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Has Terrorism Affected Your Life?

Do you live in fear because of the threat of terrorism? I will admit something to you that caused me a lot of shame and embarrassment.

Last year I was on a crowded subway seated next to a man of obvious Arabic origin. He was sweating profusely, eyes shifting, speaking quietly to himself whilst reading a book that was covered and obscured.

I become quite frightened, my mind thinking he looks so suspicious, what if he has a bomb or something, should I get off of this train???? I was that creeped out with thoughts of Madrid, New York, London and now Birmingham dancing in my head.

I started to spy over his shoulder desperate to see what he was reading and trying so obviously to hide.

I finally got a glimpse.....

It was...the latest book in the Harry Potter series.

Relief immediately washed over me, along with extreme shame, this poor man obviously did not want others to realise he was reading a child's book or at least one associated with children.

And I thought he might be a terrorist.

To this day I feel like an idiot over it. Mostly because I realised I jumped to conclusions based solely on this man's ethnic background, and had he been of any other background or a woman I would have wrote it off or ignored the behaviour and continued reading my own book.


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Memories of the "Awful Place"....

My regulars readers for the most part know that in May 2006 I left my job on stress leave. It was not the job itself that was stress inducing causing me to suffer all sorts of terrible physical symptoms, but my work environment. The company had been on a decline for a few years resulting in wage cuts, mass lay-offs, and an extremely heavy work load for those of us who remained. Employee morale was extremely low, people were snappish and miserable (understandably so) and it was impossible not to go in (even if in a good mood) and not feel utterly depressed and defeated within two hours of being there. My blood pressure skyrocketed, my stomach was in constant agony, I had headaches daily and finally after my doctor ruled it all stress related he pulled the plug saying, "quit now, before that place kills you."

In that last year I referred to my place of employment as that "Awful Place" Now perhaps my newer readers will have a better understanding of the purpose of this blog, trying to generate a part-time income online and my trepidations of reentering the work force/rat race.

I was reminded of the "awful place" by my Slightly Drunk roomie's latest blog post. His work environment is similar to what my own was. He recounts a humorous experience that was a result of poor employee relations and I admit he had me laughing .... :)

If you haven't already read his blog entry please do check it out.

Perhaps if we had been able to share a few good laughs at my old company ... I may have been able to hang in for much longer and still been there?



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I've said it before.....

....and I'll say it again....

To date the most fun and profitable program I've come across is Mylot!

Get paid for referals and adding to and/or starting discussions. I usually spend about an hour there two or three days per week, if not for time constraints I could easily spend several hours more. It's fun, and can be quite enlightening.

So far, I've made over $40.00 US paid into my PayPal account, and have earned an additional $10.00 US for the person who referred me. Yep, Mylot pays you 25% of your referrals earnings monthly.

If you like meeting people, and adding your 2 cents, why not give Mylot a try and get paid for those 2 cents worth.



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Online Survey Company That Does Pay!

Back at the end of November 2006 I told you ladies and gents how I signed up for a bunch of online survey and marketing programs. You can read about that, and how I found about them here.

While I have had limited success with the number of programs I have signed up for I did receive my first payment from one of them in the form of a cheque for US $5.00.

Survey Lion
will pay you for completed surveys and for referals. They do not have a link provided for referals, however you can tell family and friends about the program via email. Each sign-up is worth $5 bux.

So while I am a little disappointed with online surveys and market research programs overall, this one can and does work.


Please don't forget to get Slightly Drunk...errrr I mean visit my Slightly Drunk roomie!


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Winter In All It's Beauty.....

I admit that although I live in Canada where winter seems to dominate all other seasons I don't really enjoy it. More often than not during the winter months I'm huddled inside dreaming of warm sunshine, far off beaches, and exotic locales.

However, today I came across the following two images and they reminded me how enchanting winter can truly be!

Kent, UK

Pavillion Gardens, Brighton, UK

Both of these photos which were taken this past week in England serve to stir the imagination and highlight the beauty that can be captured during this season. I hope that for at least a few moments they will banish the winter blahs for you as much as they did for me....


