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Some Information On Breast Form Boutique

Good morning my peeps!

I am still nursing a hangover from the beach. No not an alcohol induced one, but a sun, and surf one, and I do miss it. :|

Today, I would like to talk to you a bit about Breast Form Boutique that is a company that serves primarily the transvestite, transsexual, and cross dressing community. The company was first started in 1969, and has a good, solid almost forty year old reputation for providing quality products to their clientèle. These products include a full range of cross dressing wear such as enhancement forms, breast enhancers, silicone breasts, breast prosthesis, wigs and much more.

The website itself offers a very discreet main page. I found it overall to be very well designed, and easy to use. Breast Form Boutique also offers prompt, but discreet customer service via a telephone line or through the mail. They also guarantee very private shipping practices so you do not have to worry that other people will violate your privacy by checking out the packaging of your order.

Breast Form Boutique also offers its customers a safe, and secured online shopping experience. Its founder Michael Salem may be recognized as the person behind the best selling video How To Impersonate A Woman, and has been seen on many talk shows.

This is a completely USA operated business. :D

Happy Shopping!


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Wordless Wednesday

Mar's Cosmic Fries

The BEST greasy little chip place in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Five bux will get you a heaping plate of chips that will feed at least two people....right on the beach!

Please note that I do try to make sure that I visit the site's (if given) of everyone who comments here as the you comment => I follow rule is an important one to me. This entry will also serve as both my Tuesday, and Wednesday editions of WW :D


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More Airport Woes.....

...And just when you thought it was safe to travel again...BAM! Apparently roving gangs of thieves have been plaguing Canadian airports, stealing people's wallets, luggage, etc. Usually these creeps use the distraction technique of getting a weary travellers attention focused on them whilst their buddy grabs the goods.

This has been a problem in Europe, and the USA as well, but apparently it is getting worse here.

To read more check out this article on 680 News website Theft concerns at Pearson airport which gives details on what has been happening around the country's airports.



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Credit Card Fraud At The Airport

Credit card fraud is a growing problem everywhere, but I wanted to warn people coming through Pearson International Airport in the Greater Toronto area to be very wary of the "do it yourself" check-in kiosks.

Here is a snippet from 680 News that gives greater detail:

Stricter security may be needed for the "do it yourself" check-in kiosks at Pearson International Airport following reports of credit card fraud.

The investigation will focus on about 150 self check-in stations at Pearson, where passengers enter in information to identify themselves.

The Globe and Mail reported credit card companies have been noticing isolated fraud patterns, tracing back to the kiosks -- where passengers use passports and credit cards to check in.

While it's not known whether any information has been stolen, the financial industry is worried because 31-million passengers travel through Pearson a year.

Complete article here

I have never used one of these types of kiosks before. Have you? Will you be more wary of them now?



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Newspaper Classifieds

Newspaper classified whether hard copy or electronic are a great way to find sales, and events in your local area.

Each Friday morning in our neck of the woods I check the classified for weekend sales. Last weekend I really scored when I found out our local theatre group was giving tours, and selling off costumes, and props from last years season.

I purchased a crystal decanter, and hand-made Norwegian plate, had the satisfaction of supporting my local arts, plus got to see backstage! How cool is that. :)

Happy Shopping!


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Get The Facts On Sudden Cardiac Arrest

My hubby's Dad passed on at the age of 50 because of cardiac arrest, and as he gets closer, and closer to that age himself I have to admit I worry.

Hubby is being looked after by our doctor who is very well aware of his family history, but I have still made it a point to learn everything I can about risk factors for sudden cardiac arrest and you should too, no matter what your own family health history. Just click on the link.

Did you know that over 900 people die each day from sudden cardiac arrest? That stat should get us all interested in taking better care of ourselves, and learning about our heart.

Inside Cardiac has tons of good heart health information via articles, and videos which are designed to be easy to understand. It has actually made me feel much better about the subject because I am now armed with good information that has been presented by St. Jude Medical, and may save my hubby's or even my own life one day. Go have a read, and make the time to watch the videos. :D


50 Cent Sues Taco Bell Over 99 Cent Promo that headline is a mouthful...I dare ya to say that three times fast ;)

It is true though, Rapper 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson)is suing Taco Bell because the fast-food restaurant chain is using his name without permission in advertising that asks him to call himself either 79 Cent, 89 Cent, or finally 99 Cent.

A lawyer for the Rap artist said his client is seeking $4 million in damages.

Taco Bell Corp. spokesman Rob Poetsch issued a statement saying: "We made a good faith, charitable offer to 50 Cent to change his name to either 79, 89 or 99 Cent for one day by rapping his order at a Taco Bell, and we would have been very pleased to make the $10,000 donation to the charity of his choice."


