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Thursday Thirteen (Edition Quarter - That's Twenty Five...) - Abominations, baby!

Before Starting This Post: There's Now Only Two! One bus has sold on eBay... but we need help for one of the others or VERY shortly or it will be scrapped... and we're still hoping for our own One Old Green Bus. Click here and read about the buses... and if you can help in ANY way, please consider it... Thanks...

Gonna keep the above-line chatter at a minimum as my TT is a bit of a read this week... and a bit of a rant too!

Thirteen Personal Abominations

PLEASE REMEMBER: These are PERSONAL rants... you may not agree with them, and that's cool... but if you wish to dispute anything, please dispute the facts and data, not the personalities.

#13: Decaffeinated Coffee

Why? WHY!?! I mean, too many times, I, a caffeine fan, have been offered coffee... which I prefer to be NATURAL! Removing the caffeine takes away a large part of why I even DRINK coffee! I know, some people attribute caffeine in coffee to their migraines... some attribute the caffeine to exasperating other health issues... then my suggestion would be DON'T DRINK COFFEE! Spare the rest of us the occasional mistakes! I understand that this SEEMS selfish... but as an example, I really, Really, REALLY love shellfish... and it really, Really, REALLY hates me... so I don't eat it. I'm not going to demand "Allergy Free Shellfish" be developed so I can partake... I'll simply acknowledge my limitations!

#12: "Light" Cigarettes

What did people expect smoking these??? Cancer light??? Lighting something on fire and sucking the smoke into your lungs, not matter WHAT the something is, is bad for you. Period. As a former smoker, I understood this back when I did smoke... I understand it now... but there they are, like the HEALTHY alternative. IT AIN'T!

#11: People who think mixed martial arts are still no-holds barred fighting and are super-dangerous blood sports.

Okay, NEWSFLASH... MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) like UFC and the former Pride DO have rules and referees... and there ARE illegal moves... and they really are there to showcase martial arts. It comes from people saying Gee. If a Karate black-belt fought a Brazilian Jujitsu fighter... and a Judo guy took on a wrestler... who would win? So, they combined the styles, MADE RULES and Voila! MMA! Sure, it's a "cage fight" and that IS part of the marketing... but to date, in North America, there has been ONE fatality in the sport... in almost twenty years, ONE... this means college, semi-pro, and even pro football is more "deadly". To be totally honest, boxing is often more violent and far more aggressive then MMA... as MMA does allow wins by submission. You put your opponent in a hold that hurts too much, they tap, victory... unlike boxing. This said, and backed up with evidence, there will be AT LEAST several newspaper articles and whatnot decrying that horrible no-holds-barred fighting... with the author not bothering to research the story. Abominable!

#10: Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, Brittney, Et Al...

ARRGH!!! Does the media NEED to fixate on these girls??? Does anyone REALLY care save themselves and Chris Crocker??? Y'know, if Paris, Lindsay, Nicole, and Brittney suddenly fell off the planet, life would go on... for literally ALL of us... and oddly enough, only a few gossip columnists and "hangers on" would be in any strife. It's amazing how many worthy news items get "bumped" to small spaces in favour of crud from one of these girls or their ilk.

#9: CBC's "Greatest Canadian" Travesty.

POP QUIZ - FOR NON-CANADIANS! If you're nation held a poll to find their "Greatest Person", would a celebrity who RENOUNCED their citizenship who is known more for a sex tape and having big fake boobs make the list??? Well, a person matching that description made the TOP FIFTY here in Canada! Yup, Pamela Anderson Lee Mrs. Kid Rock Ex-Whatever the latest guy was... she made the list... and yes, she RENOUNCED her Canadian citizenship about a year BEFORE they started the poll. What's interesting is that she made the top fifty... Wayne Gretzky made the top fifty... oddly enough, only ONE of these people were in the top fifty... two in total in the top 100... Click here to read this abomination... In my opinion, this popularity contest further proved how my fellow countrymen remain ignorant of their own land.

#8: Removing the concept of "Christmas" so as not to be "exclusionary".

