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Evel Knievel dead at 69

Evel Knievel
Image Courtesy of The BBC...

Via The BBC...

Legendary US daredevil Evel Knievel has died at the age of 69, his granddaughter has said.

Knievel had suffered ill-health, including diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis - an incurable lung condition - for several years.

He underwent a liver transplant, after nearly dying of hepatitis C, in 1999.

Knievel gained cult status performing death-defying stunts in the 1960s and 70s, including an attempted motorcycle jump over Snake River Canyon in Idaho.

He regularly drew huge crowds when he attempted to jump over rows of parked vehicles with his motorbike.

By the time he retired in 1980 Knievel had broken nearly 40 bones.

There's also an article this morning on the CBC about it...

It wasn't that long ago that Knievel was in the news for a different reason... Via MyWay News...

Evel Knievel and Kanye West have worked it out. The 69-year-old iconic motorcycle daredevil said he and West met at his Clearwater condo recently. They settled a federal lawsuit over the use of Knievel's trademarked image in a popular West music video.

Knievel sued West and his record company last year. He took issue with a 2006 music video for the song "Touch the Sky," in which the rapper takes on the persona of "Evel Kanyevel" and tries to jump a rocket-powered motorcycle over a canyon.

Knievel failed in his attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in 1974.

West's attorneys argued the video amounted to satire, covered under the First Amendment.

"We settled the lawsuit amicably," Knievel said Tuesday. "I was very satisfied and so was he."

They agreed not to publicly discuss the terms of the settlement, he said. The two had agreed to mediation in July.

Robert Craig Knievel: 1938 - 2007



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Wordless Wednesday - "The Green Man"

"A mediaeval wood carving of a "Green Man", one of two almost identical figures on a misericord in the parish church at Ludlow, Shropshire, England. The picture was originally monochrome and has been sepia-toned.

A Green Man is a sculpture, drawing or other representation of a face surrounded by or made from leaves. Branches or vines may sprout from the nose, mouth, nostrils or other parts of the face and these shoots may bear flowers or fruit. Commonly used as a decorative architectural ornament, Green Men are frequently found on carvings in churches and other buildings (both secular and ecclesiastical)."

Photographer's Credit: Simon Garbutt

Further Reading: Green Man Wiki Entry

Happy Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday Edition! And Thank You For Stopping By!

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Blueberry Lake Resort

Mont Tremblant Quebec has traditionally been one of our family's favourite summer vacation spots. It is in my opinion one of the most beautiful areas in all of Canada.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you dear gentle reader to Blueberry Lake Resort, which is approx. 25 minutes north of Mont Tremblant. This resort is the perfect vacation hideaway in my opinion if you are looking to be pampered in beautiful, and tranquil setting. The photo that you see above was taken from the Blueberry Lake Resort.

If you are planning a Mont Tremblant Quebec please do take my suggestion of clicking on the link I have added into this entry, and visiting the official Blueberry Lake Resort website for information on planning the perfect vacation or corporate event.

Thank you to the sponsor.



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Those Wacky Athletes

Athletes are well known for being a superstitious lot. Some of their pre, and post game rituals though have to make you wonder if more than a few of our sports heroes are suffering O.C.D. :p

Here is a listing of some of the weirder superstitious rituals held by a few uber famous sports figures. Trust me this is just scratching the surface.

1. When hockey legend Wayne Gretzky warmed up during his playing days he ALWAYS shot his first puck wide left. Before each game he drank a Diet Coke, water, Gatorade, another Diet Coke, then more Gatorade, and then promptly ate four hot dogs! XX(

2. When Willie Mays went out to play center field he had to touch second base first. He did this every single time.

3. Babe Ruth had to knock the dirt out of spikes after every pitch, even if there was no dirt in his spikes.

4. Sherman Lollar packed his locker with four-leaf clovers.

5. Shortstop Marty Marion picked up imaginary pebbles to prevent the ball from taking bad hops. Shhhh.... :crazy:

6. To break out of hitting slumps Minnie Minoso would take a shower in his full uniform including spikes.

Source: They Did What? By Bob Fenster



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Len Bias

What professional sports team has retired a number of a player who never played a single game for them? It is the Boston Celtics, and it is Leonard Bias' number 30.

