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The Invisible Shopping Cart

Good Sunday afternoon my peeps! I be loving that I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER, where the above image was borrowed from. :D If you haven't checked out this cute, and crazy site before just give the linky in this entry some clicky love, and you won't be sorry! Definitely a fun way to brighten up anyone's mood!



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Forex Trading 101

A few of my friends have gotten into Forex trading, but it is something that I personally have no direct experience in. Therefore when I was given the opportunity to check out this online Forex trading resource I was definitely curious to learn more.

Before I go on to the website review I must state that it is my humble opinion that any type of investing requires some good knowledge on the part of the investor beforehand. When it comes to our money "knowledge is definitely power."

Forex Club is an online resource for Forex trading. The website is very well designed, and easy to use for the end user in my opinion. The site contains extensive info on Forex, including professionally made introductory videos.

There are forums for members of the site to network with other traders, which to me would definitely be an over all asset in itself. I personally tend to learn quicker from others (particularly those who have been there) then attempting to learn on my own.

Forex Financial Club also offers live toll-free telephone client support, which is another feature that I would definitely see as a plus.

If you are interested in this topic I do recommend you have a look at this company via the links provided within this blog entry.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Another Recall Of Children's Products

You know at this point I am seriously starting to think I should create a sub-category of recalled children's products that were manufactured in China. Better yet perhaps we as parents should just pitch them all?! Harsh I know, but this is getting ridiculous. Here is the latest:

Kolcraft playpens. One thousand of these affected models were sold in Canada, but over four hundred thousand were sold in the US. It’s the latest in the series of recalls involving Chinese-made products. The recall comes after a ten month old boy died of strangulation when he got caught in a restraining strap. The recalled playpens, which were manufactured in China, were priced at between $50 and $130 US and sold in stores from January 2001 through September 2007.

The affected models are:

• Kolcraft Travelin' Tot.
• Kolcraft Travelin' Tot LTD.
• Kolcraft Travelin' Tot 3-in-1.
• Kolcraft Travelin' Tot 4-in-1.
• Carter's Lennon Travelin' Tot.
• Sesame Beginnings by Kolcraft Travel Play Yard.
• Jeep Sahara SE Play Yard.
• Jeep Sahara Limited Play Yard.
• Jeep Sahara XT Play Yard.
• Jeep Sahara Limited SE Play Yard.
• Jeep Sahara Limited XT Play Yard.
• Contours 3-in-1 Play Yard (with rocking cradle and changing table restraint strap).

For more information, check out their website here.


Source Info: AM640 News

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Credit Repair Online 101

Credit Repair is a hot bottom topic for many of us at least at one time during our lives. For me I got into a lot of problems with credit cards in my early twenties, and then again I got into some credit troubles, and ended up defaulting on a personal loan in my early thirties. Hey, it can happen to anyone. We think we are cruising along financially, and then bam a recession hits, and we lose our jobs or our partner loses a job etc, and then we find it increasingly difficult to meet our own financial obligations.

Well not to worry there are ways to repair bad credit, and some good credit repair resources online such as

I had the opportunity to check out their website earlier this afternoon, and read up on their credit repair guide. The guide offers useful advice, and is available through their website for $19.95 US. Topics that are covered in this credit repair guide include, Free Government Grants, Wipe out Debts Without Bankruptcy, and Stopping Collection Agencies, to just name three. A full listing of the subject matter, and a sample are available on the website.

If you think you might be interested in purchasing this guide or you would like more detailed information then you can click on any of the links within this blog entry to access the site.


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iPhone Warning Is Real

According to a BBC news item Apple iPhone warnings have proven to be true. An Apple software update is disabling iPhones that have been unlocked by their owners in order to different networks. Here is a snippet from the BBC:

Earlier this week Apple said a planned update would leave the device "permanently inoperable".

Thousands of iPhone owners hacked their expensive gadget in order to unlock it for use with other mobile carriers and to run a host of unsupported programs.

There are also reports of the update causing issues with unaltered iPhones.

On Monday Apple issued a statement in which it said many of the unauthorised iPhone unlocking programs caused "irreparable damage" to the device's software.

The company said this would "likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed".

