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ECTOPLASM TONIGHT! - Da-da-da-da-da-daaa...

I sincerely hope that Sue considers copying this post to the Paranormal Blog... It's a reasonable "Sunday Smackdown" of a sort...

I know I promised something more "lighthearted" for today... but instead, this is a demi-rant that some of you will be pleased to hear has NOTHING to do with buses in any way, shape, or form... unless we use the bus in our studies at some point...

Not too long ago, a woman popped up on the PSICAN message board and announced, with much glee, that she was a "TV Producer"...

She posted a poll...

Hello there
I am in the research and development stage of a proposed tv show.
I have joined this, and many other lists so that I may get to know members and learn "through your voices" the current state of what the paranormal is.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*POLL* - Is the nation ready for an "Entertainment Tonight" style show about the unknown?

[ ] There is not enough evidence to support supernatural "news"

[ ] There is a need to mass profile mediums, investigators, journalists, scientists,and clergy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I will drop by now and then, to read posts and archives, and occasionally ask questions. It is a pleasure to meet you all.

Karyn Klaire

The missives and messages after all pretty much echoed what I'm about to reproduce... it is and admitted "Copy/Paste" from the message board as my final response to this... but if you have a look, pretty much everyone said the same thing... I'm just wordier and built in my personal feelings...

More often than not, it occurs to me that my (effective) life's work... all ten-thousand-plus pages of it... are little more than pixels... and that it is all written on ice and a thaw could come at any moment.

Electronic media is always at the capriciousness of many factors... ranging from finances to simple magnetism... at any moment, ten plus years of study, learning, reading, interviewing, visiting... could go *poof*.

Top this off with a serious question that was posed to me by an old workmate... Is this how you wish to be remembered? Is this what you wish to devote your life to? To be mocked as a loon? To be looking into something most normal people think is make-believe?

Curiously negative... but true statements.

Most people do mock and make fun of what I study... and when people say to me that they're friends or whatever are not like that and how awful the people around me must be, I remind them that I'm not talking about my friends and family... I'm talking about the average person who woke up this morning, commuted to their workplace, did a days work, went home, had supper, and watched whichever television program is their favourite.

For centuries, those people, and they make up the lion's share of the population, have been told that "smart" people... people that aren't "fools"... poop on the concept of ghosts and spirits... that it is the domain of Hollywood and weirdos who wear gypsy-like outfits calling themselves "Madame Something-or-Another".

Meanwhile, Sue and myself have lectured at universities... been given acclaim from scientific and historical resources and publications... we even have gotten serious respect and help from everyone from psychics to Canada's national "sceptics" society... heck, we've had both the past and present chairs of Skeptics(sic) Canada at our apartment for coffee...

...and yet, time and time again, we are overshadowed by the worst common denominator of what the internet whelps up as "Ghost Hunters"...

...worst part is, it's not because we're boring.

...or not "telegenic".

It's because we won't sell soap on the backs of those who take this study and the phenomena seriously. We won't add to the "giggle factor" with the masses. We won't allow people to make witnesses feel like they are no better than folks who are best served in a padded cell.

Our experience is that, in one way or another, that is what pretty much EVERY media person/company has done... either out of the gate or eventually with a show or concept.

The other effect this has is that although the more "music video/scary-boo" shows do great at lining the pockets of those people that produce or "star" in the programs... the attention hurts us when we do things like try to convince a university that "paranormal studies" are a worthy course... or a historic site that we will treat their site, their heritage, and their history with respect...

Neither of these often believe us because... well... they've seen "us" on TV. (Read: They've seen other people on TV... but in their eyes, we're all the same.)

In Toronto, there has only been ONE "elective" course on legitimate paranormal studies sanctioned by a non-profit, accredited university... it was taught by one of the worst auto-debunkers and a member of both Skeptics(sic) Canada and (at one time) a fellow of CSICOP (now CSI)... and it was called "Pseudo Science"... and the course was built to show how it's all bunk. From reports we got from those who attended (it's no longer offered,) is that basically the course in it's entirety could have been summed up by having the professor involved give a lecture this brief...

They're all imaging it... it's not real. Don't bother.

This kind of thinking with true academia is understandable with the dirth of shows on the paranormal that don't bother addressing one simple fact... that even the real "sceptics" don't argue with...

Weird things are perceived by people that defy explanation.

Simple fact... swept under the rug so that media can sell the sizzle and no steak... 'cuz they THINK that the steak is boring... or because they have drank the organized non-believer's Kool-Aid of how only idiots and the mentally challenged believe in this nonsense... evidence and data to the contrary... but the best and brightest won't come forward all the way... because of "bad press".

I wrote an open letter to the media years back... it's been reproduced many times by many different groups... and it's precursor is true...

We have been asked to hoax by the media.
We have been asked to "scare" witnesses by the media.

