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Thursday Thirteen (Thirty-Four... I got nuthin' funny for 34...) - Thirteen Shots at ME!


THIS IS MY LAST POST ADDRESSING THIS... unless I change my mind... :)

I've done a couple of posts about how I do feel there's something to "global warming"... and although I did NOT buy into the "Worst Case Scenario" of "Doom and Gloom", I did say that the practical upshot of doing SOMETHING about it is cleaning the air... helping cut pollution... which I didn't see as a bad thing.

After posting it, I was subjected to SEVERAL tirades...

So, I tried a new attack... I said that ALTHOUGH I personally believed there was something to climate change, not everyone had to... and at least we could all agree that, in essence, pollution was a bad thing...

Well, this got the attention of several "questionable" conservative bloggers... one fellow (who I now refer to as "Barney",) was apparently very brutally offended by my DARING to suggest that polluting was "bad"... and thanks to him, three other "friends"(?) of his have been mailing, messaging, and generally berating me with rather interesting statements...

It's those statements... comments... and "criticisms" I want to share today...


Before getting started, I know that these three "conservatives" and the two that I originally (apparently) accosted months back do NOT represent the majority of actual conservatives who are capable of good debate and thinking... These are the morons that give the rest of you the nickname "Wingnuts"... still, I need to vent... so here is...


#13: "You care more about drowning polar bears than you do about babies!"

Okay, as much as I don't want to see ANY creature drown needlessly...

Not to tick off PETA and whatnot... but if my kid was hanging by a ledge next to a polar bear, and I had to save one or the other but not both... well... sorry to say, but it's buh-bye bear.

On the other hand, and I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE WORST CASE SCENARIO, if all the polar bears DO drown, we will all have a great deal to be concerned about... regardless of age, colour, sex, or anything!

That said, I do believe that there is a balance to be struck... one that maintains our health and living conditions... while we still look after nature.

...and it IS possible to care about more than one thing... but why do some of you INSIST on changing the subject??? It's rather... um... "revealing" about your psyche.

#12: "Have you seen this report by the fellow who's the editor of the British coal industry's journal? It says pollution is good for the environment!"

Do you realise how utterly deranged this report is?


Um... nonsense.

If the "byproduct" of burning coal was ONLY CO2... then maybe... but it isn't.

Even then, levels of CO2 should be MODERATED (See the paper by Maier-Reimar, Hasselman, Climate Dynamics, 1987) and yes, right now, there's a bit too much See-Oh-Two in the atmosphere!

#11: "You lecture us about pollution and you drive a big honkin' bus!"

Okay, NUMBER ONE, we don't have the bus yet and may never get it... but thanks for accusing us... and not reading thoroughly.

NUMBER TWO, we would not be using it "daily"... or even "weekly"... probably bi-weekly in the Summer only... if that... I still plan on taking the transit as I live in a major centre.

NUMBER THREE is we already have looked into "greening" the bus legitimately... See this post for the details on this accusation.

#10: "Al Gore's a doody-head!" (...or words to that effect.)

What's funny is IF PEOPLE READ my original documents, I feel the SAME WAY!

I hate the fact the Al Gore decided to be the messenger of this thus turning it into a "political debate" between (what I consider) a hypocritical Democrat and a Republican who's family made their wealth in the oil industry.

Thanks for SKEWING this for political reasons!

Al Gore IS a pantload for what he did... and I DO find him hypocritical in his actions.

#9: {Quote Not Needed:} Fill this space in with any version of sexual activity... apparently, this is what I do with Al Gore...

See above... and I don't swing that way... but what an interesting, if incorrect, fantasy life you have.

#8: "Who needs peer review! It's only to silence the truth!"

This was frightening...

To submit a scientific paper to be seen as fact by general academia, it must be submitted for neutral "peer review".

Effectively, this means it must be submitted to a body of neutral peers to look over, replicate any experiments/findings, and generally look for problems in what's been tabled. After this (if it survives the full process,) it is usually published in review journals... and is taken fairly seriously by other people in science.

