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Blog Your Blessings Sundays: THIS IS A RANT - and a "negative" blessing in a way... but stay with me here...

I apologise to each and every one of you coming by today... as this is a lengthy post that does not seem like much of a "blessing"... and I'm going to be honest with you, my blessing is that this one fellow who got under my skin is in the minority...

The post is about "climate change"... and although I am a believer in the fact that human-based pollution has caused issues, I'm not a "worst-case scenario" person and do not believe that we need to make extreme and radical changes ASAP... but to do nothing, in my eyes, is ignorant... because even if things aren't as bad as most of the scientists are saying, cleaning up our planet is something we should all strive to do... and to have this fellow and his ilk try to convince me that pollution is GOOD for the planet was too much to swallow...

So, my blessing of him being in a very tiny minority is accurate and stands... because this planet is all our blessing... and these idiots would ruin it because their political philosophy told them to.

Blog yer Blessings

I've done "negative blessings" in the past, and I'm not a fan of them, but this one takes that cake...

A while back I wrote an almost apologetic blog saying If you need to hate global warming... if you need to hate Al Gore... that's fine... but please, acknowledge ONE thing... "Pollution is Bad" and we should work to control it.

Seemed simple enough... and considering research and development are a huge part of the economy, it seemed to answer everyone's concerns...

We clean up and make some dough doing it!

Now, I admit... I'm a fan of the Kyoto protocols, but I'm also a realist and would like to have seen them brought in over a longer period of time... and perhaps even tempered slightly.

I also admit that I do not believe the ultimate "Worst Case Scenarios" with Manhattan under water in ten years and the like...

Don't even get me started on those people who think farm animals are to blame... or that we MUST get rid of EVERY car on the road... I don't buy that for a second.


I'm a VERY regular reader of things like New Scientist, Popular Science, and even Scientific American... heck, I'll still toss in Live Science for good measure... and therefore I can honestly say that in MY OPINION based on the STUDIES PRESENTED...

This planet's environment is getting overall warmer... and yes, at a greater rate than ever before... and yes, WE'RE adding to it.

I do NOT believe the scientists who are spearheading the "anti-climate change" groups (who are in a minority within real science... but saying this apparently is indicative that I have a "hive" mentality,) and although I'm not ignorant to think they are all "on the payroll of big oil companies", I am smart enough to source out the leaders/spokespeople of their side... and it REALLY doesn't look good.

Let's take the "big two"... one in Britain and one in America...

In America, we have a gentleman named Marc Morano. Marc is THE communications director for The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Marc's claim to fame is the 400 Environmental Scientists claim... yup, he found 400 who said "Climate Change" was bunk... sure, he couldn't name them all, but he found them! You'll also notice Marc does not have the letters "D" and "R" in front of his name... this is because Marc is not a scientist... no, Marc's previous "position" was Rush Limbaugh's 'Man in Washington,' as he was a reporter and producer for the Rush Limbaugh Television Show. Obviously, this is a man who should talk to us about science!

Then, in Britain a fellow (and shockingly enough, he's one of the 400 scientists mentioned above,) by the name of Dr. Richard S. Courtney. Now, Dr. Courtney says it's all garbage... the climate change is nonsense... and he's also Technical Editor for CoalTrans International (journal of the international coal trading industry) and was a Senior Material Scientist of the National Coal Board (also known as British Coal) and a Science and Technology spokesman of the British Association of Colliery Management. Now, when it comes to learning about the harm within the realm of burning fuels, I know I trust a man who's daily bread is earned speaking on behalf of the coal industry!

What's weird is the amount of discredited and skewed scientists on the "denial" side vs. the amount on the "it's happening" side... it's a lopsided thing to be sure in favour of "it's happening"... I've done a quick bit of my own research (Google is a wonderful thing sometimes,) using Canadian sources (counting published papers from people with ANY university degrees in ANY discipline who say there is NOTHING to climate change or, climate change presents positive results for the planet vs. those with actual degrees in climatology or related disciplines only that say there is something to climate change,) and the number in Canada seems to be about One Denier to Twenty "Something's Happening" papers...
1:20 roughly in favour of man-assisted climate change...