Full BBC Article Here

Apparently users are already reporting that it is true, and that their phones were pooched after updating. Personally I would never buy a phone that forced me to use a specific network, but to each their own. Considering the cost of the iPhone I do feel bad for those users that found this out the hard way.



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Private Jet Charters

Good afternoon my peeps! My morning was spent in part checking out the website of a company that provides Private Charter Flights for both business, and individuals. The company is New Flight Charters, and the following will be a bit about what I have learned about them earlier today. Read on....

Firstly, New Flight Charters has been in business since 2003, and to date have a perfect safety record, which lends much credibility to their already excellent reputation. This to me as a passenger, and consumer is perhaps the single most important thing when it comes to flying, and on this I know that I am not alone!

I checked out their extensive fleet whilst on their website, and I also noted that they state that they provide the lowest rates in the market today for the services that they are providing.

The New Flight Charters website is well designed, and very easy for web surfers to use. I was impressed that in their about us or get to know you page that they did include short bios on their personnel including their qualifications.

If you are interested in obtaining further details, and information on this company you can call them directly toll-free in the United States via this phone number: +18007321653 or you can click on the link above, and visit their website.


My thanks to my sponsor.


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Halo 3

Gamers across Europe got their hands on Halo 3 at midnight on Tuesday, one of the most anticipated and heavily marketed titles in history.

I haven't played any of the Halo series yet, but must admit that the hoopla surrounding the Halo 3 launch has got me quite interested, and it is exciting! Here is a snippet from the BBC:

In the UK more than 1,000 shops opened at midnight so gamers could get their hands on the title.

Many gamers started queuing outside shops in the afternoon to ensure they got hold of a copy.

The Xbox 360 game is Microsoft's key weapon in the console wars with Sony and Nintendo.

Simon Soffe, a spokesman for retail chain Game which opened 150 shops, said: "Half of them seemed to be going home to play on their own and the other half were planning to go online and play against other people."

Microsoft hopes day one sales will top £70m ($140m), more than the opening takings of any movie in history.

However, sceptics point out that video games cost upwards of £40 ($80), while cinema tickets are much less.

Full BBC Article Here

Hmmmm in regards to video games outselling movies, yep I can see it, and much sooner then perhaps others anticipate.

Are you a fan of the Halo games? Will you be getting a copy of Halo 3?


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Corporate Branding Services

Branding a new product so that it is easily identifiable with a specific company can definitely gives its introduction into the marketplace a big boost if that company is considered reputable, and is already associated with quality products. There are many examples of products that are successfully branded like the iPod, iPhone, iTunes etc that are so readily associated with Mac, and are instant must-haves for Mac fans globally.

Today I reviewed the Brand Identity Guru website, which offers services in corporate branding. The site itself is well designed, and easy to use. I found it to be informative, and would encourage anyone that is even mildly curious in the topic of corporate branding to click on the link provided at the beginning of this blog entry, and read through the main page of the Brand Identity Guru website.

If you are interested in the services they provide there is a partial list of their current, and past clients (which I must admit I was quite impressed with) as well as an about us page that I would strongly urge you to check out. Again I found these pages to be informative, useful, and well worth the time to read.

I must say that my own knowledge of this subject was expanded just by visiting their website. :D


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Topless Nun Ad Offends

I have to admit to you dear readers that I am not the sort of person who is easily offended, nor do I consider myself a prude. However, even I must say that the above sign, which is causing an uproar in the United Kingdom is in rather poor taste in my own humble opinion. Here is a snippet from the BBC:

Plans to erect a sign with the image of a bare-breasted nun outside a seaside resort hotel, converted from a convent, have angered councillors.

Tenby Town Council is urging planners to refuse permission for the sign which depicts a nun lifting her bodice.

They claim it is "disrespectful and inappropriate" for use outside the former St Teresa's Convent building.

However they are supporting plans to turn the convent into a luxury hotel, restaurant and bar.

The convent was home to nuns until 1996 when the sisters who ran it became too old to continue. It had been a boarding convent school prior to that.

Businessman Sean Roche has submitted two separate applications for the hotel which he plans to call The Convent.

Full BBC Article Here

Calling the hotel and spa "The Convent" is one thing, but the signage in my opinion is too much, and completely inappropriate.


Learning From A Master

What I mean by my subject header "Learning From A Master" is not a direct reference to myself of course, but an internet consultant with a proven track record for making money online. If this is a subject that interests you as much as it does me then please do read on......

