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Wordless Wednesday: Random Images Found on My Computer...

Cleaning out my hard drive and found...

Please look after this bear... this amuses me because you KNOW there were people at Paddington Station saying, "Don't pay any attention to him... you'll only encourage him."

"Exterminate the marathoners... EXTERMINATE!!!" - This does NOT count as my Doctor Who reference this week... 'cuz I said so!

Ahhh... and old RT and a bunch of bikes!

I have absolutely NO idea what this is nor do I remember where it's from...

Me with my biggus sissus... many moons ago...

An evil black kitten meets Sue's Max when he first arrived...

The kitten was amused... Max was not.

Me learning to drive... (This does NOT count as my weekly Doctor Who reference 'cuz I said so!)

I wuz South Parked!

See??? I am male. I am Canadian. I am STILL forty (barely)... and I had very long hair long ago... Sorry for the "dots" et al... but must keep SOME things private and difficult to replicate. other car is... (This DOES count as my Doctor Who reference this week... so no more until Monday!)

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Okay, so something REALLY tiny bit me...

Remember this?

See this.

...and ask yourself... why would I SHUN the terms "conservative" and "right wing" in this dreadful time we live in?

Addendum: Since one of the repressed Canadian bloggers just cited someone as an icon and a mentor of sorts today, let's also remember this... and they should remember how their icon and a mentor of sorts views them...

Canadians "...better hope the United States doesn't roll over one night and crush them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent."


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Revenge of the Evil Stepfather...

So, on Saturday we went to see the school play of the "middle-stepling"... her last one before heading off to University...

Normally, this wouldn't merit a post as, oddly enough, I don't often share too much of my personal comings-and-goings on this blog. (I know, sounds like a lie... but read the archives... I keep a surprising amount of stuff away from pixels!)

Since the middle-stepling (oh, and if the usage of the word "stepling" bugs you, PLEASE go read Friday's post or click here...) lives with her dad, seeing her is sadly all too rare... but this weekend, the whole unit (all three steplings) were present and accounted for to take in a high-school performance of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown...

NOW, I'm going to have to "time travel" a bit back to Friday when the youngest stepling (the one that lives with Sue and meself,) was preparing to spend the weekend with her dad... she was fully aware that one thing she was giving up was seeing the latest episode of Doctor Who (which she is a big fan of,) with her mom and me... not only that, but she seemed GENUINELY concerned that she would not fare well without reruns to watch... AND asked me to "burn" her a CD of compiled music from the show... (Granted, this "sudden" mega-interest COULD be because a new "friend" (a young fella) in her class ALSO has an interest in the program... but that's speculation, of course...)

Well, Saturday night arrived, and I had gone above and beyond... making her audio CD and making a complete set of backup DVDs for her to have at her fathers!

...of course, I'd forgotten one important thing...

At home, "young fella" and several other friends as well as mom and her Matthew make being a "Who" fan rather acceptable...

At Dad's, where the 24 hour sports channel seems to be on almost constantly and things are a touch more... well... HONESTLY normal and where eighteen year-old sister and eighteen year-old sister's friends reign supreme... fandom of the I hate it even though I've never watched it because it's a show for utter geeks... but remember Buffy? That was COOL! show is considered not-so-good for a young lady (especially a pre-teen!) and therefore, led us to a rather strange situation...

There were Sue and I... holding out twelve DVDs... and two "music" CDs... and saying, Here ya go kiddo! Glad we could have done the work to make you copies and hopefully make you happy! and she, realising the social-standing poison we were holding, LITERALLY ignored us... I mean, she went, Oh, um... yeah... not now.. and vanished to "hang" with her big sister and her friends.

Poor Sue... I figured it out almost immediately... but Sue tried to give them to her a couple of more times... not realising the dynamic at play... See, Sue is a STRONG individualist... she wouldn't care how people thought if SHE likes something... if they don't, Their loss! in Sue's world...

...but Sue isn't a pre-teen trying to hang with young adults of eighteen.

I recognised the behaviour... being a long-time sci-fi fan and often trying to talk about it with other friends in high-school...

So I quietly said to Sue, Holster the disks... they aren't "cool" enough for this crowd. and Sue understood immediately what was happening and indeed, despite me spending almost all day Saturday making them... and using up the last of our "blanks"... they were not appreciated or wanted at the time.

That said, I'm an utter devil about some things...

You see, middle-stepling has a boyfriend... who pretty much everyone "admires" very highly (he is a GREAT kid and almost too "perfect" to be true... and they've been an item for about five years...) including her sister...

At the play, just before leaving, I took the DVDs from Sue and handed them to him charging him with making sure they got to the stepling's father's house in one piece... and I was right on another thing... being a pretty intelligent young man who is known for his brains, he said, It's all the new Doctor Who shows? Cool! and off he went with his mission.

Now, although you may be thinking, Awww... that's nice. You made sure the kids had the disks so they had something to watch later on! you'd only be half-right.

The bigger thing is that an eighteen year-old boy who the youngest admires will be bringing the DREADED UNCOOL SHOW to the house later... and although it was a little late last night to see what the reaction was, I do wonder how the young'un handled it...

Must have been a VERY conflicted moment... I'll probably hear more about it at dinner this evening. :)

Must be tough to be "outed" as a semi-geek to the people you wish to "hang" with... and equally difficult when you find out that the young ladies may not be too good with this, the young fellas are just fine with...

...wait a second...

Was this a good idea?


Well, on the positive, if you feel I've taken such joy in "outing" her to her sisters and their buddies, you can probably imagine the anticipated joy I have of encountering...

The First Boyfriend.


Okay, I think I've pretty much hammered the fandom of Doctor Who to death for now... so I'm going to make a wee promise to folks who are regular readers....

One Old Green Bus Rule #47b: As of April 27th, 2008, there will be a limit of ONE "Doctor Who" reference per week on this blog. This reference COULD be an entire post, but still... ONE per week. Thank you and come again.

Remember: Tomorrow is my own personal meme... "Post Nothing Tuesday"... so no new post until Wordless Wednesday... unless something REALLY bites me hard...

Addendum: Well, I found out how my "supposed" sabotage on the cool factor went... and as always, "A Loser is Me".

Apparently, the kiddo had no issues, plopped in the DVDs... and viewing and enjoyment took place by all... in fact, apparently, everyone liked it... a lot... dammit.

So much for my EVIL fun.


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Blog Your Blessing Sunday: We need a hero...

First off, allow me to share a WEE audio clip (about 7 minutes) that a fellow Who Fan named Mark mailed me from a BBC radio show about the "new" Doctor Who that kinda shows what I said last Sunday was not the main idea of the show's rebirth, but I was CERTAINLY not alone in thinking it...

Okay, that said, I do have one more "round-a-bout" blessing involving the new fave program... and it's a weird one that's about to go all over the map...

To 'splain a little of where I'm going... I am unpopular with two groups... gun enthusiasts AND those who wish all guns banned. The reason?

Well, just a little background... I'm a trained and qualified marksman... and spent most of my young life around guns in one fashion or another. Part of that training was RIGOROUS training in safety... something which I know 90% of North American "gun enthusiasts" are utterly ignorant of...

I do not nor have ever seen a need for...

a: Private ownership of handguns or any gun that is "concealable".

b: Ownership and storage in a home of any working modern firearms in an urban environment.

c: Private ownership of fully and even semi automatic weapons.

In my city, last year, a statistic was released and validate by all camps as accurate... two-thirds of all "gun related crime" were/are carried out by stolen-from-legal-owner firearms... most were handguns.

Ergo: Because I don't have a personal problem with long guns (bolt-action rifles et al) and have trained on them, I'm hated by "gun haters".


Because of my tough stance on gun control (no privately owned handguns, no semi-auto/automatic weapons in private hands, limited and/or restricted gun ownership with tougher controls on storage and personal/owner responsibility for the weapons regardless of their disposition,) I'm loathed by gun enthusiasts.

So, that said... and with some of you probably not liking me that much anymore... allow me to get to my blessing... and yes, believe it or not, it WILL come back to Doctor Who...

I have a friend at work... he has a young son and shares his viewing experience with his family like I said we now do with Doctor Who...

Well, I lent him some of my DVDs of the show and yup, he's addicted... as is his wife... and their boy.

...but he told me something interesting...

Apparently, a year back, he allowed his son (at the time, five years old,) to watch "The Matrix" with him... and for a while afterwards, his son was running around with his imaginary guns (like "Neo" in the last few minutes of the film.) He was diving about, playing, and shooting... and my friend was honest... he knew it was "make believe" and had no real issues with the "gun play".

Sonic Screwdriver

Well, with now watching and loving Doctor Who at the age of six... he's running around "fixing everything" and pretending to "lock doors" with his "sonic screwdriver"... and apparently has been "playing" trying to reconcile his imaginary monsters with help (which of course, doesn't always work... but he's trying!)

Think about that...

...just for a minute.

Anyone else see the blessing?

My friend sure did... as did his (also a Who fan) wife.

Finding a "hero" that uses logic and technology and tries very hard to reconcile issues without violence YET remains cool is NOT easy in this day and age... and yet, this young lad now has one... and it's one he shares with his parents.

As a huge fan of the "new" (well, new since 2005) series... and an "old timey" fan from way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were presidents, this was a blessing that I hope catches and spreads like wildfire.

...and yes, it IS appealing (very!) to adults too.