Prius and Hybrid Accessories

Hey My Peeps,

Check out this hot looking electric car!

I was wondering what the situation was like in the USA as far as the availability of electric cars, and whether or not the Americans were ready for these types of eco-friendlier vehicles. I got my answers, and the image that you are looking at above from the Juiced Hybrid website that I was looking at last night.

Today, I've spent the morning checking out this new source for hybrid parts and accessories and it is jam-packed with info on fuel saving, and innovative new products.

There are several sub-sections to this website including information on electric only products for Prius that provide detailed info, and great bargain prices that will save you big bux $$$$.

They even carry a complete line of eco-friendly car cleaning products. Now how cool is that?!

The website is very well designed, and I found it easy to use. For those of us who are keenly interested in hybrid vehicles, and like to save money this site is perfect! Did I mention they accept PayPal along with all the other major credit cards????

Check them out! And do not forget to have a look at their Hybrid & Prius blog B)


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Toy Car Collectibles Go On Auction

One of the world's biggest collections of matchbox toys is being auctioned in the English city of Middlesbrough. The toys - owned by an American collector - are expected to raise about $2m (£1m).

I would love to be able to take part in this auction. Matchbox have an ageless appeal, and I think they would be so much fun to collect. :D

Do you collect toys, bubblegum cards, figurines etc? Did you give away a collection as a kid that you now regret? I did have a vintage set of Dawn dolls that I gave away in the late 70's and they are worth quite a bit of money now. :(


Image Credit: BBC


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Building A Successful Online Business

No matter what type of service or product you are offering, nor what type of scale your doing business either small to large or anything in between... to be successful you need to have strong online marketing strategies in place in order to be successful. That truly is the bottom line in my opinion........

WebMetro - Internet marketing services

With the above said, now where do we start off....

If you have not heard of WebMetro before then I am most happy to make an introduction for you via this blog entry. :D

WebMetro has a strong proven track record of providing successful internet marketing services to the online business community.

Not only is their own website a point of contact with their team, but it also provides its users with a large body of articles, and news specific to the industry. These items are easily accessed from the main page, and gave me a much needed opportunity to catch up on what is going on with the online marketing world this morning.

If you are in need of web design, and development, e-commerce, video marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization WebMetro can help. Have a look at what they are offering by visiting their website (recommended) where you can also ask for a quote or give them a call at 866.922.4632, and one of their client reps will assist you.

Happy Sales!

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Cross Border Shopping Canada - USA

I have some European friends who are routinely taking advantage of the weak US dollar by taking trips into the USA specifically for shopping. I'm not kidding....they are not just ordering US products online, but are taking shopping vacations so to speak.

Here in Canada, I also know quite a few people in the Golden Horseshoe area that will drive down to New York, or Michigan to go shopping.

Do you cross border shop? If you do are you really saving that much cash? Do you just like road tripping?

I wonder because with the crazy high gas prices are people really saving all that much......


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The Godfrey Group

Lately my hubby has been involved with some trade shows in the medical equipment field. These types of conventions can be a lot of fun, and a great way for any company to garner some attention. I have fond memories of being involved in trade shows a few years back when I was still working full-time.

Today I had the opportunity to check out the website of The Godfrey Group that are providers of everything you need to pull of a successful exhibit including tradeshow booth options, promo items, info centers, portable displays, and permanent display options that would be perfect for a retail environment.

Forewarning! Their website is extensive, and you will get caught up in checking out their great product lines, and services that can be completely customised to your specifications. This includes eco-friendly displays!

Have a look at what they are offering, and don't forget to order their free resource book! It has 120 pages of different ideas, and suggestions to make sure your display is an attention grabber. :)


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Times Are Getting Tough In Canada

According to recently released stats retail sales in Canada rose a lackadaisical "0.4 per cent in May - off from the previous month's 0.6 per cent gain - coinciding with the steep climb in gasoline from just over $1 a litre at the beginning of the year to about $1.30 in May."

And the times do not seem to be getting better. I think it is more then just high gas, and oil prices that are taking sales down. In our grocery store bread, rice, and particularly potatoes have almost doubled in price.

Now more than ever it is time to be a wise consumer, comparison shop, and save when, and where we can.



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WoW Accounts

Are you a World Of Warcraft player? Do you have a wow account that you would like to buy or sell? Are you just interested in learning more? If so please do read on...........

I have always been intrigued by World of Warcraft, but I am the first to admit dear readers that my knowledge of this game is very limited. I spent today getting to learn a lot more, and specifically learning more about the website, and what is involved in obtaining a wow account.

Firstly I found the website to be very well laid out, and easy for people to use. Here is a screen shot of the main page to give you a taste of what it looks like.