A school in Ontario is re-writing carols and Christmas songs for their concert to only be about "The Festive Season" and "Happy Holidays"... because they don't wish to "exclude" those who don't celebrate Christmas. Last year, a judge had a Christmas tree removed from a court house because it might "offend" people that don't celebrate that holiday. The really hilarious thing is MOST of the groups they're most worried about voiced in that they had NO PROBLEMS with the celebration of Christmas... in fact, one Jewish group and the largest Muslim group in the city came out and said they thought the "banning" of Christmas and it's ornaments was dumb and that they enjoyed celebrations of ALL types. It never fails either... the LOUDEST proclaimers of losing traditions based on how they might be viewed by "minorities" tend to be of EUROPEAN JUDEO/CHRISTIAN STOCK! Get over your guilt... and Merry Christmas to you, you abominations!

#7: The Somewhat Extreme Left

I can't say the "Extreme Left" mostly because once someone is ALL the way left, they are either communists or socialists... and usually end up as more of a dictatorship or worse... Anyway, the ones I mean are those that purport to be "socially conscious" and take the idea of political correctness to new heights. The people that have swallowed EVERY worst case scenario and end up taking things to such extremes without realising that "reality" don't work that way... Things like "Disband all armies!"... then who would defend us? "Ban all police violence!"... yup, the criminals would love that! For them, society is to blame for EVERYTHING... which is ludicrous. What's even more annoying is the people that tend to be of this type are usually so insulated from what's really happening, they can't comprehend that many of their "solutions" are worse than what's ailing folks... and that you can't "ban" or "stop" everyone from some things without considering alternatives to what they see as the problem. granted, they're NOTHING compared to the next folks...

#6: The Extreme Right

I'm still trying to figure out when being "Right Wing" or "Conservative" became being a paranoid, isolationist, racist... but it seems to have happened. "If we change things, our society will crumble!" The Hell it will... "It's them foreigners! They're to blame!" Well, being a North American, we're ALL foreigners unless you're an aboriginal... and even then, who made it over the Bering Strait first? Was anyone here before they came? Cloaking racist paranoia as a "political view" and then adding a secular slant to further "justify" intolerant behaviour is really beyond the pale... I find that the "Extreme Right-Wing" are worse than the "Extreme Left-Wing" anymore for slamming down rights and liberties based on fear... and don't get me started on saying valid scientific facts and data CANNOT be because their faith and philosophy say it ain't... Argh! Hey, speaking of that one...

#5: People that ignore "Inconvenient Facts" because they don't jive with their faith and/or philosophies.

Been here, done this... if interested, please read...

#4: People The Slam Our Endeavours With The Bus(es)

I get about two to four e-mails EVERY week to tell me that we're beggars, scammers, crooks, and a list of assorted other things some of which include some strange references to my lineage and my relationship with my mother. Why trolls need to "attack", I'll never understand... but if you READ over the last YEAR AND CHANGE worth of posts, you gotta wonder how ANYONE would think this is a scam or that we're only in it "for the money"... because if this is true, MAN we're failing monumentally... Trolls = Abominations!

#3: The Age of Entitlement

Remember when people STROVE to be the best? Remember that you worked hard or harder to win a game or to get your team to a final? NOT ANYMORE! Nope, EVERYONE gets a prize now! But hey, this isn't ONLY about school and kids stuff... if you're a blogger OR have a web site, you might know what I mean... the AMAZING amount of people that feel they can tell YOU what style of type to use, what colours are "best", and the never ending attacks from the spelling and grammar police! A lot of people assume that WE (all of us) exist to entertain and amuse THEM... and we better get it right! They are abominable!

#2: The Dumbing Down of EVERYONE

I mentioned Paris, Lindsay, Brittney, and all... and how they "bump" real news stories from the papers and whatnot... but lets face it... why are the "Extreme Right" and the "Somewhat Extreme Left" so ignorant? Heck, why are MOST people ignorant??? Because the most important thing to them is that their favourite TV show is on and not preempted and that there's a frosty-cold beverage in their fridge to partake in while they watch said program. The VAST majority of people can tell you the name of Ross' pet monkey from the first episode of Friends... but can't name their local school trustee. There are some who feel that this is a conspiracy to keep the masses stupid... I do not. I believe it's the inbred laziness of the masses to not attempt to be informed about as much as they can. For them, ignorance is bliss... and learning is a chore. It's all rather depressing... and a true abomination.

#1: De-Alcoholised Beer.

...for people that enjoy the bitter taste and frequent urination without the intoxicating effect of alcohol. (...and I'm a teetotaller!)

