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Blog Your Blessing Sunday: Seasonal Greetings...

Blog yer Blessings

So, Halloween is past... the temperature is getting a little cooler... American Thanksgiving is coming up fast... so I wanted to share something very old from this blog... then explain why if I might...

I'm going to be VERY kind and "sum it up" for you... but if you're interested, the whole ORIGINAL post is below...

Basically, I find myself often at odds with a religious group... who practice a faith which the tenets I know to be incorrect... they say their faith is based on ONE thing... and it's not... they're wrong.

The group is known as "Atheists"... or "Humanists" as they prefer to be called now-a-days to give themselves a warm and fuzzy feeling... and they say their "faith" of non-belief is based on science.

It isn't.

Science is not a faith... it's a method...

...and science does NOT proclaim anything without absolute empirical evidence and data.

Ergo: Science does NOT say there is no God... Science, at best, simply does support the idea that certain things in some dogmas do not stand up to scrutiny... and like it or not, that bit I do agree with.

Now, I'm not religious... I'm an agnostic... but I hate the slings and arrows tossed by "atheists"/"humanists" at things religious... especially the unwarranted ones that end up, as always, being simply derogatory name-calling affairs... with terms like "worshipping pixies" or "believing in the sky captain"... yeah, really good arguments those...

Over the last year, since the Grand Pope (who strikes me as not wishing to actually have that title... but to the majority of "humanists", he really is the leader of their cult of non-belief,) Dr. Richard Dawkins admitted, like I do below, that he ENJOYS the cultural and historic aspects of Christmas... right down to the admission of enjoying Christmas carols... the "humanists" are back-peddling like mad claiming they NEVER declared "War on Christmas"... which is PARTIALLY correct... a few in their rank... a very LOUD few... did declare war on ANY religious symbolism... and yeah, sorry to say folks, that counts... especially when one of the things in the sights of these soft-and-cuddly atheists was indeed, the religious aspects of the Christmas season.

Oh, and before anyone asks... Yes, I have read Climbing Mount Improbable and The God Delusion... so I'm not talking out of my butt here.

That said, REMEMBER, I'm honestly not a church-going fella... yet I do celebrate Christmas and DO know what the origins of it are... ALL of them... and have explained them all to my youngest... so, like me, when she's old enough, she can make her decisions about faith on her own... knowing the "Pagan"/"Christian"/"Cultural" concepts of the holiday in as much detail as possible.

Does the knowledge of Saturnalia hurt the kid? Not likely...

Does the concept of the birth of Christ cause her damage? Not that we can tell...

Does the idea that it is a time of family gatherings, gift giving, and general celebration harm her? Nope.

So, she knows... so do I... so does Sue.

...and we don't have ANY trouble wishing pretty much anyone a "Merry Christmas".

...and that is, in essence, my blessing for today...

My blessing is the beginning of the Christmas season and the colour, happiness, and general good will it usually brings!

...and if that's wrong, take it up with Dr. Dawkins... 'cuz he doesn't have a problem with it!

Now... that post... from TWO YEARS AGO at the end of October...

If you REALLY want to save time, you can skip it... just scroll down to the picture of the luchador and you're at the end of this post.

I wanted to write this ahead of time... so that, when and if the time comes, I can simply "link" to it to let people know why I do the things I plan on doing.


I whole heartedly admit to being somewhat of a politically correct guy... I try to consider all people's thoughts, beliefs, and traditions and not supercede my own in any way.

I do believe that all people, regardless of sex, spirituality, gender preference, race, or what have you should only be judged, if necessary, on their character and contributions to society as a whole... and I respect and enjoy other cultures and philosophies that aren't necessarily my own and try to learn from them and take what is good... and learn what I feel is bad (and why) and continue to educate myself.


That said, 'round the end of December, I will be wishing friends, co-workers, and anyone a "Merry Christmas".

This, oddly enough, for me is not a case of jamming my religion down anyone's throat... far from it.

I was actually raised in an "agnostic" household... one that actually never preached to me about religion or religious beliefs... and I was allowed and actually somewhat encouraged to learn about as many faiths and spiritualities as I could... and decide what, if any, were best for me.


I can pretty much claim to be a Catholic/Anglican/Protestant/Jew... as far as "official dogma" goes as I have experienced and been involved in ceremonies with all these churches... to date, I've not spent enough time in a Buddhist temple to qualify nor in a Mosque or Mandir... but I do read about and ask about other faiths...

...and therefore, I'm agnostic... neither one nor the other and unsure as to any firm beliefs within myself to settle in any dogmatic belief structure.

That said, as a kid, we did have a Christmas tree and did exchange gifts and had a large dinner with friends and family on that day... actually, it was not unusual to celebrate from December 24th through the 26th with the big "Family Feast" being more on Boxing Day here in Canada.


I will admit it... for us, the "Christ" in Christmas was more part of the word than anything else... we were aware and told of the Christian significance of the time and the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but we were mostly told that, if anything, it was a time to celebrate family and being together... a "fete" of simply being one with everyone else.

This was "Christmas" to me... and still is.

I liken it very much to All Hallow's Eve... or Samhain (again, folks, pronounced Sow-Win!) which did have deep significance in it's time... but to the average kid, Halloween is simply a time to "dress up", hear spooky stories, and go trick-or-treating for candy... the true religious and spiritual connection is there, but thoroughly mixed in with the modern trappings to such a point that, regardless of your upbringing, it's simply a time to have fun... with no dogmatic issues attached... and the vast majority of people in and around where I live understand this... and kids and adults "celebrate" simply being able to be a little silly... nothing else.


As another thought in the same vein, I still call the months July and August... but don't venerate ancient Roman emperors as Gods during those months...

Well, when I say "Merry Christmas!" to someone, I'm NOT thinking, "Merry time of the birth of Jesus Christ upon this world and I hope you're celebrating this day for this lest you be a heathen-scum!" mostly because, to many devote Christians, my whole bit above about the "Christ" in Christmas simply being part of the word makes me a "heathen scum" to them!


Nope, when I say "Merry Christmas!", I'm thinking of a time honoured tradition of gift giving, family gatherings, trappings of an ancient (and not-so-ancient) type that bring the joy of the season... even if you're possibly "sampling" and that season isn't for you and your faith.

My "Merry Christmas!" makes me think of old paintings of children playing in the snow... opening presents... a family eating a big meal... decorating a home... lights... songs...

Sure, some of that does have a religious connection... but what's wrong with the FEELING of what I described?

The warm glow of giving... the warmth of being surrounded by family... the feeling that on one lousy day, there's a sense of peace and togetherness...

Does the origins of this bother you?

I'm an agnostic... and it doesn't bother me a bit.

In fact, I'd be honoured to be wished a happy Ramadan... and I have been wished a Happy Chanukah and a happy Diwali and felt the spirit in which it was said...

...and yes, I do accept and occasionally wish people a Happy Hogomanay and Happy Saturnalia...

...and even more oddly to some, with the above said, I wouldn't be and am not at all insulted by these "alternative" greetings to my own faith and belief... again, I'm honoured to be included and that I was thought of.


Just because there's a "spiritual" or religious background to something doesn't make it "bad" or "wrong" or even "ethno-centric" to enjoy it...

It will be Christmas...

...and I'll be wishing you, and everyone, MY version of Christmas... and hoping yours will be a merry one when the time comes.

Sure, Happy Holidays covers it all, but please, when the time comes, accept my wish of a Merry Christmas... as I'm wishing you the joys that I experienced during this time... and I'm not trying to force anything on you except my most heartfelt glad tidings.


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