Screen shot of the website

As you can see from above they do offer a 100% guarantee on the accounts that they are selling. This way you are completely protected from obtaining an account that might be disabled or reclaimed.

They also offer something unique in regards to World of Warcraft sellers, and that feature is full telephone customer support, meaning you will have the opportunity to speak to an actual person. how cool is that!

They have definitely whet my appetite! If you would like further information then surf on over to the site via the linky I have added in for you.

Happy Shopping!

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Wordless Wednesday

The ancient city of Pompeii, Italy.

Please note that I do try to make sure that I visit the site's (if given) of everyone who comments here as the you comment => I follow rule is an important one to me. This entry will also serve as both my Tuesday, and Wednesday editions of WW :D


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Image Credit: Free Digital


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Boston Area Search Engine Optimization

What do you do if you have a Boston area web based business that you need to have get some serious online attention? You already know that it is vital for any online enterprise to be listed on all of the major search engines, and to hopefully be ranked fairly well within them, but you may be wondering how to get there. If so, please do read on as this blog entry may just help you out.

In order to benefit the most from search engine placement you should consult with a company that specialises in Boston Search Engine Optimization such as Brand Identity Guru. The services this company will provide you with are tailored to your own business needs in order to maximise your online exposure, and get you noticed first by the clients that you are after. They do this in part by helping your online business become search engine friendly so that when computer users sit down at their desks, and start surfing the net for products, and services using certain keywords such as Boston + business you will be amongst the top search lists that they come across.

If this sounds good to you, then please do visit the Brand Identity Guru website for further information, and contact details.


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Miley Cyrus Rocks New York!

....and just in case you've missed her free concert Disney is offering a whole bunch of cool Hannah Montana swag in a contest open to residents around North America. B)

The grand prize is a private screening of the new Hannah Montana movie on the day it opens, for you and up to 50 guests. Five first-prize winners will each receive a home entertainment system worth nearly $1,000.

There are numerous additional prizes including cds, electric guitars, digital music players, and more.

You can enter the Rock Like They Do Sweepstakes by clicking on the linky :)


Stainless Steel Is What's In For Home Decorators

Do you watch any of the home improvement shows that are so hot right now on TLC etc? You know the type I am talking about like Extreme Makeover that take otherwise drab looking homes, and make then fabulous! B)

I have noticed that the one hot type of item in these shows that is used by the top decorators over, and over again both indoors, and outdoors is stainless steel. So, today I have decided I would bring to you a great online resource for everything stainless steel.

The blomus stainless steel mailboxes line are hot, hot, hot! And will add a touch of class in my opinion to any type of dwelling. You can have a look by following through on the linky I have added in for you.

Aside from a snazzy looking stainless steel mailbox I was also having a look at the stainless steel fireplace accessories they have available for purchase.

This online shop also offers gift certificates, and accepts all major credit cards. It is a nice, and hassle-free way in my opinion to buy some great stainless steel products for your home or business.

Happy Shopping!

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Hot New Look For Facebook

Social networking site Facebook is set to launch a hot new look today! Apparently they will be adding all sorts of new features to make adding items, and contacting others a lot more easier. I logged into my account this morning, but have not seen any changes yet.

I already prefer Facebook to MySpace, and look forward to checking out the new look!



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Tracking Your Loved Ones Literally

Would you use GPS Tracking technology to track your loved ones? This subject was brought up on a friend of ours blog a few weeks back, and I thought I would address it here. My first, and gut reaction to the idea of keeping tabs on human beings with GPS Tracking tools is NO!!!!!!!

I feel this is the ultimate invasion of privacy, and can, and will be abused by creepy spouses, or lovers who have trust issues. And in my own opinion if you cannot trust the person you are with or feel you must resort to stalking them, then perhaps you need a good attorney, or moving truck, and not a GPS Tracking device.

Where I do see some benefits in using this type of technology provided fail safes are put into place to prevent abuse is with the elderly who are suffering dementia, or for other persons with severe mental deficiencies where becoming lost is a strong possibility.

Here in Toronto a couple of years back a young man with Downs Syndrome drowned in a river just outside of the nursing facility he was living in. Two days were spent looking for him before his body was found. In a case such as this I have to wonder if this type of thing may have saved his life?


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LittleBigPlanet Will Be Hottest New Game

The E3 Game Conference has now ended, however excitement is building around MediaMolecule's new hot title LittleBigPlanet according to the BBC report on this event.

"Due out in October, the title is being heralded as the tipping point for user generated content in gaming. A platform title with bags of character and humour, gamers are given simple tools to build rich complex levels and then share them online."

Hubby tells me this was already tried in a PC format, but as far as I know this is a first for a game console like PlayStation. It sounds very intriguing, and I would love to check it out. I think this is something the kiddos will enjoy as well.

