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A life gone ...

Today our daughter, Max (our dog) and myself watched as a life was extinguished.....and I am still very sad and angry...

As we walked to school this morning we came across a small grey cat (much resembling our own dearest Elizabeth) dying on the sidewalk where he/she had been placed after obviously being hit by a car. Max began whimpering as he was sensing something was terribly wrong ... and as I fumbled with my cell phone attempting to call our local animal services...the little grey cat died.....

A life gone...

I have held the hands of others who have died in my presence...but this felt so very awful...and so unnecessary...

People kept walking past us...on their way to work or school...seemingly oblivious with the exception of those who gawked and walked on. And where was the driver of the car or the person who obviously put the cat on a piece of cardboard soaking in bodily fluid on the sidewalk? Not even a few minutes to spare to call the animal services?

Matthew in a weird twist of fate walked the opposite way from where he normally goes to catch his ride to work and met us walking towards home. We were visibly shaken...and thank goodness he was there to offer hugs...before leaving for his day at the office...who knows maybe he sensed something wasn't right this morning with us...and those hugs were most welcome.

When we arrived back home I immediately sought out our three girls...Mary, Elizabeth, and Annie...(all three rescues from our local shelter) and cuddled each...comforted in the knowledge that at least they were safe, warm, and most importantly loved....

Hours later my heart is still sore for the little life that we watched expire... Who was he/she? Is someone missing her? Why was she running in the streets for such an awful thing to happen? Is his owner even aware that he is gone? Perhaps he escaped or snuck out? And a human heart will be breaking for this lost life soonly.....

But I see it all the time...cats and kittens running loose on our city streets....just last week we came across a female cat in obvious heat rolling around on a front lawn...what for??? To risk adding to the unwanted cat population, of which our local shelter is filled to capacity!

Human irresponsibility makes me very angry...particularly when it costs the life of those who are dependant on us to take care of them.

We live in an urban area and our three girls are strictly indoors, they will not be hit by cars, attacked by predators, come into contact with poisons, subjected to fleas or all other manner of potentially life threatening predicaments from running wild outdoors.

If you do own a cat and let it outside unsupervised please be aware that you risk his/her life greatly and that premature death in outdoor cats is excessively high in comparison to indoor animals.

All three of our girls and Max are sitting with me as I type this (unusual for this time of day) .... perhaps they know that Mommy needs them close right now as I contemplate human stupidity and seemingly heartlessness.


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Possibly a three post day... and none are really all too happy...

Second Post of the Day with a third possibly coming from Sue later... and it'll be another sad one... with a possibility of a rant involved too... If she doesn't post what I know is on her mind, I might do it for her...


I was on my way to work and read the following quick-article in today's Metro... a freebie paper... it originates from The Associated Press...

Aaron Celis kissed his baby daughter, Veronica Destiny Celis, after she was born during an emergency surgery Sunday at a Pheonix, Ariz., hospital.

The baby's mother, Veronica Celis, has been brain dead for more than a month and her body kept alive by doctors to bring about the healthy delivery of the couple's baby girl.

It's been a kind of melodramatic morning for myself and Sue today... and reading this floods one with tonnes of emotions and empathy for the father... saying a loving "Hello" to one part of his life, and a loving "Goodbye" to another.

Great happiness tinged with unbearable sadness...

I can't imagine what that experience is like... and I pray I never have to find out...

I don't know/doubt that anyone related to this news item will read this entry... but my thoughts and prayers are with them... and I'm sure, in time to come, the joy of having a daughter will be the primary thing in this family's life.


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I wish it wasn't true... I wish it wasn't true...

Most people are at least aware of pro wrestler Kurt Angle...

Kurt Angle

Kurt is an Olympic gold medal winner... 1996 in Atlanta in heavyweight freestyle wrestling... and was on the radar of the "pro wrestling" circuit out of the gate... something Angle was very interested interested in.

He signed on with the (then) World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) and was working in ring by 1999.

Kurt is/was considered the best worker in the industry... winning acclaim and genuine admiration from most of the old guard (like Hulk Hogan amongst others,) and new guard alike.

Kurt Angle

Kurt is/was one of the best heels (bad guys) in the industry... and even did good runs as a face with the company.

To seemingly go off topic, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has had a string of young athletes associated with the company die prematurely... Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Brian Pillman, Michael Hegstrand, Chris Candido, Davey Boy Smith, Mike Lockwood, Ms. Elizabeth, Owen Hart, Ray Traylor, and most recently and tragically, the great Eddy Guerrero... a personal favourite.

Eddy Guerrero

These deaths were pretty much caused by the profession these folks were in... be it through pain killers, steroids, and general physical self-abuse in the ring... these things helped hasten their demise.

Enter "Wellness"... or the WWE Wellness Policy...

Shortly after Eddy's death, WWE owner and chairman, Vince Macmahon introduced a shoot (not worked) policy with strict third-party drug testing and harsh penalties for those who failed... with a three-strikes and you're out rule.

For the record, Kurt failed... three times.

"Insiders" at WWE have said that Kurt was "the worst" they'd ever seen... and in a form of athletic entertainment like pro wrestling, that's saying a HUGE mouthful... think about someone like Jake "The Snake" Roberts... and Kurt is worse according to these fellas?

WWE even had to hire "handlers" to ensure that Kurt made his commitments and was "okay"...

In essence, he had to take some time and get "well"...

While going through the failed drug tests, Kurt's pregnant wife filed for divorce (although, again "good sources" say it's over his demons and she's "hanging in" and trying to be supportive and not totally far-gone on the idea that their marriage is over)... and he was working through being badly hurt (truly a bad bump away from a wheelchair or worse...)

So, they fired him... but they tried to leave the door open... and everyone I've heard from was hoping that Kurt would get his life organized, fight his demons, get healthy, and return...

It doesn't look like Kurt's going to do that...


Sunday night, it was announced that Kurt had signed with Total Non-Stop Wrestling (TNA)... which is great for TNA... not-so-good for Kurt... and, trust me on this one, bad for the fans... (and not just because Vince Russo is also back with TNA which is a recipe for disaster...)

I am NOT kidding when I say that the scuttlebutt with those "in the know" is that Kurt's in BAD shape... in fact, Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Online is predicting Angle's doom... as, to a lesser degree, is Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer... in fact, I've not heard of anyone who thinks Angle's return is a "good thing" except for Angle and the fine management of TNA.

The TNA schedule isn't as grueling as WWE's... but one bad bump... and the damage from Kurt's other issues will play a role, no doubt.

So, for you casual fans, don't be too pleased at Kurt's return... and wish him beyond well... wish him to be well in all aspects... and consider a company that would hire someone so well known to be a bit of a walking time bomb... a father, a husband, a human being...

Kurt is one year younger than Sue and myself... and I hope he get's to see his mid-forties... if not more...

...but hey, it's all about ratings, right TNA? You'd be goofy NOT to sign Kurt!

...just think of the memorial show possibilities if things go wrong.

I hope to God that I'm being dramatic... but I'm not sure.



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