I had the opportunity, and pleasure of visiting the website of Garry Egan earlier on this very afternoon. Garry Egan's area of expertise is Internet Business Consulting, and from my own bit of research he has definitely made a name for himself in this field.

Amongst the many types of internet services that Garry Egan provides consultation on is Pay Per Click Management something that I personally would like to learn more about.

Aside from the site being very easy to use, which I would expect from a website of an e-commerce specialist, I was most impressed in how open, and accessible Garry Egan appears to be. In fact he encourages a chat for those seeking a bit of free business advice via his phone line: +15033804118 Just ask for Garry! Now how cool is that eh! B)

If knowledge is power, and you are serious about e-commerce, you might want to explore the services being offered by Garry Egan more in-depth by clicking on the link provided to you above, and visiting his informative website.


My thanks to my sponsor!

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Super Skinny Nudes Not Very Sexy

A shock campaign by photographer Oliviero Toscani against anorexia was unveiled in Italy, featuring an emaciated woman in an advertisement for an Italian fashion house.

You have to admit that while beauty is usually in the eye of the beholder there really is not much in the way of beauty or sex appeal in the "size zero" body shown above.

I have no idea if the above campaign will work in helping women, and yes men that suffer from anorexia, but perhaps it will change society's attitudes towards ultra thin looks.


Image Credit: BBC

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The Word On Graphic Organizers

I had the opportunity to vist a website, and read an interesting article on graphic organisers, and how they apparently can assist people in learning better, and enhance their own productivity. This was something quite new for me as it was the first time I've heard of it. Definitely of interest, you might want to check it out for yourself by giving some clicky love to the link within this entry. :D


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Wordless Wednesday - April Cornell

I LOVE April Cornell Merchandise!

And I snapped the above photo during a recent window shopping trek. April's stuff is gorgeous! If you are unfamiliar with her you might want to click on the linky above, and check her site out. :D

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!


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Joy Division Contest

If you are a fan of Joy Division you have got to check out this cool contest I came across while surfing around the net this afternoon. Rhino is giving away a Joy Division Vinyl set, and all you have to do for a chance at it is fill in a very quick online form here. Cool eh! B)

And if you enter good lucks!


Network Network Network!

I cannot think of a single more important thing to getting a new business off of the ground then business networking, and with that said I am delighted to introduce to you my dear readers a great way to network online, and get your own small businesses out there!

As many of you my regular readers know I have been working on my own home-based business for quite some time, and hopefully will permanently be my own boss from this point forward. Getting a home based business to become profitable requires a tremendous amount of hard work, and that includes networking! Networking online does not have to be difficult though. All you have to do is check out, which you are going to be pleasantly surprised to find out (I know I was) is absolutely free to join. Yep, I said free - how cool is that! B) has several thousands of members already that you can hook-up with, and resembles for those of you familiar with the latter. The site is very easy to sign-up for, and use, just check it out via one of the links in this blog entry, and I am certain you will be as equally happy with it as I am. :D


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A Strong Loonie.....

While many Canadians are cheering on the strong Canadian dollar (loonie) I admit I am feeling the pinch. Last year at this time a sponsored post paid in US dollars was worth far more than it obviously is today. When I went to make a conversion at PayPal from US to Canadian dollars this past weekend the loonie was trading at $1.03 to the US....yep we Canadians are now losing on the conversion....and are still not seeing a break in the costs of US good in our stores...

I may take advantage of the strong Canadian dollar and visit the US this winter, which would be a huge savings with the dollar at par, but other than that I see no real benefit for the average Canadian. In fact it is probable that there will be job losses in our manufacturing sector...

Not much to cheer about ... eh!


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Omaha Personal Injury Lawyer

Good morning my peeps! Earlier today I had the opportunity of having a look at the website of a law office, and resource for an Omaha Personal Injury Lawyer.

The Demerath Law website impressed me with its ease of use, and informative articles on such topics as auto accidents, boating and jet ski accidents, and wrongful death. It is definitely a worthwhile online resource for these topics, or if you would like to speak to someone directly via the phone you can contact them through +14023595656


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What Happened To Blog Mad?

At one time Blog Mad appeared to be the best traffic generating site for blogs on the net. Lately things have been rather slow, and this morning (much to my horror) it looks like Blog Mad has lost their domain!

