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It's AWARDS time in the Blogsphere! (Yuck.)


woo hoo an award i am so exicited

...and for what?

Currently, and as an admitted "noob" in the blogsphere, I'm only aware of three "blog" awards...

The Weblog Awards
The Canadian Blog Awards
The Spicy Cauldron Awards

...of which, only The Spicy Cauldron Awards really means anything to me personally as it's based on the judgement of one person and how they felt a single post was in terms of merit. Not a "popularity" contest, but a simple award based on how well you reached one reader.

The others... they seem to be the usual "popularity contests".

I know, sounds like sour grapes... but it isn't and let me explain...

Many years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and people still used Microsoft Windows 3.11 in quantity... when Yahoo! was the most popular search engine... when Netscape was the browser for any serious net-junky and for e-mail, we used Eudora (I still do...) or Pegasus... there were "web page" awards... and the only one that most people gave a hoot about was the "Top 5%" award from upstart search engine, Lycos.

Not long after, everyone and their brother along with any pets in the house HAD to have a web award they gave their friends or anyone they wanted a cheap link to...

"Best of the Web", "Coolest Internet Site", "Rockin' Canuck Webpage", "Where's the Nude Women Award", and the list went on and on and on...

To be honest, it got silly... to the point where on my Torontoghosts website, the "awards" page took longer to load than ANY OTHER PAGE... so I abandoned it... I openly said, SEND/GIVE ME NO MORE AWARDS PLEASE!!!

It wasn't that the site was "that good" in my estimation... it was that everyone HAD an award and felt the need to try to get anyone with reasonable traffic to jam it on their website... cheap way to get a link and it made the "award-person/group" happy I 'spose... being cynical, I lean to the former reason first.

By about 2002, luckily, the "award craze" seemed to die and everyone who built websites realised that the ONLY awards that mattered were The Webbies... still are...

Well, it's 2006 and The Blogsphere is alive... and with the usual back-biting, "Vote For My Site", "You suck because...", hard-feelings, and other nonsense that only a silly graphic and cheap link based on popularity can bring...

...and... well... yuck.

It's very much like taking the worst aspects of "The People's Choice Awards" combined with American Idol/Survivor/Big Brother and getting folks to buy into it with all their heart and soul.

Question: How many of the "winning bloggers" will still be posting their hard-earned awards three years from now?

Answer: Probably the same amount of Geocities Websites that still posted their "Best of The Web as Decided By My Pet Cat" awards just before Yahoo! took over Geocities.

Look, I'm pleased that The Paranormal Blog was nominated for both a Spicy and a Weblog Award... the former, as stated, based on Andy's opinion only... and the latter at least purchasing it's own domain for the awards... but to tell the truth, it ain't THAT important to me personally... as I see where it will end up anyway... Been there, done that...

What prompted this post? Well...

Click here... seeing this brought back BAD memories of the latter part of the 1990's...

"Wah! My webpage and whatnot didn't win an award and LOOK AT THE DRECK THAT DID!"

...with the usual insults, stupidity, and genuine nastiness that this entails.

OH, please don't comment here on the blogger I've cited's politics, religious or philosophical own views on those subjects are unimportant in my opinion (not to mention personal) and I'd appreciate any comments about those views and politics kept on blogs that are more for that content... but the "whining" about not-winning and the putting-down of another blog to "illustrate" the unfairedness* of it all is fair game.

* - Word coined by Kyle Upton while doing the commentary at a recent War of 1812 re-enactment at Fort Erie.

Anyway folks, my point... Don't get TOO bent out of shape about online awards... especially "blogging awards"... because, like all cyclical things within the dreaded internet, I'm sure that there will soon be an award for EVERYONE... and then TOO MANY awards for EVERYONE... and then, no one will give a crud.

So, although I do wish the "awardees" well, I do remind them that, in the long run, it REALLY doesn't matter... you'll get a quick jump in traffic and a little interest initially... then...

