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Yard Sale Treasures

This is my latest yard sale find that I purchased for $2.00 bux. Regular readers may know that I collect wooden masks from around the globe, so this was definitely a treasure for me.

This will be my little project over the next few weeks as I fix it up, and hopefully restore it to its once former glory. I'll post a pic when I'm done. :D

I believe the mask may just be Indonesian, it does have a small wax seal (I tried to take a photo of it, but none turned out to well) and I cannot make out what it says.

Anyone that wants to take a guess on this mask's origin please do leave me a comment.



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A Review Of AdmissionsEssays

Admissions is a service provider of essay critiquing and guidance. One of their areas of expertise are law school personal statements so it was with much enthusiasm that I had a look at their website a little earlier this evening.

Those of you who may be regular readers of this, and my personal blog will probably already be quite familiar with my middle daughter's desire to pursue a degree in law, hence her nickname "the lawyer" here, and on my other site.

Law school is highly competitive I am finding out. It makes sense though in that it is to a degree a sought after career choice, and their are only so many available slots within the various schools for students to be able to apply to never mind actually be accepted for.

This is where a service such as Admissions may really help in giving prospective law students an edge over the competition. They provide advice, writing tips, model essay development, proof-reading etc. They have even had some positive media exposure through the prestigious Yale Daily News, along with the LA Times, and others.

If this sounds like the type of service that you or someone you know might be interested in please do visit their website for further details, and direct contact information. Just give some clicky love to that link I have added into this entry for you.


Thank you to my sponsors.

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Bring On The Strawberries

I have always LOVED strawberries, but as an ex-smoker the following news item really got my attention. Apparently fruit compounds may stave off lung cancer in smokers. The study also made mention of black, and green tea.

Here is a snippet:

People who smoke but consume three or more servings of fruit and vegetables and regularly drink green or black tea may be keeping lung cancer at bay, new research suggests.

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles compared the eating habits of 558 people who had lung cancer versus 837 people who did not have the disease. They found that those who ate large quantities of fruit, which contains components called flavonoids, had a lower risk of developing lung cancer.

People who ate three servings of vegetables a day had 1.6-fold greater odds against developing lung cancer than those who didn't consume three servings, according to the study. Those who consumed three or more servings of fruit had one-fold greater odds against developing lung cancer.

Drinking one cup of tea a day meant study participants had 0.8-fold greater odds against developing cancer.

Flavonoids give fruit and vegetables their colours and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The ones identified in the study as most protective were:

* Catechin, found in strawberries; green, black teas.
* Kaempferol, found in Brussels sprouts and apples.
* Quercetin, found in beans, onions, apples.

In the study, the median intake of total flavonoids among controls was approximately 60 milligrams per day.

The study appears in the May issue of the journal Cancer.

Full CBC Article Here

Now there is nothing in heck that would convince me to go back to smoking, but I do think that this is some great dietary advice for anyone.


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More Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Well it is quickly coming up to that time of year again when we set forth in search of the perfect Father's Day gifts to make our Dad's happy. I do not know about you, but in our house that always tended to end up being an epic fail! Dad can only have just so many ties or rock paperweights.

If you have been searching for some Father's Day gift ideas that are guaranteed to be something he will like then search no more as I have another one of my hot shopping tips for you! has some great gift options, and super prices to check out. I was surfing through their website, and immediately saw this Baseball Lovers Peanuts tub, which my own Dad would have LOVED!

Another great gift basket would be the Pamper Him Spa Gift Set!

And lastly let me recommend the Vineyard Elegance gift basket for the wine connoisseur father on your shopping list.

Of course there are many other gift options on the website that are sure to be winners with the Dads, and do not forget the Grandfathers who you are buying for this year. All of their products are of excellent quality, and there is enough variety within various budgets to suit everyone's tastes, and financial considerations.

Happy Shopping!

My thanks to my sponsor.

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The Balkans A Safe Place To Visit

According to a 680 Radio News report the UN has declared that the Balkans, a region once known as a hotbed of crime and violence, is now one of the safest zones in Europe. Now this is quite a bit of interest for me personally as my ancestry traces back to that region, and I would be very interested in travel opportunities that may open up now that the area seems to have stabilised.

Happy Travels!

