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Temporarily Cannot Leave Comments Here

Unfortunately dear readers someone has hacked and "defeated" our spam killer... sort of...

If you try to leave a comment, it will tell you that you messed up... even if you haven't!

So we decided to try removing the spam-bot killer and GUESS WHAT!?!

Within literally FIVE MINUTES, we had spam in the comments section!

Matthew is tracing IPs, trying to restore whatever the heck they messed up, and generally being VERY grumpy and reconsidering our stance on strict gun control when it comes to these creeps.

BEAR WITH US, we'll get the blogs back up and running PROPERLY as soon as possible...

ADDENDUM: Comments are now fixed! Please do leave us a comment or two ... we enjoy your feedback!

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What If The United States Had Never Been Founded?

Earlier today I was reading a rather interesting BBC article that was loosely based around this question: "Let's say you didn't need to regret the founding of America, because it had never been founded. How different might our lives look?"

The article led me to recall a bit of discussion that took place a couple of months ago over at the Spicy Cauldron in regards to historical event "what ifs." It was lively, and produced much food for thought.

There are the obvious biggies like what if, JFK had not been assassinated, Nazi Germany winning WWII, and the Roman Empire never having ended as all Empires tend to do. However, you could ponder the "what ifs" of any historical event no matter how seemingly insignificant with very interesting results.

Playing the "what if" game could produce some creative, and fun writing fodder, but I'm not certain if the scope of this blog is suited to that type of exercise just yet. We'll just have to see, we the writers, and you the readers if we decide to pursue it, and stretch our imaginations a bit.

At this time I will not speculate the "what if" the United States had never been founded, but I will say this as a Canadian, despite his faults I am very fond of my little rebellious brother to the south, and I am happy for his existence, warts, toads in the pocket, and all!


Pastime with Good Company

Pastyme With Good Companye

Welcome to the blog of amateur historians Matthew James Didier and Sue Darroch. Partners in life and in crime, we endeavor to entertain you with snippets from our combined historical research. Past time with good company indeed, as we shall introduce you to Kings and Knaves, Queens and Mistresses, Cons and Heroes, from our collective past......from events well known to those perhaps all but forgotten, we will do our best to bring you interesting historical factoids from around the globe. It is our belief that through understanding our past we will all gain a better perspective on our future.

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