...and eventually, to us non-winners, there will be the "Best Blog That I Read In The Last Thirty-Seconds" given out liberally by denizens of BlogMad and BlogExplosion to try and get more links and hits to their own blog...

...and you'll ignore 'em.

I'd bet that, eventually, there will be a "Webby" equivalent in the blogsphere... but I ain't seen it yet.

For now, FEEL FREE to copy/paste/use the award I've created below on your blog... You all have won it FROM ME! It's PRESTIGIOUS and means A LOT! HONEST!!!


...and please, no "link back" required to use it on your blog, you LUCKY award winner, you! It is what it is... special...



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Comment from: administration [Member] Email ·
I cannot believe this blogger attacked the content of another blog and it's writer simply because it was chosen for an award and hers wasn't. Sour grapes! And lame.
PermalinkPermalink 11/28/06 @ 08:48
Comment from: MsDemmie [Visitor] ·
Feeling a little cynical today are we?

There do seem to be an awful lot of them about.

The sour grapes routine because one got chosen and another didn't is just childish in the extreme.

(I guess we had both better be prepared for this when the voting on the Weblog Awards starts - I believe it already has on their site.)

On the fund raising front - you nedd to go check out Andys blog - he has spotted an essay competition - with $150 cash prize for an essay on blogging.

PermalinkPermalink 11/28/06 @ 09:34
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey MsDemmie... Not cynical... just a little sad at how I've seen this all before... and to see that the usual nastiness is starting up again... "feh".

Thanks for the tip with Andy... I'll have a "boo"!
PermalinkPermalink 11/28/06 @ 10:51
Comment from: SUZANNE [Visitor] ·
I did not complain about how "unfair" the awards were. As far as I'm concerned, given the process, they were completely fair.

Yes, I was disappointed I lost to the blogs that made it to the second round.

What positively amazes me is that people take MY REACTIONS so seriously. This is at least the fifth blog that has touched on this issue. I mean really, in the grand scheme of things, so what?

If you knew the traffic I got over THIS.

This was a week ago. I'm not lying awake at night worrying about the Canadian Blog Awards. Honest. It just boggles my mind would give a damn about reaction. Really. If Canadian Blog Awards aren't that important, just imagine what the fleeting sentiments of one blogger amount to.
PermalinkPermalink 11/28/06 @ 11:25
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hi SUZANNE... If it means so little to you, why pick a fight for yourself? What prompted you to critique someone who's work is completely unrelated to your own other than by something you seem not to care that much about?

It's interesting, however, that you mentioned your newfound "traffic". I'd equate this to "heat"... in wrestling terms, a "good guy" or a "bad guy" try to get a reaction from the crowd... "Good heat" can be positive or negative... as long as it makes people want to watch and spend money. "Bad heat" (or "X-Pac Heat") drives people away and they stop watching, caring, or spending money. They notice the train wreck, are appalled by it, and leave...

Michael Richards' recent racist tirades got him a lot of publicity recently... but his career is rightfully dead now... despite the current attention. That's "Bad heat".

I'd say your comments and critiques about the other blogs that were "winners" in a popularity contest equate to "bad heat", in my estimation... Ergo: The wonderful traffic is meaningless.

Just my opinion, mind you.

As for this post, it's not solely about "you", sad to say... you're just a convenient "for instance".
PermalinkPermalink 11/28/06 @ 11:51
Comment from: SUZANNE [Visitor] ·
I wasn't trying to pick a fight. I really did not foresee anyone getting upset about one blogger's disappointment or my trashing of their blog. It just blows me away my opinion would matter that much.

It wasn't so much a critique as a reaction: Oh Goodness...THAT? An emotional vent.

I definitively agree the traffic is ephemeral, which suits me just fine.

I didn't notice any other bloggers reacting negatively to the awards. Well maybe one.

Then again, I'm not really keeping track of this. I happened to come to your blog because I traced you through my Sitemeter.

PermalinkPermalink 11/28/06 @ 12:07
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey SUZANNE... Sadly, yeah... there has been a little other "backlash" with the awards thing... nothing too terrible, but yeah, you weren't alone with your... um... comments. (Granted, you're the only one who focused on anyone in particular.)

