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Google Phone Looks Hot!

Watch out iPhone as here comes Google phones! Check out this snippet from an article I was reading earlier today:

First came the fervent and persistent rumours of a Google mobile phone.

Then, just six short weeks ago, the search supremo (and just-about-everything-else-online supremo) announced there would not be a ‘Google phone' per se, but rather dozens of them from a raft of mobile manufacturers, and all built on an open Linux-based mobile phone platform named Android.

Now things are picking up steam, with Gizmodo posting a snap of one of the rumoured score of prototype phones circulating around the Googleplex and in the r&d labs of the mobile makers.

Full Article Here

I am thinking they are looking pretty hot, and I am personally looking forward to their debut.


Image Credit: APC Mag

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Credit Repair Road Map - A Review

The 2007 holiday season is just about over. The Christmas presents have all been wrapped, and unwrapped, stockings empty, and my digestion is just about returning to normal after Christmas dinner, and rounds of goodies, sweets, and other foodstuffs that are not so good for your health, but taste so wonderful.....sigh....

Now we are heading into that other season ... paying off the holiday bills season! And it is a great time of year for those who may be in or are finding themselves in a bit of credit troubles to read up on Credit Repair Tips such as those offered at Credit Repair Road, which is the site that I am reviewing for you dear readers today.

Credit Repair Road is a very young site, but from my findings is already offering some highly informative, and useful information for its users. Topics include Credit Basics, Money Management, Credit Companies, and more. They also include Credit Repair Sample Letters, which I thought would be a great communication tool for those looking to repair credit.

Overall I found the site easy to use, and not overly flashy, which is my own preference. I am interested in the content of the site, and appreciate that it is easy on the old eyes...B)

If you are looking for some solid info on credit repair you might just want to give Credit Repair Road a try. Just click on one of the linkys above to take you to their site.


Thank you to my sponsor.


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Wordless Wednesday - "Happy Boxing Day"

Have you or will you be lining up? Have you ever gotten a really good deal on Boxing Day or do you find there really isn't too much difference in prices?

Happy Wordless Wednesday & Happy Boxing Day! Thank you for stopping by!


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

Image Credit: Wiki


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Happy Holiday Wishes For 2007

Wow! It is hard to believe that 2007 is almost at a close, and today is Christmas Eve! With the shopping done, and gifts all wrapped, and under the tree, it is now time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the holiday. If you are still scrambling you may want to check out my Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas below.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate), and a Happy, Prosperous New Year :)

I will be back soonly with tales of daring do, and braving those Boxing Day sales!!!


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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

You say you haven't finished your shopping yet???!!!!! What are you doing surfing blogs get out there you only have a few hours left!!!

Here are a few last minute ideas that should be no hassle in coming up with even at the very last minute.

1. Lotto tickets

2. Grocery store gift baskets

3. Store gift cards (sold at most convenience stores and gas stations now)

4. The Standard Box Of Chocolates

5. E-cards (many retailers now offer e-cards, which you can buy online and have emailed to the recipient)

6. Cold, hard cash ... hey I'd appreciate it!

7. Charitable Donation (everyone has a pet cause that you could contribute to in their name)

8. Give The Gift Of You (coupons for hugs are welcome virtually everywhere)

Happy Holidays!


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Wall-E Is Going To Be HOT!!!!!

Watch out for Wall-E!

Check out next year's must have merchandise:

This is the most adorable thing I have seen since Nemo, and it is way cooler in my humble opinion! The kiddies are going to LOVE it, and the fine folks at Pixar are geniuses. B)

Here is another clip:

Coolness!!!! So if this is the first you have heard of Wall-E I can guarantee you that it won't be the last.



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Who Wants To Be A Handbell Hero?

Here is a fun little time waster that I came across on the net. Not only is it quite festive in its own way, but it is damn addictive too! Dare ya to click on the linky above, and check it out. :D

You will either thank me or curse me after you realise how addictive this game really can be .. :p



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Tis The Season For Winter Getaways

Can you tell by my last posting that I am starting to get a wee bit frazzled with the whole Christmas shopping thing?! ;) To be honest I would rather be spending the day planning a fun winter getaway. :D

Regular readers here already know (and if you don't start paying attention eh!) that I love to travel (who doesn't) and over the years I have learned a bit about travelling smart.