Photo Credits: BBC


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Traffic Generating Programs

Today I've got two new traffic generating programs to tell you about. Both work very similar to BlogMad and Blog Explosion. And both are free to join!

The first one is TrafficG. I have already gotten several hits from them, and they offer a variety of ways to boost your traffic, and include affiliate programs, several that look promising and I intend to sign up for! They will give you 10 credits and start your blog in rotation immediately.

The second is Mad-Den Super Surf which is geared towards blogs. They offer a whopping 100 credits just for signing up! Blogs must have content, no spam, and no pop-ups, making it a pleasure to surf through.

Go ahead and check them out! We could all use a boost in traffic and new opportunities to build our readerships!


Please don't forget to get Slightly Drunk...errrr I mean visit my Slightly Drunk roomie... know what I mean..... :)

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Slightly Drunk?????

Who? Me? Slightly drunk?

N''s Thursday morning on this side of the computer screen ... on the other hand my renter this he's ....well... surf on over via that wee box on the upper right hand corner or through one of the links kindly provided to you for your surfing pleasure right here within this entry. I'm really too good to you guy's aren't I?????

I'm warning you ahead of time, there is talk of revenge, Planet of The Apes, and tequila shots over there ....

And whilst drinking and driving is VERY bad ... surfing Slightly Drunk can be highly amusing and is totally socially acceptable!


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Blog Directories - Driving Traffic To Your Blog Part Two

Last Sunday I wrote a little bit about my favourite traffic generating programs that are free to join and are specifically designed for bloggers and their blogs. You can read that entry by clicking here.

Another way you can start boosting your traffic is to sign up to some blog directories. The following listing is for directories that are free to join.

Blog Submission


Blog Search Engine


Blog Universe


Globe of Blogs

If you know of any other directories that you think I may be interested in joining or if you've found this listing helpful, please do leave a comment. I'd like to hear from you!



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Johnny Depp's weird home decorating taste

According to a recent news item I read on TMZ Oscar-nominated actor Johnny Depp has decorated his Hollywood Hills living-room with a gruesome electric chair, complete with an equally horrific stuffed mannequin sitting in it! The mannequin (much like my own 5ft tall skeleton named Skelly) has it's own hand knit skull cap.

Personally, since I collect Mexican Day Of The Dead Art and Skeletons (no not the ones in your closet!) amongst other "different" bric-a-brac I do not find Johnny Depp's home decorating all that strange.

In fact if I had Johnny's money and could allow my own creativity free reign I can GUARANTEE you'd find my home to be really weird.

What do you think? Do you decorate in a way that others might find odd?



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Drew Barrymore running around naked

NEW YORK (AFP) - Former Hollywood wild child Drew Barrymore likes nothing more than ripping off her clothes and running naked through the fields -- although apparently only in Ireland, according to a recent interview.

Full article here.

Well, she is a Barrymore after all! Personally I have nothing against it, if she wants to run about streaking the Irish more power to her, but I sincerely hope she doesn't start a trend! I cringe at the thought of certain celebs running about in their all together.

Have you ever though about doing something like this, but were perhaps too embarrassed?

To be honest there is NO WAY I'd do it!

Ok, so I did moon a few people in my wilder youth ... THAT DOES NOT COUNT!

Does it????


The Apple Iphone

Apple has just released this new bit of gadgetry.

Will you be one of the one's who must have it or are you a bit of a technophobe like me?

I actually prefer my ancient Nokia that has just one function and purpose. It's a phone, nothing more nothing less. It has served me well over the years, getting dropped from 5ft onto concrete, getting soaked in the rain, and it still works!


I HATE You Lou Schizas

I Hate Lou Schizas!

It's Monday morning again...and it sucks! All Mondays suck, no make that ALL mornings suck.