...and yes, I have been asked to "Dance to the Ghostbusters theme" by the media.

A decades hard work... a library of hundreds of books and papers... literally thousands of hours of intensive labour... I could act like a buffoon for the cameras.

The sad and honest truth is that there is some truly wonderful, interesting, and borderline breakthrough things out there... and some are being studied and documented properly...

...the majority are being looked at by the folks who would have gladly danced to the Ghostbusters theme... the same folks who's reading, if there is any - which as a rule, there isn't, is usually limited to things produced in the last fifteen years and in tabloid format... and have not even bothered to really think about what or why they are doing things for.

Until someone says, "Hey! I think people would be interested in a program that takes an intellectual look at the possibilities of the paranormal... and it's far-reaching consequences... and there's some not-too-whacky people that, although not colourful, could perhaps shed light on everything from folklore to spirituality... from history to the concept of life after death... Maybe they should have a voice!" and avoids those who simply want their fifteen minutes of fame... or to sell their latest wares, we remain a touch cynical.

We often talk about Fame vs. Success.

Sue and I often put it down to this...

Would you rather have your name immortalized in People Magazine... or on a library?

We'll take the library.

...although many see People... and Maury... and Montel... and yes, even Entertainment Tonight as the pinnacle.

I'm sure your request has gotten, here, the same reaction as the producers of Dexter would have gotten had they gone into a fourth-year University class on Abnormal Psychology and pitched the concept there.

They would see it as an affront... they would recognize the media as the main source of disinformation about their study... and they would shriek with horror about the entire concept.

...and yet, I like Dexter.

...but it's fiction... and supposed to be such.

We're not.

I hope this sums it up for you... I have no doubt that you will have "takers" and there is a chance of a season or two of success...

We're hoping, despite the capriciousness of electronic media, for a lifetime of success with what we do.

This sounds like a shot... it isn't... for every Handel, Chopin, and Mozart, there needs to be a Vanilla Ice, Deee-lite, and Toni Basil for the masses...

Sure, they won't be around long... but they make a lot of money for those "in the know" in the short term.

The masses need entertainment... but those people (who do make up the lion's share of those who report to be investigating the paranormal) who do it because "it's fun" don't understand that for us, it's like a person who's spent their lives training and working towards being a great distance runner being tripped, by accident, by a bored stockbroker at a marathon... and because the stockbroker dressed in a Santa suit to run the race, our years of effort don't even blip on anyone's radar...

...except in this case, we're looking into possibly things like survival of bodily death... historical and scientific looks at folklore...

...they are looking at being able to call their "best friend forever" on the telephone and scream "LOOK! I'M ON TV!!!"

It goes to reason, for most, that not everyone who picks up a shovel and sifts through dirt is an archaeologist... you need to know what you're looking for... and an episode of Maury will not teach you that.

I can't stress this enough... we here are considered "elitists"... "not friendly"... because, yeah, we're actually trying to work at this and no, none of us suffer fools gladly.

Perhaps, although many would beg to differ, this makes us bad candidates for fifteen minutes of fame.

We want success... We believe there is something more to the things we do than a fifteen-second video-bite... We will achieve AND HAVE achieved things that would make a lot of people excited... on both sides of the "believer's" fence...

...but we still won't dance to the Ghostbusters theme... and we're still not awed at the concept of being able to call our BFF and tell them we've been in the media.

We still have fun... we still laugh and smile... but sorry, we can't "scream on cue" and don't intend to... and cringe when we are forced to watch those who will.

I wish you'd added one thing to your poll... the option to pick, Please - Don't do this show.

A decade of work... summed up in fifteen second soundbites by those who won't read and can't see that there's some pretty far-ranging bits of our studies makes me just a tiny bit more nauseated.

Some days, when I think about how this study is going especially with media folks, I almost wish that big magnet would strike my work down... considering how I've seen it ripped off, misunderstood, and ill-quoted... and usually, turned into something to be laughed at for the masses to amuse themselves with.

Perhaps that's why I stood where I did... and perhaps, at least here, that's why many stand where they do.

We're not here STRICTLY for fun... because we know, there's a lot more to it... and many people need answers... not just a music video.

Please reference:

Y'know what... before I bail on this lengthy missive... PLEASE take some time to read this too...

Personally, I'd be happy to see the media even understand the word "sceptic" (or American spelling, skeptic)... and call out the non-believers who refer to themselves as such.

They won't... because, in their eyes it seems, it's not their job to educate the masses... only to entertain them without substance.

Like Entertainment Tonight, eh?

Wonder if it will be hosted by the "paranormal" equivalent of John Tesh and Mary Hart?

...if there is a "paranormal" equivalent of those two.



