oxfam's bridal shop in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

'Tight finances'

Barbara Warmsley, the charity's bridal co-ordinator, said: "It's great that so many brides are coming to Oxfam for their dresses, but we are desperate for donations to meet this growing demand.

"If a donated dress sells for £250, this can provide 100 people with clean water, build two toilets, train one midwife and feed a family for a month."

A survey of 600 people found that 82% of brides still had their wedding dresses stashed away, prompting Oxfam to appeal for more to be given to charity.

Louise Manfredi from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, bought her dress for £129 from the charity's Heswall store, in Merseyside.

She said: "I would recommend that anyone who is getting married, especially those people with tight finances, take a look in Oxfam before spending hundreds of pounds on a dress."

Rosemary Tyndall, who donated her dress to Oxfam's bridal outlet in Shirley, Southampton, said: "I love the fact that something which was so special to me is now being used to help other people."

Full Article Here

I have long been a supporter of Oxfam, but this is the first I've heard of this brilliant idea to donate wedding gowns for resale! Not only do the proceeds go to very worthy projects, but the use of second-hand dresses is very environmentally friendly!!!

Three cheers for Oxfam!!!!

And for those cynics out there I can tell you that organizations like Oxfam, and the Red Cross do make a difference! My mother was a refugee, and would not be alive today if it wasn't for the caring people who are part of such humanitarian groups!


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We need something bright to push away the gray skies today! Here it is...

One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides
to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, and reads her book.

Along comes a Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside the woman
and says, "Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?"

"Reading a book,"She replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?")

"You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her.

"I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading."

"Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up."

"If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says the woman.

"But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden.

"That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you
could start at any moment."

"Have a nice day ma'am," and he left.

MORAL: Never argue with a woman who reads. It's likely she can also think.

Thanks to Kelly for the smile ... :)


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Yummy Butter Chicken

I've admitted before I'm a complete klutz in the kitchen, and Matthew is the real chef in our house. And trust me I am very cool with that ... :)

However, Butter or Curry Chicken is something really easy to make, and if you ask Matthew or the kids, they will honestly tell you I'm very good at. Here is why, it is super easy to do! Only once did I over curry....not recommended!


1 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons curry powder
1 can (12-14 ounces) unsweetened coconut milk
1 cup canned diced tomatoes
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch cubes
3 cups packed fresh baby spinach

1. In a large skillet, heat the vegetable oil over medium heat. Add the onion and the salt. Cook until softened, about 7 minutes, stirring often. Add the curry powder and cook, stirring constantly for 1 minute.

2. Stir in the coconut milk, tomatoes, and tomato paste. Cook for 5 minutes or until slightly thickened, stirring occasionally.

3. Add the chicken, stir well, and cook 5 to 6 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Stir in the spinach and cook for 3 minutes or until wilted, stirring occasionally. Season to taste with salt. Serve over rice. Makes 4 servings.

My kids love it!!!!!

Recipe from Family Fun Magazine


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A Parent's Worst Nightmare!

TORONTO/AM 640 TORONTO - An elementary school student has been taken to hospital in critical condition after a school bus and tractor-trailor came together this morning on the 410 highway northbound, just north of Steeles Ave.

OPP say there are several injuries among the grade four passengers but only one of them is said to be serious. They were hurt when the bus veered into a ditch.

The other injured, all from St. Alfred's Elementary in Mississauga, are being taken to various hospitals depending on the severity.

Police are still trying to sort out the scene to piece together why the truck and bus collided.

My heart goes out to these children, and their families. I had a pit in my stomach just reading this ... :(

Why the heck won't our government make it mandatory that ALL vehicles especially our school buses be equipped with seat belts?! Apparently it's been debated, and discussed for years, but if Transport Canada had made the only sane choice on this issue, then perhaps these children would not have been injured or injured so severely today. :(

Damn this just makes me mad!

