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Thursday Thirteen: I'm a sick, sick man... but you already knew that, didn't you?


Cold? Flu? Yup... I've got one... sneezing, dripping, achy, coughing nastiness. It's kept me FAIRLY sidelined most of this week... and to be honest, will continue to do so until Sunday when I do my blessing. (You got that? I'm still fighting a bug so after this, no new posts until Sunday... sorry, but I gots to gets better!)

Anyway, being ill has left me time to contemplate things... really think... and consider many ideas and bits of random personal data... which has allowed me to compile...

THIRTEEN (plus one bonus) THINGS THAT

#13: Admit the awful truth of the male condition.

On a sporting field... as an example, a hockey rink... we can take a stick to the face, have our eyes blackened, teeth knocked out, and nose smashed in several place... and we'll play on like nothing happened and claim we're "toughing it out". Give us a sore throat, runny nose, and a cough and suddenly, we're complete and total invalids.

#12: Awful thoughts of corporate vileness race through your mind.

Do they have a cure? Would they sell it? After all, isn't it better to sell millions of palliatives instead of a single cure??? Hmmm...

#11: See the business angle... and question it.

Is it better that one person, being me, takes enough time out to become completely healthy and thus return healthy to the workforce without infecting anyone else... or is it better that us layabouts don't use up any sick days and get our butts in to do the danged work we should be doing...? After all, the other folks in the office have things like hand sanitizers at their desk... and they can deal with a box of Kleenex like I must, right? Decisions, decisions... (Granted, eventually the almighty paycheque and the fear of being either considered a slacker or work piling up to the rafters kinda makes the decision for you.)

#10: Newtonian Physics do NOT MEAN SQUAT when you're ill.

Normally, any force of energy has an equal and opposite reaction... When sick with a cold or flu, this does not seem to be the case as the force it feels needed to do something like... oh, I dunno, stand up from a sitting position... seems to greatly outweigh the actual completed task of standing up... leaving one to wonder, "Why in God's name did I do that and why did it require so much energy?"

#9: Matthew's Law of Illness and Television Viewing One.

The dissatisfaction with the program currently being shown on a television is directly proportional to the distance between yourself when sick and the remote control with which to change the channel.

#8: Matthew's Law of Illness and Television Viewing Two.

The chances of finding something better on another channel on the television is directly proportional to the amount of effort required to get up, find, and retrieve the remote control with which to change said channel.

#7: Matthew's Law of Cold and Flu Palliatives.

Despite what is said, the worst tasting medications aren't really all that better than the not-as-bad tasting medications.

#6: Matthew's Law of Cold and Flu Symptoms where Pets are Concerned - One.

Sweating, gasping, sneezing, and coughing are apparently all indications for the furriest (and shedding-est) creatures to try and be as close to the affected person's face as possible thus adding the sticking of loose fur to one's face and inhalation of said fur while already having issues breathing properly.

#5: Matthew's Law of Cold and Flu Symptoms and Visitors.

The more nasty, sweaty, coughing, sneezing, dripping one is, the more likely people will feel the need to visit them and force them to try and "maintain" for the duration of said visit.

#4: Matthew's Law of Cold and Flu Symptoms and Working,

If you decide to go into work sick, and ensure that you tell your co-workers you are unwell, it is this time that they will immediately increase your regular work load and often add things that require far more than the usual physical exertions.

#3: If you are destined to be sick, it will be during a time when you can least afford to be off your game.

Consider it a collary of Murphy's Law... think of it this way... I do a lot of work with ghosts and hauntings as a hobby... it's Halloween time... I'm pretty much deathly ill right now... a time when many, Many, MANY people "need" to talk to me... of course.

#2: Matthew's Law of Cold and Flu Symptoms and Ambient Temperatures.

Cold and flu symptoms will, as a rule, only occur when temperatures are about to radically change in one direction or another in order to add to the misery of their effect. Granted, Summer colds in the heat are FAR worse than most others, but as we head into a VERY cold spell here in Toronto, the whole temperature thing is not lost on me.

#1: Matthew's Law of Cold and Flu Symptoms where Pets are Concerned - Two.

Apparently, aside from fresh meat, the most tempting and tasty thing to most animals to play with, drag about, and shred (especially in front of visitors) is used Kleenex.

BONUS: Matthew's Law of Phone Calls and Being Ill.

Needed sleep and rest will consistently be interrupted by ringing telephones... which will also be just enough out of reach to make answering them difficult... and when answering is achieved, too many rings will have happened and it will have gone to voicemail already leaving you holding a phone, listening to a dial-tone.

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OH NO!!!!!!

David Tennant is OFFICIALLY leaving Doctor Who after the specials in 2009...

Well, I must say two things...

#1: THANK YOU David Tennant for a wonderful three seasons... and the specials that are upcoming...

#2: I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM THEM YET, so I don't know what they're planning... but I would still be worried about my steplings comin' to get you for this!

You will be missed...

Here's a vid of David's announcement to fans at The National Television Awards...

BBC News Story about the same...


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Wordless Wednesday: Sicko!

Before I get started, I apologise for my continued absence from blogging... which, to be honest, will continue a bit sorta kinda maybe. I'm fighting a REALLY nasty cold/flu/something-from-heck and although I'm doing my "memes" like a good blogger, I'm letting lapse the in-between stuff... Therefore, yes, here's my Wordless Wednesday which should PROVE that I'm obviously not well... and I'll do my Thursday Thirteen tomorrow... then I'm resting until Sunday with your kind permission...

That said, ONWARDS towards proving my ill health... well, my ill mental health...

This bug has me EXTERMINATED~!

I told you I had some sort of bug in my head... NOW LOOK!

Remind you of anyone?



Yup, I could go out as the scary little guy for Halloween... sure... but I get taunted enough for my normal appearance.

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Blog Your Blessings Sundays: A double-edged sword...

Before starting, I'm currently struggling with a REALLY nasty cold or flu bug... and as such, I'm taking a couple of days off from blogging... which means, I'll be back Wednesday with a "Wordless Wednesday" offering... but otherwise, it will be resting and recuperating...

...but for now, here's my...

Blog yer Blessings

The passage of time is a double-edged sword... there's no doubt that it is a rotten thing to confront our own limited existence on this plane... to see the stages of life time and time again... to see things around us age and mature...

That said, I never, in a THOUSAND years, thought I'd read about someone reminiscing about my efforts online!

This year marks the eleventh year of my one website, "TorontoGhosts.Org", and I'm pleased to say the site shows NO signs of slowing down since it really got started way back in 1997.

That said, Sue received a message today... from someone who said they were "honoured" to have their website linked on the Torontoghosts site... because, since they were a "teen", they'd often visited it and now, there they were on this old favoured site.

Kinda difficult to think of something "online" as an "Old Tradition"... but perhaps everything starts this way.

I was both chuffed at reading the note... and a touch introspective... it's hard to believe I first put finger to keyboard, keyboard to pixel, pixel to website over a decade ago... but indeed, that is the case... I suppose I'd be lying if part of me didn't feel more than a little pride at our efforts and all... that to some, something I started... that we are still working on... is of reverence to even one person, that's astounding.

