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Profiting Off The Dead

I came across an article today that is in regards to souvenir sellers in NYC. What struck me about the news article was that these are not exactly ordinary souvenir type items that you would expect to find such as t-shirts, baseball caps, etc, no these folks are hawking photos of the WTC site on fire etc....very grisly.

Here is a snippet from the article:

NEW YORK - Manuel Suarez's job hasn't earned him many fans. He keeps moving, to avoid catching the eye of the police. About 10 times a day, he is screamed at by strangers.

It's a lot of fuss for a souvenir seller. But Suarez's wares are Sept. 11 photo books sold to tourists at the World Trade Center site, and they spark an array of reactions as visitors see the images of smouldering ruins and pictures of people plummeting to their deaths.

People often accuse him of profiting off the dead. More often, however, they buy what he is selling.

The area around the trade centre site is a popular tourist destination and has become an open-air market for everything from Rolex knockoffs and Sept. 11 figurines to photo books showing the destruction of the attacks.

For some victims' families, the commerce is dismaying.

"To think that these people are coming here using this horrible disaster that our country suffered, to profit off it totally for themselves, is tasteless," said Lee Ielpi, who lost his firefighter son in the attack and later co-founded the Tribute WTC Visitor Center. "It should not be a place where people come and make money on the dead."

Full Article May Be Read Here

You know I am all for making money - obviously! But this, this is too much in my own humble opinion. Maybe in about 200 years something like this would be somewhat acceptable, but now ... it is too soon .. and way to fresh.


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AERO Award Program

Advanced Energy Research Organization, LLC (AERO) announces an up-front 200,000 licensing award and minimum $5 million two year royalty program for a qualifying new energy breakthrough.

The Charlottesville, VA energy research company is leading a world-wide search for promising, out-of-the-box inventors and scientists who have provable energy generation inventions that need support, further development and widespread public exposure.

AERO CEO Steven M. Greer MD notes that, "Over the past 100 years, many major energy breakthroughs have withered on the vine, died with the inventor or been absorbed into secretive corporate or government programs. It is AERO's mission to see that these new technologies are protected, supported and massively disclosed to the public so that we can go beyond our current addiction to oil, gas and coal and begin a new, sustainable era in human history.

AERO is uniquely qualified to see that such technological innovations make it to market. Our network includes 'A-list' celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, current and former heads of State and millions of people who follow our work. The inventor or team that has a qualifying system for energy generation will have the full force, support and protection of this unique, global network.

Web site for more information:

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Insurance Marketing

Not all Insurance Marketing services are created equal or the same for that matter, at least that is what I have been told in regards to it. Therefore I was quite curious earlier this afternoon to spend some time looking into, and checking out this insurance marketing resource at Quotes, and learning a bit more on what it is exactly that they are offering. If this is a topic that interests you then please do read on....

Firstly, what immediately caught my eye is that they are offering through a special promotion that is currently running two hundred dollars worth of high quality insurance leads absolutely free, yes, I said free! Simply click on the link I have provided to you within this entry (above) to be taken directly to the website for further details on this. All you have to do is fill in a simple to use form in order to be contacted.

The second thing that impressed me with this site is that they provide numerous articles on various aspects of insurance marketing to the readers of their site. These are very easy to locate on their left-hand navigation bar, and are quite informative in my own humble opinion.

Again, for further info, and pricing, as well as sample leads click on the link above to be taken directly to the website.


Thank you to the sponsor of this post.

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Turning Back The Clocks

Is it just me my peeps? Or is everyone sick, and tired of Daylight Savings Time already? Personally I am quite happy to see the end of it a bit later today (good riddance I say) and reclaim that one hour of sleep back. Woo Hoo!

Seriously, everybody seems to be cranky lately, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the pushing back of the change over to Eastern Standard by a few weeks?


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1000 Boxs

I had the opportunity to visit a little earlier on this afternoon, and check out the service that this website is offering to its users. It was pretty interesting in my opinion, and if you are looking for a new possible type of advertising venue please do read on, and learn what I found out during my visit.

Firstly this type of advertising strategy is still quite new so I am not certain how successful it might be, but again I did find the concept of it quite intriguing!

If you click on the link I have added in for you above you will be taken directly to the home page. There you will see a grid of very colourful, wee boxes. If you click on one of these boxes it will expand giving you info on a specific site, with a link etc. It is actually pretty cool, and opening up the individual boxes reminded me of opening up a Kinder Surprise. :D It was fun!

Advertisers are promised creative control of what goes into their own unique, and personal box. There is also a blog that is a companion to the main site that gives much more detail, and info for those who might be interested in getting involved. B)


My thanks to the sponsor of this post.

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Three Months Of Facebook Has Taught Me....

....that social networking is great particularly when you have something to promote such as an e-business, blog or website. However, beyond that I am really starting to find the whole thing a chore. I'm going to spend a wee bit of time this afternoon removing apps, and generally cleaning up my facebook profile. I'll definitely keep my account open, but seriously have been spending less, and less time with it....


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Gorilla Off Topic

So what is Gorilla Off Topic you might be asking yourself, and if so, just hang on because I am quite happy to have the opportunity to tell you!

Firstly let me start off by explaining the "Gorilla" part. The "gorilla" is the one, and the same from Gorilla Trades, which are those highly funny, investment TV commercials that there has been so much hoopla about on the net lately. I have blogged about the "gorilla" ads on this very blog in the past. You should check them out!

Well now we have got Gorilla Off Topic to check out, and the title is pretty self explanatory. Gorilla Off Topic is the blog of the "gorilla" and it is completely off topic, in other words it is about anything, and everything under the sun with the exception of stocks, and investments.

I surfed on over to Gorilla Off Topic, and read some of the entries, these include sports commentary, and some bizarre news items, which I found to be interesting if not down right weird. I can tell you it does have the makings of a good blog, and is worth your while to click on the link above, and have a look for yourself. Happy blog surfing! :D


Thank you to the sponsor of this post.

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Canadian Shoppers Riding The Soaring Loonie

I was listening to a radio report this morning that announced Sears Canada is dropping its prices on this side of the border. This is of course in response to the larger than norm volume of Canadians travelling over to the States to take advantage of the strong dollar, and get in some pre-holiday bargains. Retailers this side of the border are being forced to compete, which is always good news for shoppers...:D

In a poll they cited 74% of Canadians are very happy with the loonie trading as high as $1.07 to the US dollar. And while I too am enjoying the benefits at the moment, if this keeps up for a lengthy period I wonder how long before Canadian manufacturers will be hurt. :-/


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