Our alarm is set for the ungodly hour of 6:45 am to which I am still afforded a full fifteen minutes of lolly-gagging until I HAVE to crawl out of bed. And it ain't pretty folks, all disheveled and bleary eyed, feeling my way around the darkened room like a bad Mr Magoo impersonation.

We used to have our alarm set to a delightful classical music station, but in all honesty whilst it would gently rouse me from my slumber, I almost inevitably would fall back asleep during that fifteen minute grace period.

So Matthew suggested something else. "Why not," he said, "switch to a news station that will either pique your interest or annoy the hell out of you. That'll get you going."

A few weeks ago on his recommendation we switched to AM640 - Toronto Radio. And I have to admit it has worked thus far. No longer am I lulled back into sleep by the lovely sounds of the classics.No, instead I am forced to consciousness by the talk of radio announcer John Oakley. That is usually enough to keep me awake until these dreaded words are spoken.... "Happy Capitalism" ...

And who gentle reader utters these dreaded words you ask?

A fellow by the name of Lou Schizas.

Lou gives us his report on business and thus signals the end of my fifteen minutes of grace before I MUST roll out of bed, usually while simultaneously shrieking, "I HATE YOU LOU SCHIZAS!!!!!"

Now don't get me wrong, Mr Schizas MAY just be a lovely and learned man despite his black tie, and black suspenders. His reports MAY be full of useful information, tips, and advice. How the heck would I know??? I am after all just waking up!

"Happy Capitalism" ... indeed......Blech!

Have you gotten the impression that I am NOT a morning type of gal?


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Driving Traffic To Your Blog

I think this is one of the main concerns of newbie bloggers. You've written some great entries, tweaked your theme so it's looking real good, but then what??? How do you drive traffic to your blog?

Well you really don't have to post nude pictures of Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears or the naughty Miss Nevada (like there aren't a ton of websites already doing that ha!) to get some decent traffic.

The majority of the Nuttin' But Pimp hits are coming from blog traffic generating programs. My three favourites that are really pushing hits my way are:

Blog Mad

Blog Explosion

Blog Soldiers

If you sign up to the above listed programs you will notice a huge difference in the amount of traffic your blog is receiving. I'll be writing individual reviews for all three in the near future.

Besides think about how poor Angelina Jolie and the rest of the Pitt-Jolie clan Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh would feel if you posted nude pictures of Daddy or Mommy? Not very nice when you think of it that!


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Now THAT is Cold!

After a rather balmy winter thus far with temperatures well above normal in Toronto Canada, we were hit by an ice storm this past week and today is a lovely (read sarcasm) negative 19 degrees Celsius in our frigid neck of the woods. Despite the effects of cabin fever and whining dogs that wanted their daily walk there was no way I was going to step one big toe out-of -doors today. This did nothing to improve my already icy disposition as I loathe being stuck indoors.

Then I received the following photos from The Yellow Dog Granny and realised I had nothing in comparison to whine, and complain about.

I kid you not, these photos were taken in 1911 and show Niagara Falls completely frozen over. I have no idea how cold it must have gotten to cause this, but these photos are quite spectacular and I can only imagine the thoughts running through the people who are depicted minds. I wonder if they thought it was truly the end of the Earth to see such a strange sight?

I don't know about you, but I can't think of anything about winter to pimp???


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Rent My Blog!

A new feature here On Nuttin' But Pimp is Blog Explosion's Rent My Blog! It's a fun tool that will help in promotion of various blogs. For a set amount of credits I'll pimp your blog for one week with at least one-write up possibly more and drive as many clicks your way as possible.

So why am I doing this????

I've added this feature not only to introduce myself to some new reading material that I may not have found otherwise, but to strengthen my own writing skills in promotional materials. A few extra credits to keep this blog circulating doesn't hurt either!

Onto our cyber roomie ....who just happens to be the real life hubby!

Since this is our first write-up and campaign I thought I'd accept the hubby's bid in order to test the waters and see how much traffic I can drive his way throughout the week. From there I can determine a fair amount of credits to charge other blogs.