Blog Your Blessing Sundays is a creation of NeoBluePanther... who may or may not be the famed Luchador!


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A cleansing! A cleansing!

This is actually a re-edit of an old post... but it's accurate for today...

I'm cleaning up my linky love on the old sidebar from heck.

It has come to my attention... oh, that's a bit of a lie... it has ALWAYS been an issue I've been aware of, but indeed, it WAS brought to my attention by a recent viewer that MANY of my links on the sidebar are to long neglected blogs... and it's time to do sumthin' about that.

Basically, I'm going to visit EACH and EVERY blog and roll through it with a fine-tooth comb. If there's been NO updates within the last 90 days, I'm nuking the link.

This is NOT a "shot at" these blogs or bloggers... or even some form of disrespect... it's basically to ensure that readers here who DO use the links will find active blogs with newer content for their online time... It's also going to kill some links I "reciprocated" with, that were obviously more interested in an attempt to improve Google page ranks and the lot with zero effort.

Realistically, however, the amount of links probably won't change THAT dramatically... but still... Fair play and fair warning to my fellow bloggers.


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Niggling at me...

This has been niggling at me for a few days now.

I won't share who or why, but I recently received an e-mail from a chap who was very concerned that I refer to the "kiddollo" as my "stepling".

He felt, rather passionately, that this somehow marginalized her and that I was intentionally forcing a wedge betwix her and me... kind of keeping her at arm's length...

I'm not going to lie, it really did feel he was pre-blaming me for all the bad things that were certain to happen in her life on me. Bad choices in boyfriends, husbands, careers, life philosophies...

Apparently, about the only things that calling the kiddollo my "stepling" would not cause was cancer and it wouldn't keep the allies from winning the war.

Other than that, all bets were seemingly off.

Well, the fellow didn't respond to this, but allow me to share my response... slightly edited NOT to make it more "family friendly" (I assure you, it was...) but to make it a touch more understandable...

...allow me to share something a touch convoluted.

I met my wife through our mutual hobby and we spent a few years as "friends" first. During that time, I had no interest or designs in her as I honestly believed she was married and therefore, no dice... the thought never entered my head. I'm honestly built that way...

Then, at a large gathering, I found out to my surprise that she had left her husband some months before (mutual split) and that she had been living on her own, boarding with a friend.

We still spent about seven months as "just friends" and then one day, just "by chance" in all honesty, there was a spark ignited (which is a LONG story unto self,) and the rest is history...

I met my kid's father after Sue and I had started dating (and therefore, they'd been separated for a long while...) and since their divorce was amicable, (they do make fine friends, terrible "mates",) he and I were and have remained friendly. He is also still on good terms with Sue as well.

Ergo: We "agreed" that I was "stepfather" at best... and even that is said with a smile... I actually ask the three girls to refer to me as the "Evil Stepfather". Makes school meetings more fun that way.

I want to ensure that she knows I'm a trustworthy caretaker and yes, I love her without a doubt... but her father is her father... and she is blessed that she has two people in her life that are adult males who care for her, but yes, only one real dad.

This is actually MY cross to bear as I have no "natural" children of my own.

To be honest, she entered my life when she was five... so she already knew... and her and especially her older sisters wanted me to know, at first, that I was NOT their "dad".... and I've never tried to force myself into that role. I'm content with simply being a "trusted and older advisor whom should be listened to"... well, until they turn(ed) eighteen at least.

It's worked out VERY well... and my kid has a "dad" and a fun, reliable, "always there to help" stepdad... albeit "evil".

Heck, we already have an arrangement that when they have kids, their father is "grandpa" or the like... and I shall be "grandpere" to ensure a small distinction... but an honourable one as it honours my paternal grandfather who was always "grandpere" to me.

I'm sorry if you take umbrage to my calling my kiddollo "stepling"... I assure you, as was made very clear to me by the now twelve year old while penning this, she knows she's the biggest reason I get up and go to work... and that I will always be there and care for her... but yeah, she has a "dad"... I'm, and I quote, "Her Matthew".

I am happy with that title... and since her father is a nice fellow who is also a big part of her life, I'm happy she has a great dad.


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Online Resource For Cheap Pre-Paid Phone Cards

We are always on the look out to save a few bucks, yeah I know who isn't eh! This is especially when it comes to things like phone calls, and long distance calling of which we do our fair share in this household. More often than not we tend to use prepaid phone cards as these can save you some big bux whether on the road or at home, and depending on the destination that you are calling to.

If this is something you might want more info on, or you want to check out a great online resource to find the best money saving prepaid phone cards click on that link I added in for you above. It will take you to a website that is jam packed with great deals.

When the middle kiddo goes off to University this year we will be investing in some prepaid long distance phone cards for her to give us both some convenience, and peace of mind.

You might be surprised at how much you can save when getting away from the bigger companies as well. THERICHCOM.COM is very easy to use, just pop in the destination you want to call in the drop down box on their main page, and click on get rates. Cool! B)


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Thursday Thirteen - Allow me to recommend...

Consider this a primer... Since I think (I hope,) I've managed to convince you to watch Doctor Who if you weren't already, allow me to give you a "leg up" with some suggestions of my favourite episodes... Now, the show REALLY is best if you can watch "Season 1, Episode 1" from start and work forward... but you can "pick it up" if you tune into it now...

...but if you're NOT sure if you're willing to "commit" or are worried you'll be seen "oddly" if you succumb to liking something that was once the true domain of only nerds, poindexters, and geeks... then check out the thirteen below... and WATCH the one's with the asterisks beside 'em 'cuz they are the TRULY highly recommended shows from this, my...


#1: Episode 1, Season 1 - Rose

This will get your started and introduce you to some key characters and concepts. Granted, most people already know the idea of the show, (time traveller, the Tardis, et al...) but this is a "fun ride" that might re-acquaint you with some stuff or introduce "Noobs" to some things.

#2: Episode 3, Season 1 - The Unquiet Dead*

This was a genuinely frightening episode and NOT recommended for kids under twelve... unless they are really okay with zombies, ghosts, and assorted horrors... thankfully, "gore" is unheard of in these programs... The show looks at the concepts of belief through the eyes of Charles Dickens and it's a really fun and spooky ride!

#3: Episode 6, Season 1 - Dalek*

This particular episode shows some GREAT acting from the ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and the writing is superb... and an old "favourite" returns so what more could you ask for?

#4 and 5: Episode 12 and Episode 13, Season 1 - "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of the Ways"

I'm not giving too much away by saying this is the end of the ninth Doctor and the beginning of the tenth. Although if you don't see a couple of other shows earlier on in the series, it may be a bit confusing at the outset, but things get quickly sorted out and it's an enjoyable ride... as always... especially if you like Big Brother and The Weakest Link.

#6: Episode 2, Season 2 - Tooth and Claw*

The "newest" Doctor meets Queen Victoria and then they both meet the Werewolf... What could be more fun?

#7: Episode 4, Season 2 - The Girl in the Fireplace*

This one is a TEAR JERKER! A great science/nostalgia/love story with clockwork villains! (Sue liked the "love story" in this one and almost got weepy... I LOVED the villains!!!)

#8 and 9: Episodes 8 and 9, Season 2 - "The Impossible Planet" and "Satan's Pit"

I don't want to spoil this one too much... but man, it poses some interesting thoughts at the end... This was an EPIC show where you really felt the character's trials...

#10 and 11: Episodes 12 and 13, Season 2 - "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday"*

These one's are Sue's favourites - The end of a companion and the "face off" between two villains... Very well done and a lot of action!

#12 and 13: Episodes 4 and 5, Season 3 - "Daleks in Manhattan" and "Evolution of the Daleks"

Fun and sad and... just a good watch and a lot of ethical thoughts at the end... after all, it's not every show that ends pretty much on a genocide. Way more fun than the "Muppets Take Manhattan"... well, maybe...

BONUS: Episode 10, Season 3 - Blink*

MY FAVOURITE! This one is probably the most talked about show... and "The Doctor" is in it for all of about 5 minutes! Scary and suspenseful... and beware the Weeping Angels... oh, and duck. This is ANOTHER one that probably shouldn't be watched by very young'uns as it's a genuinely scary and slightly disturbing episode...

So remember... if you're not sure about these programs, try to catch the ones listed above... as my mother used to say about certain things, "Love will come."

Oh, and although I most CERTAINLY would not recommend it, certain nefarious webusers who may not be able to watch the previous seasons and episodes NOR have access to easily buy the "box sets" (like Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II did,) or BBCi, have been known to find the new show through BitTorrents... Not that I'd know anything about that.

Image credits to Wikipedia.Org and BBC... *

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!


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Wordless Wednesday: Variation on a Theme...

For two "Wordless Wednesday's" a while back, I did a pretty clever little "meme" from The Rev. Anaglyph... See here and
here if you're interested...

Anyway, for today, let me "play" with this idea...

Go to "Google", and type in your blogs name and your birthyear... so for me, one old green bus 1967

Switch the search items to "Images" and show us five that pop up ON THE FIRST PAGE of the Google search! (No cheating!)

A bus shelter on Chun Tin Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore...
Original Link

Singapore Steam Tram in the 1880's...
Original Link

Singapore again... an old picture of a trolley and a petrol bus (note the hand crank...)
Original Link

Post card from Gadsden, AL, USA...
Original Link

From Issue 210 of the "OXFORD & CHILTERN BUS PAGE" Weekly News from Sunday 7th January 2007... there's seventy-five years of age between the two vehicles shown...
Original Link

Since there was some issues a while back, please allow me to state the following...

