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Yup, couldn't keep my fingers off the keyboard.

So much for not posting today...

First off, you'll notice the pleas from us about Barton Transport #512 have ended... I have no news about the bus' fate, but the end of the month came and went... I just hope I don't have to report that she was scrapped to you folks. For $2,200.00, she SHOULD have been spared... but who knows. I'll let you know what happens when I find out.
Thanks GREATLY to CyberCelt for being the only (known) blogger to step up to the plate and help with this one.

Anyway, what dragged me to the computer this January 1st???

Well, Sue and I have a modicum of fame for our "Predictions" we do up for The Paranormal Blog around this time of year... and this year will be like the others and yes, sometime in the next week or two, expect our predictions...

That said, I wanted to share a few predictions that are FOR SURE with THIS BLOG and THIS BLOGGER in 2008.

The likelihood of these predictions coming true are about 90% I'd say... so without further adieu...


  • At some vital point, our server WILL crash. This will likely be the day some GOOD publicity comes our way or on the day some wealthy and benevolent patron will decide Gee, I'm going to find that bus family and help them out! Yup, it's a given our servers and this blog WILL be down at the needed moment. I do believe our server support team ensures these incidents on purpose.

  • The Right Wing Bloggers will drive me nuts... either with their blatant racism masquerading as "political philosophy" and what they THINK is "avoiding political correctness"... or their (as usual) ignoring of science, mocking of facts, and basically making horses' asses out of themselves displaying ignorance because people who are either skewed scientifically OR using their faith to make scientific decisions tells them what to do and think... and like lemmings, they happily let the Disney staffers shove them off the cliff... provided they fall in the right direction.

  • I will receive more "hate mail" calling me names and saying that we are "cyber panhandling" or the like.

  • I will blog MANY times complaining that my muse is on strike or napping or otherwise indisposed... meaning I'm creatively bankrupt.

  • Google will still have me at a Page Rank Zero for much of the year... which is very odd as I come up mighty high on searches, get loads of traffic, am listed as a resource on MANY websites, have literally hundreds of legit links back to this site... it's also odd as I went from a PR5 to a zero without so much as a "By Your Leave"!

  • He Who Shall Not Be Named will continue NOT to be named as mentioning his name here usually ends up knocking away about 10% of my hits on that day statistically.

  • Facebook DID NOT overtake me and eat up ALL my time! (NYEAH!) But I will keep it going as I'm doing now.

  • MORE BUSLY LOVE!!!! If there's one thing that's true, this blog and our kooky dream has been picking up steam, NOT losing it! More new friend and loads of fun with the old one's will happen this year, no doubt!

  • Re: The second "prediction" above... Expect AT LEAST one more rant about the environment (why is REAL science ignored in favour of folks funded by Exxon??? Marc Morano is NOT a scientist, he's a marketing weenie and I doubt he could find four-hundred scientists... let alone get them to agree on ANYTHING!!!) and one more "poke" at the whole "Stem-Cells = Aborted Babies" nonsense... THANKS SUPER-RIGHT-WING CHRISTIAN (North)AMERICA! You've been a pantload. Please, take a few years off from running things, will ya? I promise we'll do something nice for ya after... like perhaps re-examine the Sun revolving around the Earth for you! Wouldn't that be fun??? Just like the good ol' days!

Ah, the laughs we've had...

Okay, now that I've cheesed off probably 35% of my readers, I best call it a post for now...

If you're a "Right Wing" person who has taken exception to the above, I do kinda apologise... it's just, once again, while making the rounds, I found a few bloggers spewing wretched garbage in terms of incorrect and skewed facts, and yes, poorly veiled racism whilst cleaning through my stats... and I gotta be honest, these folks really, Really, REALLY make me nauseated. I mean, if you're going to "spew" a fact, CHECK IT... and ensure it's NEUTRAL and PEER REVIEWED if you're presenting it as "scientific"...

Some of the stuff I saw today just made me want to bitch-slap the bloggers and scream at them, Before you try to educate me, EDUCATE YOURSELF! Political papers or evidence from skewed sources do NOT "fact" make!!! and ignoring OTHER evidence or, worse yet, claiming all those who oppose YOUR cherished faith and philosophies are "liars" without even looking at their evidence is inconceivably dumb.

Oh, and making references to "turban wearing, bomb carrying, camel jockies" when referencing anyone from the Middle-East is NOT showing that you are "beyond political correctness and calling it as you see it"... it's racism... and that IS calling it as I and anyone with an I.Q. over a mud-puddle sees it.

Like I said a while back... I can handle ANYTHING BUT the Three "I"s... Intolerance, Ignorance, and Incompetence... and man, did I find a lot of that this evening... and these crapwits had commenters on their blogs giving them props and credit for their ignorance, intolerance, and incompetence...'s the dumb giving credit to an idiot for some stupidity.

There is another "I" I'm not fond of... but I have HAD to put it into use for today lest I go bonkers with these weenies... Indifference.

After all, indifference is the opposite of love... or even caring... and we should ALL care... and considering these yutzes make decisions with and even on occasion FOR us, which means they SHOULD be made aware of their ignorance...

...but they won't listen... they never do... so I must rant now, and then, turn on the indifference...

Even when things are made THIS simple (see below...)

...they can't or won't pay attention... they know better... and have pundits who know better... and they will ALWAYS ignore the inconvenient facts of any matter to support their views blindly.

Okay... enough... thankfully, tomorrow's "Wordless Wednesday" followed by "Thursday Thirteen" which, with me, is less rant, more fun... and hopefully my thousand-plus visitors per day aren't ALL going to be offended with my rant... but I should quit while I'm ahead.




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