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Lately, I've been up to my old haunts. If some of you now expect the words, "Pun Not Intended", actually, it is...

Yup, lately I've been pulled back (with a bit of a vengeance) into my studies of ghosts and hauntings.

This isn't to say I EVER gave them up or lost interest, but lately, it's been eating up more and more time...

So, while reading some missives and stupidity from new "friends" of my ghost website, I thought I'd address some of the "facts" that are presented on some of these "new friends" websites and why... well... I have a problem with them.

Ghosts are more active at night because of lunar energies and/or gravitational issues and/or any one of a plethora of reasons.

This is false.

To be honest, ghostly activity has been reported at all times of the day... and some of the most famous and best qualified reports were in daylight.

The reason most "ghost hunters" (I hate that term... I don't stalk and kill ghosts... and there is no license... and taxidermy is problematic at best...) work at night is because they have day jobs... also, it's because human traffic is lower so it's easier to control an environment of noises and other "living" issues.

Why do ghosts SEEM to only come out at night to some people? Well, think of this... If you were in the lobby of an office tower at 1pm with people rushing about you, are you going to notice an extra set of footsteps? Now, how about 3am? This is why it SEEMS that way...

Any other reason as to why things must be done at night given to folks by a "ghost hunter" is proof positive that the "ghost hunter" in question only likes to do things when it's atmospheric and "cool".

Ghosts are translucent as they need a certain amount of energy/ectoplasm to materialize and many just can't get their power up.

Really? I've been getting LOADS of spam e-mail selling pills that will help them increase energy...

Seriously, there are precious few (a HEAVY minority) of reported sightings of a translucent spectre... most are VERY solid and are more often than not, the "ghost" is mistaken for a living person until something "gives it away" such as the realisation it's clothing is odd or it "vanishes" once the witness looks away.

Oh, and while we're here, can you tell me what is the chemical composition of "ectoplasm"? Can you show me a physical sample?

Ghosts give out a lot of weird electro-magnetic energy. This is why ghost hunters employ EMF meters.

Really? Who says? Can you show me a true scientific paper that shows any correlation whatsoever with changes in ambient EMF and experienced ghostly phenomena? Anything?

Okay, let me add that this would be a steady reading with control and mean readings taken that show any changes... any?


So, why is this thought so pervasive in the "ghost hunting" community?

Well, because a movie told them so.

The Legend of Hell House (1973) was written by a sci-fi writer... who was familiar with the works of Jacques Vallee, a Ufologist, who suggested that UFOs use EM as a means of transportation... the EM, in turn, scrambles the brains of the witnesses which is why they come off so poorly sometimes when recounting their experience.

The writer of the movie had a character... a "scientist"... in the house bombard the home with high levels of electro-magnetic field to "clear" the ghost... and a legend was born... and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars was spent by ghost hunters on EMF meters...

That's the truth.

To be honest, after buying into the myth of the movie, it is my firm belief with 60% of the "ghost groups" out there like these meters because they are "the machine that goes ping". It looks good to be using the thing to take "readings" and they sound so smart when they talk about the "spikes" and whatnot... beyond that, they don't even know how to (or don't care about) taking control readings to look for variances. "Look! It goes PING!"

Even funnier is the only scientifically introduced peer-reviewed paper on EMF and the paranormal is Dr. Michael Persinger's work on EMF and temporal lobe hallucinations... which says high ambient EM exposure, over time, will cause people to hallucinate... meaning that the "ghost hunters" geeking-out over the high EMF may be proving that they and the witnesses are hallucinating!

Great work, ghost hunters!

(Oh, and yes... I know the flaws in Persinger's work... and the studies currently ongoing at Uppsala and Lund in Sweden... but so far, his paper seems to be standing so I'm going with it...)

Laser thermometers and EM thermometers are super-accurate.


They were developed to take long "mean" temperatures of things like hydro lines and other items at a long distance. The idea is take three to five measurements with the thermometer and use the average.

Both types are libel to give odd readings as they detect wind chills between the target and thermometer, surface types also play havoc with them, and generally, they are not as accurate as many other types of instruments.

...but they look like laser guns and some groups/investigators love to play "blast-a-ghost" and try mighty hard to justify their toy.

Cemeteries are great places to hunt for ghosts.

Utter rubbish.

Here's my challenge... Go to a library or book store... pick up ANY three books about "true ghost stories"... save any book that "specializes" in cemeteries... just "coverall" true ghost story books please...