One Old Green Bus - Our Double Decker Dream Blog


Everybody has a dream. Some are grand and seemingly unattainable...others small and perhaps considered to be insignificant by everyone except the dreamer.

Our dream is not overly grand, but it is not exactly small by any measure either! Our dream is to rescue an old historic double decker bus from certain destruction, and to preserve her.

You can read all about the whys, wheres, and the hows by clicking here.

However, One Old Green Bus is not just about our dream or double decker buses. This blog is a mixed bag of everything from Danny Kaye to professional wrestlers to Canadian historical figures, serious news and whacky people (often a combination of both) and just about everything in between that Matthew feels like writing about at any given moment.

If you haven't already checked out One Old Green Bus, then here's your ticket. You won't be disappointed!

Remember, we all have dreams and wouldn't it be nice if each of us had at least one of those dreams fulfilled......

Honourable mention goes out to One Man BandWidth - See China through the eyes of an ex-pat.

Please do try again next week.


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Do you do your own home repairs?

I admit that I am not very handy around the house. I have difficulty with just painting a wall. Sometimes I think, no, I wish I could do more repairs around the house as this would save big money on having professionals come in. Then I read the horror stories written by people who go this route and try to fix things by themselves. The following was the worst I've come across to date. Ew!!!! If they had only called in professionals maybe they could have saved themselves some heartache.

"The refrigerator had been slowly listing, leaning backwards further and further over the years in the decrepit single-wide mobile home. It was time, we decided, to give the sagging kitchen a new floor. It was what lay beneath that haunts us to this very day.

Gingerly removing the old fridge, we could see the extent of the damage ­ severe rot of some kind, probably due to moisture during the 40+ years of the trailer’s existence. We were so naive.

We cleared out the rest of the appliances and furnishings, then prepared to bully up the cracked, scarred linoleum. I spotted a few large black ants wandering out of a small hole where the refrigerator had been, their slow, random movements no threat.

“Grease ants,” I thought to myself. I knew their kind. They smelled horrible when crushed, like angry turpentine, hence the nickname. Their biting black bodies were a familiar sight in the trailer, and we did not question from whence they came, or where they were going to.

I called my husband over and pointed out the handful of creatures crawling out of the hole. “This is where they’ve been coming from, I guess.” He nodded and turned away toward the tools, then returned with a hammer.

Before I could ask what his motives were, the hammer fell with deadly force, a bull’s eye in the center of the ant hole. I smiled, amused and incredulous, as he yanked the hammer back out of the damage with difficulty, and opened my mouth to speak.

But I was rendered speechless by what happened next.

From the wound poured dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of the black creatures, like a living oily fluid. The pool widened to three feet in diameter, then four, and my husband and I looked at each other. I gasped, realizing that we had no defense against this alien entity that was quickly filling the kitchen. We stepped backwards in horror, then frantically looked around for something ­ anything ­ to stem the evil tide of biting insects.

At last I stumbled upon some window cleaner, and was able to keep them at bay long enough for my husband to scramble for the insecticide like a mad man. Finally, judgment rained down ­ the hoards were defeated, even as some of them managed to escape into the adjacent chocolate-colored living room carpet.

It was only later, after the corpses and poison of the battle had been cleared away, that we were able to cut out the floor between the framing and assess the damage. We knew then what we had been dealing with all those years. The scourge was a nest of carpenter ants, something we hadn’t understood before that fateful day. The vermin had made lacework out of the layers of plywood under where the fridge had stood, and if not for the linoleum, it would have fallen through the floor years earlier.

If you have the misfortune to encounter a situation like ours, may you be more observant and prepared than we were, and avoid a similar grim fate. Beware the sinister carpenter ant!"



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Oxford, United Kingdom - The City of Dreaming Spires

As most of you know from our Double Decker Dream blog, both Matthew and I are Anglophiles. For those readers who might be unfamiliar with the term Anglophile, it means someone who LOVES anything, and everything to do with Britain or the United Kingdom.