The images seen above are cached and detailed at Google.Com and are therefore being reproduced from Google. Appropriate links have been provided for the original sources of the images according to Google's records and are being used here under the conventions of "Fair Use" as the images are not being used (sold) as a commercial venture nor are they being displayed under the pretences that they are from or are originally related to this blog, "One Old Green Bus" and it's authors, editors, and/or owners. If you wish to have an image removed, a link edited, or proper credit listed for an image above, feel free to contact the owner of this blog (Matthew Didier) via the e-mail contact that can be found on the right-hand side of this blog (the toolbar) and he will try to accommodate you within one business day.

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants, please click here.


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I know, I'm not SUPPOSED to post on Tuesdays, but...

I'm getting a lot of traffic since yesterday... more than three times the normal... it started yesterday at about noon and was still going strong in the morning.

...and it's all going (initially) to this post.

I checked... all different IPs and all across Canada and bits of the states, Britain, and Australia.

I have to assume the post was quoted in the media or the like???

If anyone can help me out here, please do... 'cause weirdly enough, with all the traffic hitting that post, no one has recently commented... very odd.


UPDATE: The "refers" all seem to be "no follow" or "direct hits"... and again, from "normal" IP addresses... things like Bell Canada, AOL, Rogers, Shaw, etc... and today has already quintupled my usual traffic...

The NICE thing is, the majority are hitting the ONE article... and sticking around to read more... (Thanks to all these new readers!) In fact, this post is now #2 on the day next to the main "index" page!


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Jumping in...

Please visit the link below...

It's an interesting clip... and it's well worth seeing...

I wish this message would get out to ALL those who desperately need to hear it and understand it...

Thanks Nicholas...

"All moderates — Muslims, Jews, Christians — must unite against extremists who emerge out of these three religions. The fault line between you and us is not religion, culture or nationality — it's between moderates and extremists."
- Queen Rania of Jordan


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Three. Things. Must. Have.

An open letter to my close friends and family...

Dear Folks...

As you may remember, May 31st of this year will represent the forty-first anniversary of the momentous day I first came into existence.

To that end, if you were thinking of purchasing a SMALL token to send me in celebration of surviving the almost fifteen-thousand days since my birth, of course, the bus would be my FIRST choice... but assuming that $20,000.00 is a bit steep for your budget for such events, allow me to share my several most recent things I am drooling over most interested in receiving...

What could be better than waking up to be told you're about to be exterminated? Sure, a bus engine would be BETTER for us, but at $25.00 Canadian, this is a close second...

...and staying in this vein...

Sure, he's only 1/4 of the right size, but here's my chance to HAVE the "Tin Dog" instead of BEING the "Tin Dog"... which I'm not... HONEST! Okay, he's a touch more expensive than my homicidal buddy above at $63.00 Canadian... and perhaps I already have two "flesh-and-blood" puppies to contend with... but my life would be much better with a K-9 without a doubt.

...and if you'd prefer to please Sue than me...

Sue has the "Dalek" fixation... and this eighteen-inch bad-boy would make her very happy indeed... and Sue being happy makes me happy... and let's face facts, I'd be "Exterminating" with him (or her) too! Granted, at $250.00, he's a pricey-one!

...of course... $60.00, I'm sure she might find this an acceptable substitute... and we could BOTH exterminate... EXTERMINATE!!!~! (...and a Cyberman tossed in for good measure too!)

So, remember... end of May ain't THAT far off... and the link (click the picture) is a Canadian retailer who takes PayPal... (HINT, HINT!)

Of course, the bus is still our real dream, but this may give you some other ideas as to possible Birth-Date Tokens that aren't quite so... um... pricey.

Granted, a matching set of "New Series" guys from here would be fantastic! We would both be most appreciative!

Anyway, thanks for your time...

Mr. Matthew James Didier, Not OBE yet...

P.S. - Lovin' this... and Sue is SERIOUSLY considering "trying" to do one herself! That'd be a kick-butt Halloween thingy, eh? (See this link too...)


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Checking Out Some NFL Picks

Hey...just want to give some props to an online sports forum where you can check out sections devoted to football, includes picks nfl, fantasy, individual teams, baseball, my own fave the Jays, hockey, and even a section devoted to pro wrestling. How cool is that!

The site is pretty active, and busy. You can find some good info over there, and its free. It is easy to use and you can check it out, and sign up here at AddictSports. B)


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Blog Your Blessings Sundays: Family Viewing

It wasn't all that long ago that there was a genuine need for family entertainment "nights"... when the entire family would gather for something entertaining...

In the "way back times", it was to tell stories...

A little further back, it was for music with the family gathered at a piano or even harpsichord...

Not too long ago, we were gathered 'round the radio...

For a while now, it's been television.

Now, television, as a rule, is not seen as a truly uplifting medium of entertainment... In fact, "Rotting your Brain" and "Becoming a Couch Potato" are synonymous with television viewing.

"Back in the day" with TV, there was precious little on most times, but in our current thousand-plus channel universe, it's become both and entertainer and a baby-sitter... and most people have several TVs in their home. It's not unusual to hear of a household where everyone is watching TV on a given night... and they are watching different things in different rooms.

It's hard to imagine in this day and age millions of people gathered about to watch ONE show... but it happened... and it was "special" because there was no video tape... no BitTorrent download... no CD Box Set... no TiVo/DVR...

A show was on, everyone watched.

...and this made it a family affair.

It's RARE that a show catches an entire family... we've been fortunate though...

I know I've been blogging about it incessantly, but there's a show that Sue, The Kiddollo, and myself watch together somewhat religiously... and yeah, that's "Doctor Who".

Now, I know... you think I'm going to go on and on about the show... nope... did that a couple of Sundays back...

Nope, this is about a mother, an evil stepfather (myself,) and a kid all sitting and watching the same show... and discussing it after.

Now, remember, the kiddollo is twelve, so she'd probably HATE for it to get out to her friends that SHE is a "Doctor Who" fan... even today, in this urban environment, it's not "cool" to be a pre-teen girl with a sci-fi interest...

Please listen to the sample below of Catherine Tate (the current Doctor Who's companion,) interviewing David Tennant (the current Doctor) about being a "fan"...

That pretty much sums up the "view" of most people when it comes to "Sci-Fi Fandom"...

Anyway, I think the "geek" factor is mitigated by the fact that she has a slightly warm and fuzzy feeling for David Tennant and John Barrowman...

We were fortunate enough to get the first three seasons PLUS all the specials on DVD from a good friend so we've been gathering and watching... as we didn't watch when it first aired... and this DESPITE many friends telling us to AND it being a "partial" Canadian production (Good on ye, Ceeb!)

Anyway, my point...

It's something that we watch as a FAMILY... I was a "fan"... then Sue... now Kiddollo.

(Sue's probably a bigger fan than me... and Kiddo's watched every episode I think at least twice... possibly three times...)

My Blessing is a Return To Good Old Family Entertainment Night.

The best bit is that because of the themes (time travel, ethics, etc.) has made it something to watch then discuss in detail!

I mean, I now got a twelve year old girl with a higer-than-average concept of time and dimensions... kinda like a beginners course... "Quantum Physics 101".

It's interesting to hear her postulate on the concept of the temporal paradox... René Barjavel would be proud.

We also discuss technological advancements and what they "mean" in the greater concept of humanity and it's development, genocide and it's ramifications, the "dumbing down" of the world thanks to mass media, and many other rather "high-end" topics of conversation...

...all because of our "new" twenty-first century variation of watching "I Love Lucy" with the family.


Blog Your Blessing Sundays is a creation of NeoBluePanther... who may or may not be the famed Luchador!


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Where Were You?

This is a GREAT little "meme" from Live from Waterloo... he effectively gives his readers a list of "big events" and ask them to whack out some pixels about "Where They Were" during those times... and hey, I thought I'd play along...


Where Was I...

1) ...When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans
(29/Aug/2005 - 30/Aug/2005)

This is an interesting one... Sue was GLUED to the television watching events unfold on all the major news stations...

I was more-or-less in my own little world... and I'd be remissed if I didn't mention the "busly" aspect of things...

Although this blog wasn't around, it was the HEIGHT of our fiscal issues and when we discussed the bus a whole lot in terms of using it as a focus to forget our troubles... and I did say, without reservation, that had we had it, we would have been en route out of town with friends and family and anyone else we could gather (especially some of the elderly people we know of locally who might not be so fortunate) in the bus about two days before the strike and head inland towards my mother's area of the province... In as much, we started talking about our own plans... "What If...?" kind of scenarios as hurricanes are rare, but not unheard of in Toronto...

That said, Sue just watched everything in horror... and I... well... I was kind of admittedly numbed by the devastation for a while...

A terrible time... but because of thinking of our own "Disaster Preparedness", it is a time I do remember...

Once events had calmed somewhat (within 24 hours of the storm coming ashore,) I did help prepare a few fund raising things online though... and assisted a couple of historical societies (War of 1812-ers have a big stake in New Orleans,) and other charities I've worked with organize help through my online efforts... and that I'm kind of proud of.... lots of webpage building, typing, e-mailing, coordinating... that sort of thing. Basically, getting money in and sent to the right folks as quickly as possible...