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Comment from: Worried for your mental health [Visitor] Email
The adult anguished in things that have happened long ago, spews out unnecessary anger...
when healing occurs, one may then let go.

biting off one's own foot from an imaginary trap, severs not only the appendage, but the opportunity
PermalinkPermalink 12/15/07 @ 11:50
Comment from: Sara and Johnas [Visitor] Email
Ummm, makes sense....for someone who wants to be heard.... you clearly are going into old fashioned rant.

time to move on there
PermalinkPermalink 12/15/07 @ 14:06
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Ladies and Gentleman... The posts above oddly enough share the same "Sympatico" user information and login... which is the possible-producer of said TV program. (Server logs and screen shots available as evidence... It's good to be a tech...)

I respectfully request that IF you have a comment or wish to debate, please do so... don't hide and make what can only be seen as very peculiar comments(?)

You left your name and comments public on the PSICAN board... why not do it here? If you TRULY feel you have something to say, say it AS YOURSELF... or, if you want to be "Anonymous", don't try to pass yourself off as multiple entities.

I have been constructive and up-front... you have been evasive and elusive...

If you wish to have ANYONE in my field save the worst of the worst deal with you, trust will be an important factor... this didn't help.
PermalinkPermalink 12/15/07 @ 23:20
Comment from: Sue [Visitor] Email ·
Wow! Those are some strange comments, particularly because they come from the same person. Kinda reminds me when you got that email from a self admittedly drunken Roseanne. Weird!

We wished her well with her show on our board, and asked that she simply treat the topic with dignity...oh well. You can all surf on over to the PSICAN board and read it for yourselves.

Apparently we are supposed to be naive and trust everything that anyone says and never question anybody from the media or learn from past errors. Yeeesh!

Best wishes with your show again Karyn, but we will not stray from our views simply because you do not share them.

PermalinkPermalink 12/15/07 @ 23:45
Comment from: Trish (Yes the same ONIT you all know and love so there nyah. ;P) [Visitor] Email ·
As those of you who are close to me know, my PSICAN nickname is Achtland. oooohh.. lookit that.. Not hiding behind a name or ANYTHING..

I've made my feelings towards the whole ET style show well known (complete with rolling eyes, references to Scooby Doo, and I do believe at one point I used the very descriptive term of "brainless idiocy".. Coulda been mindless.. I can't remember exactly - 'Cause seriously - people who mean as little to me as the "OH LOOKIT ME I'M A BIG BAD TV PRODUCER AND I HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE HOW SPECIAL I AM" who posted the poll don't spend that much time in my thoughts. There are more important and entertaining things to think about. Like.. Melba toast. And how much asparagus you have to eat before your pee smells funny.

Now if you're wondering where I'm going with this - I'll tell ya. :) To the commenters above who felt a need to come here and dis our lovable Matt in his own home: You're lucky this isn't MY blog, or I'd be telling you exactly how I feel about you in no uncertain terms.. out of respect for Matt, though, I'll try to curb my language as much as possible.

Karyn, it's people like you who give people who'd like to be serious about this topic a really bad name. You throw mindless fluff in their direction, try to sell it off as "the real thing", and get pissed when no one is willing to fall for it. I gave you two thumbs down at PSICAN.. but for coming here and insulting my friends in their own home, I'm also throwing in a good kick in the ass.. 'cause honey, you need one.

Matt, Sue.. you know I love you guys.. and you know how my mind works.. so when you're reading my comment, feel free to add all the expletives you believe I'd insert if I were able to. ;)
PermalinkPermalink 12/16/07 @ 01:18
Comment from: Jason [Visitor] Email
I too am from the PSICAN board, my user name is Jason...erm...kinda hard for me to hide, and original.

It seems that Karyn is really disappointed you guys (Matt & Sue), didn't join her scheme because she's certainly not moving on, she's looking for you in your comfy living rooms and pleading for you to reconsider, change your ways and hit the big time in television!

Just sign on the dotted line and our associates will be around presently to eat your soul with a few french fries and a bit of broccoli.

Good on ya Matt and Sue for stickin to your guns,,,over and over and over again.
PermalinkPermalink 12/16/07 @ 09:04
Comment from: Chris (remoteplanet) [Visitor] Email
Blogs exist to talk about what's going on in your life and things that concern/interest you... which is what you've done - and do week in, week out. These replies (coming from someone who spoke in great detail about her credentials) are far from professional. I'm very disappointed.

PermalinkPermalink 12/16/07 @ 10:18
Comment from: Trish [Visitor] Email ·

You know I had to blog about it..

Stoopid arrogant people like that.. the world must be warned!! ;)
PermalinkPermalink 12/16/07 @ 10:50
Comment from: admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Trish... Sure, you can TRY to warn... but I'm sure there's hundreds of camera-hungry folks at places like GhostVillage who will be happy to dance to her tune...
PermalinkPermalink 12/16/07 @ 19:07



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