We are planning a trip to the UK in the not-too-distant future, and on the wall nearest my desk hangs a map of England. All of the places we wish to visit during our trip are marked on the map with push pins of various colours.

Very high on my list of must-sees is Oxford city. The city of course is famous internationally for it's rich history, ancient University, and breathtaking architecture! For me it will provide a unique photographic opportunity and will quench my thirst for historical knowledge!

Oxford UK is also home to one of my favourite charities, OXFAM. It was through one of my classmates at a computer software course who just happened to work for OXFAM that I first learned about what a terrific city Oxford was to visit. He handily convinced me that I merely did not just want to visit this city, but I needed to based on my own love of the UK, history and photography.

One of the resources I plan to use for our trip to England is the Britain's Heritage Cities website. They have a terrific entry on Oxford that you can access by clicking here. Information includes, Top 10 Things To Do in Oxford, Heritage, Arts & Culture, Tours, Events, Food & Drink, How To Get There, pretty much everything to help you plan a visit to this English heritage city.

Our goal is to visit this city in the next two years, and I honestly have the feeling that once I step foot in Oxford I will never want to leave the "city of dreaming spires".....sighs.....

Party Casino. com - Fine Online Gaming!

A good friend of mine and her hubby just came back from a winter getaway in Vegas. This is something that both Matthew and I have kicked around as a possible future trip and wedding spot. However, a Las Vegas trip is just not in the cards so to speak for us at this point in time.

One of the big draws to Vegas as a vacation spot is of course the casinos! The excitement of gaming is always a big draw! However, if you cannot physically get out to a gaming hot spot or you prefer the comforts of your own home there is a fabulous alternative to expensive travel right here online.

Party Casino .com offers all the games you'd find in a traditional casino in a secure online setting. Play all of your faves in your pyjamas! They offer several versions of video poker, slots, let-it-ride, black jack and more. You can discover all that Party has to offer via their product tour.

Again they are completely secure and have rigorous policies on player security and casino integrity. This serves to increase the enjoyment of all visitors to Party

Another great feature that demonstrates their care and concern for customer satisfaction and the gaming industry is their company's responsible gaming initiatives. These include self-exclusion tools, customer led deposit limits, and limiting access of minors to their website. There is also great information on helping to determine if you might have a gambling problem, and steps to take if you think you might. These responsible gaming initiatives are linked prominently to the main page of the Party website.

So what are you waiting for???? If you enjoy gaming or are just curious go check out Party!

So What's With All The Hype????

What is with all the hype over Agloco? I been reading other blogs that say it is a fantastic money making opportunity, have been asked to join by friends, yet it is not even launched!

How do we know it is not some sort of scam?

Have you enrolled with Agloco?

I think I'm going to hold off on enrolling or encouraging friends to do so until I see some concrete evidence it is legit.

Your thoughts?


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Mylot Really Pays!!!!

I have now made over $30.00 US bux with Mylot and have received my first payment via Paypal.

Payments are made for discussions that you stat and paticipate in on a wide variety of topics. You also receive a payment of 1/4 for any referals you have made earnings. So some days I do not even paticipate and I still receive $$$$.

If you haven't checked out Mylot yet, you might want to give it a try. You won't get rich, but you'll get paid for chatting on the net, which is something that most of us do anyway!



Pizzas, Pesos, And Death Threats...Oh My!

File this under bizarro!

DALLAS, Texas (AP) -- A pizza chain has been hit with death threats and hate mail after offering to accept Mexican pesos, becoming another flashpoint in the nation's debate over immigrants.

"This is the United States of America, not the United States of Mexico," one e-mail read. "Quit catering to the damn illegal Mexicans," demanded another.

Full article here:

Death threats???!!! Does anyone else see this as going way overboard?

As a Canadian I often receive US currency in change, and will spend it. Stores here are very happy to accept it as US bux are usually worth a bit more.

I do not consider this a threat to my country or Canada's culture at all.