My blessing today is the appreciation of time and the building of traditions...

Although this one, to me, seems pretty "newfangled", it's still an immense honour!


Blog Your Blessing Sundays is a creation of NeoBluePanther... who may or may not be the famed Luchador!



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Dear Immune System - Apparently. you believe in the motto "Never Give a Sucker an Even Chance"...

Heblo. I ab dow in da midst obb a bery bad code. Ib's firmbly entrenchbed ib my node add my droat.

Abs such, I tink I'llb be daykihnd a cubboll ob dayd ov frum blogging... jubs dooday and Sadurbday... doo rest mah weary boneds.

Ov chord, idd coodebnt cumm add a woorse time... whad wid idd beeing Halloweeb add all, budd mah immune sybstem dibn't consuld me to ched mah calundar.

Oh well... Chicken soup add bed, here I'b cumm.

"E" you all on Sumday pour mah norbal Sumday blessbin.



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Thursday Thirteen - Moron/Genius


In keeping with my desperate attempts to entertain you folks with something that resembles humour every Thursday, I started thinking of a nice Thursday Thirteen that both celebrates and denigrates the human condition. A list that I hope will show...

Seven Things that Prove that Humans are Genuises
Eight Things that Prove Humans are Morons

#13: MORON THING: Shampoo directions that suggest repeatedly washing one's hair.

Wash, rinse... unless you've done something REALLY nasty to your head, does ANYONE regularly "repeat"???

#12: GENIUS THING: Computer are getting more portable and cheaper.

What's a big key to mutual understanding and even commerce? More computers with everyone! Let's face it, if you're a kid, it's hard to grow up and go to war and possibly kill the person you were playing Scrabulous with a few weeks ago... and you might, online, see something you JUST NEED TO HAVE... thus making you find revenue and purchase things.

See? It really isn't all about porn and "trolls"...

...well, it's not MOSTLY about porn and "trolls".

#11: MORON THING: Fifteen voicemail commands to end up at a generic receptionist.

Okay, it's an OLD complaint... but this is the new swing on it... We've FINALLY gotten okay with pressing "One for English", "Three for Support", "Four for Information", etc., etc.... but have you noticed that RARELY after going through branch-after-branch-after-tree of a voicemail system, you STILL get someone who asks WHY you're calling or for whom?

#10: GENIUS THING: Electric and Hybrid cars

Okay, I won't get all into the "PLEASE DON'T POLLUTE" thing... because then despite my feeling on smog, some ninny has to say something like, Oh! Global warming alarmist moonbat! and yeah, I do believe there is a climate change and yes, I do believe pollution has something to do with it... BUT ASIDE FROM THAT...

I find it incredible that we, as a species, are so NOT happy with being stuck in one place that we are trying AND SUCCEEDING in building vehicles that aren't governed by a non-renewable resource.

So, fighting pollution AND getting off the oil... what's not to love?

#9: MORON THING: Record companies made us switch to digital... then complained about it.

A conversation heard in the 1980's...

"Gee Bob! These CD thingies sure are great! They sound amazing... and think, we can do a MASSIVE cash-grab by forcing EVERYONE to buy them to replace their vinyl records! Muahahahaha! Oh! They're also CHEAPER to produce than a real record! Muahahahaha! We're so smart!"

"Gee Tom, don't you think that a digital format in the hands of a consumer that we know will end up with a home computer presents a problem with them copying the music... you know, digitally?"

"BOB! Don't talk nonsense! People are too STUPID to realise that digital is easier and cleaner to copy! We'll make a fortune when they switch over to digital music! That's all I care about!"

#8: GENIUS THING: Medical Breakthroughs

Did you know, according to The National Cancer Institute of Canada, survival rates have improved (effectively) across the board by almost 70% since 1992? How about diabetes... thanks to some genetic tests, it'll probably be a thing of the past within my lifetime. I could go on and on... about things like magnetic imaging, laser scans, ultra sounds...

When you think about it, humans are pretty good at figuring out ways to keep all of us around and healthy for longer every year... that's pretty amazing.

#7: MORON THING: There's discussion about making an eighth Police Academy film.

Do I really need to comment on this?

#6: GENIUS THING: From plough to combine...

WAY back when, every man, woman, and child needed to be a hunter or gatherer... then we invented the plough and grew more crops... and this led to us being able to become artisans because SOME people didn't need to be getting food to survive. Since then, although we have yet to use the potential to it's best use, we COULD feed the planet well several times over in any given year... and only a handful of people would be needed to do so... leaving more people to work on other things and figure out new stuff. That kind of inventive skill and knowledge as a planet gives me hope... and who knows, we may YET get the whole "distribution" thing worked out yet.

#5: MORON THING: Trickle Down Economics... in the hands of stock brokers and CEOs...

It seemed simple enough... Rich guy "A" is rich, so he buys a lot of stuff made by Not-so-rich guy "B"... who then hires Kinda-poor-guy "C" to do some work on his house... and so on, and so on... It makes sense.

That is until CEO/Broker "A" realises he likes his bank balance of billions and doesn't work with "B", "C", or "D"... and then it's not trickle down... it's stagnant and doesn't work.

Do I have an answer? No... but I can see the stupidity of it all.

Hey, I'll be the first to agree with Lou Schizas... "Capitalism isn't perfect, but it's the best system we got!"

Now, if we could go back in time and convinced the "A"s of this list to have trickled down instead of locking it up...

#4: GENIUS THING: Space exploration...

Humans, as stated above, have never been comfortable rooting in one place for too long... and it was, in many ways, a matter of time before we ventured beyond our own planet... and that affords a wealth of knowledge, information, and resources that we have yet to discover. That's a beautiful thing.

#3: MORON THING: Kids are getting out of shape! Quick! Cut recess at schools, slash the phys ed budgets, and ban ball playing in as many places as possible!!!

Our local government hard at work stupid.

#2: GENIUS THING: The "Rebooted" Series of Doctor Who

Oh, I know... "Fanboy Wank!" and yeah, it is!!! None-the-less, the main hero is someone who doesn't use a gun, always tries to give the bad guys an alternative, and is tolerant in many areas in the extreme... I can think of MUCH worse role models for kids AND ADULTS. Why everyone isn't watching this show religiously is beyond me... honest!

#1: MORON THING: Getting one's news and information strictly from the blogsphere...

Sorry folks, Michelle Malkin is NOT a reliable source of journalistic integrity... as only one example.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sue Scanned Some Old Shtuff...

HEAD SHOT! Me at Fort York about five years ago or so... looking very happy.

Younger, thinner days... the pony tail is behind the back... covering my probic feeding vent on the back of my neck.

Meanwhile, back at Fort York, I am waxing literary and ghostly with (left to right) John Robert Colombo and Terry Boyle...

...and you thought it was a NEW thing... me at a pulpit many moons ago.

Chef Didier prepares a feast at the sadly defunct Château Didier à Haliburton...

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants, please click here.