One way to insure that you get the most bang from your travel buck is to learn as much as you can about your destination. Here as an example is an awesome city travel guide to Nassau in the Bahamas. If you check out the page you will find listings on Cheap Hotels, and descriptions on what you can expect from them. There is also a handy list to Nassau attractions, and events, and even a page to click on for the weather forecast. Pretty cool eh! B)

The Nassau guide is only one example. If you are planning an upcoming winter getaway you might want to surf on over to the website, and check out their 500 plus city guides to all the top travel destinations. I have found their guides to be informative, and helpful.

Happy Travels!

My thanks to my sponsor.

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Checking That List

It seems I have been checking that list, over, and over, and over again! Every time I think I have come to the end of my Christmas shopping lollipop I realise I have forgotten someone. Today I dashed out because I realised I had not picked up anything yet for my stepfather, and since the folks live quite a long-distance away I need to ship their gifts ...

Next year I am going to get an organiser just for gift buying! Guess that is a sensible thing to do when you have a big family.

Happy Shopping!



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Payday Loans ABC - A Website Review

Everybody goes through rough financial patches at one time or another throughout their lives, unless you are a Hilton of course, and in that case do not worry about reading the rest of this blog entry. ;)

Now for all the rest of us billion plus in the working world lets discuss payday loans for a bit. Payday loans also known as cash advances have become quite popular and even controversial to a degree of late. Some people think that these types of loans are too easy to obtain online, and others see them as a means to get over a financial hump.

I am not too proud too admit that I have needed a cash advance a few times in the not too distant past. As long as you are fully aware of the terms, and are able to pay them back on time they are ok in my opinion for emergencies.

Payday Loans ABC is an online resource for payday loans. I have found that their website is both informative, and very easy to use. If you are interested in learning more about cash advances that do not require a fax or getting the latest news from the payday loan industry then this guide will benefit you in my opinion. Just click on the link above for further info directly from their website.


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Wordless Wednesday - "Feeling Festive"

Feeling Festive

I am definitely in the festive mood! And since I will probably not be playing along in next week's Wordless Wednesday I thought I would take this opportunity to wish all my fellow WW participants a very merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and all the best in the upcoming year! The above photo is of our Christmas tree this year. :D

Happy Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday Edition! Thank you for stopping by!


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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The Bubblenator

The above image is of a wee elf ornament that I currently have hanging from my Christmas tree. He was a gift from my sister so the ornament does have a special place in my heart, however even I admit this wee elfkin is a rather disturbing looking creature. Or maybe it is just me....

Now you maybe wondering how I added the holiday message to the image. If so, it was EASY! To create the bubble text I used The Bubblenator, which is a fun, free, online service that anybody can use. Just click on the link that I have added into this blog entry, and follow the easy instructions on how to use the service.

Basically all you do is provide a link to the photo or image of your choice. Once that is done and you see your image you add in a bubble, and type up some text to go with it. The site will then give you the code to use, and you just copy, and paste that code into your blog or site. Like I said it was quite easy to do, and you are really only limited by your imagination. :D

I personally like to add images to my blogs in order to jazz them up a bit, and adding funny bubble quotes or captions will make them more interesting, and unique in my opinion.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Shopping Along Bloor Street Sunday Afternoon

Shopping on Bloor Street in Toronto

For those who are not familiar with it, Bloor Street in Toronto, Canada is normally very busy, and highly trafficked year round. Yesterday shopping along Bloor was very lonely indeed as we were hit with a major winter storm.

While it was very pretty, and a breeze for shopping (the stores were empty) I do admit I felt bad for many of the local shopkeepers who saw very little business with only 8 days to go until Christmas.

Happy Shopping!


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Purchasing Space Heaters

Dang it's cold outside! Yesterday we went through the first major snowstorm of the season, and yes our thoughts turned to space heaters. Just like in the summer when it was too hot at hubby's office, now it is simply freezing!

One great online shop for all your space heating needs is the DESA Online Outlet. They have really beautiful gas fireplaces like the one in the photo above, and even gas space heaters that are suitable for the outdoors.

Currently DESA is offering free shipping on certain products right up until Christmas, so if you are looking for a home heating product now is a good time to check them out. :D

Happy Shopping!

My thanks to the sponsor.


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Making That List & Checking It Twice

View Outside Toronto Snowstorm

A view from outside my window Sunday morning

On a blustery morning such as this it is a great time for Torontonians (or other urbanites depending on where you live) to be utilising the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission - our local public transport) to get in some Christmas shopping.

