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Thursday Thirteen #23 - Kept Me Captivated!


Welcome to the 23rd edition of One Old Green Bus' THURSDAY THIRTEEN... well, until the end of December, this is NOT strictly "One Old Green Bus" but includes "One Old RED Bus"! I promised I wouldn't go into the "why" of that today... save to say that IF you're interested, please scroll down to my Wordless Wednesday post below... PLEASE have a look at it if you have time and PLEASE help us save the bus from the scrappers...

That plea done, my Thursday Thirteen this week is...

Thirteen Fictional Male Characters that Intrigue Me or Kept My Interest...

Here's the first thirteen that popped into my mind...

#13 "Uncle" Matthew Cuthbert

From Anne of Green Gables and my true namesake. Yup, whereas many people are named for saints or family members, I was named after my mother's favourite fictional character. Elderly, shy, and a touch eccentric, he manages to see the "good" in the main character and finds life and a kindred spirit with Anne.

#12 Bond... James Bond.

Who didn't want to be James Bond at some point? Dashing, mysterious, adventurous, and a ready wit... all the time belying a killer who would just get the job done. Before ANYONE starts the arguments, yes, Sean Connery is the "film" bond... but having read the books, I always felt that Roger Moore seemed to be more like the "book bond"... but I'm sure some will argue. Hey, Roger Moore DID manage to turn an old Regent Double-Decker into a single-deck in "Live and Let Die" so he has to get my vote!

#11 Special Agent Frank Lundy

A newer character on the American television program Dexter. I like Lundy (admirably played by Keith Carradine,) as he comes off as a cool, controlled, "Zen-like" law-enforcement guy with an absolute understanding of work and non-working life. A kind-of "I'm Only Here For The Beer" feeling mixed with a HUGE dollop of, "But I'm The Boss And I Know More Than You Do" said with a friendly side. There's something eminently likable about this character and he's a great addition to the cast.

#10 Simon Templar

As a kid, there was something about Simon Templar, "The Saint", that made me want to model my life after him... granted, that could also be more "Roger Moore" love leaking out at a very young age. I admit to never having read any of the books, but being a fan of the television program. There's something about a smarmy and a touch "glib" criminal/hero that just made me want to start doing really bad things for good reasons and leaving "calling cards" about afterwards.

#9 "The Smoking Man" / "Cancer Man"

Creepy with a capital "Creep". For me, he was the BEST character in a show that everyone ASSUMED (incorrectly) that I was an enormous fan of... to be honest, it was a good show... then it became a soap opera... and fell off a cliff. Yup, even "The Smoking Man" jumped the shark really in the land of "The X-Files"... but I always got a kick out of his cool demeanor and the feeling there was EVER so much more going on that he knew about... even more than his own colleagues suspected. An object of fear wrapped up in a package of simply a persona of a little "slimey-ness". (...and he's Canadian too!)

#8 King Arthur (Arthur Pendragon)

I seriously have never believed that there really was a King Arthur... and if there HAD been one, he sure as heck wouldn't have been in the right time period to be dressed in shining armour and all that. That said, there was something about the telling and re-telling of the myth and story that OF COURSE attracted me... especially everything after Sir Thomas Malory's take on things. Yup, I am a total mark for the idea of old fashioned chivilary and all that... and it's a damned fine story... but it IS FICTION PEOPLE! (...even if someone wrote a series of books saying they were the "re-incarnate" of Gwenhyver... or Guinivere... or Guennivere... or any of the other million variations of the spelling.)

#7 Snoopy

GOTCHA! Seriously, what's not to like about Snoopy? From his various incarnations as things like a doctor, writer, and other such stuff... not to mention "Joe Cool"... to my favourite, The World War One Flying Ace... who's Sopwith Camel looked very much like his dog house. Snoopy is, in many ways, the embodiment of all that is imagination and fun.

#6 John Steed

Okay, perhaps this also was an early crush on Diana Rigg... but again, John Steed (admirably played by Patrick MacNee) was someone who always entertained me... well, that and the rather "interesting" writing style of the television program The Avengers. Steed was the right combination of comedy and action... and more than a little "stiff upper lip".

