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Come to think of it, there's only three things that tick me off...

Get ready for a shock... brace yourself...

I was reading my usually blogs and came across a blog posting that was a RANT!


I know... shocking.

Imagine someone complaining to the cyber-universe about things in a blog! I mean, the idea!

Well, far be it from me to not jump on a bandwagon of sorts... and despite it not being a very good rant, it did get me to thinking...


What makes me mad?

Realistically, what really gets my goat? What frosts my pumpkin? What burns my britches? What makes my spew quaint clichés a lot?

...and then I realise that only THREE things make me honestly mad.

Intolerance, Incompetence, and Inconsideration.

That's it.

Intolerance in any form... be it racial, spiritual, philosophical, or really anything bothers me to the point of anger. To listen to some braying jackass spew nonsense about how "X" isn't good enough for them or how (general statement) "X" is no good at all really ticks me off. That's an easy one.

Incompetence which is not ignorance. When someone tells me they can't do something because they don't know how, I have few complaints... but when someone makes themselves appear competent and they're not OR when someone SHOULD know something and doesn't appear to be capable of it, yeah, I get grumpy.

Inconsideration sounds like I made it up... I didn't. It's the "act" of being "inconsiderate". I can't tolerate people who don't notice their fellow humans (or whom/whatever) and are so self absorbed that they truly would step on a drowning persons head to avoid getting a shoe wet.

Well, that last one's a bit strong... but allow me to vent the three "things" matched with the above that yes, I'm grumpy about.


Diverisity? That is communism!

Intolerance: There are many more HARSH instances I've been sadly all-too-aware of... but for my purposes here, allow me to re-address the type I've been coming across most often online.

During my BlogMad/BlogSoldiers/BlogExplosion surfing, I come across what I'm sure you all do... usually political blogs that literally slam and defame the "opposite number". I can understand a tiny rivalry and not agreeing with someone, but there are entire blogs devoted to telling us, the reader, how awful, terrible, stupid, rotten, and a few other words not usable on this family-safe blog people that don't agree with THEM are. It's kinda spooky, really... to think that these people have THIS much time and enmity to sit down and write-up such loathsome hatred. Seems like a waste of energy to me... and does NOT convey their message at all and most certainly does NOT convert me to their way of thinking. If anyone is reading this and perhaps recognises themselves in this bit... here's a tip... calling people "scumbags" is not really a sign of someone with a great intellect.


Tech Support

Incompetence: The following is a REAL conversation I had with my internet service's technical support...

As a preface, I knew what the problem was but needed confirmation. For noobs, all internet sites have an I.P. number... all of 'em... for example, this blog is NOT really on DoubleDeckerBuses.Org... it's on but thanks to a "domain name", we get to whack in DoubleDeckerBuses.Org and a magic machine (the Domain Name Server or DNS) says, "AHA! That name belongs to this I.P. address!" and sends you to the right place!

Now, I connected to the dreaded Interweb (y'know, that series of tubes that Al Gore invented,) and COULD use I.P. addresses to get to things (I use I.P. addresses for file transfers and whatnot) but could not "surf" domain names... so typing into the browser worked... but DoubleDeckerBuses.Org didn't. Savy? Pretty cut-and-dry... I just needed to know... was my service provider's DNS (Domain Name Server) down... or was I having a whacky problem on my end. I called...

Me: "Hello, tech support? Yeah, I can't surf to any webpages, but I am able to ping through to I.P. numbers. Is your DNS server down?"

Them: "I'd love to help you sir, please give me your name, phone number, address, account number, shoe size, blood type, credit card numbers, first-born child, pet feces sample, and underwear waste size."

Me: "Um... well, my number is 416-XXX-XXXX..."

Them: "Ah! Mister Diddeear! Are you still living at XXX?"

Me: "Either that or I've stepped through a hole in the time-space continuum into an alternate universe and the address has changed here... and my name's pronounced Didd-Ee-Ay."

Them: "So I should change your address?"

Me: "No. It was a joke."

Them: "Are you sure?"

Me: "I'm pretty sure."

Them: "But we have the wrong name."

Me: "No, you're simply mispronouncing it."

Them: "So it's pronounced Didd-Ee-Er."

Me: "No, it's pronounced Didd-Ee-Ay... it's French."

Them: "Oh! Would you prefer to speak to one of our French representatives?"

Me: "No. My name is French... but I am English."

Them: "So do you want me to change your name in our database?"

Me: "No. It's fine. Look, I need to know if your DNS server is down because I..."

Them: "Before that sir, do you have your account number?"

Me: "Yes. It's XXXXX"

Them: "So it's XXXXX and under the name Diddeear, right?"

Me: "Yes... can I just know if the DNS server is down?"

Them: "I thought the name had changed?"