I do not advise driving in this weather, but the subway is running great! Also if you stay out of the shopping malls, and visit your local village type stores they should be empty making shopping a breeze. Plus the smaller merchants will be very happy to see ya! :D

Yesterday, I wrapped up my final major Christmas purchases in China Town, and Kensington Market, and I can tell you first hand that because of the snowy weather I pretty much had the run of both places, which is unheard of otherwise. Sweet!

Happy Shopping!


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Do Not Drink And Drive

Do not drink and drive is the message being sent by the promotion pictured above. The man in the giant glass is a former drunk driver that is being used to spread this very important message throughout the United Kingdom. This particular display is located at Paddington Station in London, England, to promote this government anti-drinking campaign.

Hopefully it works at getting this message across....


Image Credit: BBC

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Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews is a pay per blog entry advertising program that I have been signed up with for a while now. Not only are their payouts good, and speedy, they now also offer an affiliate program. If you would like more details then just clicky on this link. It is definitely worth sign-up for if you are planning to or have already monetised your blog.



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Wordless Wednesday - "At Prayer"

I found this image of people at prayer to be especially powerful, and moving.

Image Credit: BBC

Happy Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday Edition! Thank you for stopping by!


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Electronic Tombstones

Hubby forwarded me a CNN article earlier this morning in regards to electronic tombstones. Perhaps he figured that I would think it is a neat idea because I have gone on so much about wanting a digital picture frame for my desk. And if that is the case then he would be spot on because I certainly think they are a capital idea! Not only is the marker a simple recording of dates, and names with this you can include images, music, and even videos. Click on the link above to read more on this innovation in the funerary, and memorial business.


Image credit: CNN

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Tis The Season For Saving Cash With Coupons

This past weekend I was having a look for an online Chadwick's coupon to save some money on some holiday season shopping. And I did find some super savings at this link for Chadwick's coupons, and discounts. Check it out!

Chadwick's is known for hot fashion, and by clicking on the link I have added into this entry smart fashionistas can grab a coupon code for 50% off your purchase, and free shipping on orders of two item or more. ow how cool is that my peeps! B)

For more great bargains using coupon codes you have got to hook up with The site is very easy to use, and you can get coupons, and check out the latest promotions for all of the top online merchants. :D



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Blast From The Fast Food Past

Hubby sent me this vid clip in an email this morning, and I thought it was too funny...and kinda scary cause I think I remember it! Hehehe and yeah my Dad drove one of those Ford Ltd station wagons .. lol!

This ad is as old as the hills, but funny how these commercial jingles get stuck in our heads, and are still there decades after the ads stop running.

Here is another featuring the Jolly Green Giant:

We watched wayyy too much TV in the early 70's .. ;)



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Some Thoughts On Credit Cards

So now that we are in the height of holiday shopping frenzy have you been giving those credit cards of yours a goodly work out? Well if you answered no you do realise you are probably in the minority, which is why so many of us (including me at one time) get into credit card debt.

If you must use credit cards, (most people see them as a necessary evil I think) then do yourself a favour and check out a good credit card comparison website such as the one I have linked to.

Not all credit cards are created equal, nor suitable for everyone's budgets. If you are a smart consumer you will shop around for one that offers the best rates, and 0% balance transfers in order to maximise your own savings, and reduce debt.


My thanks to my sponsor

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Cough & Cold Medicines Harmful To Children

A warning has been put out regarding cough medicine for children that is rather scary considering the amount of times I gave my own kids cold remedies bought at the pharmacy when they were small.

The New England Journal of Medicine (the medical world's bible) is calling for the immediate removal of all paediatric cough and cold remedies from the marketplace.

Apparently studies have shown that these medicines do no good for children under that age of six, and in fact have the potential of causing great harm.

Perhaps we should start looking to folk remedies of old like chicken soup, which I personally find quite comforting, and helpful, and forget about these over-the-counter medicines that have become highly questionable anyway.

Cheers To Good Health!


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Are You Looking For A Car Loan?

If you are looking to obtain a car loan you might just want to have a look at this online Auto Loans Financing resource I was having a look at this morning. Auto Loans Mania is not only informative, but it provides a means to apply for car financing directly online. Their speciality is applicants who have no credit history or a problematic one so if you fall into either category no worries...just surf on over via that link I have added into this entry and check them out. :D

I have personally found that the Auto Loans Mania website is easy to navigate, well designed, and simple to use.


Thank you to my sponsor.