Just one day after being drafted by the Celtics the highly talented Len died tragically of a drug overdose. The cause of his death is listed as a cocaine induced heart attack.

In college Len played for the University of Maryland, and set a school record by scoring 2,149 points! Wow! Some say that this bright young star was so good that he would have eclipsed even the likes of Larry Bird....

Sadly we will never know....

Further Reading:

Where Are They Buried, How Did They Die? By Tod Benoit

Len Bias - Wiki entry

Image Credit:

Wiki Image



The Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens

Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens

Work on this the largest cathedral in France began in the year 1220, and was financed primarily through the brisk sales of woad. Woad was cultivated in order to create blue dye.

Amiens Cathedral as it is more simply known was built in order to house the head of St. John the Baptist which was brought back from the crusades in 1206, and was considered a magnet for pilgrims (medieval tourists). It is still on display in the Treasury.

Within 50 years Notre-Dame was complete, and is a masterpiece of engineering, and Gothic architecture. It was restored by Viollet Le Duc in the 1850s, and has survived two world wars. The cathedral is known world over for its awe inspiring statues, and reliefs which were the inspiration for John Ruskin's The Bible Of Amiens in 1884.

Image Credit: Wiki

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St. Augustine Artwalk

Lightner Museum and City Hall - St. Augustine, Florida

Did you know that St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city, and the oldest port, in the continental United States? Well now you do, and I will also tell you that it is one of the most welcoming, and lovely places within not only Florida, but throughout the United States, that you will ever have the pleasure of visiting should you decide to go.

The St. Augustine Artwalk is one of the most popular cultural events that is hosted in the region, and I highly recommend that you gentle reader partake in it if you find yourself in this city that is just steeped in historical importance.

The First Friday Weekend Art Walk occurs on the first Friday and Saturday of every month from 5 to 9pm, and includes many wonderful things to see, and do, and as an added bonus the event is absolutely free to attend. Twenty galleries participate in the Art Walk, and include works by local artisans such as Beau Redmond, Trip Harrison, and Sydney McKenna. Both the photographers, and the paintings that depict local scenes would hold my own personal interest the most, but there is just so much including great music, and food!

If you would like further information on this event then please do click on one of the links I have added into this blog entry for you.



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Kennedy Shot Dead In Dallas

This was the news headline that shocked the world on today's date - 1963.

The President of the United States has been assassinated by a gunman in Dallas, Texas.

John F Kennedy was hit in the head and throat when three shots were fired at his open-topped car.

The presidential motorcade was travelling through the main business area of the city.

Texas Governor John Connally was also seriously injured when one of the unknown sniper's bullets hit him in the back.

The men were accompanied by their wives, who were both uninjured.

Vice-president Lyndon Johnson - who was following in a different car - has been sworn in as the new US leader.

The presidential party was driving from Dallas airport to the city centre when witnesses said shots were fired from the window of a building overlooking the road.

The president collapsed into Jackie Kennedy's arms, who was heard to cry "Oh no". Seconds later Governor Connally was also hit.

Dallas Times Herald photographer Bob Jackson was in the motorcade close behind the Democrat leader's car and heard the shots as it entered Dealey Plaza.

"As I looked up I saw a rifle being pulled back from a window - it might have been resting on the windowsill - I didn't see a man," he said.

Mr Kennedy's limousine was driven at speed to Parklands Hospital immediately after the shooting.

The president was alive when he was admitted, but died at 1400 local time (1900 GMT) - 35 minutes after being shot.

Police and Secret Service agents stormed the School Book Depository building moments after the shots were fired and recovered a rifle with a telescopic sight, said to be the assassination weapon.

