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Hmmm... What is going on... Could this end up being "One Old Green Bus"/"One Old Red Bus"?

It certainly seems that, indeed, we may need to rename the blog here... If I may sling Merriam-Webster for a second...

optimism: \ˈäp-tə-ˌmi-zəm\ noun an inclination to put the most favourable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.

For the last three days, we've been kinda crowing about another bus... Now, I don't want to bore REGULAR readers (or even those who don't get enough fibre in their diet,) so here's that story in a SMALL nutshell... (if you know the score, just skip the text between the dashed lines.)


Barton Transport 512... a 1948 Leyland PD-1 double-decker bus... is being offered for sale for $2,200.00 and it's in Illinois... much closer than Santa Rosa which is where the Old Green Bus currently is... One fellow and friend of this blog told me that shipping the bus to Toronto would take about $2,500.00... so $2,700.00 to own this bus FOR US.

That said, I brought it to people's attentions because we'd be thrilled to see ANYONE own this bus... because the current owner is losing his storage spot and it's either sell or scrap... and we would hate to see it scrapped.

For details about the bus, click here and scroll down until you see the ad for the 1948 Leyland PD-1.


- No, this is not "our bus", but like I've said, we'd be thrilled to take it on as a project... but we'd keep thumping our drum here for RLH 3, "our bus"... but Barton Transport 512 would be loved and used... and to be honest, would soften the blow with the kids and whatnot SHOULD we fail with "our bus".

- No, we still don't have enough to buy this bus ourselves... and to be honest, we COULD save enough... but we wouldn't see the right amount until probably August... and the current owner is being FORCED to sell within the next couple of weeks.

- Yes, we ARE serious when we see we hope ANYONE might buy this bus and save it from the wreckers... it deserves a better fate... and if anyone DOES buy this bus, please let us know.


Okay, so there it is... and I can now continue with today's post...

As I said yesterday, we've received a TONNE of support and genuine hope that WE get this bus! In fact, it's been kinda weird the overwhelming and unexpected amount of support we've gotten...

Sadly, no one is in a position to help monetarily, but everyone is throwing so much moral support that, to be frank, if there IS anything to "The Secret" and the concept that tossing something mentally out into the universe makes it happen, then I should prepare to change this blog to...

One Old Green Bus - One Old Red Bus

...because it seems that far more people than I would have suspected are pulling for this one HARD!

I just wanted to say, at the get-go and POSSIBLY on the eve of a little success...


Thanks to all of you who've written to say you're praying for us... sending best thoughts... sending positive energy... or just genuinely wishing us the best of luck on this one.

To be completely honesty, optimism is not a luxury I afforded myself too much in this quest since starting it well over a year ago... but with Barton Transport 512, I dunno... but there's part of me that feels VERY good that, indeed, it's coming...

...Fingers crossed...

As to not jinx things, I think I'll cease writing about it for now... (I don't want to bore everyone away from the blog here...)and perhaps spend the week on normal topics like teddy bear issues, the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) strike, silly Idols, and the like...

...but hey, if you can help get the word out...

...and not just about OUR intentions...

If you DO know ANYONE in Illinois or nearby that might want to save an old bus... let 'em know.




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