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End Of The Month & Year Totals

For those that might be curious here is the breakdown. Please bear in mind this blog and it's purpose (attempting to make a part-time income online)is still very much new.

Blogsvertise one post paid $10.00 US

MyLot paid $21.34 US as of today's date (so far the best and most fun!)

Epoactive $0.07 cents

Still awaiting to qualify for Pay-Per-Post. A personal friend has been paid $600.00 to date with this program. So yeah, it is legit.

I have purposefully not included any programs to which I have not accumulate any $$$$$$ or have checked out and feel are probably a scam.

Suggestions for the upcoming year always welcome!

Wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year!


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Have you ever returned or regifted a holiday present?

With Christmas now over for another year, I thought I'd pose this question to our readers. Have you ever returned a gift to the store or regifted one to someone else for another occasion perhaps?

I've never returned one, but I have regifted especially if someone gives me a bottle of wine or box of chocolates. I tend to regift those to people who might enjoy them more than I would. I rarely drink, and I do try to keep sweets to a minimum. If I didn't regift they'd just be sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

You? Do you return or regift presents? Do you think it's awful to do so?



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Boxing Day!

From the desk of Matthew "Double-Decker Bus Guy" Didier...

Welcome to December 26th, otherwise known in some parts as Boxing Day which is a holiday in the U.K. and the commonwealth (and being Canadian, for us as well!)

It's a time honoured tradition of everyone donning big, padded gloves, colourful shorts, and beating the living heck out of people.

...okay, that's not true... but sometimes, I wish it was... but that's another posting!

Actually, it's origins are kind of in question...

#1: It was a traditional time for employers to give gifts or "Christmas Boxes" to employees returning from holiday.

#2: Back in the day, feudal lords would wait until after their Christmas parties and whatnot to distribute gifts to the serfs... usually "practical items" like tools and cloth... and these "boxes" were given out on the 26th.

#3: Servants, at the start of the day's work after Christmas, would give their master's a box to put coins in... sort of a "year end bonus".

#4: Churches that had "donation boxes" would open them up after Christmas masses (the day after Christmas) to distribute the collections to the poor.

#5: Way back when, it was customary in some circles to capture a wren (a type of bird) in a box... bring it into the home where he would be asked to bless the household with a good harvest and year, then released. This would be done on St. Stephen's day (the 26th).

#6: Household staff, having to work on Christmas day, would have the next day off... and would be given "leftovers" (usually overly generous) for their own festivities on that day in a box from the lord's of the manor.

When I was a young kid, I thought "Boxing Day" was about the left-over boxes that needed to be disposed of that the day before had contained Christmas gifts...

Another popular "definition" of "Boxing Day" in modern times is the retail sector "boxing up" the leftover, unsold Christmas merchandise which is then sold at a great discount during their "Boxing Day Sales".

The latter, in today's world, is probably more accurate of the "Boxing Day Traditions" that we have here in Canada... not too long ago, it was against the law for retailer to be open on a "statutory holiday" (which "Boxing Day" was,) but that was rescinded a while back... and today, throngs of "bargain hunters" make their annual pilgrimage to the shops to buy the things they wanted for Christmas, but didn't get. (No, I will not be on my way to buy a double-decker bus today!!!)

I know of SEVERAL people that "put off" gift giving until New Years so they can take advantage of great "Boxing Day" specials... and therefore, get much better gifts then they could have afforded before Christmas...

So, happy "Boxing Day" everyone... sorry to those of our neighbours South of the Border (USA) who don't have a holiday today... but if it makes you feel better, almost all retail workers in Canada are working today too.

...and those of us who work for different sectors... well, we're thinking of you as we relax, clean up, and look forward to turkey leftovers. :)


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Yep, I'm finally finished with the horror known as purchasing other people's gifts that descends upon us all during this festive holiday season!

Oh don't get me wrong. I actually love giving gifts to my family and friends, and I do put a lot of thought into each present as I want it to be meaningful as well as enjoyed.

