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St Thomas Paradise

Paradise is exactly what I think of when I think of St. Thomas in the US. Virgin Islands. Sigh.....

The above photo, which depicts Magens Bay Beach, St. Thomas, USA VI really does not do this place justice, but you do have to admit that the beach, and sparkling water look heavenly.

If you have ever considered owning a piece of this paradise there is a terrific online resource for St Thomas Real Estate that you can get to by just giving some clicky love to the linky I have added into this entry for you.

The REMAX Dream Properties website is very easy to use, and is designed to give you up to the minute information on their services. There are individual sections for potential buyers, and sellers, an online guide to St. Thomas, and current featured properties, that include photos. The photos are one of those added touches that make this site a pleasure to visit in my opinion. :D

So there you have it, all of the info you need to make informed choices in regards to St Thomas Real Estate, and the Islands in a one-stop, easy to utilise internet location. Now how cool is that?!



Thank you to the sponsors. :D

If you stopped by for Wordless Wednesday, this week's entry is located below. Enjoy!

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Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

I love this photo because to me it is a reminder of a kinder, gentler, time, and place.

Green Gables, Cavendish, PEI, Canada

Green Gables, part of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish National Historic Site, has become famous around the world as the inspiration for the setting in Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic tale of fiction, Anne of Green Gables. In real life, this farm was the home of David Jr. and Margaret Macneill, who were cousins of Montgomery's grandfather. Shortly after her death in 1942, Lucy Maud Montgomery was recognized by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada as being a person of national historic significance, and a monument and plaque were erected at Green Gables in 1948. For further info please visit the Green Gables website.


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Great Military Gear Source

Good Morning! I want to take this quick opportunity before heading out for the day to introduce my peeps to a great online resource for Surefire flashlights, Surefire Batteries, and other good quality Surefire accessories, and products.

I have found this site to be well designed, easy to use, and with a great customer support reputation, including live help. Sign-up on site for email updates on all of their sales, and promotions. A terrific resource for military, and police gear!


Thank you to my sponsor.


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Maxwell House Gives Back

Hmmm......I have been doing a lot of coffee related posts lately...I wonder if this has something to do with my decision to cut back to one cup a day????

I wanted to bring Maxwell House to your attention today, not for their caffeine boosting product (which I love) but because of their Random Act Of Good Campaign.

As opposed to spending the big bux on yet another commercial or ad run they have decided to give back by funding inner city children's programs, amongst other charities. For further info give that linky some clicky love :)

In my opinion I think companies that give back by funding, and promoting community charities, and or display a strong green initiative should be supported by the consumer. And on that note I think I'll go grab a cup of Joe. :p

Hey the weekend is almost here, and you've gotta live a little. Have a great weekend!



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Poor Taste Is An Understatement

...when it comes to the Adolph Hitler doll.....

A toy maker in the Ukraine has sparked outrage after creating toy dolls of Adolf Hitler. The BBC has a video report here

The Fuhrer comes along with two sets of clothes, pre genocide, and of course during. Ew!

What next Joseph Stalin action set, Khmer Rouge cuddly toys????

I admit that when I first saw this news item I sniggered, who wouldn't this is just way too absurd, and in very poor taste in my opinion. Shame on whoever thought this was even remotely a good idea.



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Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

An English Shopping Mall

Personally I prefer to shop online or in markets or outdoor malls, and small independent shops. Malls were never really my thing, but hey to each their own.

Were you a Mall rat growing up?


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PayPal Just Got Better

I don't know about you, but I tend to shop exclusively with online shops that use PayPal. I prefer the security PayPal offers, and now that they are aggressively going after phishing attempts I feel even better about it. Read on:

Web payment firm Paypal has said it will block "unsafe browsers" from using its service as part of wider anti-phishing efforts.

Customers will first be warned that a browser is unsafe but could then be blocked if they continue using it.

Paypal said it was "an alarming fact that there is a significant set of users who use very old and vulnerable browsers such as Internet Explorer 4".

Phishing attacks trick users into handing over sensitive data.

Paypal said some users were still using Internet Explorer 3 , released more than 10 years ago. It lacks many of the security and safety features needed to protect users from phishing and other online attacks.

Full BBC Article Here

Have a great weekend!



