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Moon-Bat-Alarmist Warning!


Awright... I've been DRAGGED into a "political" situation... not happy about it, but I need to address it.

When I was a kid, we spent at least three weeks (usually much more) at a family cottage... it was on a small islands on a small lake in "cottage country"... it faced the lake and had a river circle around it's back... and it was all ours.

Up until my "tweens", one of the favourite things to do was catch frogs and baby turtles... which were in great supply. In fact, turtles were so bountiful that my mother named the islands "Turtle Islands".

Then a plant opened in the Untied States... and another in Ontario... all within a year of each other. Both these plants were literally thousands of miles away from "Turtle Islands"... and we were warned, the pollution from these "necessary" plants would cause much acid rain and issues... and initially we scoffed... and scoffed loudly. These plants were FAR, FAR away... and this was all fear-mongering by those who simply wanted to shut down something in their own back yard or stop industry.

...then, the next year, there were no baby frogs in the lake... then no turtles... then minnows (baby fish) disappeared... and I realised at a VERY young age, there's something TO this "acid rain" stuff!

I also had a fondness of cemeteries... growing up near one of the largest and most historic cemeteries in Toronto, I loved going through and literally walking in history... and I saw it there too. Limestone markers that could be read three years ago, now looked like pumice stone which could be literally shredded with a fingernail. That which was SUPPOSE to last forever had turned to calcium stone and was literally disintegrating before my eyes.

In school, we did experiments on PH balances of the rain... and depending on where the wind was coming from, it was genuinely frightening.

Luckily (for "them"), before I turned eighteen, they enacted tough laws to control this problem... and industry and some government agencies FREAKED!

This will bankrupt our businesses!
This will kill employment!
This will cost every tax payer their home!!!

Guess what?

It didn't.

...and the last time I was up North, there were baby frogs... and minnows... and turtles on "Turtle Islands".

Today, we have a new "threat"... GLOBAL WARMING!

Now, it's true... scientists INITIALLY argued whether these weird things called greenhouse gasses were making us "colder" or "warmer"... then they agreed... we were warming up... and yes, there IS evidence of this.

Of course, there's evidence that this has happened before... but it's a given, we're moving faster now.

Thanks to a current political regime of people built on "big oil" (and this isn't "MOON BATTING", it's true... the Bush family are oil men... and even our own Prime Minister Harper has most of his support in Alberta... an oil-rich province...) and our economies are very much built on the auto sector still... These "environmental issues" were acknowledged, but never really taken all that seriously... "Just another environmentalist concern" is how it was played...

Heck, when it was FIRST being bandied about, Canada's political climate was Liberal with a capital "L"... and we still more-or-less went, "Oh yeah, it's important... moving on to the next topic..."

In my opinion, the NAIL in the coffin with many is the man who really came out with the popularization of the "Worst Case Scenario"... former vice-president Al Gore.

Now, since Al Gore is a Democrat, it now became a party-line issue in the states... because, as many good Republicans will tell you, if a Democrat likes it, it MUST be bad!

Don't get me wrong here, I know in my heart that had Bob Dole, a Republican, been the champion of this cause, Democrats would be saying it was all bunk and a right-wing conspiracy to drive up oil prices.

...moving on...

Then, all of a "sudden", just like when we were wondering if cigarettes were bad for you, think-tanks and consulting firms appeared with "scientific data that was absolute" saying it was all bunk. The Earth WASN'T warming... except it is... and when they got caught, they changed their tune... "The Earth isn't warming MUCH!"... and they got caught again, so they changed their tune again... "Okay, the Earth is warming a bit... but it's cyclical history, not pollution!"

Which is it?

The latter is the current "argument".

All I can think of is how tobacco is good for me because the concept that it caused cancer and heart disease is a Republican conspiracy to kill tobacco farmers in Democrat states... and acid rain didn't kill frogs and turtles or dissolve limestone... and the Earth is flat and the Sun rotates around us.

Now, before you get a poison pen comment ready, I will argue AGAINST the "Worst Case Scenario" people... I sincerely doubt that in fifty years, the world will cease to exist. I sincerely doubt that Manhattan will flood out of existence and that Las Vegas will turn into Ocean Front Property.

....but I look at WHAT we're "supposed to do" as dictated by the so-called doom-sayers...

Clean the air.

How awful!