Now, count the number of places and do a ratio... cemeteries to anything else...

Notice something?

Yup, ghosts are reported as being seen where the person they represent lived, visited, worked, played, or died... NOT where they are interred.

So, contrary to the mythology... cemeteries are not great places to "look for ghosts".

What's sad is I like cemeteries... they're peaceful places and great places of contemplation, history, and art. Do you NEED a "paranormal reason" to be in one?


...but many people think they do.

Abandoned places are usually haunted.

What a load of codswallop.

Sorry to report, many places are abandoned because the current owner left... or the structure was unsafe... no other reason as a MAJORITY rule...

...again, it's "cool and atmospheric" so it attracts some "ghost hunters" like poop attracts flies.


Because they don't know the difference between urban exploration and paranormal investigation...

One is because a place looks interesting and the other is based on reports of odd goings on.

Most would-be "ghost hunters" that break into abandoned places have no clue as to why they are there... other than we're supposed to think that they are so interesting and do very neat things!

Oh, and science is not the enemy... You can practice science, do good scientific observation, and have a true scientific paper ready and done WITHOUT going to university to get your degree.

Throughout history, many great scientists lacked a formal education in science... but because they practised good scientific method (Question - Hypothesis - Experiment - Observation - Conclusion) no one questioned them...

Here's what you have to answer to claim you are using "science"...

- Are you using control readings and measurements?

- Are you looking for patterns?

- Do you ensure accuracy in your readings with multiple readings?

- Are variances noted and confirmed?

- Are you acting only on a single hypothesis? Is that hypothesis scientifically sound? Is it untested? Is it theory? Ensure you explain how you're going about things.

- Have you cited sources, set up your paper for review, and generally crossed your "T"s and dotted you "I"s?

If the above is answered "Yes", then guess what...? You're doing the work of a SCIENTIST!

If you feel better, you can say you're an AMATEUR scientist... but you are practising science.

...and for those small-minds that think "science" is the enemy of the "paranormal", it isn't.

A small group of people that REFER to themselves as scientists proclaim the paranormal as all bunk. They ARE in the minority... and they neglect a few basics...

#1: ALL claims require evidence. This includes claims of non-existence. (Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence.)

#2: The scientific METHOD requires a HYPOTHESIS. To deny a hypothesis without observation and/or experimentation is BAD SCIENCE.

#3: Theoretical laws of science usually are sound... but they are still only theory... and theory ain't perfect sometimes... but to accept that, you need to accept hypothesis... and what happens when you deny hypothesis without evidence??? BAD SCIENCE!

Lastly, two of the "Big Kahunas" of one of these so-called sceptical groups have doctorates... emeritus... in English. (See Crime Scene Investigations.)

This is HARDLY scientific in nature... hell, it's barely legit in nature.

Don't let ying-yangs tell you otherwise... Science will accept plausible hypothesis and only expands itself when looking at new and unusual theorem and evidence. The demand is that you present information in a cohesive and verifiable (as possible) way... and use controls to show any issues or variances within the normal, natural pattern of things within an environment. Explain as much as you can as thoroughly as you can without using supposition to explain things.

There is NO harm or shame in saying the words "I don't know"... as not everything in this world that is scientific fact is indeed known.

For example, no one knows what causes (makes) gravity on the planet... but we know it exists and I hope everyone has experienced it. If you haven't, I hope you're holding onto a tree or something lest you end up shaking hands with a satellite in orbit on your way off the world.

Oh, and before a non-believer cloaked in the word "sceptic" (sceptics doubt but do not deny,) plays this card, allow me to shut them down...

Why do ghosts wear clothes? Did the clothes have a soul? Were they alive and have a spirit? HAHA! I've made my point!

Yeah, I saw Penn and Teller's Bull$hit too.


Why do millions (and that's not an exaggeration) of witnesses not see naked ghosts?

Who said ghosts WERE the souls of the dead?

Is it possible that the witness perceives them this way and no other reason?

Is a human "witness" necessary?

If a ghost haunts in a forest and no one is there to witness it, does it still haunt?

Does a ghost get to CHOOSE how they are dressed?

Does a ghost simply appear as the ghost figures it SHOULD appear?

Why aren't they all in Armani if this is the case?

These aren't jokes... they're quite legitimate questions.

Penn and Teller used it to poo-poo the phenomena... for me, it's just another question... so it does NOT prove the non-existence of ghosts... but thanks for trying!