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Hyundai Recalls Sonatas

Hyundai is recalling more than 390,000 Sonata vehicles in the United States and 31,000 in Canada due to a problem with its air bag system.

The recall affects 2006-2008 Sonata passenger cars equipped with an advanced air bag system in the front passenger seat.

The system disables the front passenger seat's front air bag when it detects the presence of a child restraint system or a small child in the seat.

Hyundai says it received some complaints that the system was misclassifying a small adult as a child and shutting off the passenger air bag. But the car company says it's not aware of any injuries as a result of the defect.

A spokeswoman for Hyundai in Canada says the company has not yet set a date for the start of the replacement program but it should be near the end of May or early June.

Source: 680 News


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Free Coffee-Mate

And speaking of coffee....

Check out this website for a no strings attached coupon for free Coffee-Mate from Nestlé. Click on the logo or linky above.

This offer is only open to Canadians.



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A Shitty Cup Of Coffee

I have had some pretty shitty cups of coffee in my day, but this is ridiculous......

Here is a snippet from the BBC:

A gourmet coffee blended from animal droppings is being sold at a London department store for £50 per cup.

Jamaican Blue Mountain and the Kopi Luwak bean are used to create Caffe Raro which is thought to be the most expensive cup of coffee in the world.

Kopi Luwak beans are eaten, then passed, by the cat-like Asian palm civit, and sell for £324 a kilogram.

All profits from sales of the coffee at Peter Jones in Sloane Square in April will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Full BBC Article Here

Call me old fashioned, but I find nothing appealing about drinking something made of poo. :roll:

Granted it is nice to see a company "giving back" so to speak regarding their support of cancer research.



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Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

The Martin 000X Hippie

Beautiful, fun guitar! :D


Image Credit: Guitar Site

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Beyonce Knowles In Bridal Veil

According to a BBC news report......

"London's Madame Tussauds has added a wedding veil to its waxwork of American singer Beyonce Knowles amid speculation that she is to wed her partner, the hip-hop artist Jay-Z."

Source: BBC



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Yummy Retro Gift Idea

Check out this trip down memory lane......

1970's Spring Time Memory Gift Box From Candy Crate B)

This Retro Candy Gift Box is full of favorite nostalgic candy. GREAT SPRING TIME GIFT IDEA! Contains Pixy Stix, Wonka Tart N Tiny, Sweetarts, Laffy Taffy, Bubble Gum Cigs, Candy Cigs, Apple Heads, Cherry Heads, Lemon Heads Small, Charms Sweet & Sour Pops, Sugar Daddy Pops, Atomic Fireballs, Boston Baked Beans, Tootsie Roll Midgees, Licorice Pipe, Necco Assorted Wafers, Wonka Runts, Fun Gum Wax, Pop Rocks, Zotz, Reeds Root Beer Candy Rolls, Classic Now & Laters, Lemon Heads Large, Smile Pops, Jaw Breakers, Razzles Candy Gum and more! Contains 60 or more total pieces (a mixture of small, medium & full size candies) & weighs between 2 - 2 1/2 pounds. Color of Gingham Box may vary. Box size approx. 8"x5"x8". Some items may be substituted when necessary. Click on the linky for more!



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Employers Crack Down On Web Use

According to a 680 News item this morning, more and more employers are putting their foot down when it comes to personal web use on the job.

Here is a snippet:

Has your employer put up red-flags when it comes to accessing the Internet at work?

Well, it's a growing trend, as some companies have begun to crack down on employees using company time to surf the Web.

It makes sense that companies want employees to do their job as they pay the salaries; however, the move may have potential employees thinking twice about job openings.

In Wednesday's Globe and Mail, it reported that 65 per cent of American firms surveyed have installed some form of Internet road-blocks to also include Web-mail and gaming activities.

The IT departments said some of these could open the company up to an Internet virus.

The negative side is that companies may increasingly find a tougher time finding new workers, as the tech-savvy younger generation has been so accustomed to Web access.

Personally, I think that employers will need to lighten up a bit when it comes to web use, provided of course that their employees are keeping up with their duties. I do agree that MSN chats, Facebook, and other social networking sites should be left for home though as these can be disruptive. When I work on the sites or blogs I always turn off any type of chat etc.



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