Worse yet, the two blogs of ours that linked directly to Blog Mad images such as badges were taken down. See Crinkley Bottom Extra as an example. If anyone knows how to get a hold of this fellow blogger please do pass along to them what is going on.

So does anyone know what is going on with BM?



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Weird Bit Of Real-Estate News

That cool looking piece of property pictured above is Bran Castle - the 14th-Century building famous for its links to the Count Dracula story. Apparently there has been a serious dispute in it's ownership putting the recent sale of the castle in jeopardy. Here is a snippet from the BBC:

It was returned to New York architect Dominic Habsburg, a descendant of the country's former rulers, last year after 60 years under state control.

Some MPs say that process was illegal and want to stop the castle being sold.

Mr Habsburg has threatened legal action, saying it would be a "dreadful injustice" to strip him of ownership.

The infamous Prince Vlad "the impaler", the real-life inspiration for Dracula, is reputed to have spent a night at Castle Bran.

This connection has been a boon to the tourist industry in Romania, and MPs are keen to hold on to a prized asset.

Full BBC Article Here

It will be interesting to see how this is resolved. Personally I would love to see the castle turned into a museum so that it can continue to bring Romania much needed tourist dollars.


Venture Capital Funding

Are you an inventor or entrepreneur that is looking for Venture Capital Funding? If so, or if you are an investor looking for an online resource for a hot new opportunity then stick around, you'll want to read more about the website that I had the opportunity to visit, and review a little earlier today. I promise you, this site is hot! B)

Raise is the online go to place if you are seeking an investor or vice versa. The site is a hot meeting place where you can showcase your concepts, and business ideas along with your financial needs. It is a great way to hook-up with the right backers for you. I was personally impressed with the set-up, and video offered on the site for further info on the service.

Have you heard about the many folks who have been taken in by funding scams, and spam emails? Raise works towards eliminating the possibility of being scammed by providing a safe, and secure online environment for networking, and they are cost effective to boot! The process is streamlined, and simplified, and they do offer live customer support, the latter being something that I personally appreciate.

Have a look at Raise by clicking on the link, and be sure to check out the video I mention above, and see if this awesome service might be helpful to you. B)


My thanks to my sponsor!

Pine Cone Peso Almost At Par With US Dollar

Since I am only 40 years of age I cannot really recall the last time the Canadian dollar was at par with the US one. I believe I was around ten years of age at the time, and lets face it really could have cared less back then. ;)

Today, I am concerned. Is the United States poised for a recession? Experts do seem to think so. Will they inevitably drag us down with them? I sure as heck hope not! And when will we see a break in the price of their goods seeing that our money is pretty much at par right now?

I know, I'm full of questions, and will be seeking the answers. I would love to hear your own thoughts on this.


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Car Loans 101

Good morning my peeps! I am actually feeling a bit better today, and looking forward to introducing you to this online resource for obtaining a Car Loan. B)

Ideal Car
offers consumers an easy to use one stop online shop for anything, and everything to do with car loans. I personally found it to be well put together, and quite informative! :D

The site is appropriate for everyone, including those of us that have less than great credit if you know what I am saying... :p

If you are in need of a car loan, or would just like some further info click on one of the links above to be taken to the Ideal Car Loan website.


My thanks to my sponsors!


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Wordless Wednesday - Pimpin' Made Easy

Pimpin' ain't ever easy!

Unless you are trying to sell an adorable puppy or something similar of course! :p The above photo was taken outside of an ad agency in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!


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Saving Big Money By Doing It Yourself

Good Monday morning my peeps! We had a very busy weekend, and I woke up late this am, with a nasty bit of a head cold to boot. Yuck! And enough of that! I am going to attempt to cheer myself up, and hopefully bring you something helpful, and informative by blogging about one of my favourite subjects here on the "pimping" blog, and that is saving money! Mine, and yours ... read on... B)

Winter time is around the corner, and yeah I know who wants to think about that, but it is important to start thinking about getting those pre-winter, and pre-holiday home improvement projects under way. is the online resource for do-it-yourself types that want to save big money on their projects. The site is information packed with useful articles on topics such as, Installing Ceramic Tile, and Kitchen Cabinet Projects.

