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Thursday Thirteen #35 - The Larch... er, sorry... THIRTEEN THINGS!


I've got that warm and fuzzy feeling... and no, it's not from urinating while wearing a pair of wool britches.

Nope, it's because yesterday, THIS HERE BLOG was mentioned in a Thursday (read: Wednesday) Thirteen!

If I may quote Comedy Plus...

Thirteen blogs that aren't in my blogroll, but I see all over cyberspace.

Yup, I was the third blog listed!

Now, there is no doubt that this blog... and I'll say it... is somewhat rather popular. Our stats kinda bear this out with literally two-thousand folks per day on average popping by to see wuz 'up...

Yup, although our "success" has been limited... our popularity has been excellent! (In other words, I'm great at PR but not much else...)

Anyway, in honour of this rather interesting honour from Comedy Plus, allow me to list for you TODAY...


#13: Toe Jam

Although it may be hard to believe, I sincerely think that if most people had to choose between dealing with (on any level) toe jam or reading our pleading, begging, or whining for our bus... we'd win! (...and no matter what anyone tells you, peanut butter and toe-jam sandwiches are NOT a good idea!)

#12: "Spam" (e-mail, not the meat product)

I know I can thank "spam" (the e-mail, not the canned processed meat made of "Squirrels, Possums, And Mice" - now you know where they got the name,) for letting me know that my "member" is not big enough... and thousands of Russian women want to know me... and that Canadian pharmacies can get me cheap drugs (odd that I was oblivious to that one... being a Canadian and all...) and that I can download all kinds of usable software at bargain prices! ...but I still think MOST people would prefer to read this blog then their spam.

#11: Uninteresting Toll Roads

I'm sure that there is SOMEONE out there who LOVES to pay for a boring, slow, and uninteresting bit of road to drive on... but most people, I think, would prefer to read this blog than pay for their trip on a lonely stretch of highway.

#10: Strep Throat

Mmm... that feeling of not being able to swallow... that loss of voice... that agony in your neck... I believe this blog is indeed better, but it's in the eye of the beholder, I 'spose.

#9: "Montezuma's Revenge"

Although one could enjoy the "cleansing" of one's innards when a bout of loose stool in the extreme, I know that, personally, I'd rather be here reading a screen... then in the loo reading whatever material was left in there to enjoy... for far too long... and usually in pain.

#8: Haemorrhoids

Sitting "funny", walking "funny", and the ever worrisome pooping "funny". Although 'roids are not known as interesting ways to kill time, I'd like to assume that it would be preferable to read this blog then deal with Prep-H and whatnot.

#7: Ebola

What's more fun than having your organs liquefy from a devastating virus that kills about 90% of it's victims horribly within a few days of an outbreak? Well, I think this blog is...

Photo thanks to Wiki

#6: The Rev. Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr.

Okay, I will not assume that there's a possibility that there may be some shenanigans going on with the dear Rev. Phelps and his followers... in the fact that he was a lawyer and that eleven of his thirteen kids have law degrees... and there is a legal office with his name and what appears to be his kin... and there's (I'm certain a spurious) rumour on the 'net that since this might be the case, that The Rev. Phelps and his followers allegedly might bring lawsuits and litigation against anyone who they say tries to restrict their right to free speech and the media that paints them in a bad light (and crosses legal lines) making them a tidy sum... I still have to assume that even if these alleged activities are true and the fact that they do picket military funerals with anti-gay and anti-soldier signs and slogans... that this blog MIGHT be a little more popular then The Rev. and his group are with the masses.

Like I said, however, I would not make the assumptions above... and would remind folks at The Westboro Baptist Church that suing a poor guy in Canada wouldn't be economically prudent. :)

#5: Capital Gains Tax

Is there anything as pleasant as making a big sale of something you used your hard-earned money to invest in... something you then sell and get that big pay-day that you've been waiting for... only to give about 30% of your profits to the government? I'd like to think this blog is more pleasant... well, save maybe for the internal revenue folks.

#4: "The Last Drip" (men only)

As a man who needs to occasionally release liquid body waste (read: pee) I can tell you folks right now... you can shake, shimmy, and dance all you want at a urinal... and no matter what, the "last drip" will not release it's bond on your privy part. I have to assume, therefore, that this blog, for men, is more popular than the "last drip".

#3: "Wind Chill" in February in Canada

When you hear that the wind outside "Freezes exposed skin in 'X' seconds..." this blog seems somewhat better... unless you're reading it outside.

#2: Erectile Dysfunction

NOT THAT I'VE EVER EXPERIENCE THIS... I heard all about it from a leaked e-mail chat between "He Who Shall Not Be Named" and some guy named Adam (HONEST!!!) and it sounds attoricious! Not good for "either party"! Ergo: I'd say this blog is better than losing the lead in one's pencil... so to speak.

#1: Prison - as a prisoner... not a guard or warden... and not if you're "He Who Can Not Be Named" 'cuz he likes that sorta thing.

You gotta start sealing up those e-mail security leaks, Oh "He Who Shall Not Be Named"! Anyway, I can't imagine being cooped up with common criminals and constantly being "on guard" while using your soap-on-a-rope in the shower would be as good as reading this blog... well, at least not for most of us.

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