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Thursday Thirteen Two-Seven - MATTHEW PREDICTS!


I know that earlier this week (New Year's Day to be precise,) I did some predictions for this blog and myself... but that was a rant. Below, however, are the predictions that WILL be my annual predictions that get posted up on the paranormal blog... with some additions... and one glaring omission...


Like I said, I'm neglecting a few "categories", but I have to say that I have not kept TERRIBLY up on U.K. politics over the last few months... and our popular "death pool" predictions are not included mostly because I have to save SOMETHING for this weekend for the Paranormal Blog.

REMEMBER WHEN COMMENTING: Don't kill the messenger... these are only "guesses" and predictions... and should be taken as such... As they say in the not-so-funny biz... it's for "Entertainment Purposes Only"! I ain't Jean Dixon reincarnated, you know... and you MAY not agree with what I've said... this is NOT "What Matthew WANTS" predictions... but my genuine "gut feeling" as to what's going to happen...



Canadian Politics (Sorry "Global Visitors"... bear with me, it's brief...)

Expect an election... and another Conservative minority. Stephan Dion will be rousted from the liberal leadership and Michael Ignatieff will become the leader of the Liberals. This will NOT go over well and he'll be seen as taking the "long knife" to the party... after he wreaks havoc on the Grits and coming off more "scary conservative" than the Tory's, the Libs will lose in spectacular fashion and give the Tory's an eventual majority... it's after this (which will be the TRUE clearing-out of the Liberal "dead wood", and most likely between 2009 and 2010,) Justin Trudeau will finally step up to the leadership and after that, it will seem like the second coming of "King Pierre".



Despite giggles right now from the ill-educated that the winters in North America are cold and snowy, they will be in for several rude awakenings when there are two "big thaws"... but they'll giggle again when the cold returns. It will be a VERY hot Summer... but dryer than normal for a lot of the world. Fall and Winter 2008 will mirror 2007.


US Politics

Hilary Clinton with side-runner veep candidate, Obama Barak will lose in a fairly spectacular style to Rudolph Giuliani with either Duncan Hunter or John McCain as veep. This will be seen as a slight (HAHAHAHAHA!) shift to the left for the Republicans and will overall be seen as a far better administration than the Bush presidency. Universal health care and the environment will be top concerns after trying to rescue the economy and there WILL be some forward momentum in those areas. I expect Obama to be given a "post" to help get the health care things underway as Giuliani will wish to be portrayed as "socially conscious" in his term. With now only devout old-school right-wingers still denying, the US will start working on environmental issues making Canada and Mexico look environmentally weak. The US dollar continues to falter due to the real-estate bubble deflating (not bursting) but things will even-out shortly... Within two or three years, a senate committee will absolutely and indefatigably condemn Haliburton and former veep Dick Cheney who will be made a scape-goat for pretty much every debacle... deserved or not. (Oh, who am I kidding! Most Republicans I know realise that this guy is scary and deserves much blasting!)


World Events

Pakistan and India kinda heat-up over border issues... probably because India will NOT want the issues happening in Pakistan to come with any border-crossers... Pakistan's elections will go off somewhat okay, but the general populace will be sick of terrorism and violence leading to a decay in support for any sort of extremist group. Al Qaeda will regroup not in the Middle-East, but in the hot-beds of Africa. Terrorism will still be a factor and concern, but after debacles in North America, Europe, and especially some brilliantly dumb attempts in Britain, it will start focusing on foreign holdings and nationals in those African countries that Al Qaeda gets a foot in the door with. South America begins to be a little less "issue-y" with the United States. Like how things have worked with Iran in 2007? Don't expect ANY changes in 2008. Iraq will continue to calm down a LITTLE... but it's a long way from being "fixed". Afghanistan will start rebuilding properly and insurgency will calm. I hate to say this, but I also think that this will be a bad year for the British monarchy...



Despite all my efforts, people KEEP adding the "O" to Blog_sphere... despite the fact they are "weblogs", not "weblogos"... and the world is a semi-sphere... not an "osphere".



Expect a TV movie about the Spears kids... it will ATTEMPT to paint them sympathetically... and be, as they say online, an "Epic Fail". Kevin Federline buries Brittney... but comes out fiscally poorer as that well will run dry. Paris Hilton stretches her acting chops... and we'll wish she hadn't. WALL-E and Indiana Jones DOMINATE the box office. The writers' strike will end the conventional idea of the "TV Season" as network realise that the whole concept is outdated. The "Fall" season will become "Any Damn Time We Want To Release a New Show". Dexter moves to the main CBS network and the show is killed when the network "tweaks" it to be more "popular". (EPIC FAIL!)