#5 Captain James T. Kirk

Oh how I hated my mother for CONSISTENTLY referring to James Tiberious "Man-Of-Action" Kirk as "Captain Cutey". He was a STARSHIP CAPATIAN, DAMNIT! I hope William Shatner knows that like MILLIONS of kids of my era, he set up a want to be a starship captain... I wonder if this is true of the next fellow...

#4 Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Yeah, Jean-Luc comes ahead of "Captain Cutey" (THANKS MOM)... Picard SEEMED unflappable... and also exhibited the "right stuff" as the captain and leader of any vessel of a quasi-military variety. A combination of "Take Action!" and "Diplomacy". Intelligence metted out with gut instinct. If only my father, who was "follically challenged" (a bullet I've managed to dodge) watched Patrick Stewart become a bit of a sex-symbol AND a "man of action", I'm sure he would have approved most heartilly.

#3 Lennie Briscoe

Another side-bomb for some in this list I'm sure. I became a BIG fan of the series Law and Order back when A&E seemed to be running it CONSTANTLY... and the one detective played by the late Jerry Orbach was a very great character... kind of an old fashioned Film Noir hard-boiled detective melding perfectly into a modern setting... with all the imperfections and grittiness that entails. Law and Order also intrigued me a lot as we didn't REALLY get to know any of the old characters... the show was always plot-driven and rarely strayed into the lives of the main characters with only slight references here and there. Ergo: We knew SOME of Lennie Briscoe's life... but not all of it... and no superfluous nonsense... which allowed us to kinda tag-on what we expected of him to be him. On the show, he kind of represented something we knew was a "Last Of..." kind of thing... the dying breed of the television hard-nosed, dues paid in full, but cool cynical cop. His character could never be replaced.

#2 Dexter Morgan

Another "newbie"... I blogged about this a LONG time ago... the concept of a sociopath as the main character... someone we SHOULDN'T like... but are kind of forced to... and do... and... well, it's complicated. Still, Dexter Morgan is the right combination of emotionless serial-killer and psychopathic/sociopathic persona that SHOULD be everyone's nightmare... and the logical side of your brain is SCREAMING that you shouldn't be rooting for this man and he SHOULD stop doing what he's doing... but you don't want him to... and you certainly don't want him to get caught. The second season WAS being a bit of a disappointment as Dexter started emoting... no good... sociopaths should NOT emote... but it's regaining me in these latter episodes. I find it a little difficult... but I like my wooden terrifying monster to remain a wooden terrifying monster... and that's what keeps me glued to the show. I can't imagine ANYONE pulling off Dexter like Michael C. Hall does...

#1 Richard Sharpe

The man who saved Wellington's life from French calvary... the man who took the Eagle at Talavera... The underdog... and hate me now, but I have read a few of the books, but much prefer the television version of "Dick" Sharpe... a lowly sergeant in Wellington's Invincibles who, though heroism, is raised from the ranks to become an officer... and therefore, an outcast. (Remember, officers back then tended to "purchase" their commissions... being raised from the ranks meant that "rabble" had jumped into the realm of the "gentlemen".) Sharpe faces adversity from ALL angles and always wins thanks to daring do. A perfect meld of "Underdog-Makes-Good" with "Swash-and-Buckle"... and as I've often said, I need to have my swash buckled regularly. In the novels, Sharpe is not exactly "pictured" as the fellow who plays him on TV... Sean Bean... and his sidekick/buddy/friend in the book starts off younger than him, Sergeant Patrick Harper... played on TV by Daragh O'Malley... who, on TV, comes across more as the "wisend vetran" and partner to Sharpe... and Sharpe in the novels is from the South of England... whereas Bean has a decidedly "North Country" accent... To be completely honest, I think Bean as Sharpe is the greatest thing on the planet... if only he would have fought in Upper Canada in The War of 1812, he'd be perfect! Hmmm... perhaps he kinda did...

Not included... but could have been... Hans Gruber, Marvin, Marvin, Sherlock... even Cthulhu... To be truthful, this list could go on and on... but I had to pick thirteen, and for better or worse, the one's above jumped into my cranium first.

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