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The World Is Filled With Geminis

Yeah, you know who you are, people born in May through June. It just so happens that in this past week alone I have had occasion to send four people I personally know birthday greetings. Yes, I said four! And guess what, my hubby's big 41st birthday is this coming Saturday....that makes my total five. Oh, and there will be two more Gemini folk to buy at least cards for in the coming two weeks.

We are a family of five who are quite social therefore birthday card packs are a very handy, and economical way to make certain everyone on our own lists are remembered, and receive a greeting.

The above artsy birthday greeting card is my absolute fave amongst the CardsDirect assortment of birthday cards, although they offer a good variety with a fun balloon covered one, and a classic card that would suit well for business colleagues.

These greeting cards are high quality, and because you are purchasing them in bulk you can save a lot of money over time. Think of it ithis way one standard greeting card bought alone is usually around the $5.00 mark so in my case that would mean $35 bux in a two week span! By purchasing as a pack the cost lowers to only $1.50 per card meaning a savings of almost $25.00 bux!! Cool eh!

Hmmmm after Gemini season there is a lull for us until August and then we have the Leos to contend with one niece, two uncles, one auntie, oh and three friends....

Happy Shopping

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Watch Out For Canned Items

Hey my peeps! Remember I blogged a bit about the issue of a chemical known as bisphenol A contained in items such as baby bottles getting a ban here in Canada. The problem is apparently far worse or more widespread then initially reported with this nasty chemical turning up in canned items as well. In the canned items it has been found in apple juice, which really ticks me off because the main user of this type of product will of course be children. Here is a snippet of a news item on it:

Canned foods sold in Canada reportedly contain up to double the levels of bisphenol A that was found in plastic baby and water bottles, according to results conducted for The Globe and Mail and CTV.

In April, Health Canada indicated it planned to add bisphenol A to its list of toxic substances as a precaution, prompting consumers to shun products containing the chemical.

The highest amounts found in the testing of 14 canned goods, bought at Toronto stores, were in tomato sauce.

Other products on the list included Allen's apple juice, Heinz tomato juice and Labatt's ice beer.

Source: 680 News

Yeah, even beer is affected. Nasty!



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Fathers Day Gift Idea

Hey my Peeps!

I have a smashing Fathers Day (yep it is only three weeks away) gift idea for you, especially if your man or the Dad you are buying for is into police and/or military gear.

My man wears 511 Tactical Shorts, and shirts, and he would really appreciate a practical gift from the LA Police online shop.

Go ahead and clicky on that linky! They are the best online dealer for 511 Tactical in my opinion. The online shop is secured, they offer quick shipping, order tracking on site, and multiple methods of payment.

Sue's hot shopping tip for the day!


If you are here for WW please see below :)

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Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

My Sister snapped this shot on a recent photography excursion in the heart of our fair city Toronto. I don't know about you, but skyscrapers freak me out! I'm afraid of heights, and just looking at this photo is making my tummy go all butterfly-like. ;)

Happy Wordless Wednesday Tuesday! And Thanks So Much For Stopping By!

Please note that I do try to make sure that I visit the site's (if given) of everyone who comments here as the you comment - I follow rule is an important one to me. :D


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Regal Gifts Toy Recall

Effective immediately Regal Gifts Corporation is recalling a magnetic toy block set that has been on sale since February, 2006.

The toy sold as "magnetic shapes" and was labelled not for children under three.

No injuries have been reported, but there is concern that the magnetic strips can detach from the foam shapes, ultimately posing a safety hazard.

Regal has set up a special 1-800 number: 565-3130 for a full refund.


Source: 680 News Radio

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Easy Banking Online

I do not know about you dear readers....but I prefer to do pretty much everything from shopping to banking online. Let's face it what is more handy than getting your chores done from the comforts of your home computer or office PC......

In today's harsher economic climate I know that a lot of my peeps are looking towards opening a good, online Savings Account with some hot benefits. If that is something that might interest you then please do read on......

Have you checked out any of the WaMu accounts yet????? Did you know my peeps that through WaMu you can get free online banking combined with free electronic statements, from anywhere, anytime! How cool is you know what I am going to say next (ok you regular readers do) is always goooood!!!! B):D

If you maintain a daily balance with this savings account of $300.00 over the course of a month you can avoid the nominal service fee of $4.00 per month. And $4.00 bux a month itself ain't to shabby when you consider that Wamu provides you with the ability to access fast cash through ATMs, and the ability to protect your credit with their overdraft protection services.