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Geez! The post that WAS here went through THREE re-writings... and finally... after all was said and done... DELETE!!!

If you don't get the reference above and the whole "Delete" bit... and you have a minute or two, click here.

I'll be honest... I let a comment and a couple of e-mails get to me...

Sure, they were from a mouth-breathing, irrational, jack-booting, intolerant, racist moron of the first order, but really, do YOU folks need to hear about how I'm really unimpressed with folks like that?

C'mon now... show of hands... Who wants to read a rant about an idiot who drinks a touch too much snake oil and has difficulties telling their bottom from their elbow?


So, a little less than half of you want to read a venomous post about such things.

Well, that's STILL less than half... and vox populi wins.

So, in lieu of my rant, here's the infamous picture of a cat with a slice of processed cheese on it's head.

There! I feel better now.




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Doctor Who Monday... GRRRRRRRRRRR!

Only one story... from yesterday... and appropriate to THIS blog... weak Doctor Who link... but it's there none the less...

Thanks(?) to Sylvester McCoy's Unofficial Website...

Sunday October 19,2008 - By David Stephenson

TOP GEAR fans have blasted Jeremy Clarkson for blowing up a rare Routemaster bus worth £20,000.

The familiar red double-decker, a designer icon of classic British styling, was destroyed in a huge fireball in Clarkson's new DVD, Thriller, which is released next month.

It is a typical Top Gear stunt but bus enthusiasts expressed "shock and disbelief" that one of only 500 remaining Routemasters in the country had been destroyed.

London's Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged to return them to the capital's streets.

Only 18 are still in service around the capital. Footage of the explosion, set off by a rocket, is shown on a trailer for the DVD on the Top Gear website.

"Wasting space and causing jams in your community" is written on the side of the bus.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "The DVD has nothing to do with Top Gear. It's made by the company 2 entertain."

A 2 entertain spokesman said: "Jeremy has been presenting this hugely successful video/DVD for the past 13 years. What he wants to blow up for his own, and the viewers' entertainment, is up to him. However, it's a well-known fact that he isn't fond of buses."

Andrew Morgan, chairman of the Routemaster Association, said: "It's just sacrilege and a very sad thing to do. Why pick on a vehicle like that when you wouldn't do it to a classic car like an E-type and there are more of them? There are plenty of other red double-deckers that he could pick on in scrapyards.

"Typical Clarkson, he likes picking on things that people know. The way he attacked caravans was done in a similar vein. He does things just to make a story to sell his video. The worst of it is that I'm a Top Gear fan.

"This bus is held in great affection by the public. It was in service for the best part of 50 years and it's been part of everyone's life for so long. The only way he can slightly redeem himself is if he gives the wreck over to us for spares."

A Transport for London spokesman said: "We don't agree with what Jeremy Clarkson has written on the bus. We are keen to see people transfer from their cars to buses and the Routemaster can carry up to 90 passengers, actually reducing traffic."

The bus is much sought after for filming. Doctor Who's makers will pay £25,000 for a Routemaster.

Clarkson struck a new deal with BBC Worldwide this year, giving him a slice of income from DVD sales and Top Gear tours through the commercial arm of the Corporation.

He has already earned more than £300,000 on top of his Top Gear presenter's salary and there is speculation that he plans to move to the Isle of Man as a tax exile after the success of his book sales worldwide. He currently lives in the Cotswolds.

Writing about the new DVD, Clarkson said: "Welcome to my all new DVD, Thriller. There's the rocket science – Clarkson-style – as I fit a Porsche 944 with rocket launchers (they only look like drainpipes wrapped in silver foil). I also blast fireworks at a speed camera and have a bit of an accident with a double-decker bus."

Okay, Doctor Fans... what do they need their own Routemaster for?

Everyone else... especially my American readers... this is the "bus" equivalent to buying an original Model "A" Ford to blow up.

Very uncool... actually, anger-inducing.

Anyway, I really didn't have any news items this week... and because this DID have a wee "Doctor" link... and was about buses, it belongs here.

**IF** you're the owner of an old Double-Decker bus and are considering blowing it up FOR ANY REASON, feel free to contact me ASAP... I'll be happy to take it off your hands!

This blog is a "fan blog" only... and not related to or in any way officially involved with the production of Doctor Who. Doctor Who is copyright © by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement intended. All images, texts, videos, or audio attachments are used assuming "Fair Use"/"Fair Dealing" and, if used here, may be removed at the request of the original copyright holder with limited notice.



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Blog Your Blessings Sundays: Getting Well...

Blog yer Blessings

Here we go again... bad lunch yesterday making me a little ill... so, I'm not up to doing a big "BYB" today... but I can say this...

As with all things, this too shall pass... and I will recover... and be fine probably by this evening... and really, that's a blessing...

...because as much as getting a little "tummy troubles" is dreadful, the fact that it will be over... my body will heal... and I'll be back to fighting trim shortly... is a blessing.

So, that'll be it for me today... but hey, it is a blessing.


Blog Your Blessing Sundays is a creation of NeoBluePanther... who may or may not be the famed Luchador!




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Busly Saturdays... well, Saturday...

When I was really pounding my war drum about trying to get the bus, every Saturday I did a "round up" on how things were going...

Since toning down A LOT, I haven't bothered keeping up this bit... mostly because so many things have had to overshadow... at least online... the quest.

Again, we haven't given up... not by a long shot... and sure, we'd STILL love help as we still can't do it ourselves at the moment and time is STILL precious in this quest, but life in general got in the way of things so I let the dream lapse into a secondary if not "third place" spot in my blogging ways.

The question remains... How does a small family with horrid credit (but improving!) raise $20,000.00 to purchase, ship, and store an old green double-decker bus from Santa Rosa, California to Toronto?

Hey! We're still open to ideas and thoughts... so if you got any, PLEASE don't hesitate to share 'em!

Now, I'm going to try AGAIN to sum up the whole original concept of this blog in a VERY small and neat bit of verbiage...

A small family fell in love with an old green bus during some very difficult times. They still can't afford to make owning the bus and literally rescuing it from rusting to pieces a reality, but they're still trying.

The bus is a rare Regent Low Height double-decker... and is currently in Santa Rosa, California... but the family is in Toronto, Ontario... a sum of about $20,000 would be needed to purchase and ship the bus.

The family is still not in a position to do this, but they're in a much better place then when this all started... but their dream of rescuing "their bus" lives on.

Will the dream for them come true?


Still a bit wordy, but better I think(?)

So I guess I should give a quick update on the bus itself... which realistically, is no different than the last update I did long, long ago...

The bus, to the best of my knowledge, is still in Santa Rosa... and in a barn being used to, sadly, store what was described to me as garbage. As stated, we're still not able to really do anything whatsoever about that...

There you go!

Now, what's spurred this post and update?

Well, yesterday I said it was because I'm tired, a bit worn out, and needed a little "happier"(?) post... which one might say, But if you're STILL in the same place and the bus ain't coming, how is that happier? Well, because it's a dream... and discussing dreams is always uplifting I find.

