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This could either be really funny... or an utter train wreck... there will be no in between,

Quick Forwarding Notes for December's Posts... Yes, this is STILL the One Old Green Bus blog... but if you read the first bit on the sidebar (below the "About This Blog" section,) you'll see there's a special cause going on for One Old RED Bus... Please take a second to have a look...

I admit to being a forty-year old... This means I tend not to dash out to see movies that look a touch juvenile...

...that said...

I still have never seen Harold and Kumar go to White Castle despite what can only be described as surprisingly good reviews from trusted reviewers.

To be honest, I've put "Harold and Kumar" on my list of movies I won't switch off if they pop-on my TV at some odd moment when I need entertaining.

Well, I may undo a deed... and probably see a "sequel" before going to see the original...

How on EARTH can you miss with the film title...


I kid you not. Click here...

Bad taste? Perhaps... Funny? Maybe...

...and hate me all you want, but the mere title makes me giggle... and Neil Patrick Harris!!!


Yup, the original Doogie Howser MD is in this film being... well, judging by the teaser below, more than a little... sinister?

Now, I know... I should be more considerate... more understanding... way above finding this sort of thing amusing... especially considering the horrors of the real situation and the obvious spoofing of stereotypes...


I'm a bit of a low-brow at heart and yes, this concept amuses me.

Oh, c'mon now... I was pretty honest about my feelings when it came to Hard Gay!

I shall now atone for my sins of low-brow comedy by reading a lovely tome by Proust while listening to a mixed CD of Chopin and Thelonious Monk...

...and I will even suppress my giggles over the thought of what they could do with this movie...

...of course, unless, true to Hollywood, they bollocks it up somehow.

Like the title of this post says, this will either be a BRILLIANT comedy and satire... or a complete and utter train-wreck that, oddly enough, WON'T be worth looking at...

I'm really hoping for the former.




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