Still, I watched with Sue during the clean-up... and really, Really, REALLY wished I could do a hell of a lot more.

2) ...When most of the world celebrated thinking that a new Millennium had started (and then waited a whole year for that to effectively happen)

Pity me... I was a senior technician at a large company and therefore rang in the new year "testing" for a Y2K bug we KNEW wasn't coming...

I honestly don't think I'll ever forgive my old company for that horrendous waste of an evening.

3) ...When Seinfeld aired its final episode (which, by the way, was the same day Frank Sinatra died.)

As they say in cases like this... Oh, so YOU'RE the one!

Believe it or not, I never watched a "first run" Seinfeld episode... ever...

It's not that I was a "non-fan" or had no access, it's just that sitcoms and the like haven't been my "thing" since the age of about sixteen.

I never watched "Friends", "Rosanne"... I did like "Cheers" and "Fraser" when I caught it... but mainstream sitcoms just weren't all that important to me.

I believe the last American sit-com (save "The Simpsons") I watched with any regularity was "Mork and Mindy" when it first aired...

Even now, the only shows I make time to catch fresh are "Doctor Who" and "Dexter".

I do remember when Frank Sinatra died though... I must have listened to "Summer Wind", "The Old Black Magic", and "Mac the Knife" about a dozen times that evening... and haven't really stopped...

...but "Seinfeld" was only a thing I'd occasionally catch out of boredom in reruns...

I'm so ashamed...


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#11 - High-Five Fridays

My Eleventh High-Five Friday...

#5: Brain Freeze - Life in the Gray Lane by a "first wave" Baby Boomer.

Giving Penelope Anne from Café at the End of the Universe and Sandy Carlson from Writing in Faith a run for their money as my most frequent commenter, he gets a "High Five" this week for POSSIBLY calling me a "left wing, liberal, intellectual elitist" I think...? This would highly amuse my friends that find me too conservative for their liking! Anyway, it's all in good fun and I have a lot of respect for this fella, so HIGH FIVE for making your first "blogaversary"!

Nota Bella: This may have been phrased poorly... I never really did believe I was called a name by "DrillerAA"... in fact, I'm quite fond of him and his blog as I do believe he is of mine... The above was my attempt at jest... and I'm sorry if it failed.

#4: Christie St. Martin @ Funny Pages 2.0

Gotta hit Christie with another HIGH-FIVE for the "props" for posting the Doctor Who stuff. Posting the "blog link" on her Facebook got me some nice hits! Thanks and a HIGH-FIVE to Christie!

Bonus Points for making Sue happy with a threat of violence about a newspaper article... long story.

#3: imaginary magnitude

Y'know, I've never given Matt a "High-Five"... and he's the fella that helped Sue and I get started into blogging! So, allow me to make up for this oversight now!

#2: Special Nod to The Paranormal Blog

Okay, I know this is one of "my blogs"... but Sue is a big part of it and does the "memes" on it... including the link above to a "Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday Edition"... which proves that she not ONLY adopted the "bus dream" with me... but is now a bigger Doctor Who than I am! (Hint: Which of the two of us ACTUALLY has Doctor Who action figures on their desk? Answer: It ain't me!)

What's NOT to love about my Sue???

...although I do believe she has a "thing" for Capt. Jack... or The Daleks... or both!

#1: Ian's Bus Stop

This is THE best website on London Buses EVER. Period. All stop.

His work is exhaustive, extensive, and complete! (...and he's not a psychic! He says so himself!) If you have an interest in the subject, his is the ultimate place to check out in my opinion... and if you just like photos of old London buses (and new) it's also worth the visit. Ian has been VERY kind to this blog in the past and deserves a BIG HIGH FIVE for his work and efforts! (Not to mention that, like me, he codes his HTML in Notepad! Now that's cool!)

Find out how to give your High-Five Fridays here!

The purpose of this meme is to give high-fives to 5 people, posts, blogs and/or websites you've admired during the week. I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 5 high-fives on Friday. Trackbacks, pings, linky widgets, comment links accepted!

Visiting fellow High-Fivers is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your High-Fives in others comments (please note if NSFW - Not Safe for Work).

Hey High-Fivers... I pride myself on commenting back to anyone who comments on this here blog... but I've made a wee decision based on laziness and time... and that is, if you're going to post up in the comments two (or more) URLs for HFF sites, I will read them all (honest!) but probably comment on only one.

Just FYI...


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Thursday Thirteen - Things I think everyone should know...


Allow me to preface this Thursday Thirteen entry with the words, This ain't the ONLY thirteen things like this... but these are the ones that hit me while writing this.

Things like Michio Kaku is a genius, Matthew Didier will never be mistaken for Brad Pitt, and auto-play music on blogs should be outlawed are "gimmes"... this TT was a "stream of thought" thing... things that just went through my noggin... so allow me to present...


#13: Sometimes, the three best words in the English language are "All Day Breakfast".

#12: The definition of "sceptic" is someone who doubts... not a non-believer who dismisses things out of hand or with shakey evidence. The word "sceptic" has honestly been hijacked by "non-believers" to make themselves seem more open to things... but then they say, it's all bunk. I'm a sceptic. A real sceptic might say, It sure seems like bunk, but I'm undecided.

#11: Everyone should know what a "Dalek" is... and while we're there, what a "Cyberman" is... and the latest entry, what a "Weeping Angel" is. Beware the Weeping Angel... oh, and duck.

#10: When your computer is not working and you must consult a technician, he or she will NOT believe you when you say you didn't do anything to start the problem occurring... and let's face it, they're probably right, aren't they?

#9: There should be laws and some sort of horrible torture device that cause no permanent injury, but some sort of quick torturous pain for small crimes like returning the milk or a juice container to the fridge after use with only a "dribble" left in it... or forgetting to replace the toilet paper when one uses the last of it.

#8: Matthew's Law of Printing at the Office: Printing personal documents (like a magazine article or even a resume) significantly increases the chances of one of two things... One is that the person before or after you waiting at the printer is a direct manager of yours... and the other is the printer will develope issues requiring IT to come and fix it and therefore hand you your print out.

#7: The next two best words in the English language are "Open Bar".

#6: Matthew's Law of Internet Downtime: The internet being "down" or "unavailable" is directly relational to you bidding on an item on eBay, trying to look at your online banking, your trying to post something to a blog, or waiting for a very important e-mail.

#5: Yes, there is a thirteen year old kid somewhere who can bring the entire Internet to a halt if he wanted to... and he has friends.

Sorry, can't help you!

#4: Matthew's Law of Tech Support: Whatever the problem really is, it will be blamed on something outside of the scope of the technician you're speaking to about it.

#3: There's one sound that can effect everyone in two ways... pleasure and sheer terror. If heard during daylight in a nice place, it's a pleasure... if heard very late at night in a scary place (like an abandoned factory,) it's terrifying... and that is the sound of a child laughing. It's TRUE!

#2: Matthew's Law of Missing Keys: The chances you have locked yourself out of something is directly proportional to one of two things... the time at which you're trying to enter it or the amount of things you're carrying as you search for said keys. (Addendum to the above: How you are dressed can also be a mitigating factor.)

#1: We WILL get a double decker bus... and someone WILL help us... and MANY will rejoice... most of all, us.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

NON-THURSDAY THIRTEEN NOTE: We get a lot of people coming by here looking for buses that are for sale... well, here's a LOVELY Routemaster that's recently been listed on eBay... Click here to see it...


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Wordless Wednesday: RLH 48 and RLH 61

Decided to be "busly" again... These are from Ian's Bus Stop... the BEST "bus" website online!

They are from his "Regent Low Height" section... which, of course, is the same model of bus as our dream bus...

Preserved RLH 48...

Preserved RLH 61...

Now, to add to this "mostly" Wordless Wednesday, Sue and I have eluded to several things we'd like to get after our dream bus... one "WW" was based on one... K-9, but here's a video of a "new" one... thanks to CSM for finding it...

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants, please click here.


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While I'm Being Serious Here...

Okay, a LOT of folks (a surprising amount, actually...) have been asking me something that I would like to address here...

Recently, Penelope Anne of Café at the End of the Universe came out swinging at "cyber beggars" or "cyber panhandlers"... basically saying that she's had it with bloggers crying poor and asking for money... especially for "non-essentials".

This, needless to say, seems to point a finger pretty accurately at our family dream here of trying to find someone to help us acquire our bus and see our dream to fruition.


At the same time, she's a regular reader and "commenter" here... heck, she even was one of my first High-Fivers...

Penelope Anne wasn't alone... there were at least two "commenters" on her blog saying, Yeah! Them bloggers who ask fer dough, they SUCK! that are regular readers and commenters on this blog.

So, where's the disconnect?

Well, Penelope Anne has said, in the comments section here...

For the record, you know your blog was never the topic of my rants on those who ask for money. NEVER. You had a cause, and well...I just wanted you to know.

If I may, I don't think it's the "cause" aspect of it... I think it's because of two important reasons...

The first is this blog got out of the gate with a mandate... Effectively, "Here's our dream, here's what we need to make that dream come true, here's why we can't make it happen on our own, here's how you can help if you want."

Funny thing... if you go through the archives, I resisted like heck putting up a "PayPal Donate" button for a LONG time... I thought that was too much like begging... and yet, many people asked us to place it up... of the loudest voices trying to force my hand on the "Donate Button" issue was one of Penelope Anne's commenters who came down hard on cyber begging!