The mood of shock in the US was echoed by Senator Mike Mansfield in an emergency forum of the senate.

"This is terrible - I cannot find words," he said.

Can it really have been that long ago? 1963 - 44 years ago today. I was not alive at the time of the Kennedy assignation. It would be five more years before I was born, yet I have always been fascinated by JFK, and his family, and of course all of those conspiracy theories surrounding the late president's death.

Source: Kennedy Shot Dead In Dallas - BBC News

Image Credit: BBC News



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Wordless Wednesday - The Niagara Falls Aviary

In the early part of the 20th century the above building was known as Spirella Corset Company. The company manufactured corsets, and employed up to 250 women in its heyday.

This is how the building looks today - 99 years after the above image was taken in 1908.

Quite a difference a century makes eh! It is now the Niagara Falls Aviary, and is the world's largest, indoor, free flying aviary. If you love birds - this is a very cool place to visit!

Happy Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday Edition! And Thank You For Stopping By!

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Darkyria A New Era In Dating

The history of courtship is as ancient as attraction, and love itself, although through the centuries things have greatly changed in the way we meet people, form friendships, bond with each other, and in some cases fall in love. Things for instance have greatly changed in the past 20 years since I was personally out, and in the dating scene so to speak. And if you are at least 40 you will know exactly what I mean.

In the 80's Goth singles met with others at Goth clubs basically leaving you within the confines of a circle of people within your own immediate community, and sub-culture. As this last sentence implies that can be very restrictive, and yes rather boring. However, this has completely change with the online age.

Darkyria provides a safe, and secure online meeting place for Goths, Darklings, Vampires, and those who are into extreme, and alternative lifestyles, and music from all over the world. The website is free to use, and is limitless in its possibilities. They provide a means to upload photos, video chat with people you think sound interesting, and a nudge, nudge, wink, wink "send a wink" feature that you can use on someone you are interested in.

The site is very easy to use, and definitely provides eye-candy in its attractive design. Have a look at Darkyria by clicking the link above.

Thank you to the sponsor.



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Happy 60th Anniversary

November 20th will mark the diamond wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. The royal couple have plans to travel to Malta where they lived as a young married couple from 1949 to 1951. Prince Philip was stationed there when he was serving as a Royal Naval officer.

You can read further about the Queen's 60th wedding anniversary through the BBC coverage of this royal milestone.

Congratulations from Canada!

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Payday Loans & Online Financing Options

Online financing options including information on different Payday Loans is available to internet users via the Complete Loan website.

For those who are in need of credit repair info or Bad Credit Loans this online resource is filled with valuable information to help you make the right decisions for your own personal financial circumstances.

The site is very easy to use, and designed to be user friendly. I had no problems finding my way around, and obtaining the pages I was looking for. Click on one of the links above to take you to the Complete Loan website, and you can see how simple it is to find online financing options to suit you.

Thank you to the sponsor.



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The Black Madonnas

The cult of the Virgin Mary has always been strong in Auvergne, France, and this is reflected in the concentration of her statues in the area.

These staues are carved out of a dark walnut or cedar, and are now completely blackened with age. These Madonnas are believed to have originated from the Byzantine influence on the Crusaders. The most famous of the black madonnas is located in Le-Puy-enVelay, a 17th century one that is a copy of a middle ages statue that belonged to Louis IX.

Image Credit: Wiki

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Careers In The Airline Industry

I have written about various aviation topics within this blog in the past, as regular readers of this historical web journal most likely already know. However, how many of you are aware that at one time I had a dream of becoming an airline pilot? While that did not pan out in the grand scheme of things for me personally I am still keenly interested in the airline industry, and aviation topics in general. Therefore I received a lot of enjoyment from checking out this website that details amongst other career topics within the airline industry - flight attendant school. It is definitely an excellent resource for an exciting career within all opportunities that this industry has to offer!