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Wordless Wednesday: Old Man

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Getting Frustrated With Blog Explosion

I'm getting a little frustrated with Blog Explosion's "Rent My Blog" campaigns. Ever since they did a server switch-a-roo last week, which resulted in our renter at the time going "poof" I haven't been able to start a new campaign. Well to be specific I did, but was unable to accept any bids. Every time I hit the accept button I would get an error message over a 24 hour period. I did try to contact BE about this, but have not heard anything back at the time of this writing. Oh, and I lost a credit for my efforts ... :( If you do not accept or deny bids you are still dinged the credit to set up the rental in the first place.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say sorry to Mom's Cafe
Home Cooking
who did put in a bid, that unfortunately I was not able to accept. This is a fun blog, that I'm certain our Zoo readers would love to check out! Go show Garden Gnome some clicky love .. :)

I'm really considering just adding a review category to this blog, and forgetting about doing any more Blog Explosion Rent Campaigns.



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What three main rules, standards, or morals do you live by?

My motto, which you can see throughout my website at is Scientia Et Potentia - Latin for "Knowledge Is Power." I believe that we must never take information for granted, that we must continually question, and learn. Knowledge is limitless, and through a continual state of striving for more, we develop a greater understanding of everything that surrounds us, including a deeper, and richer understanding of ourselves. This in turns lends power by removing fear, and ignorance, and giving us the ability to adapt, and utilise this knowledge within our lives.

I believe strongly in treating others in a manner to, which I wish to be treated no matter who they are. I do not have to necessarily like, or agree with someone in order to treat them with the respect that should be accorded to ALL life on this planet. And with this comes the absolute necessity of putting yourself in another person's shoes. Asking questions such as how will my actions affect others, before taking them. If for instance I know my actions will cause another pain, then I must assess is this an acceptable pain that I in turn would wish to live with. If the answer is NO, then I will not act. My own conscience will not permit me to do it.

Live life with the philosophy that your cup is half full! Always! I am thankful for all that life hands me. I appreciate all that is good, and makes me happy, my family, and my friends. The other stuff I look at as sometimes hard lessons, but I do try to see their value as teaching tools, and character building. The old saying, "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger" is a truism that I see displayed through some of the wisest, and kindest people I have had the honour to have crossed paths with that almost universally have faced adversity far greater then I could imagine. Quite simply put I am happy, and thankful to be alive.


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BYB Sunday - Happy Easter!

I have many fond memories of Easter traditions. As a child I loved to wear my Sunday best, walking hand in hand with my Grandpa hunting for the elusive Easter egg, and the even more elusive Easter Bunny, in the warm South Florida sunshine. The eggs we found, but I never did catch the Easter bunny!

My Mother who loved to bake, especially at Easter would let us help her out, and lick the mixing spoons when we were done ... gross to an adult, but heaven to a kid!

When I had my own children I continued these Easter traditions, and in turn I hope to have the opportunity to carry on the fun with their wee ones...not soon though!

I am blessed to have had such happy Easters, and we wish you, and your loved ones the same should you celebrate it!

Please have a look at our historical blog for The History Of Easter Eggs, and The History Of The Easter Bunny.


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My Vogon Poetry

Hey I have entered a poetry writing contest over at The Spicy Cauldron! Have a look at my marvellous poem below:

