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Wretchedly tagged AGAIN!

Yeah, I know... I've used the above graphic... but I like it so NYEAH!

There I was, happily hopping through the blogsphere when out of nowhere, BAM! Tagged by Penelope Anne of The Café at the End of the Universe fame.

It's the "Crazy Eights" meme... a series of seven questions with eight answers each... the last one a "tag" for eight other marks bloggers to do the same task.

Awright then... although I'm honour bound to complete this meme... and this "Monday before Post Nothing Tuesdays" needs something in it... I'm about to start...

THAT SAID, however, I'm going to change a couple of the questions... especially the last part as I shall NOT tag anyone else. If you wish to be "tagged", consider it done... otherwise, enjoy the meme...

8 Things I'm Passionate About

1 - My family

2 - Trying my hardest to do the right things in life

3 - Helping where I can those who need help

4 - Exploring and learning/Continuing my education

5 - My country

6 - My heritage/My history

7 - Sharing smiles and laughter

8 - Nature and wildlife

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1 - Rescue and fix-up a double-decker bus.

2 - Own my own home.

3 - See my girls grow up.

4 - Take Sue and the kidollo to England for at least fourteen days.

5 - "Take to the field" and start re-enacting again.

6 - Really work on some good efforts in my field of study.

7 - Learn to play either piano or guitar better.

8 - Lie under the shade of a tree beside a small, quiet river in the Summer time and just ponder life.

8 Things I Often Say

1 - "When the world is wrong and you are right, it's time to examine your stance on things."

2 - "Since when did being conservative mean THIS!?!"

3 - "The difference between 'bad' and 'not-so-bad' is often the difference between a little bit of poison and a lot of poison. It's all still poison."

4 - "I believe in ghostly experiences, not necessarily ghosts."

5 - "I'm a non-practising agnostic."

6 - "Beauty is finite. Stupid is forever."

7 - "Scepticism, by definition, means to doubt, not deny out of hand. Yet so many people that claim they don't believe in something then claim they are sceptical. Which are they? A non-believer or a sceptic?"

8 - "If aliens landed on the White House lawn, the average person would watch the events on the news, then watch their sitcoms or soaps, sleep, get up, and go to work the next day. It will be an important event, but the world will not grind to a halt because of it."

8 Books I've Recently Read/Currently Reading

1 - When We Were Young - Stuart MacClean

2 - Abnormal Psychology - Davison Neale

3 - Vampires, Burial, and Death in Folklore and Reality - Paul Barber

4 - Poltergeists and the Paranormal - Dr. Philip Stander and Dr. Paul Schmoling

5 - Castles and Ancient Monuments of England - Damien Noonan

6 - Apparitions - GNM Tyrell

7 - The Canterbury Tales - Geoffery Chaucer

8 - The Poltergeist Phenomenon - John and Anne Spencer

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over

1 - Cruiser's Creek - The Fall
2 - London Calling - The Clash
3 - Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra
4 - Dark Streets of London - The Pogues
5 - Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and the Banshees
6 - Bare Necessities - Harry Connick Jr.
7 - Take Five - Dave Brubeck
8 - The Israelites - Desmond Decker and the Aces

8 Things That Attract Me To My Friends

1 - Intelligence
2 - Wit
3 - Good Conversationalists
4 - Full of Initiative (Do-ers, not arm-chair quarterbacks.)
5 - Sense of the absurd
6 - Ability to debate
7 - Loyalty
8 - Respect and Manners

8 More Random Things About Me

1 - I was in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as a kid.

2 - I love boating... anything from canoes to ski-boats.

3 - I would rather watch a documentary than ANY sitcom, drama, or soap on TV.

4 - I love to walk through cemeteries. This has NOTHING to do with ghosts because, oddly enough, cemeteries really aren't all that haunted, but has everything to do with simply enjoying history, nature, and memorials. I find cemeteries beautiful places of art and tranquillity.

5 - I am not a big game console geek. Sue is a Nintendo FIEND... but me, I prefer to read or to surf for information online... Console video games, after the Atari 2600, just don't excite me.

6 - Chocolate is the blood... Chocolate is the life...

7 - For some weird reason, everyone assumes I'm a big drinker... and I'm not. I'm a teetotaler for the most part and it's VERY rare I have even a beer or glass of wine to drink.

8 - I do not believe that film-maker Michael Moore is a liar. I do not believe that he is evil. I believe that he is a propagandist, not a true documentarian, and often shows only one side of any argument while almost completely ignoring the other. One could say he "lies by omission", but what he's presented is not fraudulent material... and it bothers me greatly that certain people scream "LIAR!" because they don't seem to like the truth.

8 Reasons We Should Have Our Dream Come True of Getting The Bus

1 - Because our little one is STILL (just barely) young enough to see true magic in a dream coming true.

2 - The bus needs rescuing... and soon.

3 - It would bring joy not only to ourselves, but the thousands that are following this venture.

4 - It will also bring some joy to those "offline" who will see it rolling about the streets. (Who doesn't like watching a classic vehicle roll by?)

5 - What's better than knowing someone's dream has come true?

6 - It will keep the bus out of the hands of some nefarious rudos! Look below to see what I mean!

7 - Although the bus really couldn't be used for SOME of our work (a little difficult to be discreet in a bus!) it would make a great "portable lab" when we do go to places where discretion isn't an absolute necessity... like historic sites and whatnot.

8 - I often mention our little one... but there's two others... one eighteen, one twenty-one... and they too need a little lesson about dreams and this might provide it.


Time Is Running Short on our Dream!

Click here for details... 'cuz we need some sorta help... and maybe you or someone you know can assist us with our dream...

D O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. M
Et In Arcadia Ego


October 28th, 2009

See the "latest post" on the left here... I've decided to concentrate on other work so this blog is kinda done for me... THANKS kindly to my friends and regular readers... and as you'll note, I am still loitering in the blogsphere... and I'm still online... and I honestly haven't given up hope that we will get our dream bus one day! (We've just gotten REALLY quiet about it...)

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As of October 28th, 2009, this blog went inactive... basically, the blogger here has moved on to bigger and better...

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