The website also provides a Flight school blog that would be very helpful to anyone considering the airline industry as a career path in my own humble opinion. It really gives an insightful, and honest look at these fields of employment, plus is updated very regularly. I was personally quite interested in its latest entry entitled: "China’s a big continent, but small in many ways." Amongst other things it details what it is like to work as a flight attendant while suffering from a cold, and how something that could be considered by some to be quite small was in fact a means to feeling better whilst at the same time providing that feeling of a job well done. Click on the link above to read through it.

My thanks to the sponsor!



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Mark Twain And The Necktie

I really need not introduce you to Samuel Langhorne Clemens a.k.a Mark Twain as he is one of the most famous American writers of all time. However, I do know a tid bit about him that you may be unaware of.

When the writer returned from a visit to his colleague, and fellow writer Harriet Beecher Stowe, his wife became most upset with him when she saw that he had not been wearing his necktie.

Twain responded by promptly putting a necktie in a box, and had it sent around to Harriet's house with the instructions that she was to keep it for exactly one half of an hour, (the length of his visit) and then send it back to him.

Source: They Did What By Bob Fenster

Image Credit: Wiki



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Who Am I

Who am I? I was one of the most colourful figures to emerge from the whole Watergate affair in the U.S. As the Democratic senator from North Carolina, I was Chairman of the Senate Select Committee to Investigate Presidential Campaign Practices during the nationally televised proceedings in 1973, and was credited with exemplifying the best in American politics for fairness, honesty, and a passion for truth.

Who am I?

The answer as always is in the comments section. :)

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Online Personal Injury Legal Resources

Over the past couple of weeks regular readers would have noted that I have written a handful of posts on strange, and outdated laws from all over the globe. It is funny how many of these laws are still on the books, and the vast majority of us have no clue they are even there! Let us face it though, the vast majority of us have little knowledge when it comes to our legal system period, and therefore must rely on those with legal expertise when it comes to the law, and protecting our interests. Never is that more true in my opinion then when it comes to personal injury.

The Personal Injury Trial Group's website is a great starting point if you are in need of a Miami personal injury attorney or one in several other Florida locations. You can click on the link I have provided for detailed information on how they can assist you. I found their website to be highly informative, and very easy to use.

Thank you to the sponsor.



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Wordless Wednesday - "Art Deco"

Art deco was a popular design movement from 1920 until 1939. The photo above is of one of my own favourite pieces from that era. This statuette is typical of the fun style that is art deco. If I was wealthy I would love to do a room, if not entire house in the art deco style. B)

Happy Wordless Wednesday! And Thank You For Stopping By!

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Pepperdine MBA Programs

Good morning gentle readers. Earlier today I had the opportunity to learn more about the MBA Programs that are currently being offered to both full-time, and part-time students at Pepperdine University, which is highly recognized as a leading business school in California. If you are considering pursuing your MBA please do read on or consider sending this page off to someone you know that might be.

The official Pepperdine University website, which I have linked to for your convenience above lists details on their different MBA programs, requirements needed, and locations of availability. I found that the website itself is designed to be user friendly, and easy to navigate.

The programs themselves are tailored to the students needs, and abilities, and in my opinion a terrific preparation, and foundation for the world of business. I was particularly impressed when reading through their International MBA program, and their study abroad options, which includes Europe, Latin America or Asia. An IMBA degree in today's global marketplace can be an absolute ticket to success in business, and Pepperdine makes an IMBA degree an affordable goal from what I have learned through their website.

Have a look at their website, there is a lot of information available for your perusal, and consideration including a meet the faculty page, and a listing of open houses.

Thank you to the sponsor.



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The Safety Bike

"Advertisement for a Cogent Safety Bicycle, Barkers Wolverhampton Trade Directory, 1887"

Cycling was very popular in England during the Victorian era. This presented some issues on the roads. Cyclists could speed past horse drawn vehicles....wheee!!!....causing the horses to become frightened, and often leading to angry roadside encounters!

