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Doctor Who Mondays - Hey! Who turned out the lights?

(Remember, no intentional spoilers here...) Well, we seen it... the "Forest of the Dead"... Season 4 episode 9... and it was much better in my eyes than the lead up episode, "Silence in the Library". As I said in my first "Doctor Who Monday", I wasn't as big a fan of the episode as I should have been... mostly because of the hype (OH AND THERE WAS HYPE) leading into it... I was prepared to have my socks blown off... and was simply well entertained.

Then again, I should have realised that Steven Moffat would equal "Goodly Stuff" after The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Girl in the Fireplace, Time Crash, and Blink... not to mention "The Curse of the Fatal Death"!

Okay, that last one is NOT really "from the new series", but what a GREAT "short"!

Never seen it? Need a giggle??

Parte The Firste...

Parte The Seconde...

Parte The Thirde...

Parte The Fourthe...

Anyway, if you're a "Who" fan, these four YouTuber Vids are well worth sitting through... I'd bet my Dalek bumps on it!

Anyway, this past Saturday's episode did a WHOPPING 40% share of the UK television audience when it aired... which is both deserved and astounding!

I'm looking forward to listening to the podcast about the show on my commute today!


Sure, I STILL need to get a K-9... and a full-sized new-series Dalek from these guys...

...but a "Time Crash" set AND a Master with two, NOT ONE BUT TWO Toclafane... (*sigh*)

PROOF! I can pronounce it... (Click play below...)

Now, do I win "Geek of the Week" award for this or wot?

DID YOU KNOW? According to "Sci-Fi Channel" in the states, Torchwood does better numbers in the ratings than "Doctor Who". It's true...

Now, no knock to Cap'n Jack and crew, but when I heard this, I had to scratch my head...

Torchwood is a lot more "adult"... and when I say that, I mean it has graphic sexuality and gore... story-wise, it's the same... if not a little (just a touch) weaker as it's nailed to one location and "Who" is not...

Doctor who has, in my and many other's opinions, a better story line with more possibilities and has a broader range of appeal to fans... because kids and adults really do enjoy the show together.

...and in it's native UK, the opposite is true with "Who" often being in the top-twenty rated programs of the week and Torchwood doing respectably numbers... but not the same.

I submit to you... is it because John Barrowman has an American accent and is therefore a little easier on the sensibilities of the folks in the States... or is he just that much more dead sexy than David Tennant?

Well, in my house... my Wife chose Barrowman... but the girls are faithful to Tennant on a vote of two to three with one abstaining. (The eldest prefers Eccleston... but if push came to shove, prefers Tennant over Barrowman.)

Me, I prefer Freema Agyeman... but no one asks me anyway.

NEWS ITEMS: Making Th'Rounds...

From Outpost Gallifrey: Fans flock to Shakespeare - Let's hope without dumbass costumes...

Tickets are selling fast for the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet staring David Tennant in the title role and Patrick Stewart as Claudius.

The season, which runs from 24 July until 15 November 2008, at the Courtyard Theatre, is almost sold out before rehearsals have even begun. The website reports that the show is the fourth hottest ticket in the United Kingdom, beating West End blockbusters such as Hairspray.

Hamlet is pencilled in for a London run following the season in Stratford.

Now, I have a LOT of faith in Doctor Who (and Star Trek) fans... but I am reminded of a story about Mark Hamel (of Luke Skywalker fame) doing the Broadway show of The Elephant Man... apparently, on opening night, the entire front-row was dressed in various Star Wars costumes... this must have felt awful for Mr. Hamel... let's hope The Doctor and Jean Luc don't go through the same.

From Outpost Gallifrey: Cap'n Jack Officially BACK!

TV Guide is reporting that John Barrowman has been signed up for Torchwood Series Three.

The site says the series will begin filming in August for transmission on BBC1 next Spring. So far only five episodes have been confirmed, which will consist of a five part story to be shown over one week.

...and if you listen, very carefully... no matter where you are on the planet... you can hear my steplings (ALL OF 'EM) and my wife going "WOOT!"... although you can also discern the deep and gutteral mutterings of Better be more than five blinking shows coming up!

Wonder if Russell T. Davies is still going to be involved with Torchwood now that he's said his goodbyes to The Doctor?

Confirmation... if needed...

From Sylvester McCoy's Unofficial Site: Electra Complex Anyone? Incest in Whoville!

David Tennant (10th Doc) dating Georgia Moffett, Peter Davison's (5th Doc) daughter!

Okay, Georgia Moffett is a stone fox... but man, does this make future "Doctor's Daughter" episodes a wee bit... well... um...

Seriously, I think they do make a lovely couple... and I do hope this SOLIDIFIES David Tennant as playing The Doctor beating Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee's tenure combined!

...and yeah, I like "The Doctor's Daughter"... and hope that Jenny returns!

Here's one link to the story from SMUS... there's about four other sources listed there too... even a slightly less tabloid-ee one.

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