Me: "No, it's Diddeear. You and I already worked that out. Obviously, my dad lied to me but it's okay. Can we carry on please?"

Them: "Okay. What seems to be the problem?"

Me: "When I'm trying to surf, I can't get to any web servers but I can ping I.P. addresses... Is your DNS server down?"

Them: "So this is about our internet service?"

Me: "(Said with a giggle) Well, it's not about my voicemail if it's internet protocol numbers and web pages causing me issues."

Them: "We don't service voicemail issues sir, we're internet support. If you're having trouble with your voicemail, please call 1-800-XXX-XXXX"

Me: "I'm not calling about my voicemail... I was only making a joke about it... I am having trouble with my Internet connection."

Them: "So this is about using the internet with your voicemail?"

Me: "No... I'm sorry, it has nothing to do with my voicemail... it's just about the internet."

Them: "If you are having trouble with your voicemail, I can give you the number for that service."

Me: "No, it's my internet connection. My voicemail is fine... I'm not calling about that and I am sorry I brought it up."

Them: "Are you using a computer?"

Me: "Yes... but I have to ask, what are my other options???"

Them: "You could be using a cell phone for mobile internet or possibly one of the internet ready computer games."

Me: "Ah, okay... but since I told you I pinged I.P.s, it's a safe bet I'm using a computer."

Them: "Are you using a computer?"

Me: "I believe so, yes."

Them: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Well, it's running Microsoft Windows 2000... I don't think it's a toaster oven."

Them: "Did you want to check?"

Me: "Check what?"

Them: "That you are using a computer."

Me: "I am using a computer. I'm sure of that."

Them: "Okay, what operating system are you using."

Me: "Oddly enough, I'm still using Windows 2000. I haven't changed it since I just mentioned it a few seconds ago."

Them: "Are you sure?"

Me: "I am sure. It's Windows 2000."

Them: "And what seems to be the problem?"

Me: "I can't see any webpage addresses through my browser but I can get through to I.P. addresses... Is your DNS server down?"

Them: "So this is about our internet service?" this point, and after almost completely losing all my patience, I managed to finish the DUMB questions (no more sly asides as I found this simply confused the poor fellow...) he transferred me to a "Level 2" technician... who had me literally tear apart the networking bits of my computer... to no avail.

They transferred me to a "Level 3" technician... who informed me immediately that their DNS server was down.

Total Time for Call: Well over three hours.

...and I'm still officially an unemployed computer technician...

...and these idiots have a job.


Stop Sign

Inconsideration : ATTENTION SHOPPERS! Want to make friends with your fellow shoppers? Here's a thought... while walking down a sidewalk, store aisle, or even mall pathway, stop to have a chat with a buddy in the MIDDLE OF SAID AISLE OR PATH effectively blocking everyone in both directions!

We love this as it gives us time to contemplate life, the universe, and everything... and the number 42... while we wait for you to finish you chat.

Also, sudden stops in these places for no particular reason making those of us behind you have to quickly halt is also great! It really keeps us on our toes!

If you have a stroller... preferably a BIG one, also consider stopping in the middle of a sidewalk or path! (Bonus points for taking up MORE of the sidewalk by working on the stroller thereby adding one crouched adult human to the space the stroller is using!) I mean, watching for humans keeps us on our toes, but to realise a baby or toddler's involved makes it even more reflex testing for those of us other pedestrians avoiding a collision!


This is really a sampling... I am an angry, angry man about a lot of things... but I've already ranted a few times here... the most popular was my "How To Make a Great Blog" rant... but the one about the people just "stopping" and "blocking"... ARRGH!

...I have a feeling that tomorrow's post won't quite be so grumpy!


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Comment from: Marianne [Visitor] ·
THANK YOU! I was in the worst mood in history this morning and came upon the tech support post on Blog Mad. With my two daughters hanging over my shoulders, all cackling in unison, we laughed and laughed and laughed. I am sure it wasn't funny at the time, and I know just how you feel, as it seems as if everything we do we deal with people who don't do their jobs well (if at all) and couldn't care less. Still I feel better now!
PermalinkPermalink 01/20/07 @ 11:32
Comment from: MsDemmie [Visitor] ·
The tech support man is still alive and has their job?
PermalinkPermalink 01/20/07 @ 12:22
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Threecollie... I'm glad to have brightened your day... actually, I wasn't TOO mad 'cuz I juat kept saying to myself, "You're dealing with someone a trained chimp would be grumpy with... don't let it get to you."

Hey MsDemmie... Yes, I avoided heading to the call centre and killing people... which, when I worked FOR one was far more likely. Amazingly enough, highly stupid people on the phone from call centres tend to be highly stupid people... period. It was REALLY like Darwin's waiting room in that office!
PermalinkPermalink 01/20/07 @ 17:34

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