Like I said in my post, it's just that I've seen this all before... and it gets worse and stranger from here... again, like I said, the "cyclical world" of the internet.

No REAL offence taken, I hope, with my comments... you had a "vent" and yeah, I capitalized on it for my own notes...

...but the REAL situation is... "popularity contest" awards are not terribly important... and like a Hydra, a new head WILL spring up where the old one was with other "new" awards... and in the long run, it matters not.
PermalinkPermalink 11/28/06 @ 12:21
Comment from: Andy [Visitor] ·
Wow. What an excellent, thought-provoking, funny AND serious article. All rolled into one.

I'm flattered, and pleased you enjoyed the awards I ran. I think the difference, which you identified, between what I did and what some do is that I declared mine as a bit of fun, as a means of encouraging others to write on a 'spicy' - basically, lively - theme.

Selfishly, I got some damn fine reading out of that exercise and had fun creating a cutesy logo for the winners. I believe Howard still proudly displays his, and that means something to me on a personal level.

Less than selfish, the exercise provided a window for others to find great blogs, and a means by which a community of people visiting my site became stronger and shared the fun. It's not a large community... My site traffic hovers around the 150 a day mark, more or less... But it's one I'm glad to have discovered through presenting my writing, because a small group of people chatting together online is better than thousands passing through unmoved, unaffected, unchallenged.

I only need to check Technorati to see how things I've done or written have inspired others, or given them ideas for things to write and do with their own blogs. And I'm proud of that. They all do the same for me, and I often reference wonderful stories I come across on others' blogs. See my latest creme de bloggers entry...

I know some people would never advertise the work of other bloggers, would never dream of directing traffic away from themselves. But we're blogging, for goodness' sake. We can write serious but we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously...

And I'm down on disparaging other bloggers unless I see evidence of hatred and nastiness, then I fire all mental guns. But often, I just ignore because the world both on and offline is a HUGE place and so there are bound to be lots of things we like and lots of things we don't...

Thank you again for the generous words. I'm glad you enjoyed those awards, and will definitely run them same time next year.

I'm also planning to engage people by asking in an entry for them to give me themes for articles they want me to write. I plan to spend seven days writing for others, picking the subjects from the comments people leave. That's coming up very soon... x
PermalinkPermalink 11/29/06 @ 04:07
Comment from: Andy [Visitor] ·
I forgot to add something important about the Spicy Awards - nobody got offended when they didn't win, nobody saw the exercise as being about winning but about engaging with others. As I said, I am only one person and so I chose only a small number of articles as winners. The exercise being small, it was easy to navigate and keep 'real'.
We'd all like more visitors, we'd all like recognition for our hard work in writing, creating, designing. But guns at dawn? Forget that! x
PermalinkPermalink 11/29/06 @ 04:10
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Thanks Andy... There is a maturity with the folks who were nominated/went after a "Spicy" that seems to be lacking in the rest of the pop-contest awards, no doubt! Plus, like I said, it's an award given out based on how one reader was reached... not how many readers/friends click a voting button...

It kind of makes me understand why there IS still an academy with the Oscar voting... even though it's origins are very shakey... because, as of now, it is an award voted for and judged by a peer group with only ONE vote per academy member.

Think about this... if you used STRICTLY a "fan-vote" competition, you'd end up being able to say that the BEST website online is Zombo.Com... come to think about it, perhaps Zombo is!

Anyway, thanks again Andy... looking forward to more of your "awards" and challenges... they do make for good reading!
PermalinkPermalink 11/29/06 @ 07:46
Comment from: administration [Member] Email ·
The fun thing about Spicy awards is that it attracts a small group of excellent writers. Each person that enters appreciates the writings of the others so there is no jealousy nor silliness, or poularity contests. It's all about inspiring each other, being supportive, and encouraging each others writing. :) I'm looking forward to next year!
PermalinkPermalink 12/01/06 @ 10:45

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