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Gun control to us DOES mean more than using both hands...

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Re: Yesterday's post...

Got some comments via e-mail... wanted to address them.


Everyone has his or her own opinion, and that's fine... but just so everyone knows, Sue and myself do believe in gun control.

In essence, our feelings is that no one in an urban area needs to own or use firearms... and if they must, there should be VERY strict controls on them.

Yes, I'm an oddity... I've owned firearms... I've trained on many types of target and military weapons... I've even won awards for marksmanship... and yet, I don't want to EVER own a rifle or pistol... save my black powder weapons. (Flintlocks.)

It's true that if you make owning a gun a crime, only criminals will own guns... but they already do. About half the firearms used in crimes in Ontario (my home province) were "black market" weapons most likely brought in through the U.S.... but the rest are one's that WERE legally owned and even registered. The thing is, to simply "register" a weapon is NOT truly a control... it's paper work.

Yikes 2!

Control for homeowners should be ABSOLUTE safe storage... I mean, I'd like to see bullets et al stored in locked safe-boxes, weapons stored in one place and firing mechanisms for these weapons stored in another... and yes, I'm a firm believer in trigger-locks.

This would ensure a "stolen" weapon would most likely be absolutely useless... do this, and at least 25% of gun crime dries up.

OH, I can hear it now... "Then the criminals will use knives! Are you gunna make knives illegal?"

Hmmm... at twenty-yards, I'd MUCH rather take my chance against a knife-wielding maniac than a loon 100 yards away with a sniper-sight.

Baker Rifle

Now, this said, I did say I have no issues with flintlocks... after all, I'd LOVE to see that drive-by shooting!

With a Brown Bess (not the one shown... the one shown is my beloved Baker rifle...) for example, it takes about twenty-seconds to load the weapon in ideal circumstances... the weapon itself is about five-feet long... and weighs about ten-pounds... it has a misfire rate of about one in every three or four shots and is semi-accurate to about twenty-yards...

To load and fire a Bess, you need to tip the gun on its butt (the part you put against your shoulder) and shake powder into the barrel. Then you need to "drop" the shot in (roll the round bullet into the barrel after the powder). After this, you need to draw the ramrod out of the gun, a two-step process because of the length, and then ram the ball and powder down. This done, draw out the ramrod, put it back into the musket, bring it up to your under-arm, and then put a little powder into the "pan" (the small metal spoon-like bit near the cock or the hammer that holds the flint). Close the frizzen (the metal bit that covers the pan), pull back the cock, ensuring that the flint is in good shape and in tight, put the musket up to your shoulder, take aim as best as possible, then fire and pray the spark from the flint and frizzen actually ignites the powder in the pan and that's enough to ignite the powder in the barrel.

A REALLY good soldier back in the day was capable of three shots per minute in the field., let's do this in a moving car.

Moving on...

Yes, I do not believe in the ownership of a gun in an urban area... In certain rural situations (where nature can and might threaten you,) then there's exceptions... but living in a condo in a city? Living in a home in suburbia?

Studly Gun Muffin

In my "rotten youth", I knew many people that made their way in life through nefarious ways... mostly break-and-enters... the first thing they'd take if they could find any were guns... easy to unload, good market for them, and usually poorly stored and an easy thing to grab.

I assure you they did not "re-sell" these weapons to hunters and sportspeople.

Too many people meet senseless ends thanks to guns... many children are killed "playing" with guns they find in their home... many people are "collateral damage" with criminals and gang-bangers... too many people have lost their lives when crazies who stock-pile weapons decide that "Today's The Big Day!" and...

...and I'd point out... the registration is not a good coverall answer. The recent shooter in Montreal used weapons that were all registered properly. Obviously the act of filling out a form was not enough in this case.

I also point out to many of my friends who DO still like guns and believe pretty much everyone should own one that there are many people who felt the same way... right up until a gun plays havoc on their life in some way.

Effectively, if you feel that you like guns and want guns and feel safer with your gun, fine... I disagree... but I live in a city... I have a kid... and I've read one too many stories of violence and "collateral damage" because of a weapon that, when mishandled or handled without care, can kill anyone within yards of the killer.

Guns may not kill people... but people with guns are far more effective killers as sadly proven time and again.

IN MY OPINION, no one (except in rural areas) needs to even consider owning a gun. Losing these weapons will not eliminate gun crime and violence... but it will hurt the abilities for some to get their hands on these weapons... even if it's only 20-25% less, that's 20-25% less kids being killed... that's 20-25% less people getting shot for nothing...

20-25% less worry about my kids getting caught in a cross-fire or being shot for their shoes... or because they "looked at someone funny".


Sorry if the collectors and "gun enthusiasts" don't like that... but it's how I feel.

So, save my flintlocks, I really don't like firearms.

'Nuff said.


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