My horror stems from having to step foot anywhere near a shopping mall or store at this time of year. If it isn't the attack of the over zealous shop clerks attempting to up sell, it's some of the other shoppers who have lost all sense of the peace and goodwill that this season is supposedly about.

Thankfully yesterday saw the end of my shopping list (and I was only tripped, shoved, and given a dirty look twice by other shoppers) and I am now left with only a small amount of gift wrapping to completely finish up.

Next year I am going to attempt to do all my gift purchases online ..... hopefully eliminating the in-person shopping experience completely.



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How are you making money online?

How are you doing? Leave me your suggestions for online earning programs in the comments section. I appreciate any ideas offered! Also it's cool to leave your referral link in the comments section. If the offer sounds good I will absolutely sign up through you! I believe in helping others while helping myself. .. :)


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Online Surveys. Do They Really Pay?

A few weeks ago I signed up for several online surveys. To date I have only heard from one, which is

The survey sent was for $3.00 US and was easy to complete.

However, I have not heard from any of the others at this point.

Have you tried out these online surveys? How has it worked for you? Any advice? Do they actually pay?



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I HATE The Rat Race

In a couple of months if I do not start making a part-time income online I'll have to go back to the office. At that time my stress benefits will have run out. And the thought of THAT is itself quite stressful.

I've found the following listing posted to MyLot for online income producing jobs. I'll be checking some of these out in the coming days. I have no idea if any of these are scams, so be forewarned that I am not personally endorsing any of them at this point. Just thought I'd share as it never hurts to just check things out.

VIP Desk-
Alpine access-
Custome Loyal-
888 Geek help-
Becker and & Associates- http://www.becker-&%$
Outpost (913 or 816 area codes only)
Willow (FLORIDA only)-
Vera Fast-
1-800-FLOWERS: ..just go to the bottom where it says employment: NOTE: They do not hire in every state.

Sales and Marketing jobs:

Green Telecommunictions-
Beyond Marketing-
Kardel Marketing-
Occurance- Free Choices-
BRIGHTEN - This one starts at $12 per hour but please make sure you have business to business marketing experience because there is no training. You are expected to know what you are doing when you start:

Data Entry: (Note: These jobs are extremely hard to come by, so please be patient. Many many people are looking for this kind of work)

Data Entry:
AxionData -
Swordsmith (ct only)-
Working Solutions-
Cypher Services-
Discount Document Services-
Ametryn & Associates- http://www.ametryne&%$
Executive Secretaries-
Cyber Secretaries-
Connect Plus-
NetTranscripts -


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Spreading The Holiday Cheer!

Too busy spending money to make any. Will be back tomorrow.


Want to make a million bucks?

Hey, who doesn't?!!!!!

While surfing around for online money making opportunities I came across The Million Dollar Experiment. It's based around the success of the One Red Paper Clip dude, who kept trading up products and services until he reached his goal of home ownership.

To be honest I'm not really certain it is for me, but I thought I'd pass it along to you dear readers in case you might want to check it out.

If you do decide to get in on the trading action, please do let me know how it worked out for you.



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Tired of the materialism that saturates this time of year?

Want to be charitable without having to spend a dime?

Take 5 seconds, and go to this site, light the candle and Bristol-Myers will donate a dollar to AIDS research!

For World AIDS Day, Bristol-Myers is donating a dollar to AIDS research every time someone goes to this website and moves the match to the candle and lights it. Please go ahead and light the candle to help the world. It takes a few seconds to raise a dollar for a very worthy cause.



Quick Update

I am busy with pre-Christmas stuff this weekend, but wanted to let you know that within 5 days I have now been able to request my first payment of $10.00 US from MyLot.

If you haven't joined in on the fun yet, please see what it's all about in the entry below.

Off to decorate the tree ... bah humbug!


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You’ve won $25 million in the lottery!

Would you keep your present job? Would you work at all?

This is just one of the questions I posed on the MyLot website. And I got paid for it too!

I cannot say enough good things about Mylot, and I've only been signed up with them for four days. To date I've made enough cash that by tomorrow I should be able to request my first payment of $10 US into my PayPal account. This will also translate into an extra $2.50 that will go into the account of the person that referred me to them.