...but that's not the MAIN point to this post.

Being Halloween and a bit of a spotlight is on "you're truly" (though I don't know why...) I've had (again) more than a few people wonder if we want the bus for use with our hobby... kind of a rolling advertisement and "lab"...

Short answer: No.


Well, when people do contact us for an investigation or the like, they usually want us to be discreet... and a big-butt bus is anything but discreet.

Nope, the plan is STILL to do three things with it SHOULD we succeed...

Phase One: Clean, fix, and keep all original parts... but set it up as a "day tripper" for the family and friends.

Phase Two: When we've "warn out" Phase One above (we've had our time with the bus,) and assuming our kids aren't interested in maintaining it (a likely possibility,) restore it to it's London Transport glory.

Phase Three: When Phase One and Phase Two are complete, donate it to one of the several museums in Ontario that we've worked with in the past... for whatever they wish to do with it.

So, sadly, no... it will not be "Ecto 2"... (See "Ecto 1" below for reference.)

Will we get the bus? Who knows... but we ARE still trying... and we are still open to ideas on how to make it a reality.



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Friday NoPost...

Oh, such a TOTALLY half-butt post today... 'Tis Halloween season and the ghostly stuff has me jumping through fiery hoops, my Wind came down with a SERIES of nasty trojans (Wheee~! Loads of e-mails and a few trojans snuck through... I didn't launch them, but my anti-virus and spyware catchers had collective digital aneurysms...) and Sue's having a VERY nasty time with some difficult website coding which, of course, is more about venting frustration then needing help, but I need to be attentive... (Many four letter words are being uttered...)

Other than that, everything's great!

Sleep... sleep is good... highly underrated...

Tomorrow, I'm REALLY hoping to do busly post... I think I'll NEED to do one by Saturday.



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This is an inside joke for a friend named Penny...

I know, I know... inside jokes on a public blog... this sucks... but please, just give me a couple of hours and a new post will HOPEFULLY be in place on top of this one... but I desperately needed to share this clip below with my bud Penny... she will understand it... I think.


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Thursday Thirteen: Mass Transit Statements


Okay... it's been a hard couple of weeks, what with the Canucklehead election and a slew of rather frightening and stupid things leaking from the mass media from the horror known as The American Elections here... so it's time to BREATH... c'mon now... DEEP breath with me... Inhale.... Exhale... we good? Okay then.

Yup, time to fall back on a little bit of teh funeh as the Internet kids call it... to take a moment to rant... to basically try to perhaps bring enlightenment and happiness with my pain on my commute... yes, it's...



#13: I just want you to know how happy I am to provide you with a drool pillow when you take a nap... Now, normally, I don't refer to my shoulder as a drool-bib-cum-pillow, but for you? Anything!


#12: No one taking a bus likes the trip to be over TOO early... we enjoy our time on the mass transit system! Please, of possible, tie-up the driver's time as MUCH as humanly possible with questions, concerns, and fishing about for change! Oh yes, I love to relax at a standstill waiting for you folks to figure out which end is which.
See diagram at the top of this post... This rant is NOT for tourists or those genuinely lost, it is for those that seem to revel in asking redundant and unnecessary questions.


#11: Disposing of gum? How about the seat! That's what it's there for, right?


#10: First of all, let me start this by admitting I'm a "big boy"... meaning large... of great expanse... there, that said, I have been known to stand when seating is available when said seating is NOT big enough for someone of my ample butt to sit down in without inconveniencing the people who may also be sharing that seat with me.... That said, I've been in their place when someone of equally or even larger girth to me attempts to squeeze into a seat beside folks that Anglina Jolie would find uncomfortable... and usually, the "thin challenged" person ends up pushing everyone off their seat or half-sitting on people's laps while the rest of their posterior fills what is supposed to be the seat. Now, should someone DECIDE to try this, I do warn that I ain't Santa... and usually, someone should let me buy them dinner before attempting such a intimate seating position...


#9: That bit you see on those signs... and that stuff the driver occasionally says out loud... you know, about not blocking the door... yeah, you're right... it meant to say Everyone but YOU should not be blocking the doors. Personally, I love the challenge of having to climb over/sneak past/generally circumnavigate past you to get the heck off the vehicle.


#8: Any chance of turning up your headphones a little more? The incessant buzzing sound would be oh so much better if it were also easy to tell what music you're blasting into your cranium actually was! I mean, find me someone who DOESN'T like to have someone else's musical tastes rammed down their throat... especially at a very weak volume that's reminiscent of being trapped in a tent with a mosquito.


#7: Speaking of the above, to those special people that like to SING with their music on their iPods... allow me to use an old joke... I'll ask here, Hey! Who sings that song? and you can say the name of the band or artist, and I'll reply, Yeah, let's keep it that way, okay? Trust me, there are NO record company execs on the vehicle... and if there were, I can assure 99.999% of you, they would NOT be interested... and neither are your fellow passengers.


#6: I bet you didn't know this... but EVERYONE on this vehicle is desperate to know ALL about your conversation... to hear every intimate detail... to get inside your head and know everything... Oh wait! You must know! After all, you're volume and tone are ensuring that EVERYONE can hear you! How kind you are!


#5: Okay, you've figured it out... I have superhuman powers... y'know, like the folks on that show I've never seen called "Heroes"... but there's been a mistake. My super-power is NOT the ability to change my atomic structure to allow solid things to pass through me... y'know, like YOU... you can't pass through me. You will only bump into me in a mad attempt to push through... and it really won't work no matter how hard you try. So kindly cease the attempts... or I WILL break out my REAL super power... and no one wants that, okay?


#4: Everyone knows that "manly men" need to take up a lot of space. I mean, it's a sign of male virility to really encompass as much area as you possibly can... and I'm certain that when you sit in a three-place seat with your legs WIDE open thus ensuring no one can sit, it's just you PROVING how enormous your penis is... I mean, it must be HUGE for you to need all that space... I think to myself, it's sort of like the guys that buy BIG cars with BIG engines... I believe the term is "compensation"... yes... I believe that's what it means to NEED to take up that HUGE amount of room...


#3: I know your bags and backpacks have had a very hard day... I mean, I realise that they've had to put up with YOU all day... and sure, perhaps they deserve the seat they now occupy more than those of us standing on the bus/subway, but honestly, I'm reasonably certain they won't complain if you MOVED them to allow us to sit down. Try it! You'll see!


#2: I realise that in Ontario, Canada, dental health is not covered under our wonderful health care system... but a toothbrush... a little toothpaste... it's a GOOD thing and will prevent large expenses for you... and it might just help that breath that's peeling the vinyl off the seat in front of you... you know, the one I'm sitting in?


#1: See #2 above... and consider soap... and deodorant... or both. Again, it's your friend! Honest! A little shower... some cleaning... it's all good... and then a little stuff to make the pits smell nice... please... 'cuz some of us are having to inhale near you.

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Wordless Wednesday: Parliament Hill - Ottawa...

