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I stay stoopid, k?

Folks, if a politician you like... or even a good friend... heck, if your mother tells you that standing in front of a high-speed truck won't hurt you... you should question that statement REGARDLESS of who delivers it.

About two years ago, I started this blog... and vowed I would not voice "strong opinions" too often on it. I knew pretty much from the start that it would be a sounding board of sorts along with the original intention of it's genesis.

The original intent? Well, since I was (at the time) chronically unemployed and getting more redundant in my field of information technologies by the day, as well as trying to hold together a legitimately starving family was to throw out a family dream into the universe to see what would happen... would people help make something come true that otherwise would not... or would it be what it was... not much of anything.

Well, the answer was half-and-half. We had help... the blog caught on... and although it's looking more and more like we're really not going to see the dream come true, I enjoy the sounding board... and by MOST accounts, what I write here is reasonably entertaining.

...and for those keeping track, employment improved, money improved, and there's been some changes... but hey, read the blog to find out about 'em!

Now, a LONG while back, I did do a post about pollution... and how I'd heard way back when that "acid rain" was a myth, that cleaning it up would bankrupt provinces and states and ruin the economy, and that it was all nothing more than "doomsayers" saying it was the end of the world... such pish and posh!

Well, I pointed out that I was a kid who had a family cottage... my mother named the family "spread" Turtle Island because of the abundance of turtles... as well as minows and frogs... and they all started to dissapear... and then I pointed out, in the city, we lived near a cemetery... and I literally watched the limestone tombs crumble because of the "myth" of acid in the rain...

I also pointed out that it WAS controlled and no, life didn't end as we knew it.

I correlated this to the recent cry of "Climate Change"... I pointed out that the "evidence" to say it wasn't happening was not compelling to me... and that the evidence that something was up WAS compelling to me... and I surmised this... then former vice-president Al Gore made it a political agenda... and now, if you're TRULY a "Right Winger", you MUST deny the science and grasp at straws to disprove it... if you're a "Left Winger", you must embrace the worst-case scenario and ban all cars.

Well, I am and always have been a moderate... disliked by the left 'cuz I'm too conservative... hated by the right because I'm too liberal.

That said, I simply said...

Regardless of your political stripe, you have to admit that pollution, regardless, is bad... and cleaning things up is a good idea. We don't have to do anything drastic, and we can look at alternatives... heck, we can even decide that "Global Warming" is bunk... but cleaning the air is a good thing. Heck, North America's economy has been based on coming up with new ideas through research and devlopment and then outsourcing them into a free economy... so why not put some Research and Development into cleaner solutions?

To be honest, how was I to know that this translated directly into...

COMRADES! You will BEND to my LIBERAL LEANINGS AND FEAR MONGERING! You will GIVE UP YOUR FACTORIES! You will GIVE UP YOUR CARS! You will no longer be able to do ANYTHING!!!! Now, I'm going to get in my new suped up bus that burns more fuel than a coal plant in Pennsylvania and run over some babies! SEND YOUR PAYCHEQUE TO CHINA!!!

Apparently, at least according to one blogger, that is what I said... and I already blogged about it in a "blessing" post... believe it or not.

Granted, that blogger still thinks burning coal and car exhaust is GOOD for the environment... and he makes light of the Holocaust... but I've had enough of that blogger.

Folks, this is not and has not been a "political blog"... and I'm sorry if me saying that I do personally believe in the concept that we're polluting our planet and should TRY to make things better is offensive to you...

...but this blog was and SHOULD BE entertaining... and I'm going back to that after this post.

To this "blogger" and those of his ilk, I leave one thing to ponder...

You ask me to "back up" my personal beliefs... and I do... and then shoot down my information as being "leftist propaganda"... and then present your own stuff... which is PROVEN to be driven by skewed sources... but it's "unarguable"...

...and I'm the bad guy.

Oh well, then I'm the bad guy... and I am obviously far more ignorant than you... I mean, when I see a Geography Professor discussing refuting climatological finds using astronomy spearheaded by a non-astronomer who's openly in bed with a lobby group that is funded by the coal producing companies using data that historically could not exist, I know you're obviously in the right.

Now, if YOU feel you've won the argument... that's great... because to me, no you haven't. You haven't changed my mind... you haven't REALLY silenced me... and simply saying, Your sources are lefty propaganda! does not make them lies... If a "lefty" told you that it DOES hurt to stand in front of a fast-moving truck, would you?

Allow me to state a fact then...


Please, feel free to prove my "lefty propaganda" on this one wrong.

Folks, I am about to admit something...

I will VOICE my opinion about pollution in general. It's bad. Period. We should always work towards making things better. If I may impart more Lefty Propaganda on you... Sucking on the exhaust pipe of your car will not, REPEAT, will not make you healthier. Emissions from coal plants is not, REPEAT, not good for plants.

That said, I will NOT be drawn in to voicing my opinion on other things as people wish to try and sus out my political (and religious???) stripe on ALL levels... in fact, most of the other things have zip to do with my politics... they have more to do with my understanding of science and the universe... not because one person or a "party" of people "proclaimed" something... or grasp at straws to validate things.

This blog will continue... and if that blogger wishes to claim victory because I did not find a right-wing, petro-chemical company scientist who said something other than their "party line", then victory is his. {{Commence au Festivale!}}

I'll stick to my ignorance... because I didn't believe that acid rain was a myth... and smoking being bad for you was a myth... and PCPs, lead in paint, and CFCs being toxic was a myth.

I believe that corporate studies (or studies funded by corporate interests... or studies started by political agendas...) are skewed. mind won't change on that.

So, there's my last word... If that blogger feels he has won... let him... I'm going to... 'cuz that's not why I'm here on the blogsphere...

'nuff said and I'm moving on... Really... SERIOUSLY...

...oh, and pollution is bad.

...and standing in front of a speeding truck is unhealthy.

...and using Nazi imagery to "throw home a point" on ANYONE other than the WWII German "government" is beyond dumb... it's obscene.


Oh, and true to form... to quote myself...

(b) We've always written about "greening" and the bus... See this link if you doubt this. Granted, it seems to confuse the right wingnuts... they want me SO badly to be an extremist and because I'm moderate, they can't get a grip on it... so the usual argument "against" the post of the truly "green" bus is that they don't get it.

I know you'll be shocked to hear... the blogger didn't get it.


Addendum: As an admitted conservative on many points, I do have to keep reminding myself of the BAD track record Canadian conservatives have when it comes to new technology, research and development, and new industry... and it's something that I will never forgive them for.


Yet Another Addendum: Thanks, SaskBoy... Canadian Cynic might not appreciate you, but I do... GREAT post!


And The Last Addendum...

Ha Ha Ha! and Ho Ho Ho!




Comment from: Saskboy [Visitor] Email ·
Thank you, and I assume you caught the "fruit fly" link, because it's a post I wrote a long time ago, and it's almost exactly what you've said here about reducing pollution.
PermalinkPermalink 02/12/08 @ 14:56
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Saskboy... Great minds... It's amazing that this fellow was trying to see me on "pollution is good for us" crap! I appreciated the post though... I'm gonna TRY and be more civil... even with the polluters out there!
PermalinkPermalink 02/12/08 @ 20:00



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