1 Asking for thirty lines,
2 seems a touch difficult at this time.
3 Still, I suppose one must jot,
4 what they can within the lot.
5 I'm trying to find my creative muse,
6 to see me through and not pop my fuse.
7 Like a teacher, "One-Thousand-Words Please!",
8 I am doing my best to make an effective treatise.
9 Still, I must try to follow this rule,
10 that simply forces my creative side's tools.
11 But Andy is a friend and I'm bound to obey,
12 after all it's not like I've been writing poetry all day!
13 Surely to goodness I can type out a verse,
14 that can stay with the rules without being terse.
15 I wonder if possibly the poem should be naughty?
16 Perhaps it should be simple, no painless, no haughty!
17 No, that's not right, I must try to behave,
18 and try to find good words with which to engrave,
19 my deepest thoughts and emotions for view,
20 possibly even a laugh or a tear... one or two...
21 A poem about my country, so vast and so wild,
22 perhaps about the busman, so sassy yet mild?
23 I could go on about my kids or perhaps my pet dogs?
24 Nah, the backlash would be rotten, "You run a mommy-blog!"
25 So what to write, what words should I use?
26 What topic to pick, dear goodness, I'm confused!
27 And this thirty-line thing, it's just so upsetting,
28 it's much like the concept of verbal blood-letting.
29 Resigned to my fate, I'll do what I must,
30 and hope that when you see my poem your patience I can trust.
31 Well, what do you know... I've done something snappy,
32 I'm two lines over the limit so I hope you're now happy!

Ta da! What do you think? Surf on over to The Spicy Cauldron and let Andy know how much you LOVE this poem ...or don't! You might even want to enter the contest yourself!

And hey, it could be worse. I could have entered Ode To Me, which begins thusly:

Ode To Me

Yes this poem is about me!
I'm wonderful can't you see!
If you can't see, the greatness that is me
I'll poke your eye out with a tree

All Hail Sue!

Now to continue on
With this ode to me
So pleasant, and a lovely
Much like my poetry, oh ode to me!

All Hail Sue!

And it just gets worse from there......


BIG THANK YOU!!!! To Matthew for making me the superb graphic to go with this entry!

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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Clean

I am actually very proud of our city's initiatives to clean-up our lake, and area ponds, and streams.

Next Week's Theme:

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Happy Birthday My Favourite Redhead!

Happy Birthday Sis!!! May you have a spectacular day filled with fun, and frivolity! Wishing you all the best, now and always!

Note: I did not list your age, but everyone knows I'm 40, so they can figure it out, and you can chastise me about the photo choice later. ;)



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Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Shhhhh....I'm making these for the kid... :)


A cupcake (baked from your favourite recipe)
White icing
Shredded coconut
Pink decorators' sugar
Jelly bean nose
Chewable Sweet Tart eyes
Large marshmallow
Mini marshmallows

1. Frost a cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe) with white icing and sprinkle on shredded coconut fur.

2. Cut a large marshmallow in half width wise. Squeeze each half slightly to give it an oval shape, then decorate the sticky side of each one with pink decorators' sugar and set them in place for ears.

3. Add a jelly bean nose and either jelly bean or snipped Sweet Tart eyes, and mini marshmallows for cheeks. For a finishing touch, draw on decorators' gel pupils or whiskers if you like.

From Family Fun Magazine

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Pet Finder

Since it's no secret that we love our animals over here at the Zoo, I often get queries from people asking about a certain breed, or about if we know a specific breeder. Sometimes I can help out, but more often then not, I tell people to check out the wonderful, adoptable pets available at

There are a lot of misconceptions about shelter animals. I've heard people say things like "they must be bad or have behaviour problems" if they ended up in a shelter, or "they must be sick." These are completely untrue!

This gorgeous gal is a shelter rescue!

Meet our Mary, named for "Mary Stewart Queen of The Scots"

Photos do not do our Mary justice, she is stunning! She has been a member of our family for three years, is a real cuddle bug, and has never had a single behavioural issue, unless you count being slightly shy (she takes her time getting to know new people or animals). And no, I do not see that as a flaw or issue at all! She is discerning, and a Queen!

And yes, Mary is a former homeless pet.

If you are considering adding a furry companion to your own family, please think about a rescue. You will not only find a grateful, and loving new friend, but you will feel wonderful about the fact that you have given a living creature a second chance at life. Nothing beats that feeling, nor that bond!