See this link for someone else's study in the same vein...

Anyway, these two (Morano and Courtney) are a tip of the iceberg... so to jest.

Hey, don't feel bad... there's still medical doctors, lab technicians, and even (yes,) scientists who put out things like this... and I don't buy that either... and neither do the majority of doctors, lab technicians and even (yes,) scientists... and I assure you, my disbelief is not just to cripple our tobacco farmers... honest.

This is why "Peer Review" must stand...

For a scientific paper or even idea to stand, it must be reviewed by a body of peers... Sadly, not many anti-climate change papers can withstand peer review... but I'm told this is collusion, "the hive mentality", and a host of other things...

So, neutral science is biased... and biased science is correct.


Hey, even the anti-climate change folks HAVE finally accepted the idea that to be taken seriously, they need to be peer reviewed... if only they understood that it must be a neutral review...

I also jumped up and SCREAMED that stepping outside one's door and saying, "It's cold out here! See!?! NO global warming!" was the equivalent of me stepping outside my door in spring of 2005 and saying, "See? No hurricane! There's obviously no such thing as Katrina hitting New Orleans!" and that when dealing with these issues, we need to look into ocean currents and the like... not simply how much snow someone needed to shovel in Sudbury, Ontario yesterday.

ANYWAY... allow me to continue...

Realistically, I know that because an American politician made this a cause celebre... and the current opposite number is a man who's family made all it's rather considerable fortune in oil... that those who supported the oil man's side would SCREAM from the mountaintops that the other side must be wrong... and yup, that's what happened..., I said, "Fine! If your political philosophy is not capable of looking at all the data from a neutral source, then just admit this please... Pollution = Bad. You can hate Al Gore... You can say Climate Change is Bunk... you can still be very, Very, VERY "right"... but PLEASE say perhaps we should work on conserving fuel and cleaning up our piece of the Earth. Heck, you can even hate Kyoto... but why not clean what we can within reason?"

Seemed like decent logic to me...

They could STILL decry and deny climate change... but the mutual understanding (from both sides of the argument) of the benefits of reducing pollutants would be understood... it would come down to these points...

Do we need to do a lot RIGHT NOW or work slowly and methodically?

Do we work with the protocols at hand?

In other words, we need to do SOMETHING... not "nothing" or worse, adding to the issue.

This was my post... and although I presented half my case, I thought it was moderate... and I assumed that those on the anti-climate change might acquiesce at least on the concept that pollution was not a good thing.

Enter a blogger.

Oh, this blogger told me that C02 was FOOD FOR PLANTS (which is true in moderation... but he was directly indicating CO2 from burning fuels and coal... I did check...) and MORE (pollution from burning fossil fuels and coal) WAS BETTER... the blogger also took GREAT pains to say that they were not "right wing" so their denial was not based on political philosophy...

You'll notice the name "Tim Ball" bandied about in the small text above here... I'll give you folks some links to chew on at the end of this post about Dr. Ball the Climatologist!

Lies and half-truths.

Their blog reads like one of the the most skewed (to the right) source of information online... their "cause celebres" are all, oddly enough, pro right-wing agenda.

Now, before I go further... I have a "confession" to make which SHOULDN'T be a confession... but in North America, these morons have made it so it indeed is... I lean to the right on many, many issues... but unlike the "Conservatives" out there, I don't continence sexism or racism, and I most certainly do NOT ignore scientific data when "my party" tells me to. I do not base my political and social-philosophical views on my religious beliefs (mostly perhaps because I am an agnostic,) and I'm horrified when ANY other's do. In other words, I'm a Canadian Progressive Conservative... fiscally conservative... fiercely proud of my history and heritage... a monarchist... but with a mind to a greater social conscious... or, as the blogger I'm speaking of would say, I'm a Socialist-Communist who wants to give the entire Canadian GDP to China!

