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Children Underground - Homeless Romanian Children

"Beneath the streets of Bucharest, thousands of Romanian children sleep on cardboard beds, beg for food and water and sniff toxic paint fumes to forget their troubles. They are the discarded legacy of the fall of a Communist regime -- and the focus of an Oscar-nominated documentary film, Children Underground.

Former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu outlawed abortion and contraception and ordered women to bear as many children as possible in his failed effort to increase the Romanian workforce. He was executed on Christmas Day, 1989, but today Romanians live with the fallout from that edict -- and as the film shows, the children are mostly ignored."

This is probably the most disturbing film I have ever seen in regards to homeless children. Above you will see just a small sampling. It was very difficult to watch, and despite nearly a decade old I would recommend it to any one who even remotely cares about the welfare of children in poorer countries around the world. It left me bereft of speech. At the end of the film I went into the bathroom, and broke is that powerful.

Why is it, I wonder, that the reality that was delivered in this film, brutal, and harsh as it is, was rejected by every major network at the time it was released? These same networks have brought us such wonderful "reality" crap like Temptation Island, The Glutton Bowl, and Celebrity Ghost Hunters to name just three wastes of time in my opinion.

Are we as a society that hungry for "scripted reality" or is it that actual reality such as the subject matter of street children in Eastern Europe is so distasteful to the masses that the networks figured it was better to sweep it under the rug....and forget about it?

Sometimes I hate this world we live in.......


Pastime with Good Company

Pastyme With Good Companye

Welcome to the blog of amateur historians Matthew James Didier and Sue Darroch. Partners in life and in crime, we endeavor to entertain you with snippets from our combined historical research. Past time with good company indeed, as we shall introduce you to Kings and Knaves, Queens and Mistresses, Cons and Heroes, from our collective past......from events well known to those perhaps all but forgotten, we will do our best to bring you interesting historical factoids from around the globe. It is our belief that through understanding our past we will all gain a better perspective on our future.

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