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Only one left?! I feel such mixed emotions... I'll just hang onto the hope with you that this one is The One. :)

Happy TT!
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 03:32
Comment from: DrillerAA [Visitor] Email ·
Thank you for sharing the list. Here in the U.S. we've taken Christ out of everything we can think of, and that's just wrong. I can agree with virtually everything on your list, including the smoking. I was there once myself. One of the problems with our country is that the government seems to be controlled by the extremes of both parties but they still want to be politically correct so as not to offend anyone. I don't know if that will work.

Merry Christmas and have a great TT
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 07:49
Comment from: jennifer [Visitor] Email ·
great post of 13!

My 13 is up Working at HOme MOm
Happy Holidays!
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 08:16
Comment from: hotdogman [Visitor] Email ·
13.Decaf coffee is warm, brown water.
12.Smoking Light ciggies is like having a diet coke with cheesecake and cheesesteak!
11. Bruno Sammartino would kiick all those guys asses!
10. Who?
9. Pam is Canadian? And they think she's great?
8.Don't get me started!
7.Merry Christmas to the Lefties!
6.Only extreme conservatives get press. Rational, humanitarian conservatives don't make good copy.
4. Run em over!
3. Uhm, where's my check for commenting?
2. Huh?
1. It's only good for pregnant mums who crave a brew!

PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 08:29
Comment from: miss sniz [Visitor] Email ·
Good list. I especially like your first and last one. And the one about Pamela Anderson...I'm glad to know America isn't the only country that does stupid stuff when it comes to celebrities.
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 08:34
I totally agree with #10!! I use to
smoke too and have to agree with the
light cigarettes...smoke in the lungs
is just that...smoke in the lungs.
Merry Christmas!
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 09:29
Comment from: Comedy Plus [Visitor] Email ·
Love them all and I concur. Things are becoming so whacko. Very well done. Have a great TT and a very Merry Christmas. :)
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 12:39
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Deanna Dahlsad... I'm a bit confused... the blog has always REALLY been about the one bus, but three hit the radar in December... and now, it's TWO that are still on the radar... One we want, one we'd be happy with... but would be happy just to see it saved from the scrapyard!

Hi DrillerAA... My real issue with being "Politically Correct" is you should check first to see if you're honestly offending anyone before passing any acts! Nine-times out of ten, we're not... and provided you DO use common courtesy and consideration, you'll find that MOST people aren't THAT offended by all that much. But too many folks are arbitrarily making decisions, changes, and whatnot without bothering to TRULY see if it's necessary. To accommodate a small group may not be an answer... after all, I'm sure that SOMEWHERE out there, there's a group against the wasting of oxygen who feel we should all stop breathing... should we accommodate them in the hopes of being perceived as "socially conscientious"?

Hello jennifer... I'll have a boo in a few seconds!

Yo! hotdogman... Okay, #11... There is NO DOUBT that Sammartino (the "Living Legend") is great... but sadly, I wouldn't even give Lou Thesz odds with these guys.

Howdy miss sniz... Stupidity and the worship of pointless celebrities seems to be a universal sin.

How do, Kat's Krackerbox... Exactly! But, big tobacco wants folks to BELIEVE that these are "better". It's like Remmington producing "Light-Lead Bullets".

Greets Comedy Plus... Things have always seemed to be becoming "whacko"... since recorded history. There's nothing wrong with a little change and deviation is a good thing... but sometimes, you gotta scratch your head and ask "Why???"
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 13:06
Comment from: Nicholas [Visitor] ·
I used to smoke, and I kidded myself that light cigarettes and low tar cigarettes were somehow less dangerous. Like that brand that had tiny holes round the filter. Smoke is smoke!
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 16:22
Comment from: Penelope Anne [Visitor] Email ·
I applaud this week's edition, it is superb and spot on...and you know those pain in the backside emails about your endeavors to save the buses....ignore them.
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 17:21
Comment from: Penelope Anne [Visitor] Email ·
Oh, just so you know I am soon to be creating a new Blogroll page called The Proud Papas of the Universe, amd am planning to relocate you there.
Unless you prefer to stay in the Universe Bar...I consider you family friendly though. Did I ever mention I babble???
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 17:22
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Nicholas... Me too... sorta... I always knew smokes was smokes, so to speak... so I smoked Dunhills right up until I quit in September.

Hello Penelope Anne... I do mostly ignore them... sometimes I try to glean from the "complaints" if there's anything I could do better or different... but mostly, I ignore them... and as for "where" our link goes, I'll leave that in your VERY capable hands! :)
PermalinkPermalink 12/20/07 @ 19:28

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