Lastly: If you wish to disagree, that's fine... if you're going to argue a point or two from above, PLEASE bring FACTS to the table... something more tangible than your opinion will be needed if you wish to truly convert, convince, or even debate anything above...

To disagree because you feel differently is okay... but to say I'm wrong will require stronger evidence...

This includes the aforementioned "Evidence of Absence"...

...and DON'T even START with the FLAWED logic of "You can't prove a negative!" Mathematics proves that concept is WRONG and a cop-out.

Can you tell I'm cranky... but man alive, I am SO fed up with the cow patties in my field of study. They do outnumber us greatly!


The standard last note on the old blog... PLEASE SUPPORT THE DREAM!

This blog is here to help promote a dream that an entire family shares... that dream is to rescue an old London Double-Decker bus.


Please, if you have a few minutes, take some time to find out more about this bus and the kooky dream by clicking here.

This bus is VERY special to myself and the whole family, and any help any person can lend us would be most gratefully accepted.

If you or someone you know might be interested, there's our tiny banner site, HelpCoverTheBus.Com and a PayPal donation button (see the upper-right hand side of the blog) and, of course, a Cafe Press shop for T-Shirts and shtuff!
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Please help us make this dream a reality and save a piece of history!

We thank you for your support!

Please Note: We are also hoping for help from a public relations/marketing standpoint... If you might be able to assist OR know someone who might be willing to, please click here and read this entry...


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Getting Help For A Troubled Teen

Parenting can be pretty difficult at times. I know having a 20, 17, and an 11 year old that at times it can be a struggle to try and counter things like peer pressure, and not so good role models like Lindsay or Paris that both appear to constantly be making the headlines for poor choices. Sometimes we as parents need some extra help or even just some advice from those with expertise in assisting troubled youth get back on track.

If you could use some help with Parenting Troubled Teens then you should go check out this website I was on earlier at They have solid information on topics such as drug use amongst youth, what you as a parent can do, and where you can receive help. Just knowing there is help like this available online can be a big comfort, and reduce stress. Just click on the link above to visit the site.

Our thanks to our sponsor!

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BlogTalkers: Dad...


This week's question/request...

Where did your father go to work every day and what did he do? How did his job affect your family?

My father past away when I was seventeen. He was fifty.

He died of a heart attack combined (contributing to) pulmonary aspiration.

I wish to start this with a simple truth... I did love my dad... and have a few, precious fond memories of him... but he was rarely about.

My father was an ambitious insurance executive who did very well for himself and his family... if it did take him from home fairly often.

It was a double-edged sword... as he really lived to work, not worked to live. His long hours and frequent absences took a hard toll on the family as a whole... but if not for his efforts, life would not have been so good to us... sorta.

As I said, he was a great provider, he was well liked with his friends and honoured by his business associates... but missed by his family.

The two memories that stick out in my mind the most were practising ball hockey with him on the driveway in the Summer... and the time when he was fired.

Now, normally, firing is a terrible thing... unless you're a much-sought-after and experienced executive... in which case, your severance is huge, your prospects bright, and everything is (for the short term) coming up roses.

Dad came home that day and said, "Guess what? I got fired!" He was in super-high spirits because he really was not happy at the firm he had went to... and as stated, his "golden parachute" was very nice.

So, we did what most families did when Dad is let go from work... we immediately took a week-long family vacation to Florida.

When we came back, within two weeks, he was working as the president for a new firm.

Now, these are great memories... but these (for me) are the only two vivid ones...

His work, more than many things, led to the almost-breaking-up of his marriage and I know it contributed greatly to his early death.

His early demise robbed me of my father who was shortly to retire... it robbed me of someone to ask for guidance once I became an adult... it robbed me of the chance to TRY and build more memories... and in the long run, it made my mother (and I) so miserable, it robbed me of the chance to live at home, finish school properly, and realise my old dreams and, eventually, have a better life.

Now, I can't blame his job for this... it's about a 5% factor in my fate... I'm 85% to blame with some "bad choices" as a teen (not truly "criminal", but definitely lazy and fairly self-destructive)... granted, I was also more than willing to reform my ways very early on... and did... but it was a much harder road than it had to be... and in some ways, is.

I lamented his passing VERY much while I was unemployed... as an executive, he would have been a great-ear to discuss my problems and ask for ideas to... but that ear was removed from my arsenal of personal help by his death.

His job, no doubt, played about a 70% part in his demise... stress, aggravation, and a brutal industry to work in. Rotten kids, I admit, probably was another 20% factor.