Oh, if you're wondering... I removed the button a while back... although people kindly did toss some bones at us for the dream, with the looming possibility of a new buyer for our bus and the rate at which we were moving, we've switched gears into looking for either a corporate solution through an ad scheme or possibly a benevolent patron to help us... and the money we did collect was distributed to various charities (mostly shelters and the like... basically, if they were registered and took PayPal, we tried to help with a bit of what we were fortunate to have.)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

This whole thing... the blog's origins... everything about this... it's a dream... a dream I've always acknowledged that outside our family most likely doesn't add up to a hill of beans.

Some see value in it... perhaps along the lines of If they can make it, so can I! perhaps just because it's a "nice story"... perhaps, though I personally doubt this, some people like to read my stuff! (Personally, on days like today, I equate my missives with something you could use to torture prisoners with... something like the blogging equivelant of Vogon Poetry.)

Once in a post a while back, I said...

If you're debating giving to a charity to defeat diseases, feed the hungry, help those in trouble... or help us... do the former please.

Is it this that sets us apart from the "Gimme Money" blogs? The fact that we aren't "all about ourselves"?

I dunno...

I do know that the formula here SEEMS to be working out... with well over a thousand visitors per day (between three-thousand to five-thousand if you count "blacklisted" servers,) and it's been a LONG while since I've received a nasty e-mail or comment about us being frauds or the like... (or perhaps those ready with a poison pen now stop and read the FAQ here... hey, it's possible!)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

So why all the readers? Why the traffic? If this blog is effectively nothing but an avenue to try and make a silly, non-essential dream come true, why aren't we being picked apart like a MacDonald's french-fry in a parking lot surrounded by seagulls?

Is it...

#1: People appreciate the "dream" and don't mind reading a bit about it? They do see it as a cause whereas even we may not? (Read: There are better causes...)

#2: We don't (or at least try not to) bash people over the head with our goal here? The schilling is kept to a minimum... and now aimed at corporate or patron sponsorship?

#3: People enjoy reading things here?


...recently, especially if you're not a "Doctor Who" fan...

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

This all said, I do believe Penelope and others who have said No offence, we don't mean you... when it comes to the general loathing of cyber-beggars...

As to why... I don't know... but yeah, I do think that somehow, SOMEWHERE this blog delivers a tiny bit more than just "Give Us Money for a Bus"...

...and we thank you ALL for reading it.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

LAST NOTE ON THIS: Since the floodgates have opened... and I have a wee bit of a forum to do so...

We may have given up on the PayPal
donations... but we haven't given up on
the dream... and we STILL need
your help...

Since we've switched gears, if you know someone... perhaps a company or business person... that might be interested in some unique advertising WITH THE BENEFIT of making a family's dream come true, PLEASE click here and SHARE the idea!

If anyone can help, we'd be eternally grateful... and yes, many on the blogsphere I do believe would be happy to see this to fruition as well.


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

Click here for details... 'cuz we need some sorta help... and maybe you or someone you know can assist us with our dream...

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Canadian Bloggers Being Sued!

All Canadian Bloggers are being sued right now... or so some have insinuated.

It is more appropriate to say, a handful of bloggers (six all told) and a newspaper in Canada were served with papers because they continuously played with fire... and eventually, their shrieking nastiness caught up with them and finally, someone legally called them out.

As a warning: I have no intention of linking to these people nor naming them... I refuse to send traffic to people who I do think promote hate.

The way these bloggers are acting, you would think we are all "under suspicion". As of yet, Sue and I have not been "served"...

I would liken what's happening to an adult giving a toddler a bottle of arsenic with a rubber nipple... if the baby does not drink from the first one and tosses it away, they give the toddler a bottle cyanide... if that gets tossed, they try strychnine... until eventually the baby sucks some back and dies... then the adult claims they are aghast that they have been charged with a crime for their actions.

The bloggers in question are political... "hard right wing" or so they say... they have been known to stretch the truth a LOT, (one recent example,) they have been caught countless times doing so... and they have been, in most people's eyes, spewing apparent racism.

To quote Warren Kinsella about one of these bloggers being sued...

As I and others have summarized before, in December 2004 [the blogger] advocated building new residential schools* "if that’s what it takes." In the same month, [the blogger] wrote: "We need institutions to lock up the Indian activists and apologists." In April 2005, after the Marburg virus erupted out in Angola, killing scores of people, [the blogger] seemingly advocated genocide, writing: "Is there a point where we are allowed to stop feeling sympathy for these people, seal off the borders and just let nature take its course?" Just recently, [the blogger] called the proposed Toronto Afro-centric school a "school-to-jail pipeline." It goes on and on. There are many such examples; [the blogger] is proud of [their] racism.

* - For those not in the know, "residential schools" were considered one of the darkest bits of Canadian and church history. Click here for more info.

The "quote" from Mr. Kinsella above was from a post about this blogger using a "faked" tattoo image (looking like a death-camp tattoo on a Jewish prisoner from a Nazi concentration camp in WWII,) for a "joke" to hoax Mr. Kinsella... who's a member of the legal affairs committee of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

The same blogger recently received censure for this and prompted this post from me.

The blogger is also #1 on this list.

Another of these bloggers (in the suit) I'm familiar with is a (perhaps?) Catholic... and they seem to attack other religions (including other variations of Christianity, let alone non-Christian beliefs, including mocking Anglicans - "Your religion was founded on a divorce",) and has posted such comments as...

Where I came from, it is part of the "culture" to complain about "Paki" cab drivers, "faggots" and "drunken Indians". The corporal punishment of children is not unheard of. Italians treat their daughters very differently than they do their sons.

Her writings are enough to make one weep for any sort of universal suffrage and tolerance.

This one is also from the same blogger... You have to wonder what goes through some people's heads.

To be honest, this parody sums the blogger up wonderfully.

This also scared me... and made me question the "upstanding wonderfulness" of these poor, beleaguered bloggers that are being sued...

The above is a SAMPLING of those facing this issue... I would NOT reproduce the post that really got the lawsuit ball rolling because, quite frankly, it's repugnant to anyone with an IQ above that of the average garden slug.

My point in all this... even in that bastion of the free, America, the "Right to Free Speech" means the right to comment and question the current governing body of the people... not to preach hate, make racist comments, or worse...

...which is what these bloggers being sued in Canada, which DOES have harder "hate-speech" laws, do consistently... they are not advocates of "Free Thought", as evidenced of the two examples, they are advocates of intolerance.

...and currently, at least the two cited have their "hand out" for money for a legal defence fund.

I'm sorry, but to me it reads like, Give us money so we can win our right to preach racism and intolerance!

Now, I don't wish to lie... I do have an issue with the lawsuit... the post in question was a "copy-paste" from something else placed on a blog by a "guest poster" and is then backed-up with things posted by commenters. In other words, on the prima facia, it does appear to be almost like one could call a blogger who posts about a serial killer as an accomplice to their crimes...

...that said...

Where was the moderation of this blog? Where was the editorial eye? Are we not responsible for our content?

I have never been threatened with a lawsuit, but if I've offended anyone without cause or by mistake and I learn about it, it's removed within 24 hours of me finding out about the issue... or at least edited...

What happened here?

Sadly, one "knee-jerk" response from affectively a blog-post farm for the province that the blogger who was the main offender is from was to "shut itself down" in fear of being served as well.

This was an overreaction without doubt... and more than a little theatric. Again, if the "post-farm" had known about the offending post and link, it would behove them to moderate a touch. Again, had this been a post that said something like, Boy I hate the left and here's why... I would not be so nonchalant... but it was a racist screed that no one could deny.

Anyway, the "hauling down" of the post-farm has led many to say, See??? This IS about all blogs being sued! Being silenced! Being shut-down by the thought police! which is utter rubbish.

It is about someone being libelled, the lies being reproduced, and the people that make up the head of this snake being, without question, enormously questionable and yes, spewing intolerance... and finally, like the adult with the poisoned bottles, are now seeing the legal ramifications of their hate.

I'm all for "free speech" as the authors of our collective constitutions meant... you SHOULD be allowed to question your government. You SHOULD be allowed to rally and put forward better ideas and differing opinions from those in charge...

You should NOT be allowed to publicly try to paint all those who's views differ from yours as marginalized people... you should NOT be allowed to suggest violence or other torturous harm to come to the people you're "against".

You should not be allowed to publicly hate someone because of their race, philosophies, sexual preference, or lifestyle... provided these "other people" are not in conflict with society as a majority or within the terms of our current laws and policing.

I don't believe that these bloggers I've eluded to above have met this criteria... and now, hopefully, will pay the full price for their "pushing the envelope" on hate.

So, don't believe everything that you read... Canadian Bloggers as a whole are NOT being sued or silenced... just six people and a newspaper... for basically printing filth and hate... not comments and critiques... filth and hate. Period.

If you have read about this... or even THOUGHT about this and "helping" those poor bloggers who are being so set upon... read above and consider WHO you're giving money to... and what you're really supporting.

Would you be supporting "free speech"... or something else?

Would those who are asking for help be so willing to offer it to their opposite number had roles been reversed... or what do YOU think they'd do?

If you're a Canadian, call up your local Conservative party member and ask them if THEY would help support these bloggers...?

I still believe in these words which these "free-speech" bloggers were responsible for... their actions made me write them.

I don't like hate... can you tell?