If you decide to check WaMu out a little further you should take a look at their animated tour easily accessed from the main page, and familiarise yourself with all of the different benefits, and features that they offer to their users.


Thank you to my sponsor.

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It Only Took Me Two Years

My BlogMad Ranking

....but I am finally a Blog Mad blogger over at Blog Mad. B) Yep I have joined that elite circle of top bloggers, and for me not only has it been fun, but very worthwhile as well.

Since hooking up with Blog Mad in May 2006 my stats indicate that I have received 41,420 blog views just from them. It has also been a cool way to check out other blogs, and how I first came across some of my faves like MsDemmie, Ender, Mr. Fab, and Tricia to name just a few.

So I guess now that my goal has been reached, perhaps its time to set a new like 100,000 blog clicking fingers are getting tired just thinking about it!

Yayyyy Blog Mad!


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Protecting Your iPhone

I have to admit to one of my biggest concerns being the smart consumer that I am in regards to the iPhone is it's durability. When my 18 year old asked for one for Christmas last year I thought how will I feel making such a big investment into a phone knowing she could easily scratch it or put a ding in it.

If you share these same concerns with me you may just want to check out this iphone cover that I was checking out earlier this morning. The really cool thinng about this product is that it is completely invisible! It does not take away from the look nor feel of the phone.

ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD is of military quality, and comes with a lifetime guarantee because they are virtually indestructible.

I was quite impressed by these items, and feel they are definitely worth looking into further. :D

Before I sign off I want to wish my American readers a very happy & safe Memorial Day! Enjoy your day!



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Consumers Driving The Auto Industry Literally!

A green consumer who tends to take public transport like myself actually feels really good by the news that Ford is concentrating heavily on smaller cars.

The Ford Edge crossover vehicle is built at the Oakville assembly plant. It's cute eh!

Is it any wonder with gas prices ridiculously high, and the environment rapidly becoming a major concern to the masses that the auto industry is being forced by consumers to adapt to their needs? Read on:

Bad news for Ford workers making pick up trucks and SUVs in North America is good news for the Ford workforce in Oakville.

Ford is cutting overall production by 15 per cent in the current quarter and is putting the brakes on its gas guzzling pick up trucks and SUVs as buyers turn to crossovers and small cars.

Sales of the crossover in North America are up more than 20 per cent this year and the Ford Edge which is built in Oakville is one of the biggest sellers, auto analyst Dennis DesRosiers told 680News.

"They look like a truck but they ride like a car and they're very hot. Oakville has one of the better ones right now with the Ford Edge and they're about to come out this fall with the Ford Flex vehicle," said DesRosiers.

Full 680 News Article Here

And watch out North American Auto industry soonly you'll have Tatra Motors out of India to contend with!


(Photo courtesy of:

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The Power Of A Good Vacuum

Not all vacuums are created equal! Trust me I know, I have bought my fair share of duds in the past, and cursed every last cent I spent on them when I had no choice, but to haul them away to the rubbish pile. Sometimes my peeps it just pays to invest in a really good quality product like a Dyson vacuum that will last a very long time, and do the job they were intended to do without hassles.

I have two dog, three cats, a bunny, oh yeah and did I mention the three kids??? In our house a good vacuum is a must have item!

1AwsomeVac is a handy online shop for different models of Dyson vacuums at great prices. If you have not heard of them before you may just want to surf on over, and check them out. The site is well designed, they carry products in varying price ranges to suit just about every budget, they have a great reputation for customer service, and shipping, and the best part is that they take my favourite method of payment => PayPal! B) :D

Happy Shopping!

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Will It Blend? - Guitar Hero III

If you have young teens in the house chances are you have heard of Guitar Hero III.

If so, then the above video clip may just make you snigger or wince at the amount of cash being wasted. :p

As far as guitar based video games go, Guitar Hero easily cracks the top three. Unfortunately they left the Beach Boys off the game, and you know what that means...or maybe not! I was sent this video clip in an email this morning, and this was the first I had heard of this series.


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Shopping For Truck Bed Covers & Caps Online

Hello My Peeps,

Today I have had the opprtunity to visit the the Agricover Inc website, and I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you.

If you have not heard of them before, they are a terrific online resource for pick-up truck, and agricultural equipment accessories such as electric roll tarp, and utility plows.

The website is very easy to use, and is designed to allow users to rapidly find exactly what they are looking for. The products are listed with detailed information, and photos so you know what you are purchasing. The site also comes with an FAQ section, a listing of dealers, customer testimonials, and a handy contact page.

