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HA! HA! HEE! HEE! HO! HO! Check yer sources before you publish folks!

Yes, my Thursday Thirteen is below this BRIEF post...

Ahhh... can't you here the clouds gathering to smite down the people who are "bending" the truth a little? The lightning gathering...?

Who is it this time?

BARNEY'S BUDDIES! (Remember them?)

Well, it seems that there's an issue with the five-hundred scientists who say human assisted global climate change is bunk!

The issue?

Some of the names on that list do NOT feel that way...

In fact, at the time of scribbling this, about forty felt rather unhappy about being on the list. other words, someone was saying Hey, "X" person is on board! without thinking Maybe I should speak to "X" person or actually read their research before listing them on this list?

Click here for the details.

Well, we must remember that NASA scientists all think it's garbage... oops. (See #2 on this list.)

On the bright side, I keep being told that the new breed of "conservatives" just hate the concept of fear tactics with "climate change" and it has nothing to do with being an issue because that evil, stinky Al Gore did a film or that a certain presidential family made it's coin in oil... I mean, they aren't pro-pollution after all... oops.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...

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Thursday Thirteen: Joe Jobs...


Uncle Karl

In my quest for a good Thursday Thirteen this week, I admit my brain was not cooperating...

I tried and tried to think of something entertaining or amusing... and had no success.

So, a fellow at work "cracked wise" about the current employer I have and I went, Gadzooks! I bet my readers are just DYING to know what my "CV" is! Yup! They can't wait to know...

(plus bonuses...)

1: Gas Station Attendant

My first job at the age of fifteen... lasted ONE NIGHT as I really had NO CLUE about cars... which is kind of essential... at least, back then when we'd actually go UP to the cars and help the drivers... Remember those days?

2: Salesperson - Paint and Wallpaper Store

This was really my first job... which I started about two weeks after the aborted attempt to be a gas-pump attendant. I still retain MOST of my training from that place which has led to me having to do more jobs for more friends than I'd care to remember...

3: Security Guard

My first "adult" job... mostly working at office buildings and plants. It didn't take long to realise that my primary function was being an insurance break and doing things that normal people just shouldn't do... like being told once to look for an explosive when a bomb-threat was called in once. Thankfully, the police arrived while I was arguing about the logic of me doing so and told me not to.

4: General Labour - Large Glass Window Replacement

This was a part-time gig while I was a security guard... I still have small shards of glass in my hand, I'm pretty sure.

5: Salesperson - Department Store

This was actually fun and I have good memories of it... I worked for a company called Consumer's Distributing... and anyone who worked there will never forget the order-code 407-122... don't ask... I left this, on a family recommendation, to mess up my life as a...

6: Bank Teller

I loathed this. This was at a time when companies could apply A LOT of pressure to conform and only live for the company itself... if it was up to them, you'd eat, sleep, breath, date, marry into, have children with, and generally only be a bank employee... it was akin to The Borg. This was one of my least favourite gigs... and I failed badly at it. Of course, worse was yet to come when I became a...

7: Busboy

Yup, to make ends meet after the bank fiasco, I bussed tables. One QUICKLY learns the pecking order of the restaurant employees in that position... It goes...
1: Owner
2: Manager
3: Assistant Manager
4: Head Chef
5: Host
6: Head Waiter
7: Bartender
8: Waiter
9: Prep-Chef
10: Mice
11: Cockraoches
12: Micro-Bacterial Life in the Toilets
13: Busboys
I think being a medical testing subject would be more fun. Thankfully, by a fluke, I was able to break away fairly quickly and snag a job as...

8: Salesperson - Computer Retail Outlet

I really excelled at this for a while... and loved the learning experience. At this point, back in the late 1980's, there was DOS... and not much else save Macinsloth... but I quickly spent time doing as much as I could learning what I could. I still remember the RUSH of excitement when Windows 3.0 was released! Wheee! Sadly, the company was owned/run by a nefarious fellow who I still believe is wanted by the RCMP for embezzlement.

9: DJ - "Goth"/Industrial Nightclub

Another part-time gig... more out of love than money. There is NO greater rush than playing music and filling the dancefloor... *sigh*... The club closed and that was that.

10: Marketing Coordinator - CPU/Computer Upgrade Manufacturer

DREADFUL! The owner was keeping the company alive through government research and development grants only and we were paid LESS than minimum wage with the promise of "bonuses" and "commission" for units sold... problem was, they weren't selling any... and often, when they might, the product wasn't available. A very hungry time to be sure... and not a lot of fun.

11: Regional Salesperson/SysOp - Modem Sales and Bulletin Board System

The sales part sucked because we opened the office priced out of the market... but being a god SysOp (Systems Operator - and yeah, it's pronounced "Siss-Opp",) was fun... especially with the games we had running. This was my first introduction to the 'net as such as our e-mail had access to FidoNet... how old am I??? Problem was, the company WAS priced out of the business so I was looking for work shortly after.

12: Salesperson/Purchasing - Computer Software Outlet

Another fun couple of years... and I was a salesperson when Windows '95 was FIRST released! Whee~! Another company that sank... but the boss thought I was a bit of a prima-donna and I got sacked just before the big axe fell.

13: HTML/Web/Graphic Designer

The less said about my time doing this, the better. The NIGHTMARE and the boss I had really was someone who I would never, Ever, EVER associate with normally... or ever again. I quit with force from this position rapidly.

BONUS 1: "Tech Support Phone Monkey - Monkey Trainer" - Internet Service Provider

One month later, here I was... working for a company I'd spend close to eight-years with... but in an entry-level position as a true phone monkey on an early dial-up only Internet provider's help desk... I started in the trenches but within months, was working in their labs.

BONUS 2: Information Technologies/Desktop Support/Server Administrator

An odd promotion... but in the same company OFF the phones looking after hundreds of users. I really loved this job despite my grumblings sometimes... The company closed down and I was laid off which SUCKED... but that's a whole other story.

BONUS 3: File Clerk - Mortgage Company

What does a chronically unemployed geek do when he's overqualified for some positions and under qualified for the rest... and top that off with becoming more and more outdated and archaic as technology marches forward without him in the field? Well, he shuffles papers and files... Honest work, sure, but I felt like a line from "Marvin, The Paranoid Android" doing it... Brain the size of the universe and what am I doing? Shuffling papers...

BONUS 4: Medical Instrument - Production IT Services

My current position... and thankfully, back in IT and doing what I've always told others to do... SPECIALIZE! I'm LOVING the new gig and love the challenges and learning that's coming with it! Fingers crossed that this is a long-term thing... although part of me, in saying that, wonders if I've now jinxed myself or worse, the company. (Must knock wood now...)

SUPER BONUS: My Dream Jobs

Sadly, I've been unable to find work in what I'd love to be doing... "Man of Leisure", "Lottery Winner", "Early Retiree"... it's just not panning out. I can't even find any want-ads for these positions! Dangit!!! Oh well, I guess my current gig will just have to do.

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