Weird! What are your thoughts?

Addendum: Given the current political climate in Texas over the issue of illegal immigration do you think the pizza chain is somehow culpable?


What I Have Been Spending My $$$$ On.....

I've taken my earnings from this blog to date and won these saucy leather moccasin boots on ebay!

Tres Gentile!

I can't wait until they arrive!



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Just when you thought you were safe from Christmas blog entries......

.....Matthew tagged me with this:

The Rules:

1. Players start by listing three things he/she got for Christmas.

2. Then they list three things he/she definitely did not want to get for Christmas.

3. Then he/she tags five friends and lists their names.

4. The ones who get tagged write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, and state the rules clearly.

5. Then tag five more victims. The tagger needs to leave the taggees a comment that says you have been Christmas tagged! and tell them to read the tagger’s blog.

Here goes.....

Three things I got for Christmas:

A really cool African Tribal Mask

Zelda: Twillight Princess (AWESOME and I've already completed) for Game Cube

Warm & Fuzzy checkered flannel pyjamas .... I'm wearing them right now!

Three things I definitely did not want to get for Christmas:

Nasty head cold I'm STILL fighting (thanks Matthew)

Running out of sugar for morning coffee ... when ALL stores were closed in our immediate area.

This meme (bah humbug!)

So let's keep this rollin' until next Christmas .... NOT!

If you wish to participate please let me know you will do so in the comments ... and I'll add a link to your entry. Otherwise I ain't tagging ... wonder if like a chain mail I'm now under a weird curse or something????



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I Have Built A Time Machine!

And my question to you is...If you could go back in time ... what would you say to your younger self?

Would be nice if we could eh!

I'm taking a couple of days away from blogging to research more online money-making opportunities. Hopefully I'll be back with some promising paid programs to tell you about.

The beginning of next week also starts my job hunt as I need to be re-employed by the end of February. Wish me good luck!!! To be honest a part of me is really nervous!

Now getting back to the time machine ... I think I should tell younger me the current lottery numbers!



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If You Have To Pay, Stay Away

If you are anything like me your dream would be to find a job that you could work from home. It doesn't have to be high paying, but secure enough to cover the bills.

I've been exploring several options, with no luck so far. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had success this way. Please leave a comment with your advice or suggestions.

I'd also like to share this terrific article I found entitled, "Work From Home Scams - BEWARE" It really helps to avoid the numerous scams out there.

Good lucks and Cheers!


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Changes for Amazon Affliates

I just received an email from that states they will now be paying out monthly instead of quartely.

Last month I set up a book shop with them, and if you haven't already checked it out please do!

Any purchase you might make, I will receive 8% of the purchase price in the form of a gift certificate. I chose to receive payment this way as I love to read and do buy from them anyway.

With the holidays now over, why not treat yourself!

Go ahead and check out our bookshop, you might even decide to set one up for yourself! It's easy, and you have total flexibility to choose only the items that you want to feature.



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Job hunting and gift cards

I have another week to go before the "real" world job hunt begins. Wish me good lucks! I don't know if I'll need them, but it can't hurt, and I admit I find job hunting nerve wracking.

With that said, I decided since the youngest is off school another week it might be fun to take her shopping as she received several gift cards this year for various shops.

I think gift cards are a great idea, BUT......

...more than half of those she received are for stores nowhere near where we live (inconvenient to travel to), and cannot be used online.


Just a tip for those who give gift cards, perhaps stick with those that people can use online to make purchases such as Amazon, Chapters or Indigo, or please insure that it will not require serious travel plans just to reach the store that the gift card is useable at.

The kid will be writing out her thank you notes this week, but honestly I have no idea when she'll be able to use some of these cards. One shop is more than an hour to travel to!

Nuttin' But Pimp

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"Pimp" as defined by the Urban Dictionary: to pimp is to advertise (generally, in an enthusiastic sense) or to call attention in order to bring acclaim to something; to promote. It's All Good!

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