I would definitely recommend a look at their site or you can give them a shout directly through this phone number +18664145422. All of their products are built and tested in the USA. B)



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Ladder Meet Ironing Board

I came across this rather odd item over at Gizmodo, which is one of the coolest sites for strange techy stuff etc. Definitely a fun website to explore!

But getting back to the ladder - ironing board thingamaboober....yeah I too realise that it has an upside as far as space-saving goes because it is multifunctional....but I can honestly say my experiences with that sort of thing baby highchair that doubles as a dresser, or baby stroller that pops out into a playpen => why is it always baby merchandise?! => have to date always turned out rather poorly. Call me a traditionalist, but I like my products to serve one purpose for the most part.

What do you think? Am I off base with this or do you too find something almost sinister about this contraption too?


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International Phone Cards As A Gift Idea

One of the suggestions I recently made for a Mother's Day gift was phone cards, and I think I will definitely be including them as an option for Father's Day (for me traditionally the harder of the two to buy gifts for).

If this sounds like a good idea to you or perhaps you want to save some cash on your own long distance calling let me hook you up with They carry a large variety of phone cards from all of the big vendors, and save you some serious coin.

For instance have a look at some of these rates for India via India calling cards. Not bad eh! And that is just one, I believe they carry cards for over 150 countries. Cool! B)

Happy Shopping!

PS: If you are here for WW see entry below.

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Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

A man walks amid rubbish in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, England, following the UEFA Cup final. Zenit St Petersburg beat Glasgow Rangers 2-0 in the game.

I do not know about you, but that is a heck of A LOT of garbage in my opinion. Doesn't this venue supply bins, or are people just that gross?

Happy Wordless Wednesday Tuesday! And Thanks So Much For Stopping By! Please note that I do try to make sure that I visit the site's (if given) of everyone who comments here as the you comment - I follow rule is an important one to me. :D


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

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Credit Card Reports & Articles

I had the opportunity to check out a website that provides consumers with a series of credit card articles and reports in order to make informed decisions in regards to their use.

I have found over the years that my own knowledge was lacking in regards to credit issues, which is why I believe in the past I have had some credit troubles. If you feel the same way then it might be worth checking out the site via the linky I have added in for you in the paragraph above.

For instance I was just reading through a press release that offered up information on profit generating credit cards, which I found of personal interest as I am working towards building a home based business and would like to offer potential purchasers the ability to pay by credit card.

Here is a copy of that press release:

Nowadays the ability to pay with plastics is a vital point in customers' purchasing decision. No wonder, as customers prefer not to carry annoying cash in their pockets. They have got a nice alternative – credit cards that will smoothen the daily finance management. Most retail merchants take this fact into consideration accept credit cards. And it is a wise decision. The fact is that people always look for places where they can use their rewards points or low interest rates. More than that, people prefer those retailers that offer the best credit card services.

So, no matter what kind of business (offline or online) you have, you are sure to have more sales boosts and more clients if you let credit card payments. And you can lose your potential customers if you don't have a credit card payment system set up.

The contribution of all your clients to the development of your business is great. So, it is very important that your business partners and your clients can make payments with debit cards or credit cards. In your turn you will have a stable source of revenues that will ensure the success of your business. Thus, profit generating credit cards can be an ideal tool in developing a thriving business.

Overall I found this site to be very easy to use. There is also a lot of information on different types of credit cards, credit scoring, and what that truly is, and how it can affect you (something I personally was ignorant of until a few years ago).

Another thing about this online library that impressed me was the book recommendations for further reading that included topics on financial planning, investments, small business, credit repair, and retirement planning.

I genuinely enjoyed my visit to the site, and have bookmarked it for my own personal use.

Knowledge is power.



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Happy Queen Victoria Day

Just want to wish all of my fellow Canadian bloggers, and those surfing the blogosphere today a very happy, and safe Queen Victoria Day!

Victoria Day firework display from Ontario Place, Toronto

Queen Vickie's Day is also referred to by some as the May Two-Four weekend in part because it usually falls on May 24th, and because a two-four is Canadian slang for a case of 24 bottles of beer, a common packaging of the drink in Canada, and a common purchase of those planning to celebrate the weekend. Since I am a tea-totaller these days I'll hoist up an nice iced green tea brew to her Majesty. :p



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VoodooBuddy is certainly an interesting item!