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Wordless Wednesday: Big Phat Hat

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Taxes, Taxes, & More Taxes

First our current Premier Dalton McSquinty McGuinty announces a new tax on bottled water in Ontario, then Mayor David Quimby Miller unveils a proposed tax on garbage collection in Toronto ....with the former apparently size does count!


I'm sick of new taxes, and while I'm at it I'm sick of the old ones too!

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Where Is Our Renter?????

I have no idea what happened as our rent our blog campaign is not over, yet our roomie's link, and thumbnail have disappeared?????


Please go visit Much More Than A Mom through this direct link, and vote for her in a contest that promotes being paid for one whole year to blog. How cool is that!

So far I have had no reply from Blog Explosion as to what may have happened. If you can shed any light on this please leave a comment.

Addendum: Blog Explosion has moved servers overnight, and I bet that is what happened!

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Breakfast At Tim Hortons

A Canadian man was having coffee and croissants with butter and jam in a Tim Horton’s, when an American man, chewing gum, sat down next to him.
The Canadian man ignored the American, who, nevertheless started up a conversation. The American snapped his gum and said, “You Canadian folk eat the whole bread?”

“Of course.”

The American blew a huge bubble. “We don’t. In the States, we only eat what’s inside. The crusts we collect in a big container, recycle them, transform them into croissants and sell them to Canada.”

The American had a smirk on his face.

The Canadian listened in silence.

The American persisted. “Do ya eat jelly with the bread?”

Sighing, the Canadian replied, “Of course.”

Cracking his gum between his teeth, the American said, “We don’t.
In the States, we eat fresh fruit for breakfast, then we put all the peels, seeds and leftovers in containers, recycle them, transform them into jam and sell it to Canada.”

The Canadian then asked, “Do you use condoms in the States?”

The American smiled and said, “Why of course we do.”

The Canadian leaned closer to him and asked, “And what do you do with the condoms once you’ve used them?”

“We throw them away, of course,” said the American.

Now it was the Canadian’s turn to smile.

“We don’t. In Canada, we put them in a container, recycle them, melt them down into chewing gum, and sell them to the United States.”


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Many Moons Ago.....

This week Blog Talkers asks us to tell our readers about something significant (either a memory, something learned from that time period, a person who made an impact on you, an event, etc) from our teenage years.

Most of my teen years are remembered in a blur....not necessarily a bad thing as I was not too fond of them at the time. I was a teenager in the 1980's, which saw some serious changes on this planet, from the collapse of traditional communism, and the end of the cold war.

The threat of a nuclear holocaust between the USA, and the USSR seemed to finally be over, and the world rejoiced with the collapsing of the Berlin wall....but there was something new, something even more frightening in my opinion that was emerging that would threaten life as we knew it, and alter the way we thought about sex (something that is important to all teens no matter what era) .... and it did touch my family...AIDS.

In 1982 Michael Jackson released his second adult solo album Thriller, and a very young Drew Barrymore appeared in the now classic film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, it was also the year my Mother got very sick. She had what was supposed to be routine surgery to remove her gall bladder, and nearly died on the operating table. To save her life she was infused with in total 8 pints of blood. I was 15 years old.

My mother slowly recovered, and became the vibrant, energetic, happy go lucky woman we all knew, and loved once more.

Two years later....

My Mother received a letter from the head of the hospital where she had undergone her surgery. It spoke of blood transfusions, and tainted blood, and that she must see her doctor immediately and be tested for exposure to HIV something in those days that was linked to the eventual prognosis of ...AIDS....and death......

I'm certain you can imagine our fears at that time...I still cannot imagine her own...but we did live with it....her own terror fueled by medical science's limited knowledge of AIDS, not knowing if she had it, undergoing several tests (testing was much different in those days) and scared that somehow by just living with us ... we too would become infected.

That hellish year before they finally told her that each separate test had come out negative was a time of intense learning for all of us. My Father being a man of science, insured that we all understood exactly how, and how not HIV could be passed from one person to another, and I learned how the media often distorts or plainly gets thing wrong, causing fear, and hysteria, where there need not be.