A law was put in place in Middlesex county in 1888 that stated all cyclists must dismount their bikes when a horse drawn vehicle approached or if they wanted to pass, must politely inquire of the carriage driver for permission to overtake.

The Strange Laws Of Old England By Nigel Cawthorne

Image Credit: Wiki Safety Bike

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A History Of Colon Cleansing

In recent years I have found that the topic of Colon Cleansing has come up on many health related websites, and blogs. Perhaps this is due to the ageing North American, and European "baby boomers" population and/or perhaps it is also in part due to the rise of colon cancer, something which is completely treatable if caught in time.

Since turning 40 last year I have become far more conscious of my own health, and have spent much time reading up on health related subjects via books, and articles on the web. That includes an online resource for the topic of Colon Cleanse, but I am getting ahead of myself. Before I introduce interested readers to that online resource I want to make a bit of mention of the history of colon cleansing, after all this is a history blog. ;)

Natural Colon Cleanse is not something new age or even all that modern. Did you know that colon cleansing is centuries old, in fact some sources claim to be able to trace it back to the ancient world as a means to rid the body of harmful toxins. With modern science we can now measure the benefits to the body via colonic cleansing therapies.

Now, I would like to introduce those of you who are interested in this topic to a Colon Cleansing Blog that is an excellent resource on the topic in my own humble opinion. The site is well designed, easy on the eyes (which I personally appreciate), and simple to navigate. There are several articles of interest including, colon cleanse home made recipes tips, (great way to save money), how milk thistle extract helps to clean your liver and colon, and product reviews. The articles are written to be informative, yet easy to understand, and not filled with medical terms that only a doctor could make out. I personally feel I have benefitted by visiting this site, and are much better informed on colonic cleansing.

Thank you to the sponsor.

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Elagabalus Also Known As Heliogabalus

Elagabalus or as he was also known as Heliogabalus was a Roman Emperor ( 218–222 AD) with a rather twisted sense of humour. He was a practical joker at heart, but he had the immense power that enabled him to pull off some real elaborate ones.

Take for instance the time he threw a feast, and made sure all the guests got good, and drunk to the point that they passed out. He then had his servants carry the guests into an arena.

When the party guests woke up they found that they were surrounded by lions, leopards, and bears. The animals had all been defanged, and detoothed, but only the emperor was in on that part of the joke!

Source: They Did What, By: Bob Fenster

Image Credit: Wiki



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Lest We Forget

In Flanders Fields

by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep,
though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

To all of those who have served, and are serving....Thank You.



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Who Am I

At my funeral in 1799, the famous saying, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen" was delivered by Robert E. Lee's father.

While I was still commander-in-chief of the army, and prior to my presidential inauguration in New York City, a kidnap attempt resulted in the execution of my bodyguard for mutiny, sedition, and treachery!

I was one of America's richest presidents, I owned more than 33,000 acres of land, mostly in the state of Virginia where I was born. I am the only president who never lived in Washington D.C.

Who am I?

The answer will be in the comments section. If you are an American and did not get this one ... for shame.... ;)

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The Scoop On Charlottesville

Charlottesville, C-Ville Restaurants, Cafes, Music, Reviews and More are all available for your reading pleasure gentle readers at cVillain, which is a website dedicated to everything, and anything Charlottesville.

I found to be entertaining as well as informative. The writer has a refreshingly wicked sense of fun, which does shine through in the write-ups. The site is also completely interactive, and they encourage full participation from their users.

If you are looking for the scoop on Charlottesville you will really enjoy cVillain, and will definitely want to bookmark it. :)

Thank you to the sponsor.



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Wordless Wednesday - "The King"

The boy king that is! Last week the mummy of King Tutankhamun was revealed to the public for the first time. The photo above originally appeared in the BBC.

Happy Wordless Wednesday! And Thank You For Stopping By!

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Coupons & Deals

Overstock coupons are a great way for shoppers to save big money on their purchases at I personally like to utilise Overstock coupon codes whenever I make a purchase through them.