BBC article on the conference here.



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Home Maintenance Buying Guides

I had the opportunity to spend some time checking out the ShopWiki's buying guides for home maintenance products yesterday. Shopwiki's guides are different then others because they include al sources, and not just ads that have been paid for to get preferential treatment.

Say you are looking to get a good deal on a new high tech washing machine you just surf on over to the ShopWiki buying guide for washing machines.

If you do a search for best model irons you will also come up with a great how-to buying guide that includes links to reviews of irons and product recommendations. Did you know that in some cases the most expensive irons are no better than the cheapest! That is just one of the interesting things I learned while over at ShopWiki regarding just one product type!

The item that I am currently in the market for is a good cheap sewing machine and again I am now loaded with enough good shopping tips that when I am ready to make my purchase I will be making an informed choice, and hopefully getting the perfect one for me, at the best price. B)

Happy Shopping!

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The 2008 Constellation Awards!

Sadly, we only just got the press release this morning (we're a bit slow,) but we'd love to do a "double pimp" with this post.

The first to our family's favourite television series, (the new) Doctor Who which is a joint production of the BBC and our own CBC. The show is excellent family viewing without being boring or "old hat", which is a rare and wonderful thing.

The next is the fine folks at the TCON Promotional Society for putting on a fine celebration of the "gaining new ground in popularity thanks to things like Doctor Who" science fiction genre in Toronto called Polaris...

...and it was at Polaris that they gave out 2008 Constellation Awards for excellence in science fiction and fantasy.

The big winners were Will Smith for I Am Legend, Emma Watson for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix & the movie Transformers

...but we were very happy to read, in the press release for the awards...

CBC's co-production "Doctor Who" swept the television categories, picking up three trophies including "Best Science Fiction Television Series of 2007". The show's lead actor David Tennant won "Best Male Performance in a Science Fiction Television Episode" for the second year in a row, beating out nominees from "Heroes", "Supernatural", and "Chuck". Meanwhile, British actress Carey Mulligan was a surprise winner in the "Best Actress" category for her guest appearance in "Doctor Who", beating out popular lead actresses from "Battlestar Galactica", "Heroes", "Stargate SG-1", and other series.

We are thrilled that our favourite doctor (yes, he's our favourite... Tom Baker is a CLOSE second,) and "Sally Sparrow" (a character we hope they will revisit and do something with as she is much beloved by fans,) actress Carey Mulligan won these awards... and that this brilliant television series has been recognized for it's excellence!

Congratulations to all the winners of The Constellation Awards... and especially to our favourite, the folks who work on Doctor Who!



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They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

My little nephew's 8th birthday is coming up this August, and I was stuck for some cool gift ideas. They just do not seem to make children's toys the way they used to or so I thought.

I was searching around ShopWiki's Classic Kids Toys shopping guides, and came up with a few good ideas based on some of the products that they are featuring. Not only are Classic and Retro Toys still available like the Radio Flyer, LEGO, and pedal cars, they are also still as durable, and fun, and reasonably priced as they were way back then.

Remember the Twister game that we used to play in the 70's? Can you believe this game is still available! If you check out the ShopWiki page they have a listing of several places you can purchase it from, and the best part is they are not listed because they paid for a spot on the site.

ShopWiki lists all the best buying sources! B)

I think I'll go for a model train set for the nephew as that is a classic toy that can turn into a lifetime hobby. :D

Happy Shopping!

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Bombardier Launches News Series Of Jets

In these harsh economic times here in North America it is always good news to hear of a company such as Bombardier introducing a new product line. In this case it will be a a new C-series regional jet that is supposed to be the ``greenest aircraft in its class''according to a company representative. Plans were announced this morning, and the new jets will be manufactured in Montreal, Canada.


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A Change In Plans

Good Sunday Morning My Peeps,

So last week the kid (teenager) wanted to dye her hair blue, then it was black hair that she just had to have, yesterday after buying a bottle of natural black hair dye she said forget she prefers her own dark brown hair colour...

Have I mentioned lately what fun, and games it is to live with an indecisive teenager who is a bundle of anxiety one minute and then laughing away without a care in the world next.....I personally would not want to be a teen again for any reason......

When I was a teen I struggled with acne as do many others at that awkward stage in life, even adults, and in those days there were no effective treatments like murad acne kits that you may have already heard about through various media. If you have not heard of them, and you have an acne problem or are perhaps the parent of someone who does you should really have a look at the murad acne complex website.

The website explains in detail the acne complex product line, and include simply amazing before, and after images of real people who are using it. You may also obtain online purchasing info directly from their site.

Thankfully the kid does not have acne problems, but if she did I would definitely make sure she was receiving effective treatment, and did not have to suffer in anyway because of it.