...but if not for his family, would he have pushed as much as he did? This is the question I have for him... and if he was around, I'd ask if he could do anything different, what would it be?

I can't ask that though... there's no one to answer me.

My father's work enabled me to have a rather extravagant childhood... I grew up in a well-to-do neighbourhood, had to fight to stay in public school (my parents pushed hard for me to attend private school,) had "toys" that blew the minds of my friends, never went hungry, never went without... I was a "want" kid... not a "need" kid.

We belonged to the best clubs... went to fine restaurants... had the option of dressing extremely well (though all of us chose comfort or personal style)... had a family islands, not just a cottage... drove in fine cars... the world, for us, was our oyster...

For dad, this world ended up costing him dearly... not just in terms of money, but...

I don't hold the insurance industry culpable for his death... it was, as stated, one factor... and he chose to push himself.

...but I would have happily traded the boats, the cars, the clubs, the vacations... to be able to say "Happy Fathers Day" to someone today as more than just a greeting.

Twenty-three years and there are still tears.

So, it was a double-edged sword... my fathers work provided an affluent lifestyle and allowed me to travel early on as a kid... but it was also a large and mitigating factor in his early death which led to me living a very hard and hardscrabble adult life.


The standard last note on the old blog... PLEASE SUPPORT THE DREAM!

This blog is here to help promote a dream that an entire family shares... that dream is to rescue an old London Double-Decker bus.


Please, if you have a few minutes, take some time to find out more about this bus and the kooky dream by clicking here.

This bus is VERY special to myself and the whole family, and any help any person can lend us would be most gratefully accepted.

If you or someone you know might be interested, there's our tiny banner site, HelpCoverTheBus.Com and a PayPal donation button (see the upper-right hand side of the blog) and, of course, a Cafe Press shop for T-Shirts and shtuff!
(...and who doesn't need some shtuff!)

Please help us make this dream a reality and save a piece of history!

We thank you for your support!

Please Note: We are also hoping for help from a public relations/marketing standpoint... If you might be able to assist OR know someone who might be willing to, please click here and read this entry...


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Protecting Our Furry Loved Ones

With Max, and Kipling, Annie, Elizabeth, and Mary our need for pet insurance is an absolute necessity as opposed to a simple consideration. Our two dogs, and three cats are members of our family, and it brings peace of mind to know that should they ever have a medical emergency or suffer illness the last thing we will be worried about is money or the cost of vet bills.

PetCare Pet Insurance offers comprehensive pet health insurance in both Canada, and the USA at affordable rates. You can check out their site by clicking on the links or wee logo above. If you too have furry loved ones they are definitely worth looking into.

Our thanks to our sponsor!

D O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. M
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This blog was started in April of 2006... its original itent was really twofold. One was to be a "sounding board" for it's author... and the other... well...

At the time we started this, your humble author was unemployed and going through the usual crisis situations that arise from being jobless.

We (my wife, stepdaughter, and I,) used to "amuse" ourselves (read: Take our minds off our troubles) by more-or-less fantasizing as a family about what we'd do when things "turned around". Along this route, we discussed going to England on a vacation... and in that, alighted on "double-decker buses".

We kind of adopted one bus... Regent Low Height 3... as Our Bus... and we used to talk about what we'd do with "our bus" if we got it... from fixing it up to the trips we'd take on it.

Along the way, we became students of the history of this bus which HONESTLY seemd it was truly for us... trouble was, we couldn't afford the bus and weren't in a position to work towards the bus... so we had a couple of options...

Since the bus' position was sketchy (there's a chance she might be sold for scrap or "carved up" in other ways,) we could forget about her and pretend she didn't exist...

...or we could TRY... ask for help... put our dream of owning and saving "One Old Green Bus" into the universe and see what happens...

As of February, 2008, we knew that there was a perspective buyer for the bus (not us, obviously,) and made some difficult decisions... The first was that we wouldn't "beg" for help anymore and give the little money we received to a few different charities both online and off... and the second was simply hope that either we find a corporate sponsor (for an "ad" idea we have, click here to about read that,) or even a patron who see's the value in a silly family's dream...

But, if the bus is about to be purchased by someone who's planning on restoring it and they "get there first", we wish them well and are glad that at least Our One Old Green Bus is in a safe place being looked after.

For now, though, we are still hoping WE might be the ones to get our One Old Green Bus and see a family dream come true...

Regardless, this blog WILL continue... and we will still "go for" a bus of our own... but this blog will ALWAYS be dedicated to our own One Old Green Bus.

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