Hubby sent me the link to the write-up on, and I thought I would share it here on this blog. Watch the video clip, it's pretty self explanatory. In my opinion it is kinda cool, and definitely creepy, which means I would probably buy one. :p B)

What do you think?



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I Want Bon Bons!

This video clip was voted the funniest European commercial in the year 2005....and it is not hard to see why!

I think that most of us who are parents can absolutely relate. Please note that the subject matter of the video can be considered mature.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Here in Canada it is a long weekend, and I will be spending this rather overcast, and rainy Saturday shopping for prom dresses with the middle kid. Yippeeee....

It could be the video clip. ;)



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The Scoop On A Online Car Rental Service

Being urbanites we do not own a car of our own. We actually prefer the savings of public transport, and we rely on rentals for weekend getaways etc. The freedom, and ability offered by a good rent a car service can save you a ton of cash $$$$$, and I thought I'd give my fave peeps the scoop on the car rental website.

Firstly, I LOVE Advantage because it is committed to going green, and my own money always goes to those companies that are working towards a better environment. B)

However, there are other good reasons that you should surf on over, and check them out. They have some very good bargains on cheap, cheap, car rentals, goodly terms, and their site is very easy to use. They even offer a special program for people like us that can be considered frequent renters. How cool is that?! B)

If you are planning on renting a car in the near future, or want some further info just give some clicky love to the linkys I have added in for you.

And to my Canadian peeps, have a great long weekend!!!


Testing Chemicals Found In Everyday Products

According to news reports, the Canadian federal government will soon publish its recommendations for the second batch of chemicals that have undergone a safety review as part of the chemicals management plan.

The 16 chemicals have been used in things such as chewing gum, baby bottle nipples, silicone gel implants, shaving creams, lipstick, paints, waxes, sealants, drugs, textiles and linoleum.

Some are suspected cancer-causing substances and reproductive toxins.

A toxic declaration would start the process that could lead to a ban in certain products, like Bisphenol-A in baby bottles.

Health Canada may have to reverse a decision made two years ago to allow women to get silicone implants if key chemicals found in them are declared toxic.

In regards to the latter I was honestly very surprised when I read that they had been allowed again after so many women suffered adverse health because of these.


News Source: 680 News


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Business Cash Advance - Website Review

Good morning my peeps!

I have been rather busy this morning checking out a website that offers its users the opportunity to learn more about, and apply for a Business Cash Advance.

Let us start off this review of the website with a screen shot of the company's main page.

Merchant Resources International

Merchant Resources International offers business cash advances to merchants that process credit cards as a form of payment with a small percentage going back as a fee for services. It is not to be confused with a business loan website.

As you can hopefully see from the screen capture above the website is designed to be user-friendly by being simplistic, and not overly flashy => something that I personally prefer.

Information that might be required by the user is easily accessed right from the main page through the FAQs. These FAQs include business requirements needed in order to be accepted.

Overall I was impressed by the level of information provided, client support listed, and ease of the application form. In my opinion it is worth checking out further.

If you would prefer to listen to a pre-recorded message that highlights this service you may do so by calling this phone number +18006910152


My thanks to my sponsor.

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It Pays To Shop Around

Mama was right! It really does pay to shop around....

On Mother's Day I picked up a really cool new Canon scanner/printer/photocopier for around $50 bux, which for what I was getting was a very good bargain. The scanner requires a USB cable, and since I did not have a spare I thought I'd buy one from Future Shop. I asked a sales clerk at the store for one, and he brought one back with a price tag that read almost as much as the scanner! Wrong I said! And the snippy salesman said that is what they cost. Again, I said no way, and left the store.

Later that day I dropped by my local Dollarama, a dollar or one buck store as they are also called, and picked up a USB cable that works perfect with the scanner for less than 7 bux.

It pays to shop this case around thirty dollars worth!



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Liquid Force Wakeboards

Ok these Liquid Force wakeboards are the coolest! Here in T.O each summer we have a wakeboard fest on the islands that also includes concerts by local bands etc. It is a lot of fun, and something that my 21 year old is very much into, which is why I know so much about it..

I was checking out, and saw the Diva Wakeboard, which I know Little Sue would really like. I'm going to pass on the linkage to her as the price is an outstanding value in my opinion.