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Angelina Jolie Has A Boy And A Girl

Don't ya think Angie Jolie would make the worlds best baby product spokes-model??? The American actress has reportedly given birth to her twins a boy, and a girl Knox Leon and the girl, Vivienne Marcheline named after Angelina's mother who passed away last year.

Dr Michel Sussmann told the Associated Press that Ms Jolie and the babies were "doing marvellously well".

Dr Sussman, who delivered the twins, said the birth had been moved forward "for medical reasons" but did not give further details.

Congratulations Brad, and Angelina!


Image Credit: BBC


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Art Movers

Have you ever wondered what happens when fine art has to be moved to a different location either from a private person's collection or from an art gallery or a museum? I have, and to be completely honest I would not be overly trusting with my own not-so-fine artwork with just any regular mover that can be found in the back of a newspaper's classified section. I would be devastated if anything from my own collection was ruined, lost, or broken in any way. I can only imagine the concern with rare, and/or highly valuable art pieces.

Art Moving
in my opinion really should be left to the professionals only, and a company that has expertise in moving fine, and valuable art pieces.

If this is a subject that is of interest to you personally or you will be in need of an art moving service in the near future then please do take a moment to have a look at this website I was reading over earlier today.

Art moving and shipping is the expertise of Imagine Minds, and should be the first online stop for any art collector or curator that needs these services in my own opinion. Have a look at the services they are offering by clicking on the link or give them a call at 1-800-428-9800.

My thanks to Imagine Minds


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Blue Hair Dye Need Advice

Kate Hudson Looking Hot In Blue

Ok I admit I need some help here. I have never tried dying my hair any funky colours, which is too bad because now that I am older I don't think it would be a good idea.

Now here is where I need your advice. The kid (teenager) wants to dye her hair blue, and I figured hey while she is young why not! B)

However, I have no experience in this, nor does her older sisters. So can anyone recommend a good at-home product (could not find any online) or should I just take her to the salon?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed :)


Inventory Management Solutions

Are you looking for inventory management solutions that are cost effective, and easy to implement? If so, read on because today I am going to introduce you to Intermec Technologies, which is a company that specialises in state-of-the art RFID technology, and has a strong alliance with all of the big names such as Cisco, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. They are absolute industry leaders in data collection, with 40 plus years of hands-on expertise.

Now that I have hopefully whet your appetite for more info, have a look at these Intermec printers, and check out their specs.

What I find personally most impressive is that these tag printers are fully mobile, and will print all day out in the field with no need to recharge! Now how cool is that! This type of application could be used in a variety of settings including flea markets, exhibitions etc.

Intermec Technologies fully supports all of their wide ranging products, and will work with clients to provide the right equipment for their own business needs, making their services quite versatile, and reliable.

More detailed information on this company, and its products, and services can be found directly through their extensive website. After spending a fair amount of time reading through the Intermec site, and surfing its pages I can honestly say I would feel very comfortable recommending them for supply chain solutions. :D

Happy Shopping!

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Torontonians Line Up For iPhone

The Apple iPhone 3G has gone on sale this morning here in Toronto, and despite the fact that it is literally thunder storming as I type people are actually lined up outside of the Rogers Plus at Yonge and Dundas in order to get their hot little hands on this piece of technology.

No, I am not one of the 100s estimated to be braving the torrential rain. To be honest I don't really care too much for Apple products, but to each their own. :p

Do you own one of these phones? Would you or did you line up for one? Was it worth it?

Happy Shopping!


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They Are Off And Running!

....well they are off, and running virtually so to speak :p

Tug River Princess - Photo by Clive Cohen

Here in Canada the Ontario Harness Horse Racing Association have put together a fun, animated, horse race game that you can play online => just give that link some clicky lovin' :D

I was excited to check out the game over at this new horse race website because can you believe it....I have never been to an actual racetrack despite having a long lineage of high rollers in my family. My mom once won $11.00 bux on a two dollar bet at the famous, and historic Miami area racetrack named Hialeah. I wrote all about it on our history blog in an entry entitled They Are Off And Running At Hialeah last year, but I digress....:p

I have always felt rather weird about online gambling, and virtual gaming websites, but this site is home grown, and put together by legitimate Canadian business, so I thought I would give it a chance.

Last night after the kiddo went to sleep I surfed on over to and had a look around the place. Right now they are offering a chance at winning a cool $10K prize, and you can learn more about that through some unique animated characters such as the Dawg...

Heheheh.....yeah I could not resist giving some big phat pimpin' props to this character... B)

I learned quite a few things over at the website that I had not known of before in regards to harness racing, and placing bets. Apparently things have not changed too much since my Mom's day visiting the track as the basic minimum bet here in Ontario is still only two dollars. I also bookmarked their page on the history of harness racing, which I may use to reference a future article for the history blog I write for, and mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago....