I learned of prejudice, and ignorance, not wanting to tell my friends of that era that my Mother could possibly have the "Gay" disease, because that is how most of my peers thought about it ..... again the way the world media had spun it ....I was 17 years old, and I already knew through my Dad ... this was NOT a gay issue would affect all....

My Father in those early days believed there would be a cure, and I have learned that despite killing and orphaning millions there are still not enough people who take AIDS seriously....and more than 20 years later there is still no cure, nor even treatments or prevention of transmission for those living in poorer nations ....

Singularly my Mother's brush with a new, and potentially fatal disease, so racked with misconceptions, prejudice, and fear taught me that knowledge is power, and that if we take the time to try to fully understand something even so frightening as AIDS was in those days, we will better equipped to deal with it.....I have carried this lesson with me throughout my adult life....

On a lighter note ... Have you visited our roomie yet? Much More Than A Mom is well written, and FUN!!!! Go check her out!!!



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BYB Sunday - Friendship

I have been blessed with some really good friends, and I had cause to remember that this week. A good friend will always stick by you through thick or thin, good, and bad. They will understand that you do not always have to agree on certain things to still respect, and care about one another. They will teach, and learn from you, listen to, or commiserate with you. A good friend will make you laugh (and what better Day then today April Fools Day) or cry. And above all they will not judge you, but accept you for who you are.

Sometimes we think we know who are friends are, but can get burned. And believe me I have had my fair share of those too. People who seemingly have your best interests at heart, only to stab you in the back, or abandon you when your use to them is no longer wanted or needed. These types will always show their true colours in the long run, and the best we can do is learn our lessons, and move on, but never harden our hearts towards real friendship.

The incident that made me want to write this is unimportant to the blessing itself. Just know that if you are a friend, I do love, value and appreciate your friendship, and hope that I in turn am as good a friend as well.


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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Water

This lovely, and tranquil pond is a favourite spot of ours to walk along with our dogs. Water is the giver and sustainer of life. Clean water is sadly often taken for granted by most of us. I am very happy with the conservation efforts by our city to keep this pond clean, and a natural habitat for water fowl, fish, turtles, and frogs.

Next Week's Theme:

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Much More Than A Mom

This week we are hosting Much More Than A Mom, which is much more than your average blog! It's fun, and bright, and I enjoyed reading through quite a few of her entries earlier today.

Plus our roomie is also an animal lover, so she'll fit right in with our two dogs, three cats, rabbit, hammies, budgies, and assorted dust bunnies! At least I hope she does, because after this campaign is over I'll be giving her a permanent link on our sidebar.

Show some clicky love to Much More Than A Mom and don't forget to leave a comment or two! You might even want to participate in the fun meme she has posted. See my entry below.

Happy Friday!

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Everything You Wanted To Know And Were Unafraid To Ask

Here is a fun MeMe custom made for yours truly, by our new roomie Much More Than A Mom. And she really is! Go show her some clicky love, and then come back for my answers .... :)

1. What's your most memorable "paranormal moment?" Or freakiest?
Whatever works.

Readers of our Paranormal Blog, already know the answer to this one. My most freakiest moment was during an investigation of an old mansion turned radio station in St Catharines, Ontario. While unknowingly alone in the upper half of the ancient house, I had a woman's voice quite audibly, and externally whisper in my ear. I thought it was my partner at first, until I realised I was completely alone. Still get the shivers when I replay it in my mind.

2. I notice you're into history. If you could bring three people from the great beyond back to life and have them to your home for a dinner party, who would they be?

Queen Elizabeth I - HRH was highly intelligent, spirited, and I have many questions for her. I am slightly obsessed with Bess.

William Lyon Mackenzie -> My rebellious hero, so I can fill him in on the current state of the colony, and perhaps we could rebel together!