You can pick these up along with coupons for all sorts of merchants at this online discount codes website. is easy to use, and a great way for shoppers to save some extra cash. Check it out daily. B)

Thank you to the sponsor.



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Dion and the Belmonts

Dion (seen above center) of Dion and the Belmonts was on tour with Buddy Holly, and Ritchie Valens on that fateful night so long ago when they died in a plane crash. They had asked Dion to accompany them on that plane ride. Apparently it was cheaper per passenger the more people who travelled together.

Dion turned them down, and because he did, he lived.

Asked later why he was not on the flight he said, "I was cheap, and I did not want to spend anything extra."

Source: They Did What? By Bob Fenster

Image Credit: Wiki

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King Tut - Rock Star Of The Ancient World

Egypt's chief archaeologist, Dr Zahi Hawass, has revealed King Tut's face to the public for the first time. Tutankhamun is perhaps the most famous of all Egypt's ancient kings, despite not being all that important in his own life time. Here is a snippet on the should I say unwrapping....

A group of workmen slowly opened the golden coffin and raised the mummy onto a wooden stretcher.

Until today, only about 50 living people had seen Tutankhamun's body. Suddenly there we were, face to face with the blackened, shrivelled body of the boy king.

It was a rare and incredible moment.

Full BBC article Here

It has been more than 3,000 years since his death and 85 years since his tomb was discovered, yet this boy king still captures my own, and millions of other people's imaginations world over. I admit I am under the Tut spell, and hope to have the opportunity to come face to face with him one day.

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Credit & Debt Throughout History

Credit, and debt has been around since almost the dawning of mankind. In days gone by bad credit could wind you up in a nasty place like a debtor's prison. Often people in debt died in these prisons due to the very poor living conditions they provided. Most civilized countries, including the United States, did away with debtor's prisons in the 19th century.

Today we have online resources for bad credit, including bad credit loans, and credit reports, and scores.

Bad Credit is an online resource that can help you with information to get back on your feet, and fix a poor credit history all from the comfort of your home PC or office.....which is a long way away from those debtor's prisons of old ....thank goodness!

Thank you to the sponsor.



Serial Killer On Children's Christmas Calendar?

I do not know about you, but the idea of putting a serial killer (a cannibalistic one at that) on an advent calendar is disturbing to say the least.

Here is a news snippet in regards to the calendar:

Tourism officials have been slammed for featuring an axe wielding serial killer on a children's Christmas advent calendar.

They defended the move by saying mass murderer Fritz Haarmann was part of the German city of Hanover's history.

The calendar is already on sale at tourism offices and shows children singing Xmas carols and laughing as Santa hands out Xmas gifts - and the Star of Bethlehem twinkles over the rooftops.

But over the first door of the calendar, a trilby wearing man peaks out from behind a tree with a meat cleaver in his left hand.

Haarmann killed 24 young men, chopped up their corpses and dumped their remains in the local river Leine. He appears on the calendar hiding behind a tree on the river bank.

Full Article Here

Here is a photo of Fritz Haarmann:

And if you are curious about what kind of murderer Haarmann also known as The Butcher of Hanover really was here is a snippet from the Wiki entry on him:

From 1919 to 1924, Haarmann committed at least 24 murders, and possibly many more. Haarmann's victims were young male vagrants and male prostitutes who hung around railway stations, whom Haarmann would lure back to his apartment and then kill them by biting through their throats in a kind of sexual frenzy. Rumours had it that Haarmann would then peddle meat from the bodies of his victims as black market pork, but there was no evidence. His accomplice and live-in partner, Hans Grans, sold the clothing of his victims, and Haarmann claimed Grans urged him to kill handsome boys, but was otherwise not involved in the murders.

