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Can't blog today... nerves will eat me...

I know, it's not Monday... and I'll have a LOT more to say about things then... without spoilers, of course... but today is the SEASON FINALE of that show I promised NOT to mention except on Mondays... and the "cliffhanger" from last week pretty much turned the whole household into a puddle... it's a day of watching the clock... waiting... then bugging my friend at The Beeb to SENDETH US THE GOODES!

Dear God in Heaven, WE NEED OUR FIX, MAN!

Gosh-darnit, if I was like this through the whole season, we'd need special counseling and detox!

...I can see it now... a dimly lit church basement... a semi-circle of people sitting on folding chairs... the "leader" of the group stands up...


Leader: Group, we have some new people joining us tonight... Matther, Sue, The Kidollo, Assorted other steplings... Matthew, how about you introduce yourself to everyone?

Matthew: Um... yeah... um... Hello. My name is Matthew.

Group says as a whole: Hello Matthew!

Matthew: Uh, okay... well, like I said, I'm Matthew, and I have a problem. It all started in 2005 with this fellow named Eccleston and has gotten progressively worse since then...


Just twelve little steps...

Anyway, ANY super-fan of a television program knows my pain... and at least, I will get my "fix" today... and HOPEFULLY, the "cliffhangers" will be resolved.

...either that, or you'll find me clinging madly to The Lost Moon of Poosh ranting about flying into the wild and fire where I danced and died a thousand times all the while plotting to kill Russell T. Davies because, yes, I will have snapped.

So forgive my lack of posting today... I'll be back tomorrow with a blessing... that may or may not include a reference to Raxicoricofallipatorius.

Oh, and the bees? The clever folks in the entertainment industry have figured it out for us... apparently, after telling the plants to do us all in (thanks M. Night Shyamalan... I want my 90 minutes back! What a dreadfully boring film!) they went home to Malissamajouria following The Tandoka Trail.

Yeah, that probably makes a big pantload of sense to most of my readers.

Anyway, here's a link to The Telegraph which, like ALL the papers and media in Britain, is going crazy over the program... but be warned, North American audiences... there is "spoilery goodness" in that there link!

OH, and GOOD NEWS American Audiences! No doubt because of complaints AND because of the unbelievable hype in Britain, Sci-Fi will NOT be trimming twenty-minutes from the finale when it airs in The United States!



This message will be at the bottom of all my posts for the next few weeks... perhaps longer...


A MESSAGE FOR CANADIANS: The Federal Government has tabled a bill that would turn most of us into criminals.

For example, a kid who "rips" an MP3 from his parents CD collection, re-mixes the tune, and uploads it to YouTube could face a total of $40,500.00 or up to ten years in prison... and that's just ONE example of many.

Unlocking your cell phone for use in another country or with another service, copying video tapes to DVD or computer videos, moving music from your CDs to your iPod... all will be illegal and a minimum $500.00 fine per phone/song/single video clip... maximum fine of $20,000.00 or five-years per offence in prison per phone/song/single video clip.

Don't make listening to CD tracks on an iPod or copying your professionally made wedding video tape to DVD akin to drug dealing and pimping.

If like me, you think this is wrong... be you Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat, Bloc, or other, PLEASE write to your MP and let them know... PLEASE stop bill C-61.

Click here for a neat and quick online letter you can send to your MP showing your wish to stop this bill from going forward.

Join the FaceBook Group.

You can also click here to see a video on what you can do...


D O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. M
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