Sweet eh! Just give some clicky love to that wakeboard to get more info. If that ain't exactly what you are looking for check them out for a goodly selection on wakeboards, with fast secured shipping, and multiple payment options. Gift certificates are available.


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Thrift Shop Treasure Hunting

Hey my peeps!

On Monday I spent a fair bit of time thrift shopping something I actually do quite often. I found some amazing deals that have inspired me to start up a sub category on this site devoted to reusing, and recycling products, something that I personally strongly believe in. :D

In the coming weeks watch out for a lot more articles and entries related to second-hand shops, online auctions, and that fave Spring pastime of mine => yard sailing!!!


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Car Loans

Have you ever wondered where you might be able to get some good, quick info on car loans particularly if you have a poor or non-exsistant credit history? If so then read on.....

Car Loans are the speciality of an online web source for auto financing that I was checking out a bit earlier in the day. The site is super no-nonsense, and gives you the scoop on everything you need to know, and apply for new car loans, used car loans, refinancing etc. They are the experts.

The site is easy to use, and navigate making finding the right info for your needs, and circumstances easy peasy! You can check it by giving some clicky love to the link I have added in, and you'll see what I mean. Pass the site along to anyone you might know that is currently looking for a car loan, and save them some hassles.



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Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

A seafood vendor takes a nap as she waits for customers at a market in Beijing, China. It certainly looks like it could be tiring, and smelly work!

Happy Wordless Wednesday Tuesday! And Thanks So Much For Stopping By! Please note that I do try to make sure that I visit the site's (if given) of everyone who comments here as the you comment - I follow rule is an important one to me. :D


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

Image Credit BBC


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Employer Snitch List?

Workers accused of theft or damage could soon find themselves blacklisted on a register to be shared among employers. It will be good for profits but campaigners say innocent people could find it impossible to get another job.

Here is a snippet from the BBC:

To critics it sounds like a scenario from some Orwellian nightmare.

An online database of workers accused of theft and dishonesty, regardless of whether they have been convicted of any crime, which bosses can access when vetting potential employees.

But this is no dystopian fantasy. Later this month, the National Staff Dismissal Register (NSDR) is expected to go live.

Organisers say that major companies including Harrods, Selfridges and Reed Managed Services have already signed up to the scheme.

Full BBC Article Here

What could possibly go wrong?....dripping sarcasm.... This is a dumb idea in my opinion. Who can honestly say that they have never worked for anyone that could for whatever reason abuse such a thing. Without an actual criminal charge this is wide open to abuse by less that ethical employers.


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Savings Account

My Mama always says that it pays to save, and since she has gained financial freedom at retirement age with a paid off house too boot I think it is pretty wise to listen up to what she has got to say!

I had the opportunity to check into the WaMu Savings Account earlier today, and thought I would share what I have learned about it, and pass along my own thoughts to you.

Here is a screen shot:

Firstly the site is well designed, and very user friendly. They offer their customers convenient, free online banking 24/7 that includes free electronic statements. Cool!

They offer some other pretty cool benefits in my opinion, and these include an overdraft transfer service, which will help to eliminate the possibility of a bounced cheque. They also offer easy access to ATMs around the country.

If you are thinking about opening up an online savings account you might just want to get more detailed information on a WaMu account. You can do so by clicking on the linky I have added in for your convenience above. You can also give them a toll-free call at +18007887000 in order to speak directly with one of their customer service reps. The application process only takes a short few minutes. :D

Happy Savings!

My thanks to my sponsor.

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Last Minute Cheap Mothers Day Gift Ideas

There are only 2 shopping days left until Mother's Day, and if you are still struggling for some gift ideas never fear because I have a few last minute, and in some cases very inexpensive gift ideas.

1. Give the gift of you. The best gift is often the gift of your time. As a Mom I can tell ya the best present for me is when I get to spend some time with my kids. Visit Mom, plan an outing you both might enjoy like seeing a movie, offer to help her out with household chores etc.

2. Give flowers. An old stand-by that I personally would much rather receive while I'm alive as opposed to sending them to my funeral when I'm dead. I think most Moms would agree with that.

3. Give the gift of food. Yummy baked goods, a nice coffee cake from the local bakery.

4. Give gift certificates that Mom can use at her fave shops either on person or online.

5. Give a pre-paid phone card. This is especially thoughtful if Mom has relatives that live out of town or overseas.

6. Give a framed photo of family.

Hope these help, and if you have further suggestions please do leave them in the comments.