Haarmann was eventually apprehended when numerous skeletal remains, which he had dumped into the river Leine, washed up. His trial was very spectacular; it was one of the first major media events in Germany. There were no concepts or expressions for his crimes; he was called a "werewolf", a "vampire" and a "sexual psychopath" at the same time.

Full Wiki Entry Here

A "werewolf", a "vampire" and a "sexual psychopath" .... yeah he belongs on a children's Christmas calendar ... :roll:



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Skeletons Frighten Builders At Tourist Attraction

Builders at the site of a new tourist attraction refuse to work alone after skeletons are found in the basement. My dream job... construction worker at this site. Oh I am just on:

Builders at the site of a new tourist attraction in London are refusing to work alone after skeletons were found in a sealed vault in the basement.

Old tombs beneath London Bridge are being excavated ahead of the opening of the London Bridge Experience.

The site is being developed by two brothers from Kent who said some of the builders were too scared to work.

Lee Scriven, of West Malling, said tools had mysteriously disappeared and light bulbs had blown for no reason.

He said: "Lads have put down their tools to go for a cup of tea or a fag outside, and when they get back they're nowhere to be found.

Full BBC Article Here

For those of you wondering why it might be my dream job to work at this location, check out my other blog, and you'll get a good idea as to why. :p Hobby A & Hobby B combined would definitely be very cool for both of us!



Dia De Los Muertos - Day Of The Dead

Between November 1st, and November 2nd Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead. Above is an image typical of Dia De Los Muertos art, which I personally adore, and collect. This is a celebration that I sincerely hope that I may attend one day as I believe it is a wonderful, and most healthy way to deal with this very real fact of life.

For an excellent article on Day of The Dead festivities have a look at the BBC write up that is entitled: Dealing with death the Mexican way

And while you are doing that I will indulge in a chocolate skeleton in honour of this day! B)

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The Pacific Wood Preserving Companies

I had the most interesting opportunity this morning to visit the online home of The Pacific Wood Preserving Companies. They produce amongst other things the railroad ties that keep our rail systems moving. The company specialises in treated wood products.

What I was personally most interested in when visiting The Pacific Wood Preserving Companies website was their apparent concern, and dedication to our environment. There is a dedicated article specifically to this on the site, and I would encourage you to read through it.

If you are in need of treated wood products or are just curious about this topic have a look at their website by clicking on either the link or image above.

Thank you to the sponsor.



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Did She? Didn't She?

A Very Young Jane Fonda

When Vassar was a women's college, and Jane Fonda was a student there, she refused to wear the white gloves, and pearls that were required by the school as mandatory dress code for the daily tea that was held in the Rose Parlor.

When Jane was told to dress up properly as per school rules (or at least this is how the gossip goes) she returned to the parlor wearing gloves, and pearls ask requested - and absolutely nothing else! 88|

Is this story true? I personally think it is an urban legend, but one cannot argue that Ms Fonda was one hot lady!

Source: They Did What, By Bob Fenster

Image Credit: Jane Fonda

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Helicopter Accident Law Resources

If you were in need of a helicopter accident lawyer would you know where to go? Would you know how, and where to find a good online resource?

Today I had the opportunity to visit a helicopter accident law resources website that you can access as well by clicking on the link above. Helicopter Accident is the most comprehensive resource on this subject that I have personally ever seen, and I was very impressed with the amount of information provided to the reader.

The website is very easy to use, and provides a drop down box for easy searches. I would definitely recommend Helicopter Accident as a top authority on this subject.

Thank you to the sponsor.


Pastime with Good Company

Pastyme With Good Companye

Welcome to the blog of amateur historians Matthew James Didier and Sue Darroch. Partners in life and in crime, we endeavor to entertain you with snippets from our combined historical research. Past time with good company indeed, as we shall introduce you to Kings and Knaves, Queens and Mistresses, Cons and Heroes, from our collective past......from events well known to those perhaps all but forgotten, we will do our best to bring you interesting historical factoids from around the globe. It is our belief that through understanding our past we will all gain a better perspective on our future.

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