Health and Science

More distinct data about the possibility of life on other worlds... possibly one's nearby. Nano-technology takes hold, but NOT in the Health Care industry... in computers and electronics first. "Cures" (long term advances) are seen in certain types of blindness, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and some forms of cancer become things of the past. Spinal cord research starts seeing genuine help to those who are paralysed. The non-scientists will FINALLY be silenced about ongoing stem-cell research AND climate change... but they'll still be smug despite being wrong... much to the irritation of all the rest of us.



Stanley Cup: Penguins
World Series: Red Sox
Super Bowl: Lions
NBA Champs: Celtics
Premiership: Chelsea
Major League Soccer: San Jose



The new Airbus 380 will outshine the Boeing 787 Dreamliner... and the worries about the composite Dreamliner, although really overblown, will not be COMPLETELY unfounded... but they'll still be a safe aircraft. "Damage" might be done to it's reputation though. Boeing OFFICIALLY announces it's plans for a new and yes, it WILL be built, SST to replace Concorde... it will be cheaper to fly, more environmentally conscious, and a generally "woo-hoo" advancement in air travel... and will re-establish Boeing as THE aircraft maker to the planet eventually.


Computers and Electronics

Vista fades almost completely out... Microsoft goes into "ME" mode with it. "Leopard" ends up being revised several times... with one being a decided "downgrade" that causes more issues than it fixes. iPhones still suck. Blackberry units still dominate. More shift towards the marriage of the computer, the game console, and the family television. More dumb swipes by the RIAA to stop MP3s (genies' out of the bottle, guys!) Asus Eee machines become this generations iBook "must have" unit for teenagers thanks to some slick product-placement and advertising. Robotics makes STARTLING advances that see commercial/household use climb dramatically. Blu-Ray wins. Google starts being more and more evil... starting a massive backlash from the "techno" masses. Yahoo will not capitalize on this fall from consumer grace... nor will Microsoft. The $100 Laptop will be delayed... again. Facebook and MySpace both kinda turn into running gags and wane in popularity... especially Facebook when Microsoft really starts digging into it.



One DEVASTATING air crash... it will be VERY bad... pilot error. Not too bad for earthquakes this year... not too good, but not as bad as in the past... but hurricanes will be fierce... especially along the Atlantic coast in the U.S. Something REALLY nasty will happen in San Francisco or thereabouts. Paris (France, not Hilton...) will also suffer something REALLY nasty. Certain scientists of the "doom-saying" lot will announce that the initiatives to stem climate change will be "not enough" leading to fresh water reserves being highly sought-after resource in the world market. Oil found in South America drops the price of crude rather steeply. Another "terror attack" on a school will happen sending a huge shiver down the world's collective spine... but also prompting renewed public pressure against ALL forms of terrorism and aggression... groups like Hamas and even eventually Al Qaeda, try to "shed" their roots in favour of a more "political party" looking facade.



There will be TWO "big mainstream" ghostly news items... probably very odd sightings or seemingly good evidence. Ufology will pretty much stay the same... other than some new attention from the masses. Cryptozoology will brighten with the "finding" of three new large mammals. Sylvia Browne's fall from grace becomes a plummet this year. Crime Scene Investigators (formerly CSICOP) will continue it's steady decent into nothingness as more people bail from the non-science they spew and realise that they are nothing more than a sub-religion named Atheism of which THEY wish to attach their own dogmas. (At least, when they did their goofy re-branding from "The Committee for Scientific Investigations of Claims of the Paranormal" to "Committee for Skeptical Inquiry", they eliminated "Scientific" and "Investigations" from their name... but, as pointed out by a member of Skeptics[sic] Canada, they added "Inquiry" in... which even the "skeptics" know is a wee misnomer.) Television will continue to portray my studies as a cartoon and I will continue to suffer hyper-tension from it. More of our (PSICAN's) thoughts, notes, ideas, hypothesis, and all will be "appropriated" and displayed as someone else's work and efforts without any sort of credit given... in other words, no change there! This Halloween, Ufology and conspiracy theories will dominate the "weird news" ahead of ghosts and crypto. There will be ONE "new" psychic celebrity who will really make 75% of those of us interested go "WOW!" and 20% of the interested population scream "FAKE!" and 5% won't give a rat's butt about them.


Busly News Here

Another year with no luck. Yup, I predict EPIC FAIL this year... but I'll still try. (Call it just me being a pessimist... therefore, if everything DOES work out, I'll be pleasantly surprised.) Stats and hits wise, my rants will STILL be far more popular than my "kudo" posts.

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