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Another reason "low bridge" model buses are better...

From The BBC...

Six hurt as roof ripped from bus

Six people were injured when a double decker bus crashed into a railway bridge in north London.

The bus had been diverted along Prince of Wales Road because of a major fire at Camden market on Saturday.

A police spokesperson said one man suffered serious head injuries when the roof was pulled off the vehicle.

The route 24 bus between Hampstead Heath and Pimlico normally goes through Chalk Farm Road. Drivers have been asked to avoid the crash site.

The crash happened near the junction with Talacre Road at about 0900 GMT.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesperson said buses had been using the route under the arched bridge safely for 24 hours before the crash happened.

He said: "The route is a recognised diversion route and drivers know to drive straight through the middle."

Rail workers were the first on the scene and managed to help many passengers off the bus.

Richard, a passenger on the bus behind, watched the crash from the upper deck.

He said: "There were road markings on the bridge and on the road telling drivers to keep to the middle, but I saw the bus go into the wall.

"All the windows popped out and the roof just peeled back about half way.

"The people at the back had time to duck and were protected by the chairs."

Councillor Matt Sanders, the Haverstock representative for Camden Borough, was travelling on another bus behind the crash.

He said: "The first I knew about it was when we ground to a halt and then saw the emergency services arrive."

Buses and overground rail services have been disrupted, and tickets are being accepted on London Underground.

An investigation into the crash has been launched by TfL and the bus operator, London General.

Saturday night's fire caused serious damage to the area's famous market.

Storage buildings for the market and the nearby Hawley Arms pub were also damaged and local residents had to leave their homes.

Police warned that main roads could remain closed for up to four days.

The emergency centre set up at Talacre Sports Centre to help people evacuated during the fire was reopened for bus passengers, but was not needed.

Several people were treated for shock by paramedics.

Very frightening... and we here at "One Old Green Bus" do hope those hurt come out okay... our thoughts are with them and their families and friends.

...but this is why the dream has always been about "low height" or "low bridge" buses... RLH = Regent Low Height...



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...and then there was Hooper. Roy Scheider passes...

I have a "normal" post today (below)... but I have to post this up as I just read it...

One of Sue's favourite movies is Jaws... so she will be saddened (as many are) to hear the Roy Scheider passed away Sunday night at the age of seventy-five.

From the left - Robert Shaw (Quint), Roy Scheider(Police Chief Martin Brody), and Richard Dreyfuss(Matt Hooper)

Although I enjoyed Jaws, for me, he'll always be Buddy Russo in The French Connection... and the other one I'll remember him for (because of a good family memory seeing a movie with the parental units,) Frank Murphy from Blue Thunder.

He will be missed by fans... and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time...

CBC Article on Roy Scheider's Passing.



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Straightening out loose ends... Call this a "State of the Bus Address"...

As you may (or may not) have seen, we removed the thermometer and the "PayPal" buttons from the blog... This does not mean we've "given up" yet...

Granted, if you hadn't read about this yet... allow me to recap...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was contacted by the fellow that runs the RLH Information Centre asking for the contact information that I'd accumulated for the fellow in Santa Rosa who is the current "caretaker" (owner) of RLH 3 (or "The One Old Green Bus" that this blog is about.)

He wanted it as he has a prospective buyer who would restore her... (he also, apparently, wants a "red" RLH too...)

He was VERY tactful and since he knew what the bus meant to us and why, and he did give me the option to "keep the information to myself" and possibly increase our chances of getting the bus...

If you don't know why THIS bus is so special to me and the whole family, I am BEGGING you to read the post at this link (click here). If nothing else, it might explain the "mania" about the bus...

Anyway, I didn't hesitate... I gave up the information. Better it be bought and preserved by someone soon as it's fate was in genuine question... better it "lives" without us than gets scrapped waiting for us.

Our fundraising to see our dream of owning "our" bus come true had been disastrous... and although things are steadily improving on our own finances, we were probably a year or even two away from being able to shoulder the expense of purchasing and then shipping "our" bus.

Therefore, as much as it genuinely pained me... and it does mean "giving up" on a large part of our dream... I had to put reality ahead of a dream.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NOW, this (as stated,) does not mean we're COMPLETELY giving up... the sale of RLH 3 (or "our bus"... or "The One Old Green Bus"...) has not been completed by this other person yet (to the best of our knowledge,) and there's still a SMALL chance that we MIGHT find $20,000.00 in some odd way and "beat" the buyer to the punch... but this would not be accomplished with the "PayPal" and begging routine that offended so many...

So, those things are now gone.

The $391.00 collected was basically (after a little "discussion",) divided and given out equally to a few different local charities... no, none to our paranormal hobby stuff... (The "extra dollar" went to an online charity to help feed the hungry who are only asking for "One Dollar" in donations per browser... that helped even things out... and thanks to PayPal for linking to it!)... and all the graphics on the side bar removed.