Marilyn Monroe -> So I could get the juicy dirt on the Kennedy's that I believe she died for.

3. What's your greatest accomplishment in life?

Easy! My children!

4. Who's your favourite author of all time, and why? Favourite book?

This is tough! I love books! If I have to pick one though it would be "The Essence of Wisdom" by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It is the most enlightening, and wisest books I have ever read. He changed my life for the better, and I love, admire, and respect him.

5. What tree, flower or other natural entity really speaks to you? What about it do you love most?

All trees speak to me. I enjoy hugging them literally, and believe in tree spirits. I also love all house plants, and have an interesting hobby in regards. I like to take dying, and sick ones and restore their health when possible.

Anything else? .... ;)

My thanks to Much More Than A Mom for this fun writing exercise! Go check her out, and get your own questions! Then let me know when they are up, so I can visit your blog, and leave a comment or two :)



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Speaking Of Global Warming....

...if it is something that concerns you, and it really should concern all sane human beings, you'll definitely want to check out my friend Eileen's blog Earth's Friendly Freebies. It is a relatively new, but really cool blog!

If you're interested in crafting, and inexpensive, ecologically safe cleaning solutions that you already have stocked in your own home, than this blog is definitely for you!

I know that I have already learned quite a bit in the short time I have been visiting Earth's Friendly Freebies, and I'm certain you will as well.

Go ahead and click on one of the links provided above, and don't forget to leave a comment or two for Eileen, she is a super nice lady, and let her know Sue's been pimpin' her site again. ... :)

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Should Cars Be Banned In Toronto's Downtown Core?

Do you think cars should be banned from Toronto's down-town core or from all major city centres?

Personally with the threat of global warming I would like to see all cars banned from my city's (Toronto) core with the exception of emergency vehicles, public transportation, transports of goods, and perhaps a special permit for those who are elderly and disabled. I really do not see why anyone living in the heart of the city needs a car for daily living.

What do you think? Would you support a ban on cars in large urban centres like Toronto, or do you think that is going too far?

I have to admit the people driving large SUV type vehicle's into the core, never walk anywhere, take the elevator up or down one floor, and then proceed to discuss how concerned they are with our environment with similar types at the gym, tick me off. Maybe they wouldn't need the gym IF they put their cars away for a change, car-pooled, rode the rocket, (our TTC or public transport nickname) walked, biked, roller bladed, heck skateboarded at least part of the time!

I am considering writing an open letter to Toronto's current (and supposedly green) Mayor David Miller proposing that Toronto join other European cities, and lead the way with this progressive course of action in tackling the issue of global warming.

To read the hubby's thoughts on this issue click here.

Calculate your own household's carbon footprint here.

I was surprised to find out the we as a family create, on average, 3.8 tons of carbon pollution a year. You could release about the same amount of carbon pollution by cutting and burning all the trees in a section of the Amazon rain forest the size of 0.456 football fields.

However, I was shocked to find out that in comparison the average equivalent American household creates 25.3 tons of CO2!!!

That is a whole lot of C02!!!

Far from getting me down this data is actually spurring me to do more to lessen our own carbon footprint, hopefully it will do the same for you!


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Wordless Wednesday: Sam

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Ontario Lottery Crooked


"Unscrupulous retailers".

"Rude and inept".

"Hanky panky".

"Turning a blind eye".

"Retailers have been stealing for one good reason - because they can."

Those are just some of the phrases featured prominently in an Ontario ombudsman's scathing report about the flaws in the province's lottery system.

Andre Marin's long awaited conclusions follow allegations that some lottery kiosk clerks have been winning much bigger jackpots more often than the odds would suggest is reasonable.

He maintains many retailers, or so-called lottery "insiders", are guilty of making bogus claims over the past eight years, and contends the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was "hopelessly conflicted" and so "fixated on profit rather than public service,'" they couldn't or wouldn't fix it.