If you aren't already signed up, what are you waiting for?! Get paid to start and add to existing discussions. The sky is the limit on the topics you can write about. It's FUN!!!

Now getting back to my initial question, the answer I gave was that I would definitely NOT be going back to work, but I think because I get bored so easily I would go back to school. Take stuff that interests me like philosophy that I do not have to worry about obtaining a job in. That and I would definitely go on a world tour. Maybe even get Pimp tour jackets ... ;)

If you are interested in what the bus man would do with $25 million big ones please click here. He doesn't know it yet, but he'd have to wear the jacket too.



Have You Ever Needed A Cash Advance Or Payday Loan?

We all end up short on cash from time to time and could use a bit of help to get over the hump. Over the years I have needed to obtain a cash advance for various reasons including making sure my bills were paid on time to avoid costly interest payments. Once when we were in really rough shape I obtained a payday loan so that I could buy some groceries as the refrigerator was empty and I had almost a week to go before my next pay. Believe me, I do understand the stress associated with needing money ... and fast!

The question then becomes where can we turn when we need cash advances or payday loans?

National Payday is a company that will help you to quickly access emergency funds when you need them the most. They provide quick payday loans and cash advances at competitive rates to those in need of one. It does not matter if you have no credit history or even if you have a bad one.

National Payday's online application process is fast, easy to do, and secure. Their website FAQ answers many of the questions you might have in regards to cash advances if you have never needed one before.

I personally appreciate a company that will provide prompt, reliable, and discreet service, particularly when you may already be feeling the stress of being cash strapped.

Another terrific feature about the National Payday website that caught my eye is that it contains many full length, information packed articles that I know will be of interest to our readers. Topics include Dealing with Debt, Money Management, Planning for the Future, and Interest Rates and Mortgages.

It's great to know that National Payday is here for us when we need them the most!


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Santa's Butt At The Bottom Of Christmas Beer Controversy!

Several US states have banned a Christmas beer that is brewed in the UK over it's label. The excuse given is that Santa's Butt will promote underage drinking. Huh?!

Bad marketing on the part of the brewery or will these bottles become instant sought after collectibles? My vote goes to the latter.

For the full BBC article click here.



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I have joined Mylot!

Mylot is a website that will pay you in US funds for adding to and starting discussions. The more meaningful the discussion the more they will pay you per post or comment. You will also be paid per referral to their website.

I've already started contributing so fingers crossed that this will work out. I can tell you, if you like adding your two cents worth, this is fun!

If you think this sounds like it might be for you please click here.

A BIG thank you to Matthew for the tip. And yes I did join through your referral ... :) I'm all about helping others as much as I am about helping myself.


Update: Wow! I have participated in 25 discussions and have already made $0.70 cents .. in one hour!

So far this is THE BEST program I've joined. If your interested in checking it out, please, please use my referral link:

Hope to see you there!


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If You Are Planning A Career in Rap....


For some really awful album covers in the who thought THIS was a good idea??? category, please check out Pork Tornado.

Truly dreadful ... in a funny way ... :)


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Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams...

...Well....Not Exactly...

This blog has been around for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and to date we have made 0.05 cents through ExpoActive. That's it so far from all nickel.

Told ya I'd give you progress reports!

And while this may's not! The blog is very new, as is our affiliations with the programs signed up to thus far. And as far as sign-ups go I haven't even scratched the surface so to speak. So far from being depressed I'm in building mode...and once per month I'll report on how I'm doing..what seems to be working..and what's not.

If you've got any suggestions I'd love to hear them! Just leave a comment below and I'll follow up on any tips.

Speaking of champagne wishes ...

...I heard from an old client, and friend today. She used to work for a large financial institution in one of those jobs we all dream about. You know..above average salary, maximum benefits, absolute lifetime security...and most importantly oodles of weeks of paid vacation and sick days.

Well she told me she quit! Yeah, she just up and quit her job. She married wealthy and at the age of 40 no longer needs to work ... Bitch.

I'm soooo jealous ... ;)


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