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Do atheists burn churches on Christmas day?

UPDATE: 9:11 EDST - YAY to MY PART OF TOWN!!!! (Scroll down for the full update...

Happy Earth Hour (coming soon to Toronto)!

My friends in the blogsphere have taught me much today... apparently, if you don't believe in something, you should automatically do the exact opposite of whatever it is in protest... even if there's good behind it.

So, if you are an atheist who believes that religion is bad or corrupt, considering the message of Christmas is "Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men." and we give gifts to celebrate the birth of Christ, it would behove you to kick the living keck out of a pregnant woman, steal something, then burn down the churches for good measure.

You see, do the opposite!

Now, some of you might say, But even if I was an atheist, what's the harm in being nice to people or giving a gift? but thanks to my friends in the blogsphere, I know you'd be WRONG!

You see, if you're fiscally conservative, as a rule, you try to save money, right?

...and most people understand that regardless of your feelings on global warming and climate change, pollution is bad and not something to strive to make more of...

...but tonight, during "Earth Hour", when many people on the planet are planning to turn off their lights and unnecessary appliances for one lousy hour, certain people in the blogsphere, wishing to PROVE beyond a measure of a doubt that they are just way smarter than the rest of us folks because of their political leaning, are saying they plan on wasting as much electricity and burning as much oil as humanly possible during this hour.

Smart, eh?

Wonder what they'd do if their opposite number had "Life Day" celebrating the individual's right to life... would they commit mass suicide to prove their testicular fortitude? (If so, when can we get anyone like Dr. David Suzuki to arrange a "Life Day"???)

So, basically, despite the concept of conserving and reducing being a fiscally conservative sound agenda and despite realising exhaust from say... oh, I don't know... a poorly tuned motorcycle being revved too high to "make a point"... being clearly unhealthy from a legitimate pollution point of view (let alone possible environmental issues,) these "smarter folks" are going to do it to show "us".

Ain't they intelligent?

I must say it again, can we have that "Life Day" soon please??? We really need to thin this herd... consider it God's way of weeding out the friggin' moronic.

Folks, EVEN IF you don't buy into climate change... turning off unnecessary lights and appliances even for ONE HOUR tonight is actually a sound FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE move with no ramifications. I promise doing it will not make you suddenly love Al Gore... it won't make you vote NDP or Green party if you weren't going to anyway... and it won't hurt a bit.

On the other hands, turning on "every" light in your home, barbecuing for no legit reason, firing up appliances just 'cuz, and revving your car (or motorcycle) engine will raise your electric bill, cost you in gas and oil, add to legitimate pollution, make you look like a nit, and will accomplish nothing of any value... In fact, the LIBERAL waste of energy AND MONEY is pretty much anti-fiscal conservation.

So, to those that feel they MUST do the opposite tonight of what's planned... can I send some of those atheists I mentioned at the beginning of this post over to your place on December 25th?

...and HONEST, Al Gore and David Suzuki have declared March 30th "Personal Life Day". I believe you can get a good strong rat poison for yourself at your local hardware store.

One wonders if it would have KILLED these morons to simply say, Well, this isn't for me so I'm not participating! instead of the stupid Ah'm a goin' to pulloots sum morez! insanity.

Oh, and before the nits come out to comment (like my buddy Barney,) I am that WEIRD and ODD thing you folks don't get known as a moderate.

I know that in your world, there is no middle ground, only angry, seething, irrational extremes mixed with hatred and bile... but in my bubble, I can see both sides of the street...

I believe that pollution is bad.

I don't believe that next year (or five years from now,) Manhattan will be under water.

I believe that pollution has taken a toll on our environment.

I don't believe in banning all cars.

I believe that there is enough evidence to take doing something about global warming seriously.

I don't believe the world is coming to an end over it.

I believe in trying to make things better for nature and my kids.

I don't believe that we should take a major hit to our lifestyles to do it.

...and finally, turning off lights and unnecessary appliances for ONE HOUR does not a political stripe make. It is, effectively, a celebration of conservation... "CONSERVATIon"... you might recognise the first and main part of that word... wonder what happened to some people that they keep missing it?

I seem to remember MOST of us in my part of the world revelling in our ability to maintain normalcy during the big blackout of August of 2003... Apparently, the aplomb that made some people so proud during that CANNOT WITHSTAND one hour just for the heck of it.

Wouldn't want to be a lefty-pinko-hippy-moonbat now, would we? Best to show our stupidity and ignorance and make sure we WASTE more to make a dumbassed point.

UPDATE: 9:11 EDST - YAY to MY PART OF TOWN!!!! Sue and I took our puppas and the kidollo out for a stroll between 7:45pm and 8:30pm just to watch the skyline... we probably passed about three or four hundred houses in our trek...

About ONE in TEN had SOME lights on and the rest had their lights out and many had visible candles flickering... not bad...

So that's NINE in TEN that participated in our neighbourhood!

...and only ONE BLITHERING MORON had gone out of their way to turn on EVERY light in "protest" of low electrical bills... and because they want more pollution in their air.


...and to the one moron, grow up... I don't begrudge the one in ten that simply went "meh" and didn't participate... but you really, Really, REALLY showed you're a complete idiot going out of your way to turn on EVERY LIGHT... ya twit.


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

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Creatively bankrupt as I am today... after a long week at work and many odd situations to handle, I have decided that today, I'm going to WASTE TIME!!! After all, in some ways, isn't that what the series of tubes that make up the interweb are all about... so, allow me to share with you, thanks to Wiki, ten amazing things that happened in history on THIS DATE! (March 29th)...

#10 On this day, in 1867, Queen Victoria gave Royal Assent to the British North America Act which established the Dominion of Canada on July 1st of that year! (Consider this the "act" that produced the birth of my nation... man, that sounds icky...)

#9 Speaking of births, Cy Young (a famed American baseball player) was born on the exact same day... (same year too!) I think it's safe to assume that Queen Victoria did not have anything to do with that.

#8 However, some years later on this day in 1871, she did open The Royal Albert Hall.

#7 On this date, in 1461, in England again, we had the Battle of Towton where Edward of York defeated Queen Margaret to become King. Apparently, it's good to be the king.

#6 Today's the day, way back in 1886 that Dr John Pemberton brewed the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard. Caffeine for everyone!

#5 Happy Birthday to Lucy Lawless who's ONE YEAR YOUNGER than Sue and myself... but we won't hold it against her... much.

#4 Today is also "Día del joven combatiente"... a remembrance day celebrated with civil disorder in Chile by leftists and anarchists. Sounds like fun.

#3 On this day in 1882, The Knights of Columbus were established... marking the first time someone said, No, we are NOT the Shriners!

#2 In 1058, Pope Stephen IX passed away. I heard they didn't even televise the funeral!

#1 Way back in 1632 on this very day, the Treaty of Saint-Germain was signed, returning Quebec to French control after the English had seized it in 1629... Many in Canada would like to return certain Quebec citizens to France now... if we can get another treaty going...

BONUS ...and it's Earth Day... and yup, we ARE doing the "Lights Out" routine at 8pm. Sue did a post on it.


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

Click here for details... 'cuz we need some sorta help... and maybe you or someone you know can assist us with our dream...

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