At the time of posting this, I don't know WHO will be the "head honcho" in these buildings... There is a federal election happening right now in Canada (again, at the time of writing this... I have to pre-write and time-stamp this post due to several commitments...) to decide who will be "in charge" of the country more or less... I did vote, but I'll keep the bit about exactly "who" I voted for quiet...

I voted because the people below made and make sure I have that right...

Like I said, RIGHT NOW while writing this, I don't know who won... but I'm glad I had some say in what I felt was best... and am thankful for that right.

Addendum - 06:37am It's a Conservative minority... again... a touch stronger, but still not a strong mandate for our government.

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants, please click here.



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Sorry, I know... but this is rather frightening to those of us on the rest of the planet...

I know what I said last Tuesday... but I have to say sumthin'...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

I know I have friends and readers on "The Right" who regularly read this... PLEASE tell me and those of us not in the States that this is NOT normal behaviour anymore...

I fear myself falling into a bit of hyperbole, but then again...

Gotta toss this vid in too, I'm afraid...

...cuz it didn't help my feelings about this either.

Oh, and if the whole You're a Canadian! Who the ____ cares what you think?, I'm also a North American... a citizen of the Earth to boot... and America is VERY important to us all... so yeah, we do have some opinions... even if certain folks feel they are invalid.


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BUSLY NEWS! No, we didn't get a bus yet... but someone did...

Below is a Bristol VRT...

In itself, a fine if unremarkable workhorse of a bus, but go back a few years, paint it with a ginormous Union flag, toss in Meat Loaf as a driver and a tonnes of pop culture... and...


Yup, the Spice Girl's double-decker was on eBay (click here for exact address,) and sold for £3,600.00 (about $7,000.00 USD)

Sure, a bargoon compared the the $20k (or £10k) we'd need to grab RLH 3 (the dream bus) but we think our bus is more aesthetically pleasing... No offence to Bristol VRT enthusiasts, The Spice Girls and their management, Meat Loaf, and David Beckham.

...but again, our bus is a lot purdier...

Le Sigh...



Doctor Who Monday: Slow news week... but that's a good thing for me.

Okay, you ever eat too much turkey and feel rather lethargic? Well, yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving and that's what I did... but thank goodness it was a slow news week allowing me to post up this quick blurb and go back to relaxing, napping, and thinking of what we can do with leftovers...

From the fine folks at Planet Gallifrey (via DenofGeek) come the above photo of The Tenth Doctor giving the Ten-and-a-Half Doctor a "clipping of the Tardis to grow his own... yeah, it's a deleted scene...

The good news is there should be MORE deleted scenes coming up as Planet Gallifrey has a lovely write-up on the "Fourth Season Box Set" which has been reviewed by DenofGeek... which should be in my hot little hands shortly then! (OFF TO THE SHOPS!!!)

...but not today... The holiday weekend here in Canada goes on... and today's the LAST day of the three day weekend... so I'm off to nurse my turkey-swollen belly!

Addendum: According to the Beeb, Prince Charles said "No" to a guest bit on the show... One wonders what it might have been? Charles in a Dalek suit? Charles plays Davros? Charles in a white-net dress playing a Sea Devil? The Master regenerates as the Prince of Wales?

Maybe he was ticked about the whole Werewolf thing?

This blog is a "fan blog" only... and not related to or in any way officially involved with the production of Doctor Who. Doctor Who is copyright © by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement intended. All images, texts, videos, or audio attachments are used assuming "Fair Use"/"Fair Dealing" and, if used here, may be removed at the request of the original copyright holder with limited notice.



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Blog Your Blessings Sundays: Thanksgiving...

Blog yer Blessings

Short and sweet today... because in Canada, it's Thanksgiving... a day devoted to nothing but celebrating and being thankful for all our blessings...

It's just Sue and I today... with the steplings being off with other family... kinda sad on that point, but we are still doing the whole turkey, veggies, and pumpkin pie... think "lots of leftovers", but it's a tradition... and therefore, because of this (albeit small by normal comparisons,) I am needed to help prepare dinner... which yes, with a meal like this, starts in the morning!

So, despite the kiddollo being off at her dads, there is much automatically to be VERY thankful for... I'm in my good home... with a good woman... I have a good job... my health is good... and all in all, it's a very good life with much to be thankful for.

My blessing, on this Canadian Thanksgiving, is my little world in general... it's a pretty nice place, all things considered! :)

I do wish that, wherever you are, your day and your world are good and you have as much to be thankful for as well.

Oh, and DrillerAA... The Sooners wuz ROBBED!



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What a freakin' week! I'm completely exhausted!!!

If that title ain't a lead-in to being a half-butt posting day then nothing is...

Seriously though, I am pooped... knackered... whacked... completely exhasuticated... shattered... worn out... get the picture.

Not one, however, to leave you all in the lurch with nothing to look at for your browsing time and bandwidth here at One Old Green Bus, here's a classic from the fine, Fine, FINE folks at I Can Has Cheezburger...

Sometimes, I know how this little guy feels...

THIS, however, is not one of those times.

See you tomorrow for a BYB Sunday!



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Well, at least we can say that THIS TIME, we know there's unethical stuff in advance...

Additional Stuff Added 8:56am EST, Oct. 11th, 2008...

Allow me to refresh some memories...

From Tuesday...

Unless Sarah Palin REALLY has another "Caribou Barbie" moment... (snip!) I'm gonna shelve politics until after the elections.

Well, it's not new... but it's official now.

At least, on ONE good point, we now know this politician is CERTIFIED to be unethical... unlike most that earn the title, but it's rarely official.

Granted, OF COURSE it's all lies... kinda sorta maybe... Ooo! Look! Something shiny!

Oh, and while I'm here... ugh... ugh... ugh...

Apparently, if you can't beat 'em, either you or your buddies can off 'em!

...of course people are going a little overboard... not recognizing old fashioned rhetoric (and not understanding what rhetoric is...) and really, this is me just being filled with hyperbole and would NEVER happen...

Oh, and if any if our neighbours are reading this, you're the home of the free... making you "fellow Americans"... not this.

Actually, as I said a while back, I don't hate McCain at all... in fact, I thought all was well... but his "handlers" and "partners"... them... not-so-much... le sigh...

On Friday, McCain rejected the bait.

"I don't trust Obama," a woman said. "I have read about him. He's an Arab."

McCain shook his head in disagreement, and said:

"No, ma'am. He's a decent, family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with (him) on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about."

He had drawn boos with his comment: "I have to tell you, he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States."


I'm being terribly American-centric so let me toss in this one about Canadian stuff.

Okay, I'm done again... unless... (See Tuesday's post again.)


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Doing the work of three men...

BEWARE!!! Lame Blog Entry Ahead... Hey! I'm tired, okay?

All this week, I've been kinda forced to do the work of three men... and no, not the fellas above, although sometimes, you gotta kinda wonder...

Nope, basically one of my cohorts at my office is on vacation, plus I have my normal job, plus I'm helping out another fellow who's been called off his usual stuff to do something else...

I suppose this is a good thing as I am pretty cross-trained, and in these uncertain times, that's a plus... but it's been physically and mentally taxing at times.