For those that don't often read comments on posts, this was a perfect "summing up" from our friend, DrillerAA...

Since I don't actively seek out political sites (hard line right or left), I don't run across these people. But, I do know that these type of people want ALL of the rights associated with free speech and none of the responsibilities associated with it. If their words actually were the cause of some civil disturbance, they would claim that they are only words and had nothing to do with the people's actions. We have them here in the States as well, and I will not do them the honor of mentioning them by name. It does seem to be a common trait among those with the extreme viewpoint, right or left, that their civil rights outweigh their civil responsibilities. In fact, some seem to believe that they have no responsibility to control their tongues or thoughts.


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

Click here for details... 'cuz we need some sorta help... and maybe you or someone you know can assist us with our dream...


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Blog Your Blessings Sundays:No "Set Blessing" Today... just random thoughts and quotes on dreaming...

It might be my illness (as reported Friday) that has me a little unable to concentrate on one thing... of perhaps just a little need for some psychological reinforcement... or looking for a mantra... but today, my blessing is actually some thoughts on dreams... and an overall view of the universe and all it's blessings in general.

I do apologise for this rather "stream of thought" post, but it's how I kinda feel right now... and I do hope it's acceptable.

"You can't erase a dream, you can only wake me up."
- Peter Frampton

Had you said to me even LAST WEEK that I'd be quoting Peter Frampton on this blog, I would have told you that you were obviously nuts... but here it is above...

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
- Anatole France

How about both? That's kinda what we're trying to do here...

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."
- Carl Jung

A goodly message to be sure...

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
- Oscar Wilde

I like this one... but I've always been a fan of Wilde's wit and wisdom...

"Dreaming men are haunted men."
- Stephen Vincent Benét

Okay, this one's a bit chilling considering my line of study...

"I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams."

- William Butler Yeats

This one hits home to me here than many people know... or, in many cases, seem to care about...

"Dreams are the seedlings of reality."
- Napoleon Hill

Hey, the man who authored "Think and Grow Rich" might be on to something... I hope...

"God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame."
- Elizabeth Barret Browning

At the end of the day, this thought above is never far from my mind...

...and perhaps, this is why these quotes are my blessing today...

Because although we have a dream here on this blog... and with my family... we have many, many, many other blessings... as do all of us... and sometimes, we just need to stop and take a full count of all of them.

We often say of our one younger dog, Kipling, that he seems to be overjoyed just to draw breath as he is the most loving and happy animal I've ever known...

...perhaps Kipling is on to something we all take for granted.

No "big blessing message" today... just some food for thought.

...that said, before I go today...

"A dream is a wish your heart makes."
- Walt Disney

Photo Credit: Googleimages


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Share a laff...

'Tis a rare thing for me to repeat an e-mailed joke I receive on this here blog, but this one... what the heck.

Well, that and while battling the extreme pain of my kidney condition, I welcome the chance for a creative and typing break... so please allow me to share something my biggus sissus sent me...

PLEASE REMEMBER: I didn't write these... I'm just "copying and pasting"...

Because Everyone In Canada Lives In An Igloo.

Now that Vancouver will soon host the 2010 Winter Olympics, these are some questions people from all over the world are asking. Believe it or not these questions about Canada were posted on an International Tourism Website. Obviously the answers are a joke; but the questions were really asked!


Q:I have never seen it warm on Canadian TV, so how do the plants grow? (England)

A. We import all plants fully grown and then just sit around and watch them die.


Q:Will I be able to see Polar Bears in the street? (USA)

A: Depends on how much you've been drinking.


Q:I want to walk from Vancouver to Toronto. Can I follow the railroad tracks? (Sweden)

A: Sure, it's only Four thousand miles, take lots of water.


Q:Is it safe to run around in the bushes in Canada? (Sweden)

A: So it's true what they say about Swedes.


Q: Are there any ATM's (cash machines) in Canada? Can you send me a list of them in Toronto , Vancouver , Edmonton and Halifax? (England)

A: What, did your last slave die?


Q:Can you give me some information about hippo racing in Canada ? (USA)

A: A-fri-ca is the big triangle-shaped continent south of Europe . Ca-na-da is that big country to your North... oh forget it. Sure, the hippo racing is every Tuesday night in Calgary. Come naked.


Q: Which direction is North in Canada? (USA)

A: Face south and then turn 180 degrees. Contact us when you get here and we'll send the rest of the directions.


Q: Can I bring cutlery into Canada?(England)

A: Why? Just use your fingers like we do.


Q: Can you send me the Vienna Boys' Choir schedule? (USA)

A : Aus-tri-a is that quaint little country bordering Ger-man-y, which is... oh forget it. Sure, the Vienna Boys Choir plays every Tuesday night in Vancouver and in Calgary, straight after the hippo races. Come naked.


Q: Do you have perfume in Canada? (Germany)

A: No, WE don't stink.


Q: I have developed a new product that is the fountain of youth. Where can I sell it in Canada? (USA)

A: Anywhere significant numbers of Americans gather.


Q: Can you tell me the regions in British Columbia where the female population is smaller than the male population? (Italy)

A: Yes, gay nightclubs.


Q: Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada ? (USA)

A: Only at Thanksgiving.


Q: Are there supermarkets in Toronto and is milk available all year round? (Germany)

A: No, we are a peaceful civilization of Vegan hunter/gathers. Milk is illegal.


Q: I have a question about a famous animal in Canada, but I forget its name. It's a kind of big horse with horns. (USA)

A: It's called a Moose. They are tall and very violent, eating the brains of anyone walking close to them. You can scare them off by spraying yourself with human urine before you go out walking.


Q: Will I be able to speak English most places I go? (USA)

A: Yes, but you will have to learn it first.

So... you remembered I didn't write these, right??? That I'm simply reproducing these jokes... heck, I can't even validate their authenticity...

Anyway, considering the knocks this takes at Europeans and Americans, I'll have you know that most of my British and American friends are very much aware that Canada consists of Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver... and nothing but frozen tundra, wolves, bears, and first nations people in between...

...that's the way it is, right???

Anyway, I already said my piece about tourists... click here for the refresher...

Of course, *ALL* Canadians are WELL VERSED world travellers who NEVER ask dumb questions...

...'scuse me...

*Cough!* *Cough!*

Sorry that was a tough one to swallow...

Anyway, I thought I'd share it... if it offended, I do apologise... or apologize...

Either, really...

I'm now off... some damned polar bears are at the garbage again! Sue!?! Where's the broom!


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Pain, Agony, and All That Good Stuff...

I'm still taking time off from "High Five"... but I promise to get back to that meme soon...

So, I've been a little off my game for a while... then it happened... Wednesday morning... the familiar lower back pain that feels initially that you need to use the bathroom for "Number 2"... but gets worse and worse...

Yup, I gots me ANOTHER kidney friggin' stone... and this one is a doozy.

I have an ailment that does not let me properly break down certain proteins and calcium from foods and I have "smaller than average" filters on my kidneys... so I get a stone or two a year. For the last three, however, they've been relatively small so no big deal...

...then there's this one... kept me home from work in pain it did!

So, at some point if the pain continues or if things get worse, it'll be off to my doctors who will do the usual... make me pee in a cup and get an ultrasound, pronounce that I have a kidney stone... then either...

A: If it ain't too big, I'll have to "pass" it normally... ouch.

B: Off to the urologist and hopefully the "Russian Stone Machine", Lithotripsy! (Read: Instant Relief.)

Of course, I'm going to start my "home remedy" of drinking TONNES of liquids, avoiding "dark pops" (colas are especially bad,) ramping up my cranberry juice intake, and avoiding excess calcium and protein...


I actually did a post on the damn things a while back... click here to read that one...

So, wish me luck... once more into the breach... and all that...


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

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Thursday Thirteen - Lies, Lies, Lies, Oh-oh... They gonna getchya!


Hidey-Ho, Blog-neighbour-a-reenos! It's Thursday again... and lately, I've had a lot of "facts" jammed down my throat from various quarters... and I wanted to address them today in a Thursday Thirteen entitled...


#13: The "UFO crash" at Roswell, New Mexico (actually, it happened in Corona... but who's splitting hairs,) has been admirably answered by Air Force authorities... but the "true-believers" refuse to accept their answer because they almost want the incident to be something else.

TRUTH: Although this COULD be true, the United States Air Force has put through about four known "explanations" for whatever happened there ranging from "It was a weather balloon" to "It was testing ejection seats with cadavers".

The truth is no one has ever gotten a "straight-one-off" answer to what happened. Was it a UFO crash? Maybe. Was it a weather balloon? Perhaps. Was it a crash of a secret test-plane? Could be...

We may never know the real answer. Many of the more "intelligent" people looking into this incident can only conclude something weird happened there and yes, the military have not been forthcoming... I ain't sayin' it's little green men from Mars... but sumthin' happened there...

...and it's overall effect? Really... a cottage industry for the people of Roswell selling cutesy alien stuff.

#12: Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet.

TRUTH: Thomas Crapper made toilets... and his name may have spurred a slang... but he was not the inventor. Sir John Harrington in 1596 came up with the idea, and Alexander Cummings can take credit for the modern toilet when he designed it in 1775.

I'm flushed with this sort of crappy knowledge!

#11: Pouring an alcoholic beverage (or even cola) on a piece of pork produces some rather nasty effects... most notably certain parasites that are in all pork products make a "break for it" and leave the meat... and it's not uncommon to see maggots and other small creatures come to the "surface" of the meat when cola or alcohol is introduced to the surface.

