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The Blame Game Part Deux

Onward in to the intrepid blogsphere... filled with some brilliance, and much stupidity...

I really, REALLY wanted to avoid blogging more about this, I thought I more or less summed it up yesterday okay, but I went through a few BlogMad and BlogSoldiers surfs and here's the idiocy I found within TWO hours...

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

An astounding TWELVE "bloggers" were either assuming or asking if the gunman was Muslim because he was described as "Asian". Needless to say, five of these seven made that leap and immediately blamed Islamic Terrorism/Anti-Americanism on the shootings yesterday... some being overly-zealous in their overall condemnation of Islam and the Middle-East for what happened.

As CNN is now reporting the fellow was from South Korea, he's most likely NOT Islamic in faith...

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

Five "bloggers" blamed video games and violence on TV. Aside from the fact (FACT) that neutral, agnostic, non-biased psychological tests show no indications of violent behaviour that is directly related to people seeing violence in games, movies, TV, and music, this is the scape-goat for most violence... comic books, Elvis Presley's music, "hippy-hedonism"... all have been blamed. Basically, it's always been convenient to place blame on whatever the "parental age" population doesn't like, understand, or comprehend. I wonder, however, if they remember how violent acts were blamed on THEIR popular music and entertainment... 'cuz it was...

People WILL mimic things... it's how we learn... but if a child or even an adult is REMINDED that this is fantasy, not reality... reality is far colder, than there's no issues.

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

Three other bloggers have lept on the fact that the gunman was a visa-student, not American, which is "why"(?) it happened and then went into an anti-immigration rant. Still, he managed to get a student visa from the American Government... I know many stable people from Europe who were not successful in that... and he bought guns in America... and up until him, the "worst" shooting sprees in the states were done by Americans...

In fact, how many Americans can state that they are fifth or sixth generation Americans? Isn't the country a "melting pot" of immigrants?

Oh, and apparently the shooter, in university, had been living in the U.S. since he was eight years old... not really a "new-comer".

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

Seven bloggers suggested that if the other students were armed, they could have stopped the gunman. Picture this... a crowded classroom of panicking students all with their weapons drawn... That would NOT have been a pretty picture either.

Three of them cited certain towns in America where carrying a side-arm is MANDATED and the low crime rates there... without bothering to realise that the student body of Virginia Tech is larger than the population of those towns. It's far more difficult to shoot the person who you know intimately than waste a classroom of anonymous students.

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

Thankfully, only TWO bloggers said guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns just make people FAR more effective killers. The body count was decidedly higher thanks to more effective weaponery.

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

Three bloggers were calling for the elimination of ALL guns. I don't agree with that either... I do believe in STRICT control (and more than a "waiting list" or cheesey instant-questionaire) but what about those in rural areas where wildlife CAN and DOES effect their day-to-day lives? Should we remove their weapons? Some would say "yes", but I wouldn't.

I don't, however, believe that anyone living in an urban (city) situation needs a weapon... in fact, my experience with people who have a "gun" for protection is that they are more likely to have "an accident" or almost shoot a family member who's mistaken for a threat...

Sorry, dumb people and scared people should NOT handle fire-arms... and the VAST majority of people out there qualify for one of the two aforementioned types of folks.

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

Eight bloggers cited the American Constitutional Right to Bear Arms in a positive light to combat those of us who would like to see stronger weapons control. Fine... but I do believe that is an outdated right that was written by men who only knew older, single-shot flint-lock muzzle-loading guns... not high-powered Glocks. Guns were developed and built for ONE purpose only... to kill... and they do, as shown over and over again. As a member of The British Commonwealth, I promise, dear U.S. of A. that Her Majesty nor ourselves will invade should you not have your public armed. You have my word on that.

Allow me to be the first to suggest what Chris Rock put so eloquently... If you're not willing to control guns, CONTROL THE AMMUNINITION...


...and please, think carefully those who feel life is so much better because it's so easy to be "armed"... are you fighting for your right to own a weapon because you honestly believe that it's a safer world with them... or because it either empowers you personally or you simply just like to own a gun?