This ensures that a drug company can't "publish scientific fact" about medications that have NOT been actually tested... or that a propaganda piece from the coal-industry's main journal saying "more pollution is a wonderful environmental thing" is not considered "fact" by anyone with a minor education.

The key word in this process known as "Peer Review" should be NEUTRAL... not skewed... and as such, is a GOOD thing... and keeps scientists honest.

...that said, because there is a lack of credible peer reviewed papers on certain subjects, some people crap on peer review...

...which again, is just dumb, Dumb, DUMB!

Without real peer review, MANY questionable "facts" would be being taught at your schools, practiced by medical staff, and generally utilised as "absolutes" in most engineering like architecture...

Neutral peer review is a good and necessary thing... sorry if it doesn't help your case... that fact doesn't make it a "bad thing".

#7: "You'd send billions of dollars for no reason to China!"

Hunh? What? Oh yeah... USE LESS COAL and send the savings to China? USE LESS GAS and send the contents of your wallet to Beijing? MOVE TO CLEANER ELECTRICAL GENERATION and use the extra dough to buy copies of "Mao's Little Red Book" for everyone?

I see this and I wonder, WHAT THE {blank} IS WRONG WITH YOU FOLKS for saying that nonsense!?!

#6: "You're spreading fear and terror!"

Y'know, this kinda whacks me out... "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was a mistake... but "Cleaner Environment" is evil propaganda.

Oh, and remember folks... I did believe that Saddam was a bad man who had to go... however, I believe the case was there without the WMD and trying to link him to Bin Laden.

Anyway, MY message was I don't buy into the doomsayer's worst case scenario, but think cleaning up the air is a good idea.

I sincerely apologise if my statement scared anyone out there.

#5: "You moonbat!"

Lessee... according to what I can "Google"... a "Moonbat" is an epithet tossed at liberal leaners and is characterized as Someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be.

Let's see... my "ism" and statement was... "Pollution is bad"... maybe it's me, but I just don't see that in my message. Odd.

#4: {Quote Not Needed:} Fill this space in with any version of sexual activity... apparently, this is what I do with (apparently the corpse of) Pierre Trudeau...

I'm tempted to make the joke about necrophilia meaning never having to say you're sorry... but I'll refrain.

Non-Canadian's may not get this reference, but either way, I assure my good readers that I have not "dug up" a good date lately... and again, I don't swing that way... especially with the deceased.

#3: "LEFTY!"

Well, I bat left... I'm a lefty shooting hockey... but I throw right and my writing hand is my right... does this make me a righty lefty?

What's hilarious is that I have MANY friends (and yes, they are FRIENDS,) who think I'm a borderline Fascist because I'm too "right wing" for them... and now, because I dared say, "Pollution is bad", I'm a radical socialist to some...

...and you wonder why I'm confused.

#2: "You've been sucked in by the main-stream media! You know NOTHING and are no better than a SHEEP!"

Y'know, this is the SAME argument put forward by those who feel they've slipped in RFID tags into our Ovaltine and, with these tags, THEY are tracking our spending habits on toothpaste!

I feel about the same when someone tells me I've swallowed the lefty main stream media's garbage about pollution as I do when I'm told I've swallowed the government-controlled main stream media's take on that brain-toxin known as flu vaccinations!

...especially since I don't have cable and almost never watch TV.

...and I'm the "moonbat", eh?

#1: This one I need to quote directly... but edited a touch... you'll get the practical gist of it... I'm substituting the word "FROG" for words I really can't reprint here...
"I hope you FROGing die under your FROGing bus you FROGing lefty piece of FROG!"
It then went on about (apparently) my views on many things... from same-sex marriage to abortion. Basically, I (again apparently) need to FROGing die.

This one speaks for itself.

AGAIN, I know that these five idiots who hurled (or just said) the above to me are a minority... the "bad eggs" that give an entire political spectrum a bad name...