Now reading an article is one thing, and works for some people, but if you are more like me you will definitely appreciate the companion DVD that you can purchase on all these home improvement project topics. How cool is that! B)

Visit for more and buy the DVD. We have completed several of our own home projects now including Painting, ( check out the Painting DVD here) and with a bit of good foreknowledge, and info you can obtain professional quality results, while saving big $$$ by doing it yourself. :D


My thanks to my sponsor!


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If I Did It

"If I Did It" the "fictional" account (does anyone actually believe it is fiction?) of the slaying of Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman written by O.J (who does not think he is the killer?) Simpson was recently published by the family of Mr Goldman.

I do not care how this is marketed or spun ... I would never buy this book ... it is beyond fact I'm not certain there is a word that could describe such garbage. Sorry, but I cannot see any good coming from the publishing of this book. :(

In other OJ news .. he is apparently a suspect in an armed hold-up. Anyone surprised his name has factored into another crime scene? Guilty or not this time around...

More on that in this CNN article


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Gearing Up For The Holidays

Hahahaha! Did the above image make you do a double take??? I know, we are just finishing up the summer break in the northern hemisphere, and here I am bringing up the holidays ... and most importantly holiday shopping! :>

Well in my opinion it is never too early to start planning for the holiday season, and getting a start on shopping for gifts. This of course includes (as you already know if you are a regular reader here) using coupons to save money on our purchases.

This year our family holiday wish list includes items that the whole family can use like a flat panel LCD TV, which Dell Home coupon codes can save you a whopping $200 bux on!

Shhhhhhh ... I am also planning on spoiling the kid with a new digital camera saving money with Best Buy deals.

Now that I've got ya thinking about holiday gift giving why not surf on over to Coupon Chief, and bookmark this fab site to get you saving some cash not only for the holidays, but all year round! Trust me, it's a cool site, that has already saved us personally lots of $$$$$. :D

Happy Shopping!


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PPP Direct

Well my peeps, I have had my very first PPP Direct experience. I was approached by an advertiser last week, but wanted to wait until the entire transaction (meaning payment received) was completed before blogging about it.

Firstly the turn around in payment was very fast! I received the agreed upon price within 5 days of the post going online, and being approved. I will not say the exact amount offered, but it was substantially more than I am currently asking for. Sweet! This also makes me wonder if I am currently undervaluing my writing?

The set up for PPP Direct marketplace is very easy to use, and I enjoyed the security of knowing that PPP was still involved.

All in all a positive & lucrative experience!


ORIKI Cosmeceuticals

Good afternoon my peeps! Today I had the pleasure of learning more about ORIKI Cosmeceuticals, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to them if you are not already familiar with this fabulous skin care line. :D

ORIKI skin care products are designed with AMO or Asian, Mediterranean and Olive skin types specifically in mind. My daughters are Olive skin type, and therefore I have first hand knowledge of how important it is for people with AMO skin to find, and use the right product for their type of skin.

Did you know that certain types of ingredients will absolutely damage delicate AMO skin? ORIKI as stated above is designed for AMO skin, and therefore already takes this into consideration. They only use safe ingredients, which you can read more about in greater detail within their website.

You can purchase individual products, but one of the things I do appreciate about ORIKI is that they have simplified the shopping experience by putting together skin care kits, which will save you money. And saving money is always good!

If you have AMO skin then definitely click on the linky provided in this entry, and check this fine online company out (shopping through them is secured) or if you know someone who is AMO skin type please do pass along the link. :D

Happy Shopping!


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Wordless Wednesday - Paris Flea Market

I just LOVE the above print! :D I love the choice of colours, and naturally that gorgeous hat! You can view other examples just like it, and/or check out purchasing info by clicking here. Ahhhhh Paris in the Fall ... oooh la la!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!


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Body Shop Founder Passes Away

Dame Anita Roddick

Dame Anita Roddick

Such sad, and tragic news that Dame Roddick has passed on at the young age of 64 from a massive brain hemorrhage. If I could have had just one mentor in the business world of my own choosing it would have been her. A great lady, and a terrific company! Her life's philosophies, and business model thankfully live on in The Body Shop. Rest in peace Anita Roddick you will be missed......