...and haven't I heard this before?

As someone with children, I can honestly say, WHAT'S THE HARM?

Realistically, we managed to do a decent (if not-all-that perfect) job with much of our acid rain problems... and we didn't have rampant job loss and the "quality of life" didn't suddenly dive over a cliff...

Shouldn't we TRY?

Here are the arguments I've had to NOT clean up our act...

Space! The Final Frontier!

#1: What's the point? India and China won't clean up and they'll steam-roller our economy because, without pollution restrictions, they will be able to produce things more cheaply!

Okay, setting aside the worry of a "Global Political Body" which frightens too many, who would they sell the goods to? An economy, in order to thrive, needs trade... and if there WERE restrictions on these things, do you really believe that their goods would be allowed in North America and Europe... and in order for complete industrialization, China and India need to be able to buy equipment and materials as well as sell products to America and Europe.

On top of that, it IS cheaper to make a gas-guzzling monstrosity of a car... and yet, no one is... why do you believe that to be true? Price of gas? Perhaps... or perhaps it's because you NEED to pass an emissions test in North America in order to own/sell it? Isn't the North American auto-sector's worst enemy Japanese and Korean cars? They're more fuel efficient and have less emission problems than American cars... They are greener. Using this model, it's a given that China and India, once fully industrialized, would either have to toe the line... or suffer environmentally and economically for their pollution.

...and also, shouldn't "we" lead by example? Finger pointing while the ship is sinking or has sunk won't bring it back to the surface... or prevent disaster.

Space! The Final Frontier!

#2: What's the point? It's ALL natural! We can't stop it!

No, but we are adding to it... even if it's only by 1%, that's 1% more crud my kid breaths in. That's 1% more time before things get bad... and on the scale the "nay-sayers" are giving us, that 1% could be literally hundreds if not thousands of years.

Space! The Final Frontier!

#3: My way of life will be horribly altered!

I'm old enough to have heard this about SO many things... and yet, the same people who railed against computers, transistors, plastic bags, blue-box recycling, and even "Tipper-Stickers" on CDs and those hurt by the banning of smoking in the workplace manage to survive and thrive... even the plants that became "acid rain" compliant are still going...

What happened to the economic disasters of banning PCPs and lead paint? Those were suppose to put certain industries into a tail-spin... they didn't... and there's far fewer birth defects in North America.

Space! The Final Frontier!


I just don't get it.

Canada's conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper really slapped it down... I must paraphrase, but it's true... "This is an important issue and something we must address, but how? Do you want me to ban all cars from the road? If Canada wants me to do that, I will!" which I see as him saying "We do need to do something... but we need to implement it properly with a minimum of issues."


You wanna say it's all bunk? Fine... why not STILL clean up to make the planet nicer for ourselves and our kids?

You wanna say it's a "political plot"? Why? What would be gained? Cleaning up the air? Getting "Research and Development" teams working on better and more environmentally friendly things? How awful!

I just don't get it... and those who rail and say, "I won't be a party to this clean-up!" baffle me...

Perhaps they don't have kids that liked to catch baby turtles?


One of the real problems too is again, we're dealing with extremists... One side is saying we MUST eliminate EVERYTHING YESTERDAY... and the other saying we DON'T NEED to eliminate ANYTHING EVER.

My gut tells me both are wrong.


We can't do "nothing"... nor should we try to do "everything".

I have to assume a balance could be met.

Using my acid rain example, cars WERE called the major source of pollutants that caused the problem... but they didn't ban cars... they went after those industries that were worst... and it helped.


I have also been very gently accused of only listening to a politician and a talk-show host. Actually, Dr. David Suzuki has been talking about this since the 1980's... and in the 1990's, he more-or-less predicted our doom... years before the talk-show host and the politician had lunch.


If you disagree with me... fine... but remember please, ARGUE THE FACTS, not the personalities.

When I tell you I toe NO party lines, I ain't kidding... to some of my friends, I am a "right-wing, gun-totin', neo-con, Nazi, facist" for some of my views... and to others, I'm a "left-wing, terrorist-hugging, tree-hugging, gun-taking, moon-bat"... I can't win... but I can represent my feelings and thoughts... and I try to back it up with common sense and information... I ask you do the same... and remember, I kid you not when I say "MY FRIENDS" call me those names... they are still friends. We just disagree on certain topics.


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