Now I'm off and running as a grumpy teenager yells at me from the kitchen that the coffee pot is empty...ahhh the joys of summer break, and a teen that still has to get up early in the morning...:p


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Urban Clothing - Streetwear Apparel

Yesterday I had an early morning appointment with the hospital, and afterwards the kiddo, and I decided to do a bit of thrift store shopping. WE stopped into our local Goodwill shop, and were pleasantly surprised to see that a local manufacturer had donated a bunch of seconds, slightly damaged, and end of the line urban wear.

My daughter picked up a bunch of items including a very cute corduroy jacket for $1.99 each. All of these were brand new, never before worn, and the only thing wrong with the jacket was a slight imperfection in the fabric of its lining...who cares....:D

All in all a fun and very inexpensive shopping experience :)



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Mexican Honeymoon

Last year some good friends of the hubby, and myself were fortunate enough to spend their honeymoon in the lovely tropical Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and it sounds just heavenly. :D

I would love to vacation in this hot spot myself one day in the very near future, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Playa de Carmen condo rentals can actually be found at fairly reasonable rates no matter what time of year you are planning on going.

Not only are the condos affordable, but I have also found some great pricing on Playa de Carmen villas for those who might be travelling with family or a larger group. These accommodations are simply gorgeous, and would make for a dream trip!

If I have intrigued you with this post, and gorgeous photo above, and you might be considering a Mexican holiday or would just like some further information on a Playa de Carmen vacation rental please do give some clicky love to the links I have added in for you. :D


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Trying To Keep It Cool

I am going to turn the tables a bit here, and hope that someone who might be able to point me in the right direction will read this. I am looking to purchase an air conditioner that is energy saving, and requires very few amps to get the compressor working.

I live in an 80+ year old home, and if I try to run a standard window air conditioning unit I cannot run anything else. No, I'm not kidding. :-/

Since rewiring is not an option perhaps some out there has an idea or knows of a god product, and can point me to its specs.

Any ideas would be appreciated. :)


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House Music TV Is Hot!

Good Afternoon My Peeps,

While it continues to sizzle here in Toronto I have been enjoying house music DJs online from the comforts of my own home office. B)

If you LOVE the house music scene you have got to check out House Music TV which has got to be one of the best sites on the web for House music all over the world that I have personally ever come across! It is too cool!

The website is very well set-up, and easy to use. Instead of just a resource for music only, House Music TV puts you in touch with all of the hottest House DJs from all over the place, and all of the hottest nightclubs in Miami, Las Vegas, New York, you name it. If you are into the music you will definitely appreciate the videos that they have uploaded for your viewing pleasure. :D

Check out House Music TV for a listing of clubs, and events, which is a very handy way of knowing what is going on, and where. Another feature that you might just be interested in is their message boards where you can participate in some online discussion, and meet other House Music TV users.

All this, and free downloadable music too! Check it out :)


Thank you to House Music TV B)

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Wordless Wednesday

Visitors wander through a wonderland of ice sculptures being exhibited in Chongqing municipality, China. Right about now in the heat wave we have been experiencing here in Toronto this place looks like somewhere I would personally love to be right now. :D

Please note that I do try to make sure that I visit the site's (if given) of everyone who comments here as the you comment => I follow rule is an important one to me. :D


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

Image credit: BBC


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Too Hot For Anything But Playing The Game

The last few days here in Toronto it has been what hubby calls uber hot! Since I am definitely more of a winter person I have been staying indoors and catching up on my Nintendo game play, which is where I will be remaining until thunder showers help to get rid of this oppressive heat.

We are still using our Nintendo GameCube, however I am hoping to upgrade to the latest gaming system the Nintendo Wii that was all the rage last Christmas. I have taken a look at ShopWiki's pages for the Nintendo Wii Game Console and hopefully will be able to get a fairly good deal on one in the very near future.

One of the things that I will also definitely be needing to have a look at is all of those cool Wii Games my daughter's friends are talking about like something called the (Wii Hula Hoops I believe that is the right name) that really does sound like a lot of fun, and a super way to keep yourself in shape. B)

If you are also looking to upgrade have a look at ShopWiki's buying guides. I've linked to them above.

Happy Shopping!

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Goya Sketches Fetch Millions!

Recently discovered sketches by master artist Goya were auctioned off to a total of $8 million bux! The sketches were first auctioned off in Paris, France in 1877. The sketches were presumed lost until a private Swiss collector contacted the Christies London auction house about them.

Goya himself died in 1828, and one wonders how boggled his mind would be to know that his drawings could fetch such a princely sum!