None-the-less, it's all good and I'm bearing up well... and looking forward to a nice long weekend here in Canada.

That said, I need to point out ANOTHER issue with being an IT guy...

Just because one can make something work, doesn't mean they have all the nuances of whatever that thing is stored in their memory.

Effectively, I can make Office work on your computer... I can make it start, update, and have a rudimentary understanding of it's function... but if you asked me how to make your MS Access database jump up, bark, and cook microwave popcorn, I won't be able to help you out.

I put it to one coworker this way...

If a UPS van has an engine problem and breaks down, and the shipment in the van is all Sony stereo components, you wouldn't call Sony to repair the van... nor, chances are, will the driver be able to be much help... and a stereo repair shop probably won't be of assistance. Despite the driver and the cargo being key to the van, these things do not truly control all the inner workings.

Can you tell what's stressing me out at work a bit?

I tell you, it's enough to make me want to bop someone in the head with a hammer while saying, "Nyuck! Nyuck! Nyuck!"

Okay, silly rant... but I needed to get it out.

Oh, and I'd remind... I did note RIGHT at the top that this was a "lame" entry...



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Thursday Thirteen: Memes of the (X)teen year-olds...


Big Hat-Tip to Weird News From All Over the Globe for the image above...

Remember your teenaged years? Yeah, neither do I... but in this crazy, mixed-up, whacky blended family I find myself in, I recently ended up looking into a step-niece-once-removed's Facebook notations and decided to try to see what it's like for...


#13: Who are all the people you have text messages from in your phone?

What? Is that like receiving a letter? I mean, that's "text" used for a message, right? How do you do that in a phone??? You mean something like a fax machine? I don't get it.

Okay, truth... I loath text messaging... Hate it with a capital "H". Kthxbai.


#12: Last time you laughed?

Looking at my pay stub... then I wept.


#11: If you could seek revenge on someone, would you?

Why? Have they found all those charred remains?


#10: Have you ever stripped for money?

Does a military physical count?


#9: Last nap?

This assumes I'm awake.


#8: What’s a happy time you’ve had in the past week?

5pm... considering I work 9am to 5pm, this seems self evident.


#7: Who do you feel most comfortable talking about things with?

My invisible buddy... 'cept when he tells me to seek revenge... then I don't like talking to him... much.


#6: How do you handle your hair once you finish washing it?

With my hands.


#5: Have you ever liked anyone that treated you like crap?

Hang on... I know I'm just a step-parent, but I amd helping raise a tweenager leaning to teenager... think about that...


#4: Has anyone disappointed you recently?

See #12 above.


#3: What are you listening to?

Like the last time I did this, the sound of hundreds of Thursday Thirteen readers yawning at having to read this weak attempt at some humour.


#2: Have you ever had a difficult relationship?

See #12 then #11 above.


#1: You see a shooting star, do you make a wish?

Yup, then DUCK AND COVER and hope the wish comes true...

So far, I'm batting 96.8%

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Wordless Wednesday: 1812

Just a couple of words to explain these images... I am very proud of the work I do with The Incorporate Militia of Upper Canada... or IMUC for short. I build and maintain their website... and am a "standing" member of the unit... if not in the field... yet...

These fellows are War of 1812 re-enactors who throughout the year put on displays of nineteenth century militaria and camp-life... and it's a great family outing to visit and especially participate in.

Sadly, due to fiscal restraints and illness, we've not been out in several years... but God willing, I will soon be donning my wool uniform, shako, and priming my musket to fend off those damned American invaders from the King's lands here in Upper Canada and beyond... Yup, hopefully soon it will be "Damn the Yankees and GOD SAVE THE KING!" as once again, a handful of British Red Coats, a mixed bag of local militia, and our native allies defend Canada from our neighbours from the South...

These images are from the latest I worked on for IMUC...

Oh, I'm also a "semi-standing" member of The Norfolk Militia... although I've neglected that site for a long time (we're working on it!) and on the ONLY occasion I was able to prime and load and fire my much-loved but since sold Baker Rifle (oh how I miss that gun)... it was dressed in a grey-green combination acting as an American Volunteer firing upon those forces from a foreign land trying to shackle us in tyranny thanks to King George...

Oh, before heading off... PLEASE don't be confused... this is not Revolutionary War re-enacting nor American Civil War re-enacting... this is that rare bird usually only found in some parts dealing with Mr. Madison's war... which was REALLY unpopular on both sides of the border.

...oh, and yeah, I'm sorry... Canada (Britain) won this one... because indeed, I am (still) Canadian! :)

Editor's Note: WHEN (not if) I get back on the field, I better have a bus... because I said to friends in the re-enactors that I would NOT be back until I replaced my Baker Rifle, had a Brown Bess, and was driving my double-decker bus...

No pressure on me though, eh? :)

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As stocks crash and burn... and the 2000's start to look like the 1920's...

You'd think that with all the world's turmoil and fiscal crisis I'd have a great big slothering blog post to present to you folks about the horrors of modern politics, perhaps blaming this group or that group... or generally crying out about the unfairedness of it all... And you'd be...


Realistically, I do believe that the current financial crisis is based on unmoderated greed... and NEITHER party in the States NOR any of the governing bodies in Canada for the last twenty years or so is clean from the dirt therein... who was "worse" or "better" is a pointless argument... 'cuz we're here now... and the "group-think" or "hive mentality" of us all, like it or don't, should be on getting over this crisis and working towards fixing things... be you lefty or righty.

Ergo: Unless Sarah Palin REALLY has another "Caribou Barbie" moment and blames witchcraft for the drop in the polls or the like while she charges another rape victim for the forensic work they need done... or John McCain calls Barack Obama an alien bred Islaminazistalinist kitten eater while using the "C" word to describe Phyllis Schafly... Joe Biden says that he believes that The Brooklyn Dodgers will take the loving cup right after he attends the memorial at Pearl Harbour to remember those attacked by Hitler... Barrack Obama finally admits he doesn't have magical ponies for everyone to ride and actually cannot heal blindness with a touch... Gilles Duceppe calls for more funding for Alberta... Stéphane Dion admits he's Julie Couillard in drag... Jack Layton proposes massive tax cuts for millionaire retired army officers only... and Stephen Harper actually admits his hair-greying experiment looks ridiculous as he tears off his sweater-vest to reveal a Phish concert jersey, I'm gonna shelve politics until after the elections.

Although Bill Maher said something interesting... if Barack Obama had a video of himself in a church being preached over by a reverend from Kenya protecting him from witchcraft, this election would be over.... hmmm...

You may not like the man's opinions... but ya gotta admit, it's a true statement...

Now that I've gotten THAT out of my system...

Nope, this post is a short, simple, easy one... and it's to all you computer users out there...

I spent my day today because of some crooked people praying on some people who SHOULD know better.

Okay, here it is... Matthew's Law of Internet Browsing #3...