...unlike their American bretheren, they mock the Holocaust, use Nazi images as "jokes", and genuinely show a horrid racist/sexist side of my country I was sorry to ever find out existed... and when "accused" of being extremely off-colour, they insist that the use of these things is "funny" and those insulted are "the politically correct leftists" who "need to have their sense of humour checked."

None the less, I did want to share what I personally have had to deal with of late...

...even if I have let the terrorists win because I'm a socialist/communist supporter of an athiestic nanny-state government who's brainwashing me with TV sitcoms to buy more reusable cloth bags for my grocery shopping.

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Skipping all the delicate stuff... I'd never heard of "moonbat" before. Personally, I'll take being called a "moonbat" to the other names ;)
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 04:37
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Pop Tart... I know, this might be a tricky "TT" for some people as it SEEMS "political"... it really isn't... I don't think... and never really was... but became so and that's why the rant. As for "Moonbat", I was... well... weirded out when called that... and had to initially look it up.
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 07:01
It's not that tricky... It just can explode without warning. Kind of like a can of hairspray... All it takes is one right poke... ;)
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 07:17
Comment from: Sue [Visitor] Email ·
When people resort to name calling it is when I know I have beaten them lol!!! Sucks to be them!

No worries I once came across a TT that was all about voting with ummm private parts, so me thinks your TT is acceptable :)
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 10:09
Comment from: Penelope Anne [Visitor] Email ·
You know Frankie says do it, stop letting this idiots get your boxers/briefs in a better not be one of those commando guys because then you must be hurting.

Nice TT, mine is up, but I can't get into the TT Hub, can you?
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 11:35
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Deanna Dahlsad... KABOOM! Oh well, apparently, noting the black soot covering buildings in a downtown corridor is a sign that you're an EVIL left winger! EVIL I tells ya!

Hiya Sweety... Thank goodness you approve! I was worried you might leave me when you found out I'd let the terrorists win!

Hello Penelope Anne... Boxers for the most part... and this is really the last time I'm lettin' 'em get to me! The TT hub's server was "up and down" this morning... I can only assume that they were having issues... Hopefully, they'll be straightened out soonly!
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 14:15
Comment from: Lynne [Visitor] Email ·
I like have a "delete comment" button on my blog. It's for use in exactly these situations. Afterall, you are certainly authorized to post your opinions on your blog. If someone disagrees in a polite manner, they don't get deleted, but any use of the word "frog" would require pressing of the button.
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 14:44
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Lynne... The "frog" ones did get deleted... but they still like to e-mail me. I still have to wonder... knowing they're irritating me, what are they hoping to accomplish? Luckily, I do have the "BAN COMMENTS FROM 'X' SERVER" and "BAN E-MAIL FROM 'X' SERVER"... and of course, the "Banned Words List"... which I make good use of! :)
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 15:34
Comment from: Nicholas [Visitor] Email · http://gentlemansdomainplaceholder
You are very generous, taking a blanced view, and being so tolerant of these Neanderthals. Fact is, some people are just plain stupid. And I include in those the "Jesus loves pollution and skin cancer" crowd.
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 17:56
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Nicolas... I have been trying to figure out when Jesus became a conservative capitalist who hated so many people... I just assumed it was during his "lost years". :)
PermalinkPermalink 02/21/08 @ 19:09
Comment from: Andy [Visitor] Email ·
Just admit it. You're a kitten killer you callous bastard.


(for those who don't know, I don't mean it and Matthew and Sue both have my love and respect)

Yeah. You. Lefty kitten-killing son of a bitch. You express an opinion, this is what you get...

Stupid buggers. I'm sorry they bothered you. Let's slip some bromide in their drinks so they can't breed... x
PermalinkPermalink 02/22/08 @ 13:12
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Andy...WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THE KITTENS!?!?! What can I say, I'm a moonbat!
PermalinkPermalink 02/22/08 @ 19:14



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