Image Credit: 680 News


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The Best Digital Camera

Ok can anybody tell me, which is the best ultra compact digital camera available for purchase over the internet?


Canon PowerShot A570 IS

I do not believe that there is just one single choice that can be named the absolute best digital camera that one can buy, simply because there are so many different types, and models of camera currently available that it really comes down to what type of camera is best suited to your own needs, and of course your own budget.

The above image is of the Canon PowerShot A570 IS, which is I believe one of the best travel digital camera that can be bought online. However, I may just change my mind about that after checking out the website, and look up digital camera expert recommendations. provides reviews that are written by experts within their field or of specific product types, and work on providing articles that will best fit with differing shoppers needs.

The website makes shopping online a snap, and they provide an excellent way for consumers to comparison shop, and find the perfect product for their needs. Have a look by clicking on one of the links I have added in for you. :)

Happy Shopping!


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The Magic Bullet

A few weeks back Hubby, and I caved in, and bought The Magic Bullet. In case you are wondering, is nothing naughty! It is a blender that comes with 20 assorted pieces of stuff to go with it.

My youngest daughter had been bugging us to buy one for some time, and I was naturally hesitant. Most tech junk you see late at night on the tv is just that........junk....or a fad...and ends up collecting dust while taking up valuable cupboard space. Who needs more of that?!

You may have seen the late night infomercial for this gadget, and if so I have found that it is much cheaper to purchase at a local hardware/appliance shop, and that is exactly what we did. We saved almost half off of the advertised price if you factor in shipping.

Happy with the savings, we did start using The Magic Bullet pretty much immediately, and I am even more happy to report haven't stopped since. We have found that the Magic Bullet actually works better than the regular variety of blender, and is easy to care for. We know enjoy daily fruit smoothies for breakfast!!!

I do recommend anyone who wishes to try it out to purchase it, but again be wary of online prices, and check local stores first for comparison in pricing.

Happy Shopping!

Gotta Love A Geek

I had the opportunity to check out the Web Hosting Geeks website earlier this morning. Just love their eye-catching logo eh!

For those of you unfamiliar with it Web Hosting Geeks offers reviews of all the top webhosting companies in an easy to check out format. Each company comes with a listing that includes rank, benefits & features, and the ability for the users of the site to review their own webhosting service if listed.

After all of the issues that I have had with my previous webhosting service (long-time readers may recall) I cannot stress enough the importance of having good, reliable webhosting. Web Hosting Geeks makes it possible for users to compare different services in on one handy page, and hopefully find the company that will work best for you.

Here is a taste of what you will get.........

Screen shot of Webhosting Geeks main page

See what I mean.....the site make comparison shopping of webhosting services a snap! And that makes this shopping girl happy. :D

To my American readers I hope you are enjoying a safe, and happy Fourth of July long weekend!

Happy Shopping!


The Super Sexy Roadster From Tesla

Tesla Roadster

For me what makes this car a hot product is that it is eco-friendly, and will hopefully come down in price from its current $100,000 US.

For those interested in more family oriented vehicles Tesla Motors has announced that it will start production on the Model S a four-door, five-passenger sedan.

The Model S is slated to be available in 2010, with a price tag of about $60,000.


Image Credit: Gizmodo

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Shopping For Police Gear Online

Hey My Peeps!

I first started shopping online when I was working full-time and the kid was much younger. I found this method of shopping to be very convenient, and more fitting with my busy lifestyle. I still do the majority of my shopping online, including groceries!

When it comes to very demanding lifestyles I imagine that being a pollice officer or serving in the military would rank very high. If you add into that mix family, and friends who wants or has the time to spend shopping.

This is where LA Police Gear comes in! They have got everything you need to be kitted out including tactical pants, shirts, footwear, watches, holsters, eye-wear, and a heck of a lot more. I was very impressed by the various selection they are offering.

The LA Police website is easy to use, offers quality merchandise, and the pricing is very good!

Right now they are having an Independence Day sale where you can get 15% off your total, just check the site for further details, and to grab your coupon code. B)

Happy Shopping!

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Oil & Gas Prices Will Continue To Rise

Yesterday while carpooling on a rather long road trip with a friend I confided to her how happy I was to no longer own a car. Yes, I am being quite serious with you!

The main reason of not wanting to deal with the hassle of car ownership is of course the ridiculous price for oil. Are we really running out? Or is someone trying to amass an even greater fortune through promoting fear? Hmmmmm.......

Either way the price of oil is set to continue to rise in part due to this statement made by the Saudis:

"Saudi Arabia's oil minister suggested his country doesn't plan to boost production."

So far oil prices have risen more than 50 percent this year, and the experts are predicting an even further price hike.

Not So Cheery!


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Surfs Up!!!