If you are browsing websites online and a "pop-up" message alerts you that you have a virus, spyware, or malware... and you MUST install "a virus scanner" or some other software to deal with this sudden problem... DON'T CLICK OKAY, CANCEL, OR DO NOT INSTALL... click on the little "X" in the upper-right hand corner and close the window DOWN. DO NOT CLICK THE BUTTONS FOLKS!


Okay, here's how it works...

The turds that do these messages send out a FAKE warning to the user... if you read their websites and, on RARE occasion, the pop-up window, if you click ANYWHERE on the "ad", you are giving them the "right" to install their software on your computer... which then CONTINUOUSLY puts up fake warnings saying you have spyware, viruses, or malware which can ONLY be defeated by buying and installing THEIR software.

It's like selling a car with no tires when you run the rubber factory... save it's MUCH worse.

The warnings get worse and worse... and end up hijacking your computer... until it's pretty much unusable.

...then you bring it to your friendly technician, like me, who sees this and is between wanting to clobber the bad knobs that do this over the head with a large lead weight... and strangling you for bringing us three boring hours (minimum) of work while we get rid of the offending software.

Oh? Is this software practice illegal? Tricking you into installing this rubbish that then produces false positives in phony scans asking you to buy their product to get RID of the problem that THEY installed for you?

Yes and no...

They are VERY careful to make sure that you don't read... that you click "No", "Cancel", or worse, "Okay" and install their software "as per their published agreement" which, when read, tells you that this is their modus operandi...

Effectively, if you don't read, you "agree" to it.

Isn't that nice?


Besides, it doesn't work so good if you use something OTHER than Internet Explorer... like FireFox... which is honestly better... so we're all using that now, right? Right?? RIGHT!?!

This message has been brought to you by every twitchy-angry-grumpy technician who's ever spent a day cleaning up malware.

I'm one of those techs... and I approve this message.



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Doctor Who Monday - News? Not so much...

Right now, there's precious little Doctor Who news to report... as I'm sure you can understand. In fact, until the Christmas special is about to air AND filming for the "specials" for 2009 are going, we're in a kind of holding pattern.

Of course, Sarah Jane Smith (The Sarah Jane Adventures) has met up with The Last Sontaran... which, yes, I did see... wasn't fussy on it... didn't hate it... didn't madly love it... so you'll have to make your own decision as this has to go down as the lamest of all reviews, but it's like I said... it was what it was...

Anyway, the news...

Well, in brief... everyone's still nattering away about Patrick Stewart's possible upcoming role... and Russell T. Davies is now saying that David Tennant is pretty much "The Doctor Forever"... (sadly, don't believe this one... at some point, I'm sure David Tennant will leave... but I hope not until the 2010 season has finished filming...) and lastly, Sue wants new shoes.

One thing I will do during this wee "down time" with news et al is give BIG props to good "Who" news sources for those doing time waiting for the new specials... so, in NO particular order, these are my "hits" I go to looking for my "fix"...

Planet Gallifrey
Outpost Gallifrey
The Doctor Who Forums
The Unofficial Sylvester McCoy Website

...and to whom I owe pretty much ALL of my news here.

Well, like I said, pretty much all I've got for THIS week... hopefully, next week I'll have some goodly TARDIS-worthy news to share...

If you're a member of the Doctor Who forum (hey, it's FREE...) and want to skip to the "best spoilers" without passing go, here's a direct link to the latest ones.

Well, like I said, it's been a "thin post" today... but there's always (hopefully) next week! (...and don't forget to check out the links above!!!)

This blog is a "fan blog" only... and not related to or in any way officially involved with the production of Doctor Who. Doctor Who is copyright © by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement intended. All images, texts, videos, or audio attachments are used assuming "Fair Use"/"Fair Dealing" and, if used here, may be removed at the request of the original copyright holder with limited notice.




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Blog Your Blessings Sundays: Using the "Way Back Machine" for today...

Blog yer Blessings

Seems like a "cop-out", but the last time I did this was kinda revealing... so I'm doing it again. Setting the BlogTARDIS back for the first Sunday of 2007 to see what I blogged back then...

Now, as I'm writing this, I really DON'T know what my "BYB" was from the first Sunday in October of 2007... but I'm GOING to reproduce it now... and then comment.

Last time I did this... it was about a friend who was going through major health issues... and I'll be honest, I was worried I'd lose that friend... well, I Blogged My Blessing that I knew him and how supportive and wonderful a friend he is... and that's the point... he still is! The NEW blessing is that he defeated his illnesses and he's still a part of Sue's and my life... truly a blessing...

So, let's see what "round two" of this might yield...

So, from October 7th of 2007...


To say that the last few hours have been traumatic would be an understatement... They've been an outright disaster.

Ergo: Sadly, I'm going to have to hold off my "Blessing" for a bit... hopefully later tonight or even this afternoon.

I have some ducks to put in a row, some fires to put out... and a roof to ensure is still over my head.

Yeah, it's been a BAD few hours... but we're in "the right" with no issues that we are being "wrong" or "bad" about... so realistically, it's not truly dreadful... but it could be.

On second thought, and related to my predicament of the here and now... allow me to share a classic poem which, in some ways, represents a blessing... at least, to the stuff I'm handling now...

If... by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run -
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man my son!

I can only hope that, as a man, I'm also dealing with other men.


As the BlogTARDIS returns me back to October 2008... Holy mackerel! Well, I vaguely remember this... and yeah, it was awful...

...BUT INDEED, everything worked out... in fact, everything worked out extremely well and we recovered from what was a nasty fall wonderfully with all things intact!

See? Again... there's my blessing this week, isn't it? The blessing of surviving and weathering a storm as a family... and remembering that sometimes, that which does not kill us, makes us stronger... especially when it involves overcoming adversity.

I doubt I'll do this next week... but as I was talking to my friend I mentioned above, I wanted to try this again... and I'm glad I did!


Blog Your Blessing Sundays is a creation of NeoBluePanther... who may or may not be the famed Luchador!




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So, I can tell it's October...

Folks, if you've ever thought of starting a SERIOUS paranormal website or group... and wish to retain some semblance of sanity and normal blood pressure... avoid October and Halloween... and the media.

Oh... my hobby stuff... Torontoghosts, PSICAN, ParaResearchers... and a few other's I have my nasty hand in too...

Moving on...

First off, I cannot tell you how immensely proud I am of those websites and groups I'm a part of... and the amazing knowledge bank they have managed to acquire after eleven years of legitimately hard work...

...but boy oh boy, my respect for our journalists DIVES during the month of October like a stone in a pool of pure alcohol.

Halloween time for us is a media bonanza... which is a shame, because of two important facts...

  • #1: We're not actually seeking "fame" from the media.
  • #2: We actually are working on this stuff year round.

That said, we acknowledge the increased interest in our hobby during this time and yeah, we do need to "get the word out there" to accomplish a couple of goals... Allow more people to know we exist so they might share their reports AND to hopefully shine a good light on our efforts and what we do.'s that last one... and many "journalists" seem to not understand this one.

Before contacting us, we ask that media folk read some notes about us before moving forward...

In a nutshell, the notes CLEARLY say things like...