I'm certain that this is giving those people who hated our efforts MUCH joy.

We are, however, hoping that maybe a corporate sponsor or the like might see our "ad" idea or perhaps some sort of patron who appreciates and will help a family and it's kooky vision... the dream may live...

...but that's about it.

IF we fail, the blog will STILL be called "One Old Green Bus" and will feature Regent Low Height 3 as a "motif"... but obviously the slant will be different.

We WILL still be trying to get an old bus for our "big plans" (day tripper,) but we WON'T be schilling on the blog for your "personal help" anymore... basically, if we get a "corporate sponsor" or even a kind "patron" who appreciates the family dream, we would be eternally grateful... but no more schilling...

In our eyes, if it happens, it happens.

Also, although there is a STRONG connection between our family and Regent Low Height 3 and it is our bus (or better phrasing, the bus that SEEMS to be for us,) if she is sold, I would now put some effort into seeing if maybe RLH 39 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona is available... or even another bus if one came up...

It is sad that the dream might die... and we tried hard to keep it going...

...but I told each and every one of our regular readers...

If we hadn't tried, we would never succeed... and we would constantly wonder if we could have achieved success.

...and I prefer knowing.

Besides, if this has been a "failure", it's had it's good moments... and it has been fun... and we have met some GREAT people in the process...

So it seems "hardly" a failure...

...and right now, who knows... perhaps there won't be a sale... perhaps we will "beat" the other buyer somehow...

Nil Desperandum...

...and this blog WILL carry on... 'cuz I enjoy blogging and sharing...

SO, TO SUM UP... No, our "dream bus" is not gone yet... but it's not looking too good... but we ain't pullin' the plug yet.

The small amount of money we collected has been donated to charities because, honestly, without a miracle, we are gonna have to give up and to be honest, $391.00 wasn't gonna make a lot of difference... whereas the smaller sums we divided it into will help others.

If we do lose our bus, the blog continues! We WILL leave up the idea of corporate or patronage help (especially if we set our sights on Arizona!) but we have already "pulled" our PayPal donate buttons and won't be "schilling" as much from our regular readers... in fact, you may have noticed we've already backed off a bit on that.

WHEN or IF Regent Low Height 3 sells or we must give up, OF COURSE I will announce it here... and I will not be TOO sad... as there will be a bus somehow in some way...

...and besides, my #1 priority for the next few months is getting my Sue back to full health... and sadly, not buses anyway.

So there you have it! Hang in there friends... the adventure AIN'T over yet... and even if the dream must go, it'll just be a change of direction, not a cancellation of the journey!

Oh, and to prove people LOVE a train-wreck... Since announcing that things don't look so hot with our bus, our hits have gone... well... insane.

I used to get about 1000 to 1200 unique hits per day...




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One Old Green Bus

This blog was started in April of 2006... its original itent was really twofold. One was to be a "sounding board" for it's author... and the other... well...

At the time we started this, your humble author was unemployed and going through the usual crisis situations that arise from being jobless.

We (my wife, stepdaughter, and I,) used to "amuse" ourselves (read: Take our minds off our troubles) by more-or-less fantasizing as a family about what we'd do when things "turned around". Along this route, we discussed going to England on a vacation... and in that, alighted on "double-decker buses".

We kind of adopted one bus... Regent Low Height 3... as Our Bus... and we used to talk about what we'd do with "our bus" if we got it... from fixing it up to the trips we'd take on it.

Along the way, we became students of the history of this bus which HONESTLY seemd it was truly for us... trouble was, we couldn't afford the bus and weren't in a position to work towards the bus... so we had a couple of options...

Since the bus' position was sketchy (there's a chance she might be sold for scrap or "carved up" in other ways,) we could forget about her and pretend she didn't exist...

...or we could TRY... ask for help... put our dream of owning and saving "One Old Green Bus" into the universe and see what happens...

As of February, 2008, we knew that there was a perspective buyer for the bus (not us, obviously,) and made some difficult decisions... The first was that we wouldn't "beg" for help anymore and give the little money we received to a few different charities both online and off... and the second was simply hope that either we find a corporate sponsor (for an "ad" idea we have, click here to about read that,) or even a patron who see's the value in a silly family's dream...

But, if the bus is about to be purchased by someone who's planning on restoring it and they "get there first", we wish them well and are glad that at least Our One Old Green Bus is in a safe place being looked after.

For now, though, we are still hoping WE might be the ones to get our One Old Green Bus and see a family dream come true...

Regardless, this blog WILL continue... and we will still "go for" a bus of our own... but this blog will ALWAYS be dedicated to our own One Old Green Bus.

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