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Get Your Data Backed Up

Good morning my peeps! In an odd bit of synchronicity I was on the phone with my sister while reviewing an online backup site called IDrive-E (yes I can multi-task)...the weird bit was that as I was surfing the site she starts telling me how her PC crashed the night before, and she thought she might have lost some stuff.

I told her to "hold the phone" so to speak, and check out the review I am offering up today!

IDrive-E is hot in performance, and features. It is free to use up to to 2GB, and if you like the service you can easily upgrade to unlimited storage for $4.95 per month. Cool eh! B)

I like when it works out that my entries coincide with something that might be useful to a loved one! :D


My thanks to my sponsors!


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All Natural Pet Treats

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how the recent pet food recalls had really put a scare into me, and made me seriously consider what types of foods/treats I purchase for my dogs.

In a weird bit of coincidence shortly after typing up the entry on "Wal-Mart Discontinues Selling Certain Dog Treats" I came across Doggie Bags!

Doggie Bags
is a brand new company that has been set up by fellow blogger, and Torontonian Trish! And I thought how cool is this! B)

Of course we wish Trish all the best with her new business, and look forward to trying out her all natural creations on Max, and Kipling!

Go have a look at her new site, and please do let her know that Sue sent ya over! :D

Happy Shopping!

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Make Money Online

I do not know about you dear reader, but I am bombarded with "get rich quick" spam emails daily. And lately when I surf through the blogosphere using traffic generating surf sites like Blog Mad, or Blog Explosion I come across many sites that promise much of the same. There seems to be far too many of these types on the net with very few actually turning out to be good resources for money generating programs.

This afternoon I had a look at a website that offers to show readers how to Make Money Online by example. The site is aptly named "Marketing to Make Money Online," and is brand new so there is not very much content at this point. However, the entries that are online are relevant to the purpose of the blog, and well written. If the blog author sticks with the purpose of the site it could very well become a very good resource for online money making opportunities, and a how-to guide for others. To be honest with you at this point it is hard to tell if this will be the case or not, but since this is a topic of interest to me I will keep an eye on the site, and perhaps write a follow-up at a future date.


My thanks to my sponsor!

Anti-Smoking Ashtray

Talk about effective advertising! This anti-smoking ashtray really drives it's message home - loud and clear. I LOVE it! B)

I'm telling ya, stuff like this only further works towards making sure I stay a non-smoker! Just looking at the photo above is gross ... lol!


Image Credit

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It's All In The Cards

Pictured above Copag Playing Cards

It is all in the cards - at the very least my sanity is as of late! For those of you who may not be regular readers of this blog or follow my other more personal family blog, The Urban Zoo, I will fill you in on what I mean by that statement ... :)

Recently both hubby, and I have quit smoking cigarettes, which as every ex-smoker knows is not exactly a cake walk nor easy thing to do. The worst is the craving part of the quitting process, but I have found a means of distraction through playing cards such as the ones pictured above, and it does help. :D I have been playing A LOT of solitaire, and when the kiddo is home from school quite a few rounds of gin rummy!

Copag Playing Cards are the best on the market in my opinion today. They are a casino quality playing card, and in fact used by casinos world over. You can purchase them online at great savings via Cardroom They provide safe, and secure online shopping for cards, poker supplies, etc. And as a bonus for shoppers like myself, they do accept PayPal, which is my own preferred method of payment. B)

You can check them out by clicking on the image above or through one of the links in this entry.


Thank you to my sponsor!

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Measured Up

A friend of mine recently passed along the Measured Up linky, which is a brand new forum for customer reviews. :D Customer review sites can be quite empowering to the consumer, and send a strong message to merchants. Measured Up looks like a lot of fun, and your reviews can win cash prizes to boot! How cool is that! B)

Here is what they say about themselves: is a new site where you, the consumer, rate and review the customer service you experience from any business, large or small, anywhere, at anytime. Now you don't have to quietly absorb those obnoxious comments and looks from the shoe salesperson, the counter person or the barista. is the perfect forum for the shy or busy shopper to vent, tell their outrageous stories and get in the last word.

Not only will you feel a bit better after letting that person know that their attitude and smirk were not appreciated but companies that monitor for comments from consumers like you may address the situation giving you the ultimate last word. For the rare and wonderful service you receive, is a great way to reward a person or company with the best praise of all, recognition and recommendation.