TRUTH: This is a myth. If you really think about this, how many times has pork been marinated with alcohol and pork-ribs are sometimes marinated in cola... and yet, the cooks of these have never had to run away from a mass of maggots pouring out of their food.

#10: Leaving a computer turned on is healthier for the lifespan of the system as it does not tax the drive heads or RAM as much as constant re-booting does.

TRUTH: Computers, as a rule, have perhaps a dozen moving parts... meaning that "wear and tear" isn't a huge concern... but if you notice, computer have multiple fans and "heat-sinks" to help with cooling.

If you know a computer will not be used for more than five hours at a stretch, it's better to allow it to "cool down" by powering it down... it will preserve the life span of the system, it's chips, and those fans. No joke here... and yeah, I am a professional!

#9: In a 2006 study (only recently released,) performed by students and bio-medical faculty from Telaine University in Michigan found that the least germ-ridden (read: cleanest and free from bacteria) plumbing appliance in most households is indeed the toilets. It beat out kitchen sinks and bathtubs. The scientists reasoned this was due to the germ killing cleansers people use to clean them.

TRUTH: I made this up... sounds legit though, doesn't it? Wonder if this will become an urban legend because some people won't read this bit...

#8: In the United Kingdom, gun deaths and crimes involving guns rose dramatically after the overall ban of handguns went into place.

TRUTH: Sadly, "violent crime" went up... but gun crime dropped dramatically... and as I've often said, I'd rather take my chances, personally, with a whacko at 20 feet with a knife than a whacko at 50 yards with a gun. It's been a while since a loon with a sword killed more than half-a-dozen people in short time... I wish I could say the same for guns. Also, the "spike" in crime was borderline at best... less than 3% according to New Scotland Yard.

After all, it's hard to spray "punches" or pour round after round of sword slashes into a crowd to cause mass devastation.

#7: Rice is no longer thrown at "traditional" weddings because it was found that birds would eat the rice which would expand in their stomachs causing them to literally "explode" causing their death.

TRUTH: This is an urban legend. Birds can handle it... and have eaten rice in one form or another since it was cultivated with no ill effects.

Still, I feel bad... I know I shouldn't find this funny, but I kinda have this mental image of pigeons gorging on rice at a church, flying off and KABOOM!

#6: Human urine is incredibly bacteria laden and if it contacts an open cut or sore, it will literally cause an almost instantaneous infection that is extremely difficult to treat.

TRUTH: Urine is almost sterile and has been used, historically, as an antiseptic in battlefield (emergency) operations. It's been filtered through kidneys et al and the only "nasty" stuff is cells it picks up on the way through the system... and of course, the uric acid... but that's not toxic in small quantities.

Still, I don't recommend drinking it or using it to wash your hands with.

#5: The Macintosh Operating System was developed from a system used for photocopiers.

TRUTH: Nope... Microsoft Window's was. It was developed from the software used to run Xerox copiers long ago.

Wonder if these machines had "Blue Screens of Death"?

#4: The United States of America is the largest (political boundaried) land-mass in the world.

TRUTH: Nope. It's number three behind Russia and Canada.

REMEMBER: Always look at the SCALE of your Atlas!

#3: "Mad" King George III of England (whom the American colonists rose up against,) was against parliamentary and constitutional rule... and when the American's managed to win the struggle against England in the latter 1700's, the direct response was an easing of the population's overburdened taxation.

TRUTH: Nope. King George was a constitutionalist. He is quoted as saying, The pride, the glory of Britain and the direct end of it's constitution is political liberty.

It was the British Parliament that really ticked off the Americans... but it's hard to "rally" a country against a body of people as opposed to it's figure head.

Oh, and taxes went up so high after the revolution that many lost their homes and farms... many also "fled" to Canada to avoid the taxes imposed by the new government. Rep by pop cost money back then, y'know!

#2: NASA scientists have proven that there does not seem to be any truth to "global warming" or any climate change effects. These studies are often overlooked by the people that believe in climate change as "skewed" science from government sources.

TRUTH: Nope. The bulk of the findings are not good... For example... click here... but there is a small campaign of seeming "misinformation"... Click here... this is why there's a debate about NASA's findings...

Don't think only NASA scientists are being... um... "regulated". Canadian scientists are too...

Before running away on this topic, anyone else find it interesting that there's only ONE reason being bandied about by the climate change people about what's happening... but dozens of excuses from the opposite number as to why those of us who think it is something to consider are nuts? Kinda like when my kid "didn't do something" like homework... there's a myriad of "reasons" and "excuses"... but the still isn't done... and I don't believe that the dog ate her calculator while aliens kidnapped her textbook.

Stuff like this doesn't help the anti-warming cause either...

It's telling when "your side" is grasping so vainly for any "facts" to augment their argument... Any port in a storm I suppose...

#1: There's a WHOLE WHACK OF MONEY waiting for you at the UK Lottery Office or with a wealthy relative OR employee of someone usually from Nigeria...

TRUTH: No. There isn't. While I'm here, there also isn't a pill to make your penis bigger, there's no beautiful Russian woman waiting to meet you who's anonymously e-mailed you out of the blue... and this has caused us much consternation at Chez Didier-Darroch as Sue get's more penis enlargement e-mails AND Russian WebCam women contacting HER then I do! Now THAT'S a possible conspiracy!

BONUS: Science says that ghosts don't exist.

TRUTH: Science says ghosts have not been proven to exist as one has not been brought forward to be studied properly. There's a huge difference between "Not Proven" and "Does Not".

In fact, considering there are literally millions of witnesses to these things from all walks of life (read: They're not all "woo-woos" as often reported by certain disreputable groups and organisations,) there's more evidence through witness testimony that ghostly phenomena exists than we have that many other things exist.

Effectively, science says, These things MIGHT exist but have yet to be proven.

Now, ask me if ghosts are "dead folk" or something else... THEN we'll probably have a disagreement... and I'd remind people that any opinion on "causation" of ghostly stuff is guess work... not written in stone.

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Wordless Wednesday: Spooky Stuff!

Thanks to our new fandom, here is a couple of photos of one of the scariest things we've seen in a while...

YES, it's ANOTHER "Doctor Who" thing... and it was a DARNED SCARY EPISODE! (Season Three, Episode 10... named "Blink"...)

Need more? Have access to watch videos? Here's a sample...

The entire episode is BRILLIANT!!!!!! (...and very scary...)

...and the "bad guys" use Schrödinger's Cat to exist! How cool is that!?!

For a list of other Wordless Wednesday participants, please click here.


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Monday Morning Illness...

This is a first... I'm gonna decline a post today thanks to a SPLITTING headache and a bit of a tummy ache... call it a hunch, but I do believes I be a touch "flu-ish"... which sucks 'cuz I'm going into work anyway.

Still, I don't want to leave my readers with nothing to look at... so keeping in my Doctor Who "fandom" of late, enjoy the video below...

Yeah, I know... if you're not a fan, that was pretty pointless... GRANTED, if you ARE a fan, then hopefully, like me, you got a laugh out of this...

...and if this DID fail you, oh faithful reader, have a picture of "He Who Cannot Be Named"!


Anyway, be back Wednesday... when hopefully, my head and tummy will be more cooperative!


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Blog Your Blessings Sundays - Lucky Seven

Just for something a touch different... allow me to post SEVEN quick blessings for this Sunday... I may expand on some of these later on and "flesh them out" a touch, but for now... here's SEVEN QUICK BLESSINGS!

Why seven? Well, because "seven" is considered lucky... and who doesn't need a little luck now and again?

#1: Spring has arrived, the weather is warmer, people are cheering up and heading outdoors again as the temperature improves. It's difficult to be in a sour mood when this is happening...

#2: Sue is doing MUCH better from a "person nearby" perspective. Although most of any understanding needs to go to her, dealing with a person who's having "adrenaline storms" (sudden rages) can be quite taxing... but we've survived the storms... and she's doing great!

#3: Remember how I was getting so horribly nauseated with the intolerant "extreme-right-wing" bloggers in Canada... they are starting to breath their last with a series of scandals on the right AND finally official censure from their own parties for their racist, sexist, and generally intolerant behaviour. This has made me VERY bright the last few days... if only we can get this moron now to step down, I'll start liking MY Canada a lot more... again. (Oh, wanna see where this has sent the right-wing bloggers and to what extent... and why I know they're in a downward spiral? Click here...)

#4: If you are not a "dog person", then this next blessing won't mean much... if you are, then what a blessing it is to come home to your dogs. There are NO creatures on Earth that are this happy JUST to see you walk in the door. It's an amazing way to come home after a hard day's work.

#5: New Doctor Who season started! Sue and I watched the first episode of the new season yesterday and... well... I'll save our feelings for another day, but the show is a blessing on several levels... It entertains us. It makes us think... and it's something we watch as a family and look forward to.

#6: 7 months smoke-free for Sue and I... and still counting! Woo-hoo!

#7: There's still hope for a miracle to make our dream come true... As I wrote Friday, there's been no new movement from the "other buyer" that we know of so we're still in the game! There's always hope... and we're continuing to plug along...


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Yeah, like I said last week, I'm blowing off "High Five" today...

It's not because, as suggested, I've run out of good internet fodder to recommend, but because I've really let the whole "dream" part of this blog kinda drop by the wayside of late... and I figured it's time for an update.

