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eBay can be FUN!

From The Personal Bookmarks of Matthew...

The scene is a church basement... a small group is sitting in a circle in a darkly-lit room... one man stands up...

eBay Logo

Matthew: Hello. My name is Matthew... and I have a problem.

Group (said together): Hello Matthew.

Matthew: Sure, I occasionally go to eBay and hunt up things about double-decker buses and London Transport... but my real problem is...

Older Man In Group: Yes! You must admit your problem! It's the first step!

Matthew: *Sigh*... Yes... my real problem is a website named "Disturbing Auctions"


That's right! Disturbing Auctions!

Where else can you find such items as The Golfing Dead Frog, a Funeral Home Coffee Scoop, and what kid wouldn't want Stinky, the Conch Shell Pelican!?!

My personal favourite, mostly for the description, is The Wienermobile Pedal Car!!!


..and I quote...

Is your child not getting a good thorough beating every day at the hands of his or her schoolmates? Why not try this vintage Wienermobile Pedal Car? Let's see how it works...

Boy #1 - "Hey, here comes wiener boy!"

Boy #2- "Hey wiener boy! Do you like WIENERS?"

Your son - "But I..." *gets punched*

Boys 1 and 2 - *laughter* (then chanting) "Wiener boy likes wieners! Wiener boy likes wieners!"

Who wouldn't love a site that has listings under the heading of "Emotionally Scarring Toys", "Terrifying Dolls", and "Art?"

Yes, get ready to weep with joy and laughter at what some people TRY to sell on eBay...

Click Here to find all your needs...

Ram\'s Head Snuff Mull

You'll be sorry you missed your chance to grab the Ram's Head Snuff Mull when it was available!

Oh, and DO read the descriptions! The site admins sense of humour is... well... GREAT!!!!

Yes, Disturbing Auctions is one of my favourite sites... and even re-reading some of it makes my legitimately "laugh out loud"...


While on the topic of my fave bookmarks, allow me to tell you, my loyal readers, about one of my other fiendish faves... which at times, is a guily pleasure of mine... and that's Find-a-Death... "deathstyles" of the Rich and Famous... it's a little "gossipy" and some may find it in bad taste, but everyone I've introduced it to ends up reading it almost completely through...

Like my love of Razor Ramon - HG, it may make some think less of me... but what the heck. We all have our eccentricities, no? of mine is thanatology... a bit morbid, sure, but it swings nicely with some of the Paranormal Studies... and yeah, celebrity "death" is, to me, a touch intriguing...

Recommended Reading:

Stiff - The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach

The Bedside Book of Death by Robert Wilkins


The folks at BlogMad are doing something new... that everyone can get in at the ground floor on... Click here to sign up... It's called "exlinks" and could be interesting... Why not, eh?



Addendum: 09:26am EDT Reading the freebie 24hrs Newspaper today, saw this gem... and no, I'm not making this up...

Martha Da Bom Stewart

Eminem fan Martha Stewart wants Eminem to appear on her "Martha" TV show. Not because he can knit or bake brownies but because audience members love his music.

"We play his music during breaks to keep people very lively and they love him," Stewart told AP Radio in a recent interview.

"I would really love to have Eminem on the show," the 65-year-old lifestyle guru said. "I don't think he knows that my demographic audience is so involved with Eminem music."

On reading this, I thought of tomorrow's big news...

Eminem found banging his head against a wall sobbing, "It's all over! It's all over!"


Eminem reports feeling his pop-culture "cool quotient" slip to Engelbert Humperdinck levels.


Donny Osmond comforts Eminem during crisis.


The standard last note on the old blog... PLEASE SUPPORT THE DREAM!

This blog is here to help promote a dream that an entire family shares... that dream is to rescue an old London Double-Decker bus.


Please, if you have a few minutes, take some time to find out more about this bus and the kooky dream by clicking here.

This bus is VERY special to myself and the whole family, and any help any person can lend us would be most gratefully accepted.

If you or someone you know might be interested, there's our pixel ad site, HelpCoverTheBus.Com and a PayPal donation button (see the upper-right hand side of the blog) and, of course, a Cafe Press shop for T-Shirts and shtuff!
(...and who doesn't need some shtuff!)

Please help us make this dream a reality and save a piece of history!

We thank you for your support!

Please Note: We are also hoping for help from a public relations/marketing standpoint... If you might be able to assist OR know someone who might be willing to, please click here and read this entry...


D O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. M
Et In Arcadia Ego


October 28th, 2009

See the "latest post" on the left here... I've decided to concentrate on other work so this blog is kinda done for me... THANKS kindly to my friends and regular readers... and as you'll note, I am still loitering in the blogsphere... and I'm still online... and I honestly haven't given up hope that we will get our dream bus one day! (We've just gotten REALLY quiet about it...)

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Blog-Gone! Thanks for reading!

As of October 28th, 2009, this blog went inactive... basically, the blogger here has moved on to bigger and better...

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