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Thursday Thirteen - 8 "Wants" and 7 "Not Wants!"


Fans of I Can Has Cheezburger know of the "Want" and "Not Want" kinda things... and who am I not to capitalize on this a little by making my Thursday Thirteen this week resemble the "Want" and "Not Want" ideals... so I'm going to do EIGHT things I personally "Want" (guess what number one is???) and SEVEN things I "Don't Want"... so a total of...


#13: Want: Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards People, Cure All Known Diseases, Eliminate Intolerance, My Girls to Grow and Be Happy... Wait a second, I do WANT all those things, but this is my PERSONAL list... so allow me to get more... um... oh what the hell, let me call like it is... let me get more shallow...

#13: Want: An Eee PC 8G (701)

Okay, I know... it's a toy... and it's not a mature product... and the pathetic 8 gig solid-state drive will be obsolete by the time I open the box... but I just really, Really, REALLY want one! Under two pounds in weight, seven inch screen, it's wee and perfect for my needs! I think it would rock during my commute to and fro work! Best part is, they're cheap (under five-hundred bones)... and I probably will have one soon as I can actually somewhat justify this as a work thing being in IT and all... we'll see...


#12: Don't Want: Rope Burn

Hands up! Who likes rope burn??? Hands??? Anyone??? Poor rope-burn, a terribly unloved ailment. Last time I had it was "up North" tethering a boat... and yeah, it sucked. I don't want rope burn, thanks. (A paper cut WAS going to be the #12 entry here... but rope-burn squeaked in by a hair.)


#11: Want: A Radio Control K-9

Okay, so I KINDA lied yesterday because, yes, I have worked in a Doctor Who reference in today's post... but c'mon now... after seeing my Wordless Wednesday (scroll down the blog to yesterday's post... loads of pics and two videos), don't YOU want a K-9 of your very own??? This would bring me much joy... and as it's inexpensive, I bet one might come on my birthday! (May 31st if you were considering it!) ...and don't worry about doubling-up... I'd love more than one! :)


#10: Don't Want: A Velvet Elvis

I know that some people (like He Who Cannot Be Named) think these are the highest form of art and a perfect decoration for all places in the home, but they're just not for me... I would, however, cave in if someone managed to give me one that I could hang conspicuously in some place like Buckingham Palace...


#9: Want: A Regent Low Height Bus...

I bet you thought this would be number one... well, this die-cast toy is most certainly NOT my number one want... but it would be a great thing to have on my desk... that way, no matter WHAT fate holds in store for our dream, I can always say Well, I do own an Regent Low Height! even if it is only a couple of inches long. Besides, it can keep my radio controlled K-9 company!

(Hint! Easy to find on eBay! May 31st is coming!)

#8: Don't Want: To Make Out With He Who Shan't Be Named

...and he KEEPS ASKING which is just awful. I mean, aside from the fact that I'm happily ensconced in a loving relationship with Sue, he drools too much... and his breath smells like mackerel and day-old Cheetos.


#7: Want: A Baker Rifle

I know, I know... I'm all for gun control and not a "gun nut" by any stretch (despite being a qualified and award winning marksman,) but this is a flintlock... a "black powder" muzzle loading rifle... and was my main weapon when I was trying to start into re-enacting. Sadly, during the REALLY bad times, I had to sell mine... but now that things are looking better, I would dearly love to replace it... with another Baker... maybe even a touch better than my old one.


#6: Don't Want: To Become The NEXT Mr. Anderson-Lee

Okay, what lasts longer... a Tootsie-Pop or one of Pamela's husbands? Besides, I'm happy with Sue... and Pammie scares me a lot... and I'm still ticked she renounced her Canadian citizenship... that's unforgivable.


#5: Want: A Classic British Phone Booth

Oh yes... When you put together #3 and #1 below, OF COURSE this would also be on this list... and really, with a bullet... I'd leave it up to Sue to either strongly weather-proof the thing and leave it outdoors... or allow us to keep it inside somewhere... but dear goodness, it would be the ultimate knick knack for this here family.


#4: Don't Want: First Knight Part II - Arthur's Revenge


Speaking of which, a certain country airing a television drama about the life of Henry VIII has a citizens' group trying to stop them from giving "Anne" the axe... that's ANNE BOLEYN they're trying to save... Let's re-write history because I want a good love story! Um, folks... Anne's head went choppy-choppy... not much can be done about it.


#3: Want: A (real) home of our own...

Not that there's lick one wrong with The West-End Palatial Didier/Darroch Compound... save it's not palatial... or a compound... it resembles more a larger than average walk-in closet. With three people, two dogs, and three cats, the purchase of a house is DEFINITELY our true main goal... the bus may be our dream, but real home ownership is our goal.


#2: Don't Want: Microsoft Windows Vista SP1

Earth calling Microsoft... Earth calling Microsoft... You re-released MS BOB and Windows ME and people like it about as much. PLEASE RECALL AND CEASE THIS NONSENSE!


#1: Want: Our One Old Green Bus

There's still hope... there's still a chance... and yeah, we all still want it... it is, indeed, still our dream...


What? You figured something else would be here at #1???

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