Full article here

Am I surprised, well no, most likely due to the fact I am a cynic. I do admit that Matthew, and I like to play the tax on the poor ... er... I mean lottery once in awhile, but I seriously reconsidering it in light of the highly damning report from the Ontario ombudsman.

Yes, the retailers are at fault for cheating, but my own anger is more directed at the OLG that knew, and did nothing....


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A Happier Ending.....

....Leafs build, and keep 4-1 lead this time, so states the headline of today's Toronto Sun.

This week Blog Talkers asks the question: "What story is on the front page of your local newspaper? Do you think the event is worthy of front page coverage?"

Well now you know, as my thoughts turn to Spring, the lead story was on a Toronto Maple Leafs game.

Hockey is Canada's national sport, and while I am a very proud Canadian, I'm just not interested. I haven't been in a long time.

Perhaps it's because I can still remember the glory days of the game, and when you could actually know all the teams and various players. The whole thing has gotten too huge, and Americanised in my opinion.

No middle class family can reasonably afford to go to the game any more, as ticket prices are way too expensive. It's a shame how many kids must miss out on the thrill of "the good ol' hockey game" because of over inflated player salaries...never mind the fact that road hockey a right of passage when I was growing up is all, but completely outlawed in the fair city of Toronto.

And finally I've got to admit I'm 40 years old, and that is how long ago my once loved Leafs won Lord Stanley's Cup. I'm tired of saying every year...this will be it...only for the season to end in yet more disappointment.

So in answer to this week's question, "Do you think the event is worthy of front page coverage?" My answer is no. I concede that it might be to some people, but for me...I hung up my own skates, and hockey dreams long ago...surely there was something more important to feature....


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BYB Sunday - Entertainers

Pictured above, the middle kid as Nicely-Nicely Johnson in Guys & Dolls.

I often feel the need to escape the drudgery of day-to-day living, and this past week was no exception. I LOVE a good book, or a poem. I LOVE to dance, and to sing, though neither of those I have a natural talent or ability for. I still enjoy them anyway!

A good film, or play can take you to places, people, and emotions you might never have encountered otherwise.

Music can score a life's episode, and a song can carry with it memories both happy or sad.

How dreary, and dull life would be without the occasional flights of fantasy that those talented individuals who entertain us provide.




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Photo Hunters - This Week's Theme: Empty

An empty patient's room in the former Mimico Asylum. The buildings stood for years abandoned and desolate. However, our research suggests that maybe they weren't completely empty after all?

Next Week's Theme: Water

View The Photo Hunters Blogroll Of Participants


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Toronto To Lose Another Historical Home In The Beach

The 100-year-old Cowling House at 66 Wheeler Ave in "The Beach" is being threatened by the wrecking ball. What is it with some Torontonians, that older historically significant buildings, must be lost forever to steel, and glass, soul less condos, and lofts....Ew!!!

It is a disturbing trend, that strikes at the hearts of those who wish to preserve at least some of our older homes, and buildings for future generations. The Beach is a lovely older neighbourhood, rich in history, and architecture. One wonders what it will look like in the decades to come, and if it will be able to retain it's charm.

Read the full Toronto Star article in regards to this tragedy.


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Please Help Me .......

.....welcome the Wannabe TV Chef to our Urban Zoo! Celebrity stories-Great recipes-Mouthwatering photos-Humorous stories about the restaurant business-Ask the Chef-Advice on ingredients and equipment. Written by chef & food writer Kevin Ashton.

It's fun!!!! Go check it out ... :)

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Ontario Budget 2007

Finally, a good news budget that will see the minimum wage raised in this province to $10.25 per hour over the three years. My only complaint is why wait three years? The working poor in Ontario need help NOW!!!

For highlights of today's Ontario 2007 budget click on the link.

Overall it appears to be good news for the people of Toronto, in my humble opinion.