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Get Your Daily Dose

Hey my peeps have you checked out the AddictSports forums yet? It is a cool site where you can get football picks, pro, and college, baseball talk, basketball, and more. The site is free, and really easy to use. You just set yourself up an account, and profile, and join in the discussion.

What I like about the site is that it is active, but moderated so it is not filled with spam, and off topic crap. Its a fun site, with useful info for any sports addict. B)



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Some Good News For A Change

Some good news regarding the USA economy for a change via US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

According to a BBC news report Paulson has said that "the worst of the credit crunch may have passed." He went on to say, the financial market turmoil that has led to massive losses at Wall Street banks had eased, and we're closer to the end of this than the beginning." I sincerely hope he is correct as the long term effects of an economic down turn in the US are without a doubt affecting Canadians as well.

He did acknowledge that Americans were still facing a tough time in the months ahead.

You can read the BBC article by clicking here.


Umbrella Supermarket - A Review

Good late morning my peeps! I say late because I spent part of this happy hump-day having a look at Umbrella Supermarket, which is an online resource for umbrella companies.

For those of you readers that may need some clarification, an umbrella company is "ready-made limited company that you use as & when needed. There are no long-term commitments and you only pay when you use it," as defined by the Umbrella Supermarket website. That is the simple explanation, for more detailed information on umbrella companies, who may benefit from them, and who may not, alternative etc please do surf on over via that linky above as this is provided for with the Umbrella Supermarket website, and easily accessed from their main page.

Umbrella Supermarket offers a free membership that gives the user access to reviews of the top one hundred umbrella companies, and rankings. Sub categories of the site include a discussion forum where users can interact, and discuss relevant topics in a friendly, moderated atmosphere.

My overall impression of this website was that it is well designed, with easy user navigation in mind. The information provided is useful for a contractor or an agent to make informed decisions in regards to umbrella companies. I should also mention that they have a money-saving feature as well, just click on their Special Offers page once you are signed up.


My thanks to the sponsors.


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Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

Karate Chop Chop!

A South Korean special forces soldier shatters a stack of stone blocks during a martial arts display to celebrate a public holiday in Seoul.

Ouch! Martial arts have always fascinated me, particularly this kinda stuff where they can break wood with their hands. This is something I can not imagine myself being able to do.


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

Image Credit BBC


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Microsoft Drops Bid For Yahoo

The latest bit of news I have read on the proposed takeover of Yahoo by MS states that "Microsoft says it's dropping its three-month-old bid to buy Yahoo because the two sides can't agree on an acceptable sale price.

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer says in a letter sent to Yahoo that the software maker was willing to pay $47.5 billion for Yahoo. That's $33 per share.

Ballmer says Yahoo insisted that Microsoft pay at least $53 billion, or $37 per share.

Microsoft's original offer was $44.6 billion, or $31 per share."

It certainly would have been interesting to see what a merger of these two giants would have produced. Oh well......I'm pretty neutral about it..... :|


Source: AM640 News

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Student Credit Card Options

As some of you my regular readers and peeps already know my middle daughter will be moving away to complete her secondary education, and hopefully law degree in the coming months. With this in mind the topic of prepaid phone cards for her to keep in touch, and perhaps a pre-paid credit card for possible emergencies etc has been discussed at length.

In regards to the latter we have looked at various student credit card offers and found some to be far better as far as rates go then others. As I always tend to say around here ... it really pays to shop around! is pretty much exactly what its name implies, it is an online resource that specialises in student credit cards. The site features various cards, outlines their features, and benefits, rates etc, for prospective users to compare.

Once a user has settled on a card that they feel would be best for them they can then submit an easy application online for that particular card. It is a pretty hassle-free process, that is free to do, and takes very little time.

If you would like to review some of the student credit card offers that are highlighted on this website, just use the link to click over, and get some further info.


Thanks to my sponsor.


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Dora the Explorer Pajama Recall

Just heard about this recall. If you have a little one that loves Dora read on....

The makers of Dora the Explorer clothing have issued a voluntary recall, as one of the products don't conform to Canadian flammability regulations.

The product is the Dora the Explorer 100 per cent cotton, short-sleeve two-piece pajama -- a white top with Dora print and light-pink pant.

It has a lot number of 71456 and the pajamas come in sizes 2, 3 and 3x.

