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QUIZ TIME! Fact or Fiction? - THE ANSWERS!

Yesterday's blog entry asked you to tell which of the ten statements were fact and which were fiction... below are the answers...

#1: King George the Taxer

FALSE - King George III was a "constitutional monarch" which meant he pretty much had zero say in political matters... it was the British House of Parliament that brought in the taxes. Blaming King George was the equivalent of blaming the dog on the front of a Mack Truck for a road accident.

#2: The War of 1812 ended in the pivotal battle of New Orleans.

FALSE - Bloody, yes... Pivotal, no. The battle was fought after peace had been declared and a peace agreement signed by the Americans and British... but that was done in Ghent, Belgium... and took a while to get back to America... and during the trip, the battle was fought. It was an American victory and a very nasty defeat for the British, but it was fought to no end really. As for who "won the war"? Well America attacked Canada with thoughts of conquest and didn't succeed... Canada and Britain only wished to maintain the border as was and managed to do it (although did eye the "New England States" returning to the fold)... but the British and Natives wanted a "buffer state" under Native rule between America and Canada... and that didn't happen at all. So, no one won, no one lost... except the natives. The peace treaty agreed to by Britain (and Canada) and America was "Status Quo Ante Bellum".

#3: Olympic mud throwing.

TRUE - ...and it happened in 1904 at the games in St. Louis, Missouri. During the third "official" Olympic games, it was "decided" that certain events would be added to make them "truly global" and allow "primitive tribes" to compete... so "Mud Fighting", "Greased Pole Climbing", "Rock Throwing", and "Spear Throwing" were added during special "Anthropological Days".

#4: Pablum is Canadian Horse Food

TRUE - Doctors Alan Brown, Theodore Drake and Fred Tisdall from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children invented it... and gave it the whacky Latin name. Why? You'd have to ask them (...but likely, it's because of the high alfalfa and wheat products used in the making of it.) The royalties they received for the product were put back into research of bone and mineral deficiencies within children.

#5: Columbus Flat-Earth...

FALSE - Bugs Bunny lied to us. Although there may have been a few "flat-Earthers" around (as there are today), they were few and far between. Think of the ancient carvings of Atlas... have you ever seen one of him carrying a plate?

#6: English Pilgrims meet Ex-Pat Brit-Native.

TRUE - Squanto existed... He was taken to England in and around 1605 by an English Captain and lived there for nine years... somehow, he was sold into slavery and ended up in Spain in 1614, escaped, went back to England, and ended up back home in America after securing passage in 1619 and was on hand to meet folks as they got off the Mayflower.

#7: Henry wrote Greensleeves.

MAYBE - He is "credited" with the song, but some historians figure he had a LOT of help... and besides, if the king said HE wrote it, HE wrote it!

#8: Roswell, 1947.

FALSE - ...and not for the reason you're thinking... The crash actual took place seventy-five miles away nearer the town of Corona... but the crash investigation set-up shop in Roswell and the debris was sent to the Roswell Army Air Field. As to what happened, something did... and as it was "flying" and it was "unidentified", it does qualify as a UFO... but was it aliens? That will be another post.

#9: Shorter People a Century Ago.

NOT AS TRUE AS YOU MIGHT ASSUME (read: FALSE) - Actually, the average height of Europeans (and really, et al,) has only deviated up by about an inch or so... the "short beds" were because, up until late Victorian times, it was thought to be healthier to sleep in a slightly "sitting up" position (to allow the fluids to move down, not up). Small doorways were a combination of cheap heat-efficiency (heat rises, lower the door and heat doesn't escape too easy) and protection (it's difficult to get a group of people with bad intentions through a small doorway).

#10: Britain and Canada Supported The North!

FALSE - Since both sides had slavery, the British and Canadians really backed the side they did the most business with... The South (The Confederacy). Both Canada and Britain put STRONG pressure on both sides to abolish slavery, but when the chips were down, cotton beat trade goods. Top this off with The Confederacy "courting" England saying that they were not like those "upstarts" in the North... and used a pejorative that was used to describe ALL Americans right up until The South used it to alienate their brethren... "Yankees". (Remember: Yankee-Doodle was NOT just a Northern Song in the 1700's and early 1800's...) Granted, after The Union under President Lincoln finally brought into existence the Emancipation Proclamation, Britain (and Canada) vowed to simply stay out of it and NOT support the South.

So? How'd you do?

No matter what, give yourself ONE point for the Henry the VIII question...

SCORE 0 - 2: You watch too much television!
SCORE 3 - 4: Excellent!
SCORE 5: You must have cheated... or you're BRILLIANT!



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