I'm sure you folks see this, right?

This blogger made the arguments...

It's cold outside!
I have a scientific report that says things!
The Antarctic Ice Sheet is Growing!
There's permafrost in Scandinavia where there wasn't any long ago!

...but the killer for me was that, in their eyes, Exhaust from burning coal and fuels is GOOD for the planet!

Although it's true, C02 is not toxic and in reasonable quantities, is good for plants and the Earth's biomass in general (Maier-Reimar, Hasselman, Climate Dynamics, 1987)... too much IS a bad thing... and MY complaint in my blog posts have been about the soot and other byproducts of burning coal and fossil fuels (which, oddly enough, are also tackled by Maier-Reimar, Hasselman, Climate Dynamics, 1987 as a problem... but again, that's inconvenient to this blogger...)

Simple test of my issue... go to your local store that sells live plants... buy one.

Take it to your home (preferably in Summer or Spring) and place the plant under the tailpipe of your car and run it for a few days...

Has the plant's health "improved"?

Hmmm... what do you mean it didn't??? Surely this blogger and TWO flawed scientific articles released by the "Clean Coal" people couldn't be wrong, could they???

Now, how is this blogger and their little hive of political myopics a blessing? Well, I have to remember... they are in the minority of thinking people... and will not really change what little movement and work that is underway to help clean our planet... and won't affect the future probably either.

Now, I'm CERTAIN this will be attributed to my "hive mentality"... but it isn't... it's based on my having children... and knowing what so called "mythical" (yet scientifically proven) political "pollution" will do. Click here to read that post... and Click here to read about how our "politically unsound/scientifically sound" efforts have worked on these issues.

This blogger, despite the links to a scientific publication that is (obviously) peer-reviewed proclaimed I had not "won" my argument that pollution is bad and should be cleaned up... nope... they honestly DO want to do MORE in terms of polluting our air (I kid you not!) as it's ever so good for us... apparently... Oh yeah, again, so is this.

...and of course, when they are trying to scream "YOU STINK!", they toss in the bus thing... despite the fact that...

(a) We're almost in a position of having to give up on the bus.

(b) We've always written about "greening" and the bus... See this link if you doubt this. Granted, it seems to confuse the right wingnuts... they want me SO badly to be an extremist and because I'm moderate, they can't get a grip on it... so the usual argument "against" the post of the truly "green" bus is that they don't get it.

Well, hey now! I don't get how you figure polluting is a good thing, so we're even!

AGAIN... let me stress that I'm for debate... and I don't mind people saying "Global Warming/Schmobal Schmarming" and even using their sources regardless of origin... but PLEASE include that the ideas of conservation and research and development towards cleaner alternatives is a GOOD idea...

I would hope we all know that pollution is bad... but it's sad that some refuse to learn...

...but it IS a blessing they are in the minority...

As Max Planc said, Funeral by funeral, science progresses.

Before I take off... this new bit is scary...

Here's some other links for the peeps...

Notes on the book Cool it!- The Skeptical Environmentalist´s Guide to Global Warming by Bjørn Lomborg

Fraser Institute Fact Sheet shaky stuff...

We're a NEW EPOCH!

New Scientist's Global Warming Myths

(For the record, my sources above were called "biased lefty" by the blogger I mentioned... but remember, they aren't a "Right-Winger"... so it must be true!)

Oh, and since the blogger in question reads this...

Tim Ball!
Tim Ball!
Tim Ball!
Tim Ball!

...and if you still think "pollution is good", I entreat you to wrap your lips around a tail-pipe and breath deeply for your own health... and more realistically, ours.

Granted, I'm glad you made sure I knew you weren't a conservative right-winger... although, if you were, you'd have a proud heritage in Canada of acknowledging, encouraging, and generally helping scientific achievement and progress! (...and this coming from a fiscal conservative, monarchist, capitalist... with a strong connection to our military.)


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