About 300 sets were sold in Canada at Sears stores.

Consumers can call 1-866 593-1717 during business hours for information about getting a refund.

My little niece loves Dora The Explorer, and has her entire room decorated with Dora products. I find it sweet that she has actually learned a wee bit of Spanish because of this show. :D

Source For Product Recall: 680 News


Applying For A Business Loan Online

The process of applying for a Business Loan online has never been more easier than with => it is super fast! specialises in unsecured loans, and lines of credit for small business owners, and through their expertise are able to offer their clients a hassle-free borrowing experience. I had the pleasure of checking out their website earlier this morning, and this is what I discovered.....

The website is well designed, and user friendly. You can easily find what your looking for, and the application process is a snap. Surf on over, and you'll see what I mean. The company, and site are definitely customer service driven, something I always appreciate. You can obtain further info through a handy electronic contact form or call them toll free in the USA here: +18002010001

If you are in need of a fast, hassle free loan is worth having a look at, and seeing how they can assist you.


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Linky Love

Let's link together.....

I am always on the look out for good quality blogs to link up with. Mutual links are what the blogsphere is all about, and therefore I created a link exchange in order to help promote Nuttin' But.

If you are interested in exchanging links with this blog surf on over to my linky love page.


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The Buzz On Paragon Motor Club

With the kid getting ready to leave for College at the end of this coming summer I have been looking into different auto plans for her that include roadside assistance, extended warranty etc, because she will be attending school approx 3 hours away meaning a lot more driving. This morning I had the opportunity to look at the Paragon Motor Club, and figured I'd bring you the buzz.

Paragon Motor Club is definitely worth your time to check out in my opinion. They offer some great extended warranty packages, 24/7 assistance, discounts, and there is no admission or application fee to join. You can cancel your membership with them at any time as well, so there is nothing for you to lose by checking them out, and getting a quote.

Cool! B)


My thanks to my sponsors.


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Time To Clean That Work Station

If you are eating at your desk you may just want to skip reading this right now, and come back later.

Did you know that most office keyboards are dirtier than a toilet? It's true...and my old colleagues used to laugh at me for carrying a bottle of Lysol, and hand sanitiser around with me.


Read on:

Some computer keyboards harbour more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat, research has suggested.

Consumer group Which? said tests at its London offices found equipment carrying bugs that could cause food poisoning.

Out of 33 keyboards swabbed, four were regarded as a potential health hazard and one harboured five times more germs than one of the office's toilet seats.

Microbiologist Dr Peter Wilson said a keyboard was often "a reflection of what is in your nose and in your gut".

Full BBC Article Here

Further on in the article it goes on to state that women's keyboards were three times more likely to be germy! Ew!

Perhaps it is time that companies look at ways to providing optimum cleaning solutions for the office equipment in order to prevent illness by keyboard.

I'll be blogging about some deep cleaning solutions, and products in the very near future.


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Great Guide To Purchasing An Air Purifier

As some of my peeps already know I suffer from airborne allergies to dust, and pollen etc, and on top of it live in a major urban center that sees it's fair share of smog days in the summer. Therefore I sleep with an air purifier in my bedroom year round. Lately I have been thinking of upgrading to a newer model, and had the good fortune of checking out a really good purchasing resource for air cleaners such as the ones that work on purifying the air with uv rays, something I am just learning about.

If you would like to learn more about these Ultraviolet Air Filtration Systems please do take a look at this Air Purifier review site, which I have found to be really helpful! The site is not only jam packed with good info it is also very easy to use. :D

Cheers to healthy breathing!

Thank you to my sponsors.

Smell Ya Later!

Already being billed as the evolution of text messaging.... the technology for scented text messages has been patented in Germany. Read on:

Two German companies have patented technology for sending scented text messages on mobile phones.

Partners in the project, the Institute of Sensory Analysis and Marketing Consultancy in Göttingen (ISI) and the Oberhausen-based specialist for interactive services Convisual, announced the patent for the smart card-sized chip on Tuesday.

“People will be able to send the smell of the beach and sunshine to their friends when they’re on vacation,” Convisual spokesperson Sandra Wiewiorra told The Local on Wednesday.

Full Article Here

Cool! They say the sense of smell is the strongest memory inducer, and aromatherapy has long been credited in improving overall mood, which works towards improving over all health. It will be interesting to see how this technology will be utilised particulary by those in marketing.


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