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

Four bloggers blamed prescription antidepressants for the "rampage". I have no doubt that the fact that the new "magic cure for all ills" is to pump various levels of serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors into people's systems... and doctors are all too willing to mess with the chemical balances in heads that probably do not need "help" in that manner... gosh, how many suicides have been prevented thanks to SRIs? How many lives made more pleasant thanks to SRIs? (Answer - Statistically, practically none... but many people are now addicted to these medications that they "need" their meds...) Although some people (in a VAST minority) are "helped" by these drugs, many people suffer adversly... and although the Columbine shooters had a history of these medications, considering the length and planning that went into their attack, I find it VERY unlikely (heck, impossible) to lay the blame on solely on these medications with that horrible incident.

Also, we currently have no idea whether or not the gunman was on prescription drugs....

Space! The Final Frontier!
Space! The Final Frontier!

I wonder how long it will take before Montel Williams says it was a "race related" issue like he did with the Columbine shootings... or someone points out his hair was black so therefore he was "goth"... or any of the standard issues that we peg on to make sense of a tragedy.

Space! The Final Frontier!

Blame is necessary, I suppose... but when I see idiots going off half-cocked with untested, unresearched theories to bang on their own, private philosophical drums, it makes me mad...

Pinning blame WON'T bring back thirty-two innocent lives... it MAY help prevent it happening again... but didn't we say that when we all realised that the Columbine shootings were mostly about bullying and set-out with many anti-bullying campaigns? Has it worked??? I don't know... maybe...

...but right now, it's time to bury the dead... help the victims... be a shoulder to support the families and friends...

If you MUST blame your favourite "target", consider things FIRST. You only make yourself look like a boob when you try to convince others that it was a Godless Muslim Suicide Bomber on Prozac who was Bullied while watching the movie Die Hard and Playing Doom.

How about it was a crazy man... and he had guns.

'Cuz in the end, that's what it WILL come down to.

If he didn't have ready access to guns, he MIGHT have stabbed someone... or pushed someone out a window... but does anyone REALLY think he would have managed to kill thirty-two young people and staff without a firearm?

Dear World;

I know I'm just one guy... I'm not important in the grand scheme of things... but if you wanted to truly make me happy, please have everyone read this link about blaming tragedies on stuff and have them ALL understand that the MOST important thing, regardless of beliefs, race, creed, religion, patriotism, or any other stripe is the part about teaching our children empathy and respect for life.

Thanks kindly...



Addendum: 12:28pm EDT I'm flying about the Figure Four Online message board and saw this a post titled this...

World leaders call for stricter gun laws in America.

It contained an article from an Irish newspaper about folks around the globe (most notably Australia's Prime Minister and a minister in India) commenting that America needs to toughen it's gun laws...

The first response from a user?

NOTE TO OTHER COUNTRIES: you don't dictate our law. Please shut the (Expletive Deleted) up.

As a Canadian, boy do I see the absolute irony in that response...

I wonder if most American's do too...


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Comment from: MsDemmie [Visitor] ·
I think we need to realise that no matter how much we try and control things we can never legislate for the one in a million crazy man.

We can learn lessons about responses and crisis management and about balancing risks both in a personal and public fashion - but we will never be able to eliminate "seeing red" or "blowing a fuse".
PermalinkPermalink 04/17/07 @ 12:35
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey MsDemmie... Yeah, but we can take away a person's ability to do so much harm when the pop a gasket.
PermalinkPermalink 04/17/07 @ 12:37
Comment from: MsDemmie [Visitor] ·
Guns and knives are illegal in this country in almost all circumstances - we still have teenagers shooting stabbing each other and killing others in the process.

The powers that be have not been able to stem the tide - even with UK public opinion in favour of gun and knife bans.

It is going to be so much more difficult for the USA to try and implement than it was over here.
PermalinkPermalink 04/17/07 @ 17:44
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey MsDemmie... I know... Canada too has more than it's share and guns are somewhat restricted. I guess it's just the standard "boy do I feel helpless" thing when crud like this happens...

Ach, I gotta shake it off... I'll be posting more "normal" stuff tomorrow... promise.
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Hey, guys, I have a surprise for you.
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