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Bridal Showers

We've all been to wedding showers, and inevitably at some point we all have to throw them. The last time I had to personally plan a bridal shower was two years ago for my dear friend Lisa's wedding!

The planning was a lot of fun, and since I am very details oriented took care in picking out the wedding shower invitations. I wanted the shower invitations to be beautiful, and a reflection on my friend's own tastes.

If you are planning a shower or suspect you might be in the near future you might just want to check out this website site that specialises in bridal shower invitations. They have a large selection of really beautiful bridal shower invites at competitive prices.

Shower planning can be a lot of fun, and thankfully there are a lot of online resources like the site mentioned above to make it easier.


This is a sponsored post. My thanks to our sponsors!

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The Outlaws Are P-ing Me Off

The former in-laws forever to be known on this blog as the "Outlaws" are the grandparents to the kiddos. While they no longer affect me directly (thank goodness) in any way, shape or form, they do affect my kids therefore myself as well.

The reason they've gotten me so angry is that they are giving the middle kid a very hard time. Not because she's strung out on drugs somewhere, or taking off for days at a time, because she doesn't. Oh no, they disapprove of her plans to go to law school. Yep, the kid has the gall to want to become a lawyer!!!!

You would think as grandparents they would be proud of her high marks, the fact that she was class valedictorian, that her high school guidance teachers have encouraged her, and told her that her marks are good enough to pursue a law degree, but their wisdom ALL lawyers are shysters and therefore she must be one too! Sadly, I'm not kidding...that is how they apparently feel.


Thankfully their opinion does not matter enough in her eyes to change the path that she wishes to follow, but of course it bothers her, these are her grandparents after all .... :(

I just wish these people would have one kind word for her, instead of constantly attacking the profession she has decided would suit her best every time she must see them.



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Meet Baby - Our Woodland Creature

Talk about killer rabbits, don't let Baby's name deceive you! She is fearless, and definitely boss over the other furry family members. To Baby's credit though, she is the most gentle rabbit I have ever met with people, including well behaved children. She actually does not mind being held, or pet by gentle hands.

Baby is supposed to be a dwarf bunny, but in reality she is more the size of a jack rabbit. So far we have been lucky in that we have never had to file her teeth, but she does have to have her nails clipped regularly, which is far easier than clipping the dogs, and occasionally I do bathe her.

When we are out, she stays in her cage for her own safety as rabbits are notorious for chewing anything including electrical cords. And yes, she does poop in one area. Rabbits are very smart creatures, and can be litter trained.

Baby is a joy to have as part of our family ... despite her killer instincts ... ;)

Get the feeling I'm a huge Python fan ... :)


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Happy Birthday Stephanie!

It is sometimes difficult to believe that 20 years ago today I was blessed with such, a beautiful, kind-hearted, and gentle soul such as you. And the irony was not lost on me all those years ago on that first Day of Spring, that I, a Demeter, gave birth to a little girl ... :)

You have brought me countless joy since that day, and on this your day I wish you all the best that life has to offer for now, and always!




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What do you feel most guilty about?

Guilt is not a word for Princes.

I've spent more than two-thirds of my life perpetually saying, "I'm sorry." I'm sorry for a bad marriage. I'm sorry the children aren't perfect. I'm sorry it is raining outside, and your plans are ruined. I'm sorry the traffic is terrible. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Until one day, a dear friend pointed this out to me.....and changed the way I think forever......

I was always in a perpetual state of guilt, mostly for things I had absolutely no control over. I refuse to imprison myself in this way of thinking any longer, and I haven't in a few years. Instead, I now take responsibility for deeds or actions that I should feel guilt for. I am not perfect, but I will move on, making amends as best I can as I go.

Guilt is like a disease of the mind, it psychologically traps people until at the very worst case scenario you become like the "old Sue" feeling guilty for everything. I refuse to buy into that mentality.

Does this make me a bad person?