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Black & Decker Recalls Toasters

If you have recently purchased a Black & Decker toaster here is a heads up. The company is recalling 23,000 two-slice black infra-wave toasters that come with a digital display. The model number, which is printed on the rating plate on the bottom of the toaster should be checked. If it is a ST2000 model then stop using it immediately as it is a potential fire hazard.

Complete details on this recall are located here.

Happy Shopping!



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Unique Gift Idea

I like to gift personal gifts. I want the people that I am giving a gift to in short order to be:

1. happy with it, and

2. know that I have put some real thought into the gift I have given them

If you are like me in this way, and have a poker player on your own holiday gift giving list this year then read on because I think I have got a unique gift idea for you that your recipient should love. :D offers shoppers the chance to purchase Custom Ceramic Poker Chips either as a gift for someone or even a nice treat for yourself. These poker chips are a full graphic design, and can include your very own custom image or logo, or you can speak with one of the company's designers directly, and have them assist you in coming up with a totally unique, and fun image. offers a completely safe and secured online shopping experience. I have found their website to be well designed, and very easy to use. Each of their products comes with their own customer satisfaction guarantee, which is outlined on their site. And shipping on all orders that total over $100.00 US dollars is free! Now THAT is cool! B)

Happy Shopping!

My thanks to my sponsor!


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Wordless Wednesday - "It's The Season"

Image description: Santas warm up at a gym in Edinburgh, Scotland, for an annual run which aims to raise money for children with life-threatening illnesses.

Image Credit: BBC

Happy Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday Edition! Thank you for stopping by!


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.

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Rent A Garage In The UK

Good morning my peeps! Are you in the market for a garage? Specifically are you in need of a garage rental or place to park in the United Kingdom? If so, do read on as I am taking a look at a Rent a Garage website, and online resource today that I believe will be helpful to you.

The website I am reviewing (click on the link above at any time to access the site for yourself) belongs to Park Let Ltd. Park Let was formed by a group of people just like you, and I. These folks spent years wrestling with the frustrations caused by commuting in London every day, and they decided to do something about it hence the Park Let website!

I surfed on over to the website this morning, and was immediately impressed with the lay out, and ease of design. This site is meant to be no nonsense, and very user friendly. I like that! B)

Searches of the site are made very easy with the use of search boxes, they also allow for more than one search term meaning you can do look-ups by postal code, city or even a large navigational map.

If you have a space that is suitable for rental or for sale you can either contact Park Let through their website or give them a call via their telephone line: +448701624977 and speak with one of their experienced staffers.

Over all I found the website easy to use, and quite informative. I would recommend to anyone looking for parking space in the U.K.


My thanks to my sponsors!


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Advertising Hoarding In Paris

The above image is of an advertising hoarding that is being put together at La Defense office complex, west of Paris, France. The giant adverts are certainly eye-catching in my own humble opinion, and can have a definite impact on any product or service.

Busy with holiday shopping today....will type more tomorrow!


Image Credit: BBC


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Huggable Urns

Hot on the heels of the Muslim teddy bear scandal is this rather disturbing product -> the huggable urn! "These bears are intended as a cuddly repository for a loved one's ashes," according to the BBC. I'm sorry, and I'm certain that some people may see this as a wonderful idea, but I honestly find it creepy! What do you all think? Do you think it will perhaps help people with the grieving process? Or like me are you creeped out by this?

Happy Shopping!


Image Credit: BBC


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World AIDS Day

Here are some statistics for you:

People living with HIV:

* 33.2 million people living with HIV worldwide
* 30.8 million adults
* 15.4 million women
* 2.5 million children under 15

New HIV cases in 2007:

* 2.5 million total new cases
* 2.1 million adults
* 420,000 children under 15

HIV-related deaths in 2007:

* 2.1 million total deaths
* 1.7 million adult deaths
* 330,000 deaths among children under 15

Now let us ponder the fact that these are not merely stats. These numbers represent very real people! Since this is a topic that is dear to my heart I do donate to AIDS charities every year at this time. Please click on the link above to find out what you can do to help.

All figures above are obtained from UNAIDS AIDS Epidemic Update 2007.

I also want to take this opportunity to vent my disgust with the art student who rigged a fake bomb, and planted it outside of the Royal Ontario Museum disrupting the AIDS fundraiser this past week. It is sickening to me that anyone would ruin something that was designed to help suffering people in order to gain their 15 minutes of fame.


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