First of all, let me try to sum up briefly (92 words!) the "dream" for newbies to the blog...


Our family has a dream... to get and restore a dusty old green bus which means a lot to us on many levels. We can't afford to buy it ourselves right now and we're hoping to find either corporate backing (from ad sales) or a kind benefactor. We'd try to do this ourselves, but we're just making ends meet... it would take too long to save for the bus ourselves as it may be sold, scrapped, or cut-up for use as a roadside attraction before we might see our dream come true.


Lately, according to stats, the hits here are WAY up... hovering around 1,400 hits on a bad day... 3,800 on a good one (Wednesday through Friday are usually good days... Saturday and Sunday are usually not-so-good...) If I included "spam" hits (attempts of spammers to post comments and whatnot), "spider" hits (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and other "black listed" hits from my counter, I'm doing between 4,000 and 10,000 on any day!

I've heard nothing about the bus itself since hearing about the possible new buyer... so this is most likely "good news" for us... although who knows...

Lastly, we've had no nibbles as far as possible help towards our goal and dream... but hey, there's always a chance, correct?

So, there you have it... and update on "The Dream" that this blog is all about... including the BRIEFEST "summing up" of what this blog was originally designed to be about...

...of course, it's really expanded since being set-up... and is about pretty much every topic that crosses my mind and other things... and I hope it's been entertaining to folks... (I try to bring the funny and decent commentary when I can...)

So, I continue onwards and upwards...

This weekend, I have to devote some time to my studies... really dig-in and get some "ghostly" work done... so I'm skipping my posting tomorrow (Saturday) but will be back, as always, for a blessing on Sunday.

As always, allow me to toss out this plea to my readers that I tack on whenever I do a post like this...

If you know anyone that could help us (like an advertising person, a publicity person, a company that may be willing to advertise with us... ANYONE...) please send them here to have a look... at this post or perhaps...

For now, we'll keep on keepin' on... and thank you for popping by our blog here. :)

I'll "E" you on Sunday...


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Thursday Thirteen: Meme within a Meme!


Whilst wrasslin' with concepts for this weeks TT entry, I was sidetracked while commenting on one of my fave blogger's offerings and noticed a "meme" with a WHOLE BUNCH of questions asked and answered about the blogger... so, in the spirit of "meme-ing", I've appropriated some questions (obviously thirteen of 'em,) to bring you...

(Life in the Gray Lane by a "first wave" Baby Boomer.)

13: If I were a direction I’d be...

There is a temptation to simple say "mis"... as in "misdirection"... but I'll suffice to say "Lost but having fun".

12: If I were a liquid I’d be...

Hot Water. I mean, I'm in it enough... I figure one probably does become part of the environment... or in this case, the medium.

11: If I were a sin I’d be... mean I'm not? I coulda sworn that back in the middle ages, people could purchase (from your local neighbourhood priest or monk,) absolution from The Mortalle Sinne of Mathiuf Didier. I believe the absolution had to be signed by no less than three popes...

10: If I were a tree I’d be…

What kind of tree produces the most nuts?

9: If I were a flower I’d be…

Changing my name to "Guy"... and Francophonising my name... (Old Habs fans just felt a wee tingle...)

8: If I were weather I’d be...

Wethur. As in a "bad spell" of weather. (Nyuck! Nyuck! Nyuck!) You may blame my mother for that pee-poor pun.

7: If I were an element I’d be…

I don't mind the Element, but I prefer the Pilot... and realistically, I think most people would expect me to be the bus. That is what was meant, right? (I failed chemistry...)

6: If I were a sound I’d be…

Probably being told to keep it down... again, no change from normal life.

5: If I were a lyric I’d be…

Again, there's a temptation to say, "They're coming to take me away, ha ha. They're coming to take me away, ho ho. Hee hee. Ha ha." from a great tune by Napoleon XIV... or perhaps quote the awesomeness of Paul Weller and Town Called Malice and say, "Bah bah bah bah bahdah bah, bah bah bahdah bah, Oooh!"... but I think I'll run with "I look pretty young, but I'm just back dated." from The Who.

4: If I were a perfume/cologne I'd be...


3: If I were a feeling I’d be…

Now c'mon... we haven't dated... not even had dinner together yet... it's a bit early for THAT now, isn't it?

2: If I were a book I’d be…

Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds - The Expurgated Version (the one without the gannet). (Python fans just marked out a wee bit there...) (...and there was the temptation of saying "The Amazing Adventures of Captain Gladys Stoat-Pamphlet and her Intrepid Spaniel Stig among the Giant Pygmies of Beckles, Volume Eight" or even "Ethel the Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying".)

1: If I were a cartoon character I’d be…

Again, I ask... you mean I'm not?

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Wordless Wednesday: Post Removed...

This post was removed as I was unable to gain permission to use the images that were presented here. I did mention in the body of the post that there had been a problem trying to contact the artist, but that mistake was my own... and I do apologise for any issues or inconvenience experienced by the artist and/or his publishers.



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The opening paragraph of this post COULD BE an April Fools thing...

A "fan" who enjoyed my efforts with my studies submitted a "brief biography" as a possible Wikipedia entry. Apparently, I'm neither famous enough nor have I done any work to warrant the entry. I'm crushed.

See those last two words... I hope you read them with your internal monologue dripping with sarcasm.

Okay... to recap why I have a "fan" and why she felt I warranted a Wiki entry *BLATANT EGO TIME!*...

I have one of the oldest, established "ghost" websites in Canada (started in 1995) with

I've done a lot of radio about the subject (as a guest on shows and as a host,) more than my fair share of television (blech) including a "feature" about me and my efforts with Sue, and even have done work for a Japanese television documentary on the subject.

I've been in pretty much every major newspaper in Canada... and even was on the front page of the largest one a few years ago. (Funny story on that one... for another day... but my favourite line has always been I was on the front page of The Toronto Star and I didn't have to murder anyone... yet.

I've even written a textbook on the subject...

I've been quoted in MANY books on ghosts and hauntings in Canada, the United States, and Great Britain, was cited in The Encyclopaedia Britannica, and even had a fairly well-known Canadian author who I grew up reading dedicated a "ghost" book to me (which was a great honour!)

I've lectured in universities, colleges, and various clubs across Toronto and around Southern Ontario... and have awards and citations for my efforts.

Heck, my blog post here (yup, ghosts ain't my only schtick!) was CITED as a "source" for a Wiki article...

...but me... myself... I ain't worth a Wiki entry.

Okay, "EGO OFF NOW"...

What's spooky is Sue is EQUALLY as well deserving... she isn't in Wiki either. Trust me, her "ego" write up (like mine above) would be even more storied!

I received an e-mail from my "friend/fan" telling me I was "declined"... and I really didn't know what to say... mostly because... I don't honestly give a good gosh darn...

I appreciated the effort (HONEST!) but let's face it... it's the Wiki...

I get a MUCH bigger thrill from reading my words in a student's paper I helped them get off the ground... or hearing that the organised sceptics (at least here in Toronto,) actually respect my work, and that people still come to me (often!) with questions and information about my chosen field of study.

I have a kick-butt team of people working WITH me... I have a great family who respect and work to help me with my studies (and vice versa)...

Ask me this... which is cooler...

a: The Summer "event" I'm planning with Sue and my team?

b: Seeing my name in pixels on Wiki?

(Hint: It's not "B".)

The funny thing is, if I DID end up in Wiki, it'd probably be for the bus rather than something I devoted a decade plus to and have made some rather good inroads on with legitimate historians and academia.

A long time ago, a colleague at an office I worked for was berating my "stupid study of hocus-pocus" and asked me in all honesty if I'll be happy for being remembered after I'm dead for looking into the paranormal... and I said yes.

I suppose he could now ask if I'd be happy for being remembered for "One Old Green Bus"...

Lessee... One is the study of possible survival of bodily death and/or the study of a perceived phenomena experienced by millions of people worldwide that range from royalty to captains of industry to retirees to guys that work in mini-marts...

The other is a chase for a family dream...

How embarrassing those two things are, eh?

Bigger question: Do I need a "Wiki" entry to be who I am?

Not a chance...

...and I am very, Very, VERY proud of all my efforts...

So, no, I don't mind a bit.

If I may paraphrase the great Dusty Rhodes...

I have wined and dined with kings and queens, and I've slept in alleys and ate pork and beans. But throughout my time, and it ain't so shockin', Matthew's stayed in the fight, swingin' and rockin'!

One thing though before I do "sign off"... that bit about being remembered for the "paranormal" after I'm dead... please... once I'm gone, let me rest... keep the Ouija boards away from me! After my time comes (long, long, long in the future...) if I have anything to say, I'll find a way to say it! Promise!


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

Click here for details... 'cuz we need some sorta help... and maybe you or someone you know can assist us with our dream...

D O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. M
Et In Arcadia Ego


October 28th, 2009

See the "latest post" on the left here... I've decided to concentrate on other work so this blog is kinda done for me... THANKS kindly to my friends and regular readers... and as you'll note, I am still loitering in the blogsphere... and I'm still online... and I honestly haven't given up hope that we will get our dream bus one day! (We've just gotten REALLY quiet about it...)

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Blog-Gone! Thanks for reading!

As of October 28th, 2009, this blog went inactive... basically, the blogger here has moved on to bigger and better...

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