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I actually had a happy post ready for today...

I had a happy post ready for today... with images et al... then a friend who's just spent a time up in Ontario's far North in a native settlement wrote to me about her experiences...

There is a modern, North American view of aboriginals that now shows them as savvy casino owners and people that have figured out how to maximize trade with tax exemption... the other view are those who are fighting for land claims and blocking rail lines and highways...

Reading the reports from my friend, I feel like cracking the heads of those people who DO represent the above modern stereotypes.

In the far outreaches, Canada... and I'm sure America... has it's own third world in it's back yard.

I wish I could relate the stories she has from the children she was working with... it would rend your soul as it has mine.

With her permission, allow me to share some brief "reports"... the first one was about how on her first day, one kid told her about the death of her father and uncle. They burned to death. The reason was smoking and alcohol. According to her, the kid was very glib about the incident... life is apparently fairly cheap up there.

Most of the homes' windows are broken... the general population depressed, sick, and generally disheartened. There is no "good" by the sounds of it. Schooling is practically non-existent... in her reserve, there is a kindergarten and schooling to grade eight. In order to go to high school, they need to move three to five hours away from home. This leads to teenagers being bored and acting in violent and criminal ways.

The sewage system is broken... and funds are not enough to cover repairs.

Most of the children she saw were suffering from malnutrition and, according to her, literally had teeth rotting out of their mouth.

She wrote of one very young girl... about eight... with autism. Since there is no infrastructure to help her, her mother is trying as best she can... she's in diapers and what schooling is available will not help as they are not equipped to handle this child. The mother has two other babies... and is employed at one of the precious few jobs available on the reservation.

One little girl died last year, drowning trying to save her sister. They are STILL trying to raise funds for a headstone. (My friend will be getting details on this fund-raising... and once I have them, I'm going to be begging for help with that too... Sue and I will pledge some of our own... and we hope you will too in order to have a proper memorial for a brave little girl.)

All this isn't helped that a jug of milk is $12.00 up there... a case of clean drinking water is $19.00... gas is $1.40 per litre...

In a country and society that supposedly venerates and is doing "wonderful things" with the aboriginal people, I have to ask myself WHERE ARE WE HELPING!?!

It doesn't sound like the people that need assistance most are getting it...

I can't mince words here either... throwing money at these problems won't help. The adult population, sadly, is not equipped to deal with things properly after years of abuse and neglect. A vicious cycle that isn't ending. Abused kids become abusing teenagers... and abusing adults.

Suicide is not uncommon... their culture removed after years of attempts at "assimilation" from various sources... these people's kids CAN'T speak their true native tongues... and languages ARE being lost.

She ended her reports to me with the knowledge that the young kids are great... loving... and happy. They make the best of their lot and the older kids do look after the younger ones... but the vicious cycle will catch up.

I don't know what can be done... if anything can be done... but we (ALL OF US) must try.

I'm going to start with this headstone... and I will give you all the details once I have them. DO NOT send me anything towards this... I will tell you all about it when I can.

Perhaps, by this one act, "we" can show that we are interested in these folks, we do care, we know they are there, and we are willing to TRY and make a difference.

I will "return" this blog tomorrow to it's normal state... and until we have the details... as much as I feel incredibly saddened by what I just read... I try to stay on the upbeat... and for now, I will return to the dream... but with much thought and consideration towards these people... our native people... and some VERY tough questions for our politicians next election.

I can't do much, but I will try... and never forget.


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