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BlogTalkers: Mommy and Daddy Ottawa (or Washington... or Parliament... or...)


This week's question/request...

Do you think it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of the people? Why or why not?

Maybe I'm goofy, but isn't this almost the definition of what a government does?

If a person comes with a bucket of potash and fixes a pothole in my street, wasn't that done for me?

I have to assume the person who asked the question (Karen) is looking for the more "detailed" concepts of taking care via the public offices...

Okay, well... although stating that I'm not fond of dropping my drawers as far as my political leanings... and VERY MUCH a non-fan of political spin vs. the facts, I am a fiscal conservative.


I am also a firm believer in the "leg up" for those who may struggle to get that needed stability to become (or remain) productive members of society.

This MAY seem like a disconnect, but it isn't...

When I hear people whining about "high taxes", I think to myself... If you had a dollar in your hand right now, and I said "If you gave me thirty-three cents of that and no senior citizens would go hungry, do without medical care, do without prescription drugs, end up homeless in this country, and that's only part of what I can do with those pennies...", chances are you'd give me that thirty-three cents.

I find those that scream loudest about not wishing to worry about public health care, day care, senior's care, etc. are those that either ARE in a position to not worry about it (through their own industry) or those who ASSUME they will never have to deal with it (for whatever reason).

Folks, it's about time you realised something... ALL industries, in essence, work together. Need proof? Look at gas prices.

Insurance companies, chartered banks, telecoms, etc. do NOT truly have your best interest at heart... and "competition" between these organisations is almost non-existent except on the most basic and nominal levels... in fact, it's really a joke to banks and insurance companies especially.

So, ask yourself this important question...

In the long run, who do you wish to hold the keys to your health and welfare... a board of directors of whom you'll never have much say and "removing YOUR business" doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot to as they have thousands and possibly millions of other customers and a nice "parachute" if things go badly... or an elected official who, without your support, loses his job?

I do, however, believe in a somewhat two-tiered system... IF you can afford to have something "different" (possibly better) that option SHOULD be available to you... but the basic and necessary items should be looked after by an elected, legislated body.

For example, using Canada's health-care system, a visit to ANY doctor for an ailment is free. Treatment for a life threatening, potentially life threatening, or life-disrupting illness is also free.

Liposuction with a face-lift in a private room... costs.

In my humble opinion, when a person is facing a health crisis, retirement age, or other issue, it's GREAT if they don't have to worry about bankruptcy or homelessness because of those factors.

After all, isn't the idea to keep everyone healthy, working, and adding to our society?

...or should we work everyone to death because a select few "will survive" and those not prepared or least prepared should perish?

Kind of like a publicly mandated Darwinian thing... well, to be correct, a Herbert Spencer-ian thing.

Look, no one likes to pay taxes... especially when you find out a school that teaches applied juggling to circus clowns was funded $1.1billion to continue it's work towards making better jugglers...

...but, if you find things out like that, YOU can vote against the nitwits who made that decision...

...and if it was General Motors Corporation that gave this money away with the blessing of their board, TOO FREAKIN' BAD. The clowns get gold-plated balls to work with and there's sweet F.A. you can do about it.

...oh, you say, "But that's General Motor's money!" Is it? Next time you buy a GM car, what do you think regulates the price? When the quarterly reports come up and the losses are bad, do they fire board members?

Think that businesses "regulate their own" because you see all those CEOs and CFOs going to court? How many businesses do you think there are in the world vs. how many crooked execs are brought to account for themselves?

Now, how many politicians have to account for themselves?

Number of politicians TOTAL vs. the number of politicians accounting for themselves vs. the number of million-dollar CEOs TOTAL vs. the number of million-dollar CEOs held accountable on any level... the ratio is frightening.

As a Canadian, I do pay roughly thirty-five cents out of every dollar to my government... but you know what... I have security with that money... it's an investment in my future... my children's future... or perhaps, a stranger's future... someone, who without a helping hand from the government would do without possibly to the price-tag of their lives.

So, a happy medium please... because the government DOES look after me... it's their job.


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