Categories exist for "Shopping, Restaurants, Beauty and Travel" and for those wanting to go a bit further try categories like "Cable and Phone companies" and "Dry cleaning." gives individual experience a public forum upon which the best and worst in customer service can be put in the spotlight. The site is cathartic, free and easy to use.

I've bookmarked the site for my own future use. Go check it out, and let me know what you think. :D

Happy Shopping!


Review of Vontoo

Vontoo voice messaging is on the leading edge of voice marketing technology, and compliments other marketing strategies such as postal mail, email etc. With this in mind I decided to explore the Vontoo website, and learn more about this hot service that is being buzzed about in the sales & marketing communities.

Basically Vontoo allows businesses to create, and send personalised, and targeted phones messages without the need of having to purchase or install expensive software. Cool eh! B)

When American Idol finalist LaKisha Jones was featured in a highly successful Vontoo calling campaign the buzz surrounding this service got real hot! You can read more about that along with other campaign successes on the Vontoo site.

Currently Vontoo is offering a 30 day free, with no obligation afterwards trial of their service. You can also check it out right now via a demo on their site. Just click on Voice Message Demo, enter your phone number, and voila.

I believe that once you surf on over, and check out the Vontoo site you'll agree that not only is this service complimentary as stated above to other sales, and marketing strategies, but if you look at the breakdown of their pricing it is highly cost effective as well. B)

Happy Sales!

Thank you to my sponsor!

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Knits For Fruit

Ok. I admit that when I first came across these knit fruit jackets I thought what an absolute weird idea.

Weird, but cool at the same time! :D

With back-to-school upon us, I though what a neat, and original teacher gift idea. Or perhaps a fun way to tote your fruit into work. B)

Have a look at some of the other designs, and knit items for sale by clicking on the link above.

Happy Shopping!


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Home Insurance Quotes

Home insurance is something that we all need whether we are home owners or we are property renters. It is one of those things in life that most of us just cannot escape - like taxes...:p

With that said, I can also state that not all home insurance plans are created equal, and some are far more better suited to certain types of individuals, and families than others. This is why a little research can not only assist in making sure you get the coverage you need for your own circumstances, but at the best possible rates too.

Today I had a look at a website that can not only provide you with a home owner insurance quote, but will list multiple quotes based on information that you provide such as your location, property type, whether or not you are already insured, your credit history, etc.

The website provides an easy to use, and secured form. It should take no more than a few minutes to fill out, and you will then receive your quotes. You can save up to a whopping 40% on your home insurance needs by just taking the time to compare the quotes offered. Cool eh! B)

If you are in need of home insurance surf over to, and they will help to hook you up with a good plan. :D


My thanks to my sponsor!


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Tainted Toys

This morning Mattel announced yet another recall of tainted toys that were originally manufactured in China. Many of these are Barbie accessories, which is something my own girls played with when they were much younger. Again, the problem with these toys is the paint used on them contains lead.

These recalls definitely have me spooked, and when purchasing toys for my niece or nephews I will be certain that they were manufactured either in the North America, or Europe. The minor cash savings that can be had by purchasing Chinese toys are not worth the possibility of poisoning our kids in my opinion.



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Wordless Wednesday - The Doughboy

I was out shopping last week when I grabbed this pic. What can I say, I can't resist a display that features the Pillsbury Doughboy .. :D

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!


For a list of the other Wordless Wednesday participants please click here.


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Childrens Pencils Recalled

Another product recall on children's items manufactured in China. This time it is a series of pencils packaged as favours that contain high amounts of lead.

Here is the list as issued by Health Canada:

-Prehistoric Party Favor Set
-Keep on Truckin Favor Set
-Championship Baseball Favor Set
-Championship Soccer Favor Set
-Championship Basketball Favor Set
-Championship Football Favor Set
-Camouflage Favor Set
-Pirate Party Favor Set
-Hearts & Flowers Favor Set
-Unicorn Magic Favor Set
-Frogs & Lizards Favor Set
-Princess Favor Set
-Shimmering Butterfly Favor Set
-Underwater Friends Favor Set
-Safari Party Favor Set
-Glitzy Girl Favor Set

Apparently these have been on the market since January 2007. This news comes hot on the heels of Toys `R' Us recalling 27 thousand crayon and paint sets also made in China.


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