  • We are not a group of psychics and sensitives. We are researchers and investigators.
  • We do not have "proof" of the paranormal. If we did, we'd be talking to the universities first.
  • We're volunteers. We have day jobs. We're poor and cannot afford an office for our group. We're strictly web-based and work from our respective homes.
  • We abide by the privacy laws of our area... which means, if someone contacted us, we really cannot give you their information by law.
  • We do not have the keys to the haunted house. If we did, we'd be there right now.
  • Re: The poor part above combined with the "evidence" bit as well... If you're hoping we'll show up in lab coats with machines that go "Ping!", you'll be sorry.
  • No, we won't act like screaming morons for the cameras... we already do work with a wide cross-section of academia, clergy, and all points in between... and doing a show while we run about with cameras under our chins hurts us, it doesn't help our efforts.
  • Re: The poor bit again... We need to work within our schedule of "day job" work and family... sometimes, 10:30am on a Tuesday will not be okay.
  • You want to speak to us for Halloween? BOOK EARLY!!!

Pretty simple, eh?

...and yet, I have ALREADY received (and it's only October 4th,) FIVE e-mails from people that have told me they HAVE read and understand our notes... and yet, still say things like...

I was hoping we could meet you and your staff at your office, then maybe go to the most haunted house you go to, talk to the owners and maybe have you do a psychic reading on camera.

Yes, the above is an exact quote... although I did correct an instance where "you're" was used instead of the more proper "your"... and this request wasn't the worst of the five.

R-E-A-D... it's an unusual word... perhaps new to so many in the media trade. It means to actually look at words, understand them, and perhaps learn from them.

A foreign concept? Maybe... but we always hope.

I gotta be honest with you, my gentle readers... I've done LITERALLY hundreds of interviews, TV bits, radio things, et al... and I'd say maybe (MAYBE) 12% of them have been a positive experience.

The horror stories about my hobbies that should TRULY scare you are the insane amount of stupidity we're "requested" to do by those that DON'T understand that not everyone is desperate to be "on TV" or "in the paper".

...and tune in towards the end of October when I'll be screeching about the "last minute" morons who figure that October 31st at 3pm is a GOOD time to request a full-length interview with the people doing ghostly stuff... because, as they assume, what other journalist would contact "us" on Halloween, right?


I'm grumpy, can you tell?



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I feel it is my duty to share with you the official articles of "PLAN 37B" which normally are top secret. The reason is that I feel anyone should be allowed to reference "PLAN 37B" and it's such a good plan, I wish to share it with everyone. Well, that and if I personally reference in the future, I can link back to this post without having to explain myself repeatedly.

Effectively the plan goes like this...

#1: An event or events happen that make leaving the planet become the only reasonable option.

#2: To that end, a secret base has been set up where a large, interstellar craft is in a state of preparedness for a hasty departure.

#3: The events are now suggesting that it is time to board said craft and leave planet Earth.

Now, to divulge even more super-secret information... allow me to explain the VAST difference between "PLAN 37B" and "PLAN 37A"...

37A: Lift off and the then breaking of Earth's orbit with a destination to any place else is achieved as rapidly as possible escaping the events that have precipitated the abandonment of the planet.

37B: Lift off is achieved rapidly, but events are such that it allows the "escapee" (or "escapees" as events dictate,) enough time to below SO LONG, SUCKERS! at those left behind on the planet before breaking Earth's orbital pull heading to parts unknown.

Of course, there is also 37C which involves loading a select group of passengers into said craft and launching them on a trajectory towards the Sun and certain annihilation... or, in layman's terms, a painful and fiery death... but I don't want to rip-off an old Simpsons episode that much, so we only stick with 37A and the more popular, 37B.

Now, in giving you this vital and important information, I have divulged my plans... but only part of them... I could tell you Plans 1 through 36 as well, but then I'd be forced to ensure your silence... if you know what I mean... (I'm making the 'thumb across the throat gesture' while typing this...)

So, now you know... PLAN 37B... PLAN 38 is that I plan to reference 37B several times in the future... so be warned...



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Thursday Thirteen: N'est hear stuff pas, si vous plait!


Well, I did the busly thing yesterday, so it's time to TRY and bring a little bit more of teh funneh as the internet kids call it... so I wracked my grey matter and decided on listing...


#13: Do you have a lawyer?

Hearing this is usually followed by the words You're going to need one or something to that affect... and it's never good in my estimation... One can usually feel their wallet getting lighter and lighter...

#12: If I deleted something I didn't want to and then...

One day, computer users will understand that if you get to this point, it's probably gone... not coming back... or extremely unlikely. Granted, it's that word... "understand"... this is something that is a rarity... especially if it's a twelve year-old girl... trust me on this.

#11: So, I shouldn't do this...

Usually followed by a helpful demonstration of what SHOULD NOT be done.

#10: Yeah, that's gonna need a root canal.

Doubly bad if it's said by a medical technician that is NOT a dentist.

#9: We reassessed your tax return and... well, it's not too good.

Only ONCE in my life have I heard this... and MORE money came into my pocket... usually, it's the exact opposite.

#8: Guess where the cat just piddled?

If you guess something you're about to wear, a favourite something, or where you just sat down, you're probably right.

#7: Are you busy?

Regardless of your answer, this will be followed with something "fast and easy" that will neither be fast nor easy to do.

#6: Is it supposed to do that?

Almost consistently heard as or after the disaster has taken place.

#5: We have a problem.

Translation: YOU have a problem to deal with.

#4: Did you see the paper?

Rarely, if ever, is this followed by any GOOD news...

#3: It's got to come out.

Think about this... You'll only hear this about a medical or engineering issue... and the "coming out" is pretty much NEVER painless in either case.

#2: Will {Fill In Name of Small Electronic Device Here} be okay if it went through the wash?

Short answer: No.

#1: It's President Palin, now.

AAAAGH!!!! Anyway to get off the planet safely and QUICKLY!?!

Long way for a lame punchline, eh?

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Wordless Wednesday: Back to Buses...

Thank Goodness for Ian's Bus Stop... what great fodder for an enthusiast like me his images provide... such ammunition to the dream!

The images below are from his Worcester Park Running Day collection... which happened on the 10th of August, 2008.

Jaunty looking RLH 61 was there... this bus was not-too-long-ago in Ontario and I had my heart on trying to rescue it... but thankfully, Ensign Bus did instead and have done an incredible job restoring it to it's former glory!

Another image of RLH 61...

Another of RLH 61...

RLH 61 sitting beside RLH 23... RLH 23 is in the hands of Timebus... and it's another startling great restoration and continued service story!

...and of course, although I didn't find a green RLH in my perusal of Ian's site, allow me to share ANOTHER old green bus... RT 3148

I cannot recommend enough if you're an enthusiast or a fan of these images, PLEASE stop by and admire Ian Smith's (a fellow "Notepad" HTML person,) work at his site, Ian's Bus Stop.

Gotta take a post or two about buses on this here blog now and again... because I hope you realise, the dream hasn't died... not by a LONG shot!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants, please click here.


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