I have always wanted to yell out those words "Surf's Up" perhaps because I was a huge sucker for all those 1960's surf flicks when I was a kid, and perhaps because I have always been a beach bum at heart despite being born a Canadian girl!

No that is not me! I wish!

So how hard would it be for a Canadian such as myself to indulge in a little dream, and take in some surfing lessons? Apparently not hard at all! I was checking out a website that offers surf camps for those who want to learn how to surf in a fun, and very safety oriented environment. These surf schools are appropriate for kids, teens, and yes even people like myself => slightly over the hill adults. B)

One of the services that I personally really appreciated is that they offer women-only classes, which I would be more comfortable with to be honest, especially because my surfing experience thus far is nil.

If you have been looking into summer camps that offer surfing than look no more, just click on that linky I have added in for you above, and check out the site, including video for further details. :D

As I was checking out the site I thought to myself what an absolutely fun way to spend a summer holiday, learn a new skill or sharpen up an old one, and stay in shape!

Surf's Up!!!

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Wasps Freak Me Out!

Ok. so call me a ninny, but wasps and other flying insects really do freak me out!!!! I know that I am far from alone, and if you too hate these pesky creatures you may just want to check out the Waspinator!!!

The Waspinator is featured over on the Gizmodo website, which is my fave for all the latest news on tech, and gadgets!

This is a safe alternative to use for getting rid of wasps without possibly harming kids, and pets. I want one!

Happy Shopping!

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Information On Facial Plastic Surgery

I had the opportunity this morning to spend some time looking at an online resource for the topic of facial plastic surgery, which also happens to be the website of a top Minnesota plastic surgeon as selected in 2007. The surgeon is Dr. Szachowicz, and his website is very well designed, and meant to be highly user friendly.

Screen shot of Homepage

The very nature of facial plastic surgery is a highly sensitive topic for most. I believe Dr. Szachowicz's website has been put together with that in mind, as it offers easy to understand information, that is worded to extend compassion, and caring. I truly had the sense that I was dealing with those who were highly experienced, and knowledgeable, which put me immediately at ease while reading through the website, and that is a very good thing! :D

Dr. Szachowicz's website not only describes both surgical, and non-surgical techniques, it also provides information on who may or may not be a good candidate for each. I also had a look through the website's photo gallery, which is fairly extensive, and provides good examples of before, and after images to give potential patients a good idea on what results may be achieved.

I would highly recommend that anyone seeking some online information on the topic of facial plastic surgery have a read through of Dr. Szachowicz's website.


Permalink 09:40:58 am, Categories: Health and Nutrition, Shopping Tips 103 words  

Shopping At The CHIN Picnic

Yes, that is yours truly as taken by the hubby yesterday at the CHIN picnic here in Toronto. Since it was Canada Day, and everything else was closed the CHIN picnic offered up a fun way not only to spend the day with a mid-way, concerts, games, food etc, but also so fabulous shopping opportunities in the Better Living Building. Stitches was there to name just one big fashion outlet, and they were selling off brand-name jeans at $5.00 bux each! How cool is that! B)

Today, I am sunburned, and a bit tired, but totally happy with our purchases.

Happy Shopping!

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Corporate Gifts To Suit Every Budget & Every Occasion

I was surfing through an online shop this morning that provides Corporate Gifts for every possible occasion, and budget, and I thought I would give you dear readers a virtual taste of what they are offering.

A World of Thanks Gift Basket

When it comes to Corporate Gifts my preference would always be something useful, but at the same time unique. The basket shown above, which is featured on the fits just that bill in my opinion. Not only would it be an absolute pleasure to receive, it is very easy to purchase, and have shipped through the website.

Here is another example of thoughtful Corporate Gifts ideas that is perfect for this time of year.

Urban Grill Set with Recipes & Music

Both of these super gift baskets can be shipped for next day delivery! The site is easy to use, and there are many more options to have a look at. You can search through their gift options via price, and/or occasion, and the very best feature for me personally is they accept my favourite method of payment, which is PayPal.

Don't forget that as of the publication of this blog entry there is still time to have Fourth Of July holiday gift baskets shipped, and delivered if you shop through!

Happy Shopping!


Permalink 01:08:45 am, Categories: Wordless Wednesday 98 words  

Happy Canada Day - Wordless Wednesday

The Canada Day Parade making its way along Westminster Avenue in Montreal West

This entry is for both the Tuesday, and Wednesday editions of WW. Happy Wordless Wednesday, and if you are a fellow => Canadian Happy Canada Day! Thanks So Much For Stopping By! :D

Please note that I do try to make sure that I visit the site's (if given) of everyone who comments here as the you comment => I follow rule is an important one to me. :D


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

Image credit: Wiki

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