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The Bus! The Bus! News?

What was this blog about again?

Oh yeah, THE OLD GREEN BUS! Regent Low Height #3! RLH 3!

I haven't done an update on things for a while, so allow me to elucidated you to our quest!

First, there's been NO NEWS... this is either good or bad... but no news from the "new buyer" that I heard about, no news about the bus' position (in the barn, being used as a garbage tip,) and no news on any nibbles on our advertising idea...

Granted, and this is a plea we've done before... if anyone out there can help us put together a proper proposal for some places and people who MIGHT be interested in helping us make our dream come true... or knows some contacts who might consider our advertising idea... please let us know... $20k to make the dream come true... that's all we need... and yeah, we need help.

I've acquired a few new readers of late... about 1,000 of you... and if you've not read the bus story, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Will we make it? Will we find our sponsor/benefactor? We haven't given up... and fingers crossed, we'll get there!


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

Click here for details... 'cuz we need some sorta help... and maybe you or someone you know can assist us with our dream...

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Bedbugs In T.O

Lately there has been A LOT of news on the bedbug infestations in apartment complexes here in Toronto.

And yeah....I admit the thought of them kinda creeps me out! There is a lot of misinformation out there as well like changing the temperature of your home will get rid of them, or using lavender oil will kill them. Apparently these are both old wives tales.

I was reading through a good online guide to these pesky bugs, and steam cleaning is apparently one of the ways you can safely, and naturally get rid of them. You can check out the guide to getting rid of bed bugs for more info on what they are, and different options on how to get rid of them permanently.

I suddenly feel very itchy!

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Yesterday I came close...

I raised my head... I felt the blood rushing... I was getting ready to run... so something amazing... do something impressive... Nothing "busly"... it was another part of my life... and I could feel the stuck gears finally getting the oil they needed...

Thank GOD someone knocked me down a peg! Someone ensured that I felt bad about my enthusiasm and self-worth. Someone took the wind out of my sails... and made me feel slightly lower than where a slug's kneecaps would be for trying to rekindle the feeling that my efforts and whatnot might have been important.

In essence, they utterly ruined my will or want to move on something... and made me feel bad for almost feeling important.

They fretted about how it would be perceived and told me that my self-worth would belittle others...

It's like the famous joke... how many Canadians does it take to screw in a light-bulb? Four... one to try and change the bulb and three to try and prevent him from making a change and succeeding.

I can only assume that the painted-on feeling of worthlessness I now feel will pass... but man, is there anything as awful as being pulled down when you're feeling "up".


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

Click here for details... 'cuz we need some sorta help... and maybe you or someone you know can assist us with our dream...

D O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. M
Et In Arcadia Ego

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The Current Time in Toronto is...

One Old Green Bus

This blog was started in April of 2006... its original itent was really twofold. One was to be a "sounding board" for it's author... and the other... well...

At the time we started this, your humble author was unemployed and going through the usual crisis situations that arise from being jobless.

We (my wife, stepdaughter, and I,) used to "amuse" ourselves (read: Take our minds off our troubles) by more-or-less fantasizing as a family about what we'd do when things "turned around". Along this route, we discussed going to England on a vacation... and in that, alighted on "double-decker buses".

We kind of adopted one bus... Regent Low Height 3... as Our Bus... and we used to talk about what we'd do with "our bus" if we got it... from fixing it up to the trips we'd take on it.

Along the way, we became students of the history of this bus which HONESTLY seemd it was truly for us... trouble was, we couldn't afford the bus and weren't in a position to work towards the bus... so we had a couple of options...

Since the bus' position was sketchy (there's a chance she might be sold for scrap or "carved up" in other ways,) we could forget about her and pretend she didn't exist...

...or we could TRY... ask for help... put our dream of owning and saving "One Old Green Bus" into the universe and see what happens...

As of February, 2008, we knew that there was a perspective buyer for the bus (not us, obviously,) and made some difficult decisions... The first was that we wouldn't "beg" for help anymore and give the little money we received to a few different charities both online and off... and the second was simply hope that either we find a corporate sponsor (for an "ad" idea we have, click here to about read that,) or even a patron who see's the value in a silly family's dream...

But, if the bus is about to be purchased by someone who's planning on restoring it and they "get there first", we wish them well and are glad that at least Our One Old Green Bus is in a safe place being looked after.

For now, though, we are still hoping WE might be the ones to get our One Old Green Bus and see a family dream come true...

Regardless, this blog WILL continue... and we will still "go for" a bus of our own... but this blog will ALWAYS be dedicated to